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This episode list contains all episodes of the US crime series Castle , sorted by the US first broadcast . The television series has eight seasons with 173 episodes.


Season Number of episodes First broadcast in the USA German-language first broadcast
Season premiere Season finale Season premiere Season finale
1 10 March 9, 2009 May 11, 2009 November 23, 2009 February 1, 2010
2 24 September 21, 2009 May 17, 2010 April 17, 2010 December 20, 2010
3 24 20th September 2010 May 16, 2011 March 4, 2011 November 18, 2011
4th 23 September 19, 2011 May 7, 2012 March 2, 2012 December 7, 2012
5 24 September 24, 2012 13th of May 2013 1st February 2013 January 3, 2014
6th 23 23rd September 2013 May 12, 2014 January 3, 2014 2nd November 2014
7th 23 29th September 2014 May 11, 2015 February 2, 2015 February 8, 2016
8th 22nd September 21, 2015 May 16, 2016 15th February 2016 22nd August 2016

season 1

The first broadcast of the first season was from March 9 to May 11, 2009 on the US broadcaster ABC . The Swiss free TV broadcaster SF Zwei broadcast the German-language first broadcast from November 23, 2009 to February 1, 2010.

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German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (CH) Director script
1 1 Flowers for your grave Flowers for Your Grave 9 Mar 2009 Nov 23, 2009 Rob Bowman Andrew W. Marlowe
When a murderer prepares his victims in the same way as in various novels by the author Richard Castle, the latter is supposed to help lead investigator Kate Beckett to solve the case. They quickly have a suspect, but Castle runs into disagreements.
2 2 The dead nanny Nanny McDead 16. Mar. 2009 Nov 30, 2009 John Terlesky Barry clapboard
An old lady just wants to empty the dryer - and finds the body of a young woman. Not only the surveillance video of the elevator is interesting for the NYPD investigators, because the victim seems to have had sex shortly before his death ...
3 3 The elite clique Hedge Fund Homeboys 23 Mar 2009 Dec 7, 2009 Rob Bowman David Grae
A dead student from a private school is found in Central Park. His school friends are suspected of not telling the whole truth.
4th 4th Hell knows no anger Hell Hath No Fury 30th Mar 2009 Dec 14, 2009 Rob Bowman Andrew W. Marlowe
But it stayed on the carpet - a man who was running for office in the city council was found murdered wrapped in one. As the election campaign was about to begin, suspicions immediately fell on the political opponent. But then pictures appear showing the dead having sex with a prostitute! Was he blackmailed while he was alive?
5 5 Frozen blood A Chill Goes Through Her Veins Apr 6, 2009 Dec 21, 2009 Bryan Spicer Charles Murray
A frozen woman is found on a construction site. It turns out that this has been missing for several years and that her disappearance was more than mysterious.
6th 6th voodoo Always Buy Retail Apr 13, 2009 Jan. 4, 2010 Jamie Babbit Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman
A man and a woman are killed. It turns out that they were ritual murders and that the perpetrator practices voodoo. The voodoo ritual indicates that the perpetrator is looking for something.
7th 7th Rich and dead Home is Where the Heart Stops Apr 20, 2009 Jan. 4, 2010 Dean White Will Beall
The victim of a break-in is found dead in their own safe. It wasn't the burglar's first victim.
8th 8th Ghosts Ghosts Apr 27, 2009 Jan. 18, 2010 Bryan Spicer Moira Kirland
A body is found in a bathtub full of motor oil. The engine oil and a twenty year old crime lead us on the right track.
9 9 The missing daughter Little Girl Lost May 4, 2009 Jan 25, 2010 John Terlesky Elizabeth Davis
A little girl is kidnapped from her parents' living room in the morning. A ransom is demanded and paid. But Beckett and Castle have doubts whether this is an ordinary kidnapping. The perpetrator knows too many details about the family.
10 10 A death in the family A Death in the Family May 11, 2009 Feb. 1, 2010 Bryan Spicer Acting: Andrew W. Marlowe
Plot: Andrew W. Marlowe & Barry Schindel
A cosmetic surgeon is cruelly murdered. The tracks lead to strange patients and a witness protection program. Castle begins the secret investigation into the death of Johanna Beckett.

season 2

The first broadcast of the second season was from September 21, 2009 to May 17, 2010 on the US broadcaster ABC . The German free TV channel Kabel Eins broadcast the first two episodes in German on April 17 and 24, 2010. The remaining episodes were broadcast by Swiss free TV channel SF Zwei from July 12 to December 20, 2010.

( total )
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German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D / CH) Director script
11 1 Deadly debt Deep in Death 21 Sep 2009 Apr 17, 2010 Rob Bowman Andrew W. Marlowe
A body is stolen en route to forensic medicine. The tracks lead to drug trafficking and illegal poker play. Beckett is still pissed off at Castle over his investigation into her mother's death.
12 2 Betting fever The double down 28 Sep 2009 Apr 24, 2010 Rob Bowman David Grae
Castle's amusing poker game with the homicide squad ends when two murders occur that same evening. Beckett and Castle take the first case, Ryan and Esposito the second. To make things more interesting, Ryan and Esposito bet Castle which team will solve his case first. Beckett is not very enthusiastic about the bet, but eventually joins it. She doesn't know that the losers of the bet should shave their heads and compete in an outfit determined by the winner. However, it doesn't come to that. The murders are related and both teams find the solution together.
13 3 The new face Inventing the Girl Oct 5, 2009 July 12, 2010 Dwight Little Moira Kirland
When Jenna McBoyd, a young model on the road to success, is found stabbed to death in a well, Castle and Beckett must investigate the world of fashion. Alexis comes into contact with her former babysitter and Ryan and Esposito discover an amusing secret about Beckett.
14th 4th Whoever lies once ... Fool Me Once ... Oct 12, 2009 July 12, 2010 Bryan Spicer Alexi Hawley
While Castle alludes to Beckett about the contents of his first book, the two investigate the murder of a con artist who pretended to be an Arctic explorer to make the lessons of elementary school children more interesting. In the end, his accomplice turns out to be the murderer.
15th 5 When the branch breaks When the Bough Breaks Oct 19, 2009 July 19, 2010 John Terlesky René Echevarria
An illegal immigrant is found dead in a manhole. Castle and Beckett discover a dark secret about a successful doctor and a possible connection to his son and victim.
16 6th Vampire weekend Vampire Weekend Oct 26, 2009 July 19, 2010 Karen Gaviola Terri Miller
As Halloween approaches, Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a young man who is found in the cemetery with a stake in his heart. To Castle's delight, the two have to dive deeper into the world of vampires and werewolves to find the killer.
17th 7th Famous last words Famous Last Words Nov 2, 2009 July 26, 2010 Rob Bowman Jose Molina
Singer Hayley Blue is found hanging upside down from a fire escape with a broken neck. Because this pose resembles a scene from one of her music videos in which she sings about a stalker, Beckett and Castle suspect Franco Marquez, against whom Hayley had obtained an injunction. But this shows them an unpublished song, with the help of which the two Ian Busch, the producer of the victim, can convict.
18th 8th Death of a courier Kill the Messenger Nov 9, 2009 Aug 2, 2010 Jonathan Frakes Terence Paul Winter
A courier who was supposed to deliver a package to Captain Montgomery is killed. The trail leads to an old Montgomery case that appears to have been misdiagnosed. Montgomery apparently solved him at the time, because he found a suspect who confessed to the fact. The truth is that he is innocent and only confessed because his family received a check for $ 5000 every month. The new trail now leads to a respected family whose son is making a political career. It turns out that he has an unknown daughter from a previous relationship. She is the murder victim and had to die because the family was afraid that this affair would ruin his political career. Beckett and Castle can put the right culprit behind bars.
19th 9 Love for sale Love Me Dead Nov 16, 2009 Aug 9, 2010 Bryan Spicer Alexi Hawley
Jack Buckley, a New York attorney, is knocked off a roof. Beckett and Castle stumble upon a call girl company in which the celebrated lawyer seems to be not entirely uninvolved. Meanwhile, one of the call girls, Scarlett Price, tries to ingratiate herself with Castle.
20th 10 For love of the environment One Man's Treasure Nov 23, 2009 16 Aug 2010 Helen Shaver Elizabeth Davis
A dead man is found in a garbage can. But there is a problem with identification: his wife mourns her dead husband Sam Parker, but his fiancée identifies him as Jack Holland. The two knew nothing of each other and get into heated arguments. Alexis starts an internship at the NYPD and solves her own little case.
21st 11 The fifth ball The Fifth Bullet Dec 7, 2009 23 Aug 2010 John Terlesky David Grae
This time Beckett and Castle are preoccupied with the murder of a gallery owner. A total of five shots were fired at the crime scene - the fifth bullet was presumably a confused man suffering from amnesia who was also near the crime scene. A book (a fat Russian classic) he was carrying caught the bullet. Beckett and Castle try to help the confused man. Thanks to Castle it is possible to first find the man's name, but later he comes under suspicion. However, he behaves very cooperatively and politely, even when he learns of the suspicion against him. The husband's ex-wife can do little to help, but is amazed to find her ex-husband so calm, nice and self-critical. The man takes all the blame for the failure of their marriage without knowing the real reasons (he became an arrogant yuppi who cheated on a lot). His ex-wife gets back together with the man in the end, because he cannot remember anything and therefore behaves like at the beginning of their relationship, as it did before he became a successful businessman. In the end, the murder victim's convicted assistant turns out to be the perpetrator, and the amnesiac man is released.
22nd 12 A rose forever and ever A Rose for Everafter Jan. 11, 2010 27 Sep 2010 Bryan Spicer Acting: Terri Miller & Terence Paul Winter
Plot: Alexi Hawley
A bridesmaid is murdered. At the ruined wedding, Castle meets an old friend who turns out to be the bride. Many guests have to be interviewed and Castle and the groom clash several times.
23 13 Unexpected sucker Punch Jan. 18, 2010 Oct 4, 2010 Tom Wright Will Beall
Irish Mafia member Jack Coonan is found dead in his home, heavily armed. The fatal injuries inflicted on him with a knife are very similar to the injuries to Beckett's mother. In the course of the case, an exciting hunt for the murderer develops, in which Beckett wonders more than once if she is emotionally ready to go looking for her mother's murderer again. When there is a chance to set a trap for the killer, Castle does not hesitate to donate the requested $ 100,000. The trap fails, but they can expose the real culprit. It is the brother of Jack Coonan who acts as a drug smuggler and hit man. He manages to get free at the police station and snatches the gun from a policeman. He takes Castle hostage and threatens to shoot him. He keeps calm and can free himself with a headbutt, which gives Beckett a free shot. She shoots her mother's murderer in self-defense. In a later conversation she thanks Castle and says that she has gotten used to him and that she would miss him if he stopped coming.
24 14th The third man The Third Man Jan 25, 2010 Oct 11, 2010 Rosemary Rodriguez Terence Paul Winter
When a family returns from a vacation trip, they find a dead man in their daughter's bed. A little later another body is found in another family's apartment. Castle and Beckett track down a squatters who are temporarily nesting in vacationers' homes. The two dead belonged to a group of originally three men - now the search for the third man begins.
25th 15th Cuba Libre Suicide Squeeze Feb 8, 2010 Oct 18, 2010 David Barrett Jose Molina
A well-known Cuban baseball player is found slain on a baseball field; the tracks lead to his homeland. He seemed to have a girlfriend there who he smuggled to the USA. The baseball player's fiancée is shocked. In the course of the investigation, it becomes clear that the baseball player actually left a friend in Cuba when he escaped. She is then arrested, gives birth to a daughter and dies in custody. The baseball player's manager knew this, but hid it from the player. He only found out about his daughter by chance and had her smuggled into the USA. He learns the whole truth from her and when he tries to part with his manager, he kills him. The player's daughter meets the fiancée, who takes them in. At the same time, everything revolves around Castle's origins.
26th 16 The dominatrix always strikes twice The Mistress Always Spanks Twice March 8 2010 Oct 25, 2010 Tom Wright Kate Sargeant
A young student is found half-naked, tied up and hanging in a scaffold in Central Park . The trail leads into the bondage scene, about which the dead woman wanted to write a paper for a hard-fought scholarship.
27 17th Tick, tick, tick ... Tick, tick, tick ... 22 Mar 2010 Nov 1, 2010 Bryan Spicer Moira Kirland
Castle's novel “Heat Wave” is to be made into a film. But the joy is short-lived, because a serial killer is up to mischief in New York. The killer scratches letters into his bullets, so that after the third murder the sentence "Nikki will burn" (Nikki will burn) results - a direct reference to Castle's book.
28 18th Boom! Boom! 29 Mar 2010 Nov 8, 2010 John Terlesky Elizabeth Davis
Castle rushes to Beckett's apartment. He has realized that the serial killer is still active and that Beckett is his next target. Fortunately, he can only save her from the apartment slightly injured, but the search for the murderer begins again.
29 19th The curse of the mummy Wrapped Up in Death Apr 5, 2010 Nov 15, 2010 Bill Roe Alexi Hawley
Will Medina, assistant curator of the New York History Museum, is slain by a gargoyle figure falling from the roof of his house. In their research, Beckett and Castle discover that Medina was a member of a Mayan expedition. His colleagues clear up the two of a curse that killed two members of the expedition. The first suspect is Cacaw Te, who sent threatening letters to the scientists trying to prevent them from disturbing the peace of the Maya king. Because Will Medina had stolen museum pieces with a former drug dealer, Castle and Beckett find a new lead. They want to have a smear on the mummy to rule out drug smuggling, but she has disappeared. You can find her again and an investigation reveals that the mummy is only 4 months old: It is Nicole Graham who allegedly died from the curse on the Mayan expedition. Her killer was Stanford Raynes, Will Medina's boss, who then killed Will Medina too, because Will had found out about him.
30th 20th The late night guys The Late Shaft Apr 12, 2010 Nov 22, 2010 Bryan Spicer David Grae
After Castle appeared on the late night show, presenter Bobby Mann asked Castle if he could help him, fearing he would be killed. The next day, Bobby Mann suffers a heart attack. It doesn't look like murder at first, but Castle insists on investigating ...
31 21st No crooks honor Den of Thieves Apr 19, 2010 Nov 29, 2010 John Terlesky Will Beall
A former thief is found dead in a car. The clues lead to Fred Cana, who is suddenly attacked by the angry Detective Esposito during the interrogation. He is said to be an accomplice of mafia boss Victor Racine, who is accused by Esposito of the murder of his former partner. But this one lives and has just hidden. During the investigation, he learned that a member of the police works for the mafia and before he could unmask him, this person defamed Esposito's ex-partner as a mafia member. Esposito and Beckett's team manage to prove the ex-partner's innocence and arrest the mafiosi and the corrupt police officer. In this case, Beckett's team is assigned the attractive detective Tom Demming from the gang crime department. Beckett is very fond of him. However, he asks the visibly jealous Castle if he is not getting in his way, which the latter denies. Beckett, on the other hand, finds Demming's solicitation very pleasant and gives him her affection.
32 22nd Corpse on a stick Food to Die For May 3, 2010 Dec 6, 2010 Ron Underwood Terri Miller
Chef Balthazar Wolf is found frozen to death. During the investigation, Beckett meets an old school friend who is now the owner of the restaurant. She has to be questioned several times by Beckett and Castle arranges a date with her to find out more about Beckett's past. Meanwhile, Beckett increasingly takes a liking to Detective Tom Demming, which makes Castle very jealous. He finds out that after a short time Beckett gives Demming more affectionate tenderness than she ever allowed him to. He slowly comes to the realization that Beckett doesn't want a deeper relationship with him. When the school friend asks Beckett if she has any objections when she meets with Castle, Beckett denies this, but she disturbs the dinner for the two of them by picking up her school friend for interrogation. The case unfolds in such a way that Balthazar Wolf has rearranged his life in the past few weeks. He finished his womens stories, paid off his debts, and bought an engagement ring to propose to his foster brother's girlfriend. She is pregnant by him, but does not dare to part with the foster brother. This kills Balthazar Wolf. When Castle tells Beckett that this friend should have listened to her heart, Beckett replies that she doesn't want to have a relationship with a man she thinks will ultimately disappoint her again. Castle is disappointed that Beckett thinks that way of him. In truth, however, she just doesn't let anyone get close enough not to get hurt. However, everyone else in the team has long since recognized that Castle wants more from Beckett and that he probably won't get it, which everyone regrets.
33 23 Overdressed Overkill May 10, 2010 Dec 13, 2010 John Terlesky René Echevarria
A businessman is killed and found in his bed with a gunshot wound. Beckett seeks help from Detective Demming. The investigation turns into a bitter duel between Castle and Demming, but Beckett manages to get the two of them to solve the murder case together. You can clearly see that Beckett enjoys soliciting her favor, in the end she gives preference to Demming. She appears to be playing with the two of them, but Castle must acknowledge that Beckett grants Demming a level of affection that has always been denied him. Beckett doesn't realize how much she hurts Castle more and more often. When he watches how the two, who have only known each other for a short time, kiss, he has to admit his defeat. Castle feels set back and is increasingly distancing himself. He sees herself as a loser, and Beckett doesn't understand that she might lose Castle like this.

There is something special about the case. There are tons of suspects with all kinds of motives, but they all have an alibi. The man whose company brings care products onto the market is accused that, contrary to his promise, animal experiments are carried out to test the products. However, the businessman had already changed suppliers when this became known to him. Ultimately, it turns out that his company released a shaving cream that contains a chemical that can damage blood vessels over long periods of time. He wanted to start a recall that would have cost his company a lot of money. Therefore, a relative who had a large financial stake in the company shot him dead and was himself in financial difficulties. However, he was disturbed in the act because the manager of the company also wanted to kill him. She also killed the businessman. There were thus two murderers who both had an alibi for the time of the crime. The businessman, on the other hand, was fatally injured by the shot, but was still alive when the murderer finally killed him in bed. Both injuries were fatal. He would have bled to death at the shot anyway.

34 24 The dead spy A deadly game May 17, 2010 Dec 20, 2010 Rob Bowman Andrew W. Marlowe
A man is shot dead while on a spy adventure. It all looks like a professional murder. But where is the line between game and reality? It turns out that the dead person is being used as a courier by an employee of the spy adventure organizer. The employee not only uses the company equipment to produce passports and company ID cards for invented countries and companies for the game, he also forges passports from existing countries. Specifically, the issue here was that young Ukrainian youths paid him € 5,000 to get ID cards that would allow them to buy alcohol in the USA.

When Castle Beckett asks if she has time for him over the weekend and would like to take him to his beach mansion in the Hamptons, she lies to Castle and claims she has to work. Castle realizes that she wants to spend the weekend in a beach house with Demming. Castle is deeply disappointed and now finally sees himself as a loser in the fight for her heart. When Beckett now explains to him that she lied to him so that he would not be angry because she is now with Demming, Castle gives up, sees herself as a loser for her heart and explains to everyone that this will be his last case for the time being and he plans to retire to his beach mansion in the Hamptons for the whole summer to write books. Everyone, including Beckett, is shocked, as everyone in the team had long since noticed that Castle longed for a closer relationship with Beckett and that Beckett had long only devoted himself to friends who never really had a chance and whom she only used as an alibi Keep Castle at a distance. Demming was just a game for Beckett, never had a chance and was only meant to provoke Castle. Now, finally, Beckett also realizes that she may have already gone too far.

First, it's Javier Esposito who makes Beckett realize that Castle certainly doesn't come to them every day for his research. He makes it clear to her that he has done enough research to write at least fifty new books. Esposito also tells her that Castle definitely doesn't want to watch her get together with Demming. Esposito, like the rest of the precinct, has long since noticed that Beckett is increasingly playing with Castle and has not noticed how much she hurt him. Beckett, who has felt more than friendly feelings for Castle for a long time, realizes that she can also lose him and may have already lost if she doesn't give him a chance. She also becomes aware of this because Castle, who is now clearly trying to keep his distance, only brings a cup of coffee for himself the next day and not one for her as before.

The case is discussed at one of Castle's poker rounds with his author friends. The other authors think that the spy story and the false passports would certainly be a great story, but that they only used it in their books to distract from the real reasons for the murder. With this approach, the victim's business partner, who is in financial difficulties, comes into play very quickly. He would have had time and motivation, but also has an alibi: He slept with the victim's wife.

Again, it's Castle who has the right idea. He notes that the victim always paid for spy adventures for two people. He also pays for a woman he once met by chance in a museum and with whom he wanted to experience the adventures as a spy team. The housewife, bored with her life, cannot afford the adventures. Her (for no reason) jealous husband is exposed as a murderer.

Castle no longer appears in the precinct the next day. Now it is Roy Montgomery who, after the conclusion of the Beckett case, points out what can lead to when people are not honest with one another. Beckett then ends her relationship with Demming, because deep down she has only wanted Castle for a long time. For her, Demming was ultimately just a superficial flirtation that only served to prevent her castle from getting too close. Castle had gotten closer to her long before she wanted to admit it to herself. Beckett is therefore very upset when she looks at the empty chair Castle always sat on. She finally realizes how much he means to her and that she has long since seen him as more than just a friend.

Castle stays away from the precinct, however, because he no longer just wants to sit next to the woman who obviously cannot reciprocate his feelings and who quickly exchanged tenderness with Demming, which he was always denied. He doesn't know that Beckett ended her relationship with Demming. But he can no longer bear the thoughts of such a relationship in front of his eyes. Beckett, on the other hand, is beginning to realize that she took Castle's presence and friendship for granted. It becomes clear to her that she must confess to him if she does not want to finally lose him, who has now lost all hope of a mutual relationship. When she finally wants to open up to him at the small farewell party organized for Castle in the Revier, his ex-wife and publisher Gina bursts in and takes Castle. She explains to Beckett that as his publisher she will be going to the Hamptons with him for the summer to make sure he is finally writing books and doing nothing else. Only now does Beckett really become aware that she may have already lost Castle, an option she had not considered before.

season 3

The first broadcast of the third season was from September 20, 2010 to May 16, 2011 on the US broadcaster ABC . The German free TV broadcaster Kabel Eins broadcast the first broadcast in German from March 4 to November 18, 2011.

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( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script
35 1 A deadly affair A deadly affair Sep 20 2010 4th Mar 2011 Rob Bowman Andrew W. Marlowe
Beckett's team has had no contact with Castle the whole summer, but noticed that he was probably back in town, but at first only because his new book was being advertised in bookstores and he had autograph sessions and readings announced there. Castle, who still believes Beckett cannot reciprocate his feelings for her and is in a relationship with Detective Demming, does not answer. He doesn't know that Beckett broke off his relationship with Demming before he left. Beckett doesn't call him either, she is convinced that he is back with his ex-wife Gina, which is not the case.

After months of no contact, Beckett and her team find Castle hunched over one of the victims in a ravaged apartment with a gun in hand. Beckett has no choice but to arrest Castle. As the story progresses, Castle's innocence is proven, but Beckett rejects him very clearly. Deep down, she's angry that he didn't answer, but she also has to realize that she could have called herself. However, she makes a bet with Castle who will solve the case first. If she wins, he will disappear from her life forever, if he first recognizes the perpetrator, he is allowed to stay. Castle only just wins, but Beckett's team suspects they wanted him to win.

36 2 He's dead, she's dead He's Dead, She's Dead 27 Sep 2010 4th Mar 2011 John Terlesky Moira Kirland
Beckett and Castle investigate the case of a psychologist with psychological tendencies. After the police receive a letter from the victim predicting the murder, the question of who wrote it remains open.

It turns out that the clairvoyant was on the trail of a crime committed by one of her clients. When she gets too close to this in her predictions, this woman decides to kill the clairvoyant.

Castle is the one who can crack her alibi, because he remembers that restaurants often do not have a license to serve alcohol when they open and you have to bring the alcohol yourself. Then the woman's daughter remembers that her mother was actually absent for a while, supposedly to buy alcohol, but in truth to murder the clairvoyant.

The clairvoyant's daughter reveals to Beckett that she inherited her mother's clairvoyant abilities and that a man by the name of Alexander will play a huge role in her life. At the end of the episode, Castle Beckett reveals his real name, Richard Alexander Rodgers, which he changed to the stage name Richard Edgar Castle.

37 3 The treasure map Under the gun Oct 4, 2010 11th Mar 2011 Bryan Spicer Alexi Hawley
Castle, hoping for a relationship with Beckett again, realizes that she is dating a handsome motorcyclist. Again he lost the fight for her heart.

The case takes her from a murdered bailiff, to other ex-convicts, and an old robbery whose loot, diamonds valued at $ 20 million, has still disappeared. Beckett's instructor also reappears as a bounty hunter, but proves to be unloyalty and is arrested by her, along with a few other perpetrators, in the end.

Alexis can solve the treasure map found on the original victim and the diamonds are found by the police.

38 4th A killer on a journey through time Punked Oct 11, 2010 18 Mar 2011 Rob Bowman David Grae
A well-paid IT specialist is shot dead. However, the bullet that killed him is over 100 years old and does not come from any modern weapon. Further research reveals that the man killed was dressed in Victorian clothing at the time of the murder and died in a duel.

Castle immediately suspects a murderer on a journey through time, which Esposito contradicts, since then the bullet could not have been that old. Attempts at shooting with dueling pistols from the 19th century show that it is impossible to shoot with them at 40 paces, the distance between the shooters that has now been secured, and certainly not to hit with such accuracy. When it turns out that the computer specialist not only has a secret double life in a Victorian club, but also wrote programs for hash funds that promised big profits but caused investors to lose millions, current motives for the murder come into play .

The perpetrator is the son of a father who was driven to suicide by the losses and who learned of the mock duel and was able to shoot this old ammunition with precision using a modified hunting rifle. As a result, Castle Beckett is visibly annoying with his time travel stories, especially when the IT specialist's car turns out to be a DeLorean with a built-in flux compensator.

39 5 Anatomy of a Murder Anatomy of a Murder Oct 18, 2010 25th Mar 2011 John Terlesky Terence Paul Winter
A doctor is murdered. Research shows that, on the one hand, she had an argument with a very popular nurse, but on the other hand also became the private doctor of a former mafia boss. The relationship with the mafioso probably went beyond a doctor-patient relationship. However, the mafioso has an alibi and not only that, he is deeply affected and demands that the perpetrator be severely punished. It can be seen that he would kill him himself if he found him in front of the police.

Beckett's new boyfriend turns out to be a cardiac surgeon and she teases Castle about it ("My boyfriend saved someone's life this morning, what did they do"). The popular nurse, on the other hand, becomes contradictory. He is good friends with many doctors, calls them by their first names and flirts with them a lot, but all doctors deny any sexual relationship with him. It turns out he was flirting with everyone just to get hold of certain drugs, which he steals and which he can use to put his imprisoned girlfriend in a seemingly dead state. Apparently dead, she is able to leave the detention center and both escape.

This friend of the carer was once convicted of a robbery in which her stolen car was used as an escape vehicle. Their assertions that they were not the getaway driver are not believed. Castle realizes very quickly that her lawyer was no good and that she has obviously fallen victim to a miscarriage of justice. Both manage to escape, but are caught again very quickly. The nurse assures, however, that he did not kill the doctor.

Fiber traces and video surveillance lead back to the ex-Mafioso with heart disease. He now understands that his own brother is the culprit and exposes him without hesitation. His brother realized that the doctor was working with the prosecutor. He wanted to protect his brother from her as an informant, but the public prosecutor did not know anything about her contacts with the ex-mafioso, but only asked her as an informant about the irregularities in the clinic that resulted from the nurse's theft of drugs.

Beckett and Castle speak to the Justice Department regarding the nurse and his girlfriend. This recognizes the mistakes made and the girlfriend gets a new process. As compensation for the two of them, the nurse receives an assurance that his trial will not end with a prison sentence. Castle is fascinated by the fact that the nurse remained loyal to her, did not make an affair despite all the possibilities and thus proved his true love. The nurse even categorically refused the friend's offer to look for another friend due to the length of her prison sentence.

When asked by Esposito about this, he asks him whether he would have taken him out of prison in the same case. He says no, he thought of himself first. Becket comes to this and says that this would have been unnecessary, since she would have got Castle out of prison anyway. Castle draws new hope from this for himself and a relationship with Beckett.

40 6th The triple murderer 3XK Oct 25, 2010 Apr 1, 2011 Bill Roe David Amann
A blonde woman's corpse is found and shows features of an old unsolved murder series. The killer is the psychopath Jerry Tyson. However, he can deceive the investigative team. Only Castle finds the logic errors in their previous reconstruction of the crime when he visits Jerry Tyson in the hotel with Ryan. Jerry Tyson takes Ryan by surprise, steals his service weapon and escapes after speaking to Castle. Jerry Tyson reappears in episode 86.
41 7th Almost famous Almost Famous Nov 1, 2010 Apr 8, 2011 Félix Alcalá Elizabeth Davis
The victim is Derek Brooker is found as a fake policeman in a staircase. It turns out he was a stripper for the Package Store company and was performing at a hen party in the neighborhood. Team stripper and rival Hans, whose blonde hair is found on clothes, leads Beckett and Castle on the trail of Rebecca Dalton, a wealthy widow who recently broke off a relationship with the victim. Rebecca's attorney Michael Randt is present at the interrogation. As a result of dubious financial transactions, Beckett and Castle discover that Brooker was posing as Jesse Mandalay's real estate agent and robbing unsuspecting customers of down payments for non-existent luxury apartments in New York. In an emergency, Brooker will siphon off US $ 25,000. The accounts were supposedly set up by Rebecca Dalton. Since she was out of the country during the time in question, the suspicion is concentrated on the lawyer who confesses to having set up this fraud and to having killed Brooker for the withdrawal of the money and a possible discovery when the latter announced that he wanted to get out .
42 8th The lightbulb hero Murder Most Fowl Nov 8, 2010 Apr 15, 2011 Bryan Spicer Matt Pyken
Len Levit, bulb changer on the New York subway, is found dead in Central Park by two BMX riders. It turns out that as an ornithologist he wanted to watch buzzards, but happened to take photos of a child abduction and was shot by one of the kidnappers. The kidnappers trick Dean Donegal, the child's father and caretaker in a high-rise office building, into the 39th floor of a financial services company and steal inside information. They are caught in the process. At the same time, Beckett and Castle free the kidnapped boy Taylor Donegal from a technical room in the subway under the skyscraper.
43 9 X-Files Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind Nov 15, 2010 Apr 29, 2011 Bethany Rooney Shalisha Francis
The death of the astrophysicist Marie Subbarao gives rise to wild speculation. Lanie finds out that the scientist died from an explosive decompression - that actually only happens when you are in space without protection.

Castle suspects an alien abduction, but Beckett persistently searches for an earthly cause of death. Both employees of the Science Center and Subbarao’s ex-boyfriend are targeted by the investigation. Castle finds out, however, that Marie Subbarao, who had access to a large radio telescope, also obtained images from an optical telescope. On the way back from the observatory Beckett and Castle are kidnapped and this in a very unusual way. Your car fails, but all electronic devices also stop working. Blinding light follows. When they come to, they are in separate dark interrogation rooms with only one strong light source and are questioned. Both first ask where the other is. You will not receive an answer. Since they cannot answer the questions asked, they are anesthetized with injections. You wake up in your car and find the "hickey" that the injectors left behind for anesthesia.

The questioning of Marie Subbarao's friend finally leads her on the right track. Unnoticed, she had handed him a CD with the image data from the observatory. On this a spaceship can be seen from which Marie Subbarao received strange signals. Castle once again suspects aliens as the cause. Police technicians, however, find plenty of very sophisticated electronic eavesdropping technology in Beckett's company car. They use this to summon their kidnappers, a secret federal agency not named.

Once again, it is Castle who draws the right conclusions. Marie Subbarao had received strange signals and noticed that her colleague was recording them. With the optical telescope, she found the origin of the transmission, a secret US military transmission satellite. Your colleague had sold the military data to the Chinese. A vacuum packaging machine served as a murder weapon. The government agents do not identify themselves, parallels to the "Men In Black" are definitely wanted, but in the end they show themselves to be conciliatory, as they have blown an important spy ring.

44 10 Speakeasy Last call Dec 6, 2010 May 6, 2011 Bryan Spicer Scott Williams
Dock worker Donnie Hayes is murdered and dragged out of the East River . It is quickly determined that another man with his union ID is active as a worker. He is caught, but has an alibi and explains that the dead sold him his ID for $ 25,000.

The trail leads to a former whispering pub , "The Old Haunt", where the young Richard Castle wrote most of his first novel. Hayes had raised a large sum of money to buy the pub even though it was not making a profit. It turns out that the dock worker practically grew up in the pub and that he had a lot of money even after the purchase, even though his account was practically empty. A splinter of red glass is found in the head wound of the deceased, the origin of which is unclear. Through a receipt, the investigators learn that Hayes had a bottle of a very old and fine Scottish whiskey auctioned off, which brought him a profit of $ 26,000. The red glass bottle was bought by an internet millionaire out of joke, mixed with root beer and drunk with his friends. Castle would most like to strangle him for this crime of good taste. The splinter comes from such a red bottle, but not from the millionaire's.

Castle suspects that Hayes was on the trail of an ancient legend from the Prohibition era and that was the only reason why he bought the pub. Afterwards, the former New York City Mayor Jimmy Walker , a corrupt politician and opponent of Prohibition, hid a hundred bottles of this fine whiskey somewhere there. In fact, Castle and Beckett find access to a system of tunnels in the basement of the pub and inside the mayor's whiskey hiding place. The murder weapon lies in front of the bottle shelf: a shattered bottle made of red glass. Suddenly a third person appears, but at the sight of Castle and Beckett he immediately flees and disappears undetected. When Castle and Beckett look at the plans of the sewers to find out where the unknown person might have gone, they read who borrowed the plans before them: the auctioneer who wanted to get the valuable whiskey supply and now the perpetrator can be transferred.

Since the new owner of the "Old Haunt" is dead, the bar falls back to the bank. Castle acquires the bar from them in order to preserve a piece of New York history.

45 11 Nikki Heat Nikki Heat Jan. 3, 2011 May 13, 2011 Jeff Bleckner David Grae
Natalie Rhodes ( Laura Prepon ), who plays Nikki Heat in the film version of Heat Wave , accompanies Castle and Beckett in their next case about the noble matchmaker Stacy Collins. Castle is horrified because she does not correspond to his idea of ​​the fictional character Nikki Heat, which is based on Beckett. She neither knows his name, nor has she ever read the book whose protagonist she is supposed to be, and her roles so far have been more that of a blonde sex bomb. She only knows the script, which is very different from the book.

Beckett is at the beginning excited about how the movie star Natalie dominates everyone. Natalie Rhodes practically ignores Castle. However, Natalie also does amazingly professional and skillful intensive character and behavior studies of Beckett and copies them. She tries to be more like Beckett in facial expressions and gestures, which she increasingly succeeds in. This is where her acting qualities show, because she turns out to be an absolute professional. The superficiality apparently shown at first changes to a perfect imitation of Beckett.

The more she becomes Becket, the more Castle she becomes and Beckett more sinister. In the course of the episode, thanks to the wig and the copy of the styling as well as the facial expressions and gestures, she becomes an exact copy of Beckett, much to Castle's pleasure and Beckett's displeasure. She has now read the book and thinks the character is very good, much more complex, intelligent and multi-layered than it was in the script. She wants to get the scriptwriter to rewrite the script, because she increasingly loves the much more demanding role in the book. Here, too, she shows a very professional behavior and makes it clear to everyone that she can do more than just play an apparently superficial blonde.

Castle's initial dislike turns into complete enthusiasm when he learns from her that she is now reading more of his books and is already thinking of sequels. Natalie treats him increasingly respectfully, but actually replaces Beckett in the investigation. Beckett only feels like a marginal figure in his own team, she's copied so perfectly.

There is only one point where she cannot study the fictional Nikki Heat. When she advances Castle, whose alter ego has a very erotic sex scene with Nikki Heat in the book, he says something no man has ever said to her: "No". When asked by Natalie, Beckett denies that Castle is gay. Natalie, who sees very closely what is really going on, asks Beckett to allow Castle to have sex with her once in order to be able to study the part of the fictional character Nikki Heat, which the real duo Beckett / Castle does not have. Beckett, who saw Natalie's advances for Castle, is stunned that Castle turned it down. She suspects that he has been loyal to her for a long time, although she still doesn't give him a chance of a relationship. Castle, who has to watch over and over again how she enters into a relationship with other men, no longer wants other women! Meanwhile, Ryan is looking for the best way to propose to Jenny.

Matchmaker Stacy Collins wanted to help wives whom she had unwittingly found bad husbands for whom the women rejected before paying large sums of money in a divorce after a number of years of marriage. However, the death of Stacy Collins was never intended by the perpetrator and was more of an accident. The solution to the case only succeeds because Natalie finds the crucial clue that everyone else overlooked.

46 12 Poof you are dead Poof! You're dead Jan. 10, 2011 May 20, 2011 Millicent Shelton Terri Miller
The magician Zalman Drake is found dead in a water tank. Everything initially points to a suicide. However, it turns out that Drake's alleged suicide note is a forgery and contains an invisible message. Drake, whose traditional business went down the drain, had developed tricks for other magicians. His shop assistant reported that he was not the suicide type and that he had also received a very profitable contract that would rehabilitate him in the long term. For this job, however, he needed larger quantities of C4 explosives. However, this is unsuitable for stage effects. A terrorist attack is suspected, but the government critic, who is friends with Drake, turns out to be a wheelchair-bound hobbyist who only made a fully articulated mechanical hand for Drake.

Ultimately, the billionaire Christian Dahl is identified as the perpetrator, who allegedly died in a record attempt with his private jet when it exploded over the Atlantic. Christian Dahl is actually a fraudster who installed a pyramid scheme on the stock exchange, apparently making a fortune with it, but which was ultimately a colossus on feet of clay. The Securities and Exchange Commission found out about him and the prosecutor's office broke all of his accounts. So he wanted to leave and he persuades Zalman Drake to help him with half a million dollars. He boarded his jet in a media-effective manner, Drake supplied him with catering, but in reality brought a dummy on board. He swaps places with Christian Dahl and waves his flexible hand to the reporters. Christian Dahl comes off board in the apparently empty catering box and controls his aircraft by remote control until he explodes over the Atlantic. Drake is the only person who knows about this hoax and therefore has to die. Christian Dahl's vanity allows him to attend his own memorial service, which Castle suspects based on knowledge of Christian Dahl's character and which leads to Dahl's arrest.

Castle once again realizes that his relationship with his ex-wife Gina has no future. If they are together for a long time, there is always an argument. Castle has known for a long time that he only really wants Beckett, but she continues to just play with him, without realizing the danger that he could leave for good because he thinks he will never be able to own her heart. But Becket overhears Castle informing Gina on the phone that they will no longer have a relationship with him. Now it's Beckett who hopes she hasn't done anything wrong yet.

Lanie and Esposito continue to try to keep their relationship a secret, which is only marginally successful several times, but Castle, Beckett and Ryan have long known.

47 13 Johanna Beckett Knockdown Jan. 24, 2011 Sep 9 2011 Tom Wright Will Beall
When the detective investigating the murder of Beckett's mother is shot dead in front of her before he can give her new evidence on the case, Beckett's old wounds are opened again. The investigation into the death of the detective leads the team to a group of three corrupt police officers who kidnapped gangsters for ransom until they accidentally shot an undercover FBI agent. Johanna Beckett discovered this practice while researching an appeal filed by the gangster charged with the dead FBI agent.
48 14th Deadly luck Lucky Stiff Feb 7, 2011 Sep 9 2011 Emile Levisetti Alexi Hawley
Castle and Beckett are called in to investigate the murder of a lottery winner who was found dead in his apartment and whose safe was emptied with the prize. As they search and find charity and donations in the victim's past, they discover that he has tried to correct mistakes he made in his previous life. Martha has now inherited a million dollars from her former lover Chet and now wants to find a way to honor his memory.
49 15th The last nail The final nail Feb 14, 2011 16 Sep 2011 John Terlesky Moira Kirland
Castle and Becket are charged with solving the murder of a rich woman who was killed with a nail gun. With the man of the dead, Damien Westlake ( Jason Wiles ), Castle used to go to boarding school. Castle counts him among his friends, while he is the prime suspect for Beckett. The investigation into the case also leads Castle and Beckett to an ancient crime; the murder of Philip Westlake (Damien's father), which was committed around 20 years ago. Damien Westlake is ultimately exonerated, he is not his wife's murderer. The lover is unmasked as a murderer by her ex-husband, who wanted to get back together with his ex-wife. However, Damien Westlake is not as innocent as Castle would have liked to have remembered him.

Damien Westlake's father was murdered by a mutual classmate, which Castle has to recognize as part of the new investigation into the old case. This acted on behalf of Damien Westlake and was paid by him for it. Damien Westlake did not murder his wife, but commissioned the murder of his father. For the first time, Beckett allows himself to do actions that give Castle hope again to get a relationship with her. Beckett made his first intimate movements that went beyond a friendly relationship.

50 16 The dirty bomb - part 1 Setup (1) Feb 21, 2011 23 Sep 2011 Rob Bowman David Amann
Part one of a double episode. Castle and Beckett are investigating the murder of a New York cab driver who was shot and whose cab was dismantled.

While searching for his killer, they find traces of radioactive material in a warehouse, which leads them to the conclusion that there may be a terrorist group planning to build a dirty bomb. When Castle and Beckett are accidentally contaminated with radioactive isotopes and are therefore brought into isolation, Beckett finally opens up to him a little. Her relationship with the doctor is about to fail and she's just looking for someone she can finally open up to. She still does not understand that the person she is looking for has long been in front of her, but when Castle tries to tell her that, they are interrupted again. Castle is visibly angry that he was deprived of the chance to open up to her again.

Beckett and her team have to cooperate with Mark Fallon ( Adrian Pasdar ), a homeland security agent who appears arrogant, inconsiderate and disliked , but Castle senses that they are following the wrong lead. Everything seems too simple and too constructed to be true. Mark Fallon wants to get rid of Castle immediately, and Castles is not interested in his deviating theories. When Castle, with Beckett's knowledge, uses his contacts with the Syrian secret service, both are excluded from Fallon's further investigation.

Fallon does not even want to hear Castle's findings, which unmask the previous suspects as innocent, but Castle has since learned with the help of the Syrian intelligence chief that neither the Syrian taxi driver nor his cousin are terrorists. The dead taxi driver was instead a key engineer in the Syrian armaments program, from which he opted out of conscience. The secret service agent makes it clear to Castle that he tried to persuade him to return to Syria with perks and money, but that this was completely impossible with such a staunch pacifist. The Syrian secret service agent speaks very respectfully of his compatriot, whose idealism he respects and also respects, which both puts in a very positive light.

Castle is now certain that the Arab immigrants suspected by Fallon are not the perpetrators, but that someone wants to worsen US relations with Syria. When Beckett and Castle track down a new American suspect and find the bomb, they are trapped in a freezer while a dirty atomic bomb is somewhere in town. Beckett and Castle grow closer personally, but Castle is repeatedly prevented from confessing his feelings for Beckett.

51 17th Countdown - part 2 Countdown (2) Feb 28, 2011 Sep 30 2011 Bill Roe Andrew W. Marlowe
Second part of the double sequence. Castle and Beckett are still trapped in the freezer as the NYPD and Homeland Security Department continue their search for the dirty bomb. Alexi's apprehensive phone call eventually results in help arriving for Castle and Beckett, including Beckett's friend Josh.

The homeland security agent Mark Fallon now shows himself to be quite human in addition to his professional tough approach, now also listens to Castle again and begins to see Castle's theory as likely. The fact that Castle already found the bomb without all the means at his disposal, Mark Fallon, compels him with respect. However, he is also amazed that his assumption that Castle and Beckett are a couple is probably not true when Beckett falls into her boyfriend Josh's arms.

Back at the station, Castle, Beckett and the Homeland Security team are investigating the bomb, and the leads lead to domestic terrorists. Fallon ultimately allows Castle to use his relationship with the alleged enemy Syria to avert the catastrophe. A Syrian intelligence officer gives the decisive clues about the whereabouts of the American terrorists. They are trying to drag the US into another war with Syria, which of course is not in Syria's interest.

The bomb is found at the last minute and Castle defuses it, but by no means deliberately. At the last moment he simply rips all tangible cables out of the bomb with one jerk and hopes that the right wire would be there, which it happens to be.

The Homeland Security agent Mark Fallon, who was initially hated by Castle, is now very much respected by him, because he begins to suspect the difficult decisions he has to make every day. He became aware of this when he was able to send his family out of town, but he was not allowed to tell his daughter why and he forbade calling her boyfriend so that he could escape. He slowly understands what Mark Fallon, whose wife died on September 11th in the north tower of the World Trade Center, experiences every day and what difficult decisions he has to make.

52 18th Murderous soap opera One Life to Lose 21 Mar 2011 Oct 7, 2011 David M. Barrett Elizabeth Davis
Sarah Cutler, the lead writer of one of New York's longest-running soap operas, is killed, and Castle and Beckett must find the culprit in the various relationships that exist both in front of and behind the scenes.
53 19th Death of a juror Law & Murder 28 Mar 2011 Oct 14, 2011 Jeff Bleckner Terence Paul Winter
During a trial, one of the jurors dies of cyanide poisoning . The main suspect is the accused in the trial who, with the assistance of an accomplice, poisoned the jury's coffee. When investigators find out that the victim was poisoned before entering the courthouse, they scrutinize the victim's past. They particularly try to track the victim's final steps to find out when and where the victim was poisoned.
54 20th The pizza connection Slice of Death Apr 4, 2011 Oct 21, 2011 Steve Boyum Scott Williams
The body of a reporter who was supposed to cover the rivalry between different pizza makers is found in the oven of a pizza maker. Obviously, there is more to this than just who makes the best pizza in New York.
55 21st Death in the pool The Dead Pool Apr 11, 2011 Oct 28, 2011 Paul Holahan Matt Pyken
Promising swimmer Zack Lindsey is found murdered in his university pool. Investigators found steroids in the dead man's apartment . However, Lanies investigations reveal that Zack did not use drugs. Beckett and Castle try to find out why the swimmer hid the steroids with him. Her investigation leads her to a disappointed friend, a jealous rival, and a seedy coach.
56 22nd To love and die in LA To Love and Die in LA May 2, 2011 Nov 4, 2011 John Terlesky Alexi Hawley
Contrary to Captain Montgomery's orders, Castle and Beckett travel to Los Angeles to solve the murder of Michael Royce, Beckett's post-academy instructor. Royce lived in Los Angeles but was shot dead immediately upon arriving in New York. Castle reportedly plans to visit the set of Nikki Heat, whose production company provides him with a luxury two bedroom hotel. Beckett reluctantly agrees to spend the night near the possible crime scenes, but insists on separate bedrooms. In the course of the investigation, Castle and Beckett also get closer personally. If Beckett had always kept Castle at a distance up to now, she is now slowly beginning to allow him a closeness that has not existed for him before. A key scene is when they are both in their suite talking. They both admit they like each other, but when Castle takes a breath to tell her his love, Beckett stands up and says good night to him. Castle stays in the suite and hopes Beckett will come back. You can see that Castle wants to finally open up to her once more, but Becket doesn't give him a chance again.

However, Beckett has long since understood that she wants more and that she can also lose him, which she has not wanted for a long time. After internal struggles of her feelings, she surrenders to them and she goes back to the common suite. However, after waiting a while, Castle has just left and Beckett only sees his bedroom door close behind him. She's once again missed the chance and Castle is once again convinced that he doesn't have one.

In the course of the LA investigation, Castle visits the set of the Nikki Heat film. The actress Violette Young, who fled to New York with Royce, is the target of the investigation. She asked Royce for protection, because she felt that she had gotten into something that scared her. Believing that she was hired for a joke among rich friends, she acted as a decoy.

The real perpetrators steal newly developed ammunition, the bullets of which - unintentionally by the manufacturer - decompose after some time after being fired, which makes them the perfect murder ammunition, as the bullets can no longer be assigned to a weapon. She doesn't know anything about it, but suspects that something is wrong and turns to Royce. Royce is murdered with this ammunition by Russel Gunze in New York.

Beckett and Castle in LA and their team in New York manage to locate the killer's helpers. Since they had a bit of a conflict with the LA police at the beginning of the investigation, they also used the film set to interrogate a security guard. Little does he know that he was only arrested by actors and talking. It comes to the final pursuit, in which Beckett could catch the perpetrator and shoot him. But she only shoots him in the leg. He is arrested by the LA Police, with whom they now work very well.

57 23 Pretty dead Pretty Dead May 9, 2011 Nov 11, 2011 Jeff Bleckner Terri Miller
During rehearsals for a popular beauty pageant, contestants come across the body of Amber Midlebarry, Miss Illinois. The young woman was strangled and the list of suspects is long. It ranges from jealous colleagues to the multi-million dollar sponsor of the event to the hedonistic host of the show, Bobby Stark.

In his private life, Castle has problems of a different kind to solve. Alexis is completely baffled and has problems with her boyfriend. He was accepted by all universities he applied to and his favorite would be Stanford, California . But this would lead to the fact that he would be separated from Alexis, which is why he chooses a New York university. Alexis doesn't want to be the reason why he gives up his dream of going to Stanford to love her. So she ends the relationship with Ashley, but suffers greatly from it. Ashley goes to Castle and asks for his intercession because he is just as unhappy as Alexis. Ashley says a sentence Castle knows only too well: "What would you do if the person you love tried with all your might to reject their love?" Castle knows this feeling only too well, it reminds him very much his relationship with Beckett. In the end, Castle succeeds in repairing his daughter's relationship with Ashley and also unmask the real killer. It was the young woman's assistant who needed success more urgently than she did, because his previous protégés all failed in the run-up to the Miss elections. Without success, he would have crashed and would not have been able to assist a new model.

58 24 knockout knockout May 16, 2011 Nov 18, 2011 Rob Bowman Will Beall
The hit man Hal Lockwood, who has knowledge of the murder of Kate Beckett's mother, is moved from the high-security wing to the general prison. Beckett immediately raises the alarm, but Lockwood manages to murder Gary McAllister, who also has information about the murder of Beckett's mother. Lockwood manages a spectacular escape during a court hearing. Castle fears that the cold-blooded killer will target Beckett. It turns out that Montgomery is not entirely innocent in the death of Beckett's mother. To protect Kate, Montgomery sacrifices himself and dies, along with Lockwood and others involved in the conspiracy, in a firefight. Montgomery's dark past is kept secret and he is buried with full military honors. While Kate is giving a speech at his funeral, she is hit in the chest by a sniper. Castle tries to protect her with his body, but comes too late. When Kate is injured on the ground, Castle confesses his love for her.

Season 4

The first broadcast of the fourth season was from September 19, 2011 to May 7, 2012 on the US broadcaster ABC . The German free TV broadcaster Kabel Eins broadcast the first broadcast in German from March 2, 2012 to December 7, 2012.

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script Odds
59 1 New beginning Rise 19 Sep 2011 2nd Mar 2012 Rob Bowman Andrew W. Marlowe 13.28 million
As Beckett fights for her life in the hospital, guilt-ridden Castle tries to find out who is behind the brutal attack on Beckett. When he visits her in the hospital, she tells him that he shouldn't come any more and that she will contact him, which she does not do for three months. When Beckett returns to the station, she learns that Captain Montgomery has been replaced by Victoria Gates. This put Castle in front of the door, because she doesn't like him.

Castle continues to investigate from home with the support of Beckett's team, but Beckett does not contact any of them. Castle finds out which bank the police officers who blackmailed the mafiosi were using and thus finds a money trail leading to the killer, but loses it again because the bank was closed and the warehouse with its documents burned down. Beckett's team was pulled away from the Beckett attempted murder case because they couldn't tell Gates the whole truth either, as that would incriminate Captain Montgomery. Castle therefore takes the files home with him when he is evicted.

Beckett only reports to Castle when she has to inspect the files at Castle. Castle is visibly upset and disappointed. Beckett also lies to him by telling him that she can't remember anything about the shot at her (including Castle's confession of love). Castle has lost all hope of a relationship and only hesitantly changes his mind when he learns from Beckett that she has broken up with her boyfriend, and he does not want to return to the station. Beckett almost has to ask him now. But only after she confesses that there is a wall inside her that she imposed on herself to protect her feelings after the death of her mother, Castle is ready to work with her again.

Castle surprisingly receives a call from a certain "Smith". He reveals to him that Captain Montgomery sent him files before his death that would expose the people behind the murders. He negotiated a deal with the backers: as long as Castle manages to keep Beckett from investigating the backers, she doesn't have to fear another attack from them. Castle agrees, but hides this from Beckett.

Beckett and her team are officially investigating the case of a murdered party girl. Her friend, a drummer in a punk band, is the prime suspect. The alarm system shows that he came home with her and left the house the next morning, three hours after she was shot in bed next to him. The case seems clear-cut and the friend is arrested. The arrest shows that Beckett is not yet fit enough to go back to work. The friend carries the weapon with him, but claims that he has nothing to do with the death of the woman who was killed six times in bed next to him. He can't remember anything and doesn't want to have heard anything. Nobody believes him for not hearing six shots fired right next to him.

It is Castle who asks the right questions. Why did the alleged perpetrator stay in the apartment for hours? This was not ransacked. Castle theorized that the perpetrator entered the apartment from the couple, hid and only left after the current prime suspect had escaped. Castle finds his hiding place under the bed. Another band member is thus exposed as a perpetrator. This was in a relationship with the party girl, later given off and now jealous. He put both of them out of action with narcotics and shot the party girl using a pillow as a silencer. He then hid again until their friend woke up and left the house in a panic. So the suspicion would fall on this, which would have worked without Castle's questions. When the real perpetrator is arrested, Beckett reveals himself to his old form.

After the perpetrator's arrest, Beckett goes back to the psychiatrist, who wrote her fit for duty and confesses to him that she lied to him and that she can remember everything that happened when she was shot.

60 2 Heroes and villains Heroes & Villains 26 Sep 2011 9 Mar 2012 Jeff Bleckner David Amann 11.67 million
A known criminal is brutally cut in two with a samurai sword . The killer was dressed like the well-known comic figure "Range Raider", which, however, has many imitators ( cosplay ). Even before that, this avenger came from time to time in the press when he beat up crooks or burned stolen goods. Castle and Beckett both admit that they love comics, which only comes as a surprise to Beckett. The murder does not fit the image of the "range raider" at all. He uses his sword to wound his opponents, to humiliate them, but in real life and in the comics he never kills his opponents. A cosplayer is suspected, but is quickly eliminated. When Castle and Beckett visit the crime scene again to secure evidence, they are taken by surprise by the real "Range Raider" and he escapes with the evidence spectacularly and artistically.

A reporter comes under suspicion for drawing details of the crime in his comics that only those who were at the scene can know. He also confesses the deeds and even the murder, but Castle and Beckett realize that he cannot be the perpetrator, as he does not know certain details of the murder. But he reveals details that make it clear that he knows and covers the "Range Raider". Background research leads Beckett and her team to the apartment of the "Range Raider", which Beckett and Castle can put there. The reporter covered a young policewoman named Hastings, who actually goes through the nights as a "Range Raider", but who is only guilty of punishing the criminals, not for the murder. Her father died in a $ 80 robbery, and she applied to the police academy the day after his funeral. There she only receives the best references and commendations and is characterized by great commitment and success. To the relief of Castle and Beckett, no criminal offense can be proven to her, but Beckett speaks to her conscience so that she doesn't just give in to revenge, because that has almost destroyed her too. When the reporter and the policewoman are released, they hug. Castle says they are like him and Beckett, a writer and his muse. But before the elevator closes in front of the two of them, they are kissing in each other's arms and Castle looks at Beckett and she turns away smiling.

The real killer is a mafia boss who, in disguise, killed one of his crooks whom he (rightly) suspected of being an informant for the Range Raider. The mafia boss wanted to discredit the "Range Raider" and eliminate his informants, but now has to go to prison himself forever.

Victoria Gates tolerates Castle in the investigation, but her skepticism can be clearly felt. When the case was resolved, she praised Beckett's team of police officers for their good work, expressly excluding Castle. When the young policewoman is released, she turns to Beckett and notices that her so far missing complaint against the young woman for her attack on Beckett and Castle is due to the fact that Beckett can not with certainty attribute the crime to the policewoman, as she was masked. She wants the young policewoman to get out of it without a blemish. Beckett and Castle are stunned and Castle only says that Victoria Gates has just grown a heart.

61 3 Headless Head case Oct 3, 2011 16. Mar. 2012 Holly Dale David Grae 11.18 million
At the scene of the crime, Beckett and Castle encounter a large pool of blood, but no corpse. Recordings from a security camera lead the two of them to a warehouse with frozen corpses, the owner of which refuses to pull out the body of the murder victim. The victim was a scientist who worked on the extension of life, which was obviously bad for him, as Castle remarks flippantly, which once again earned him punitive looks from Beckett and Lanie. The victim's wife plans a second period of cohabitation in the future after death. The victim's donor was furious because the victim's research results were to be publicly posted online for free collaboration. A student of the victim tried to break into the victim's computer. The student's father owns a large pharmaceutical company.

Medical instruments with the victim's brain stuck to them are found in a dump. However, all possible perpetrators have alibis. The sponsor for the research, a very unsympathetic porn producer, is relieved. The student was furious, but the professor gave him an unjustified top grade if he didn't tell anyone about where he met him (a cheap motel with a dubious reputation). In fact, the professor was researching life-extending drugs, but was terminally ill himself. He had a brain tumor that would destroy his brain in a few months. He turned to a colleague who operated on him at the motel long before he could test his new treatment with humans. Its treatment was unsuccessful.

The victim's wife ultimately confessed to having shot her husband out of love. She wanted the man she loved to be preserved in full possession of his mental powers for later resuscitation and not first the man whose brain was destroyed by the tumor. After the confession, she takes her own life in order to be able to be reunited with her husband in the future.

Alexis receives a letter that upsets her future plans. It was rejected at Stanford and is desperate. However, she begins to recover when she realizes why her father framed the letter of rejection of his first novel from a publisher. The later bestseller, which this publisher rejected, was the cornerstone of its success. The rejection by the publisher spurred him on to even better work and, in retrospect, embarrassed the publisher who refused him until today.

62 4th On the trail of the triple murderer Kick the ballistics Oct 10, 2011 23 Mar 2012 Rob Bowman Moira Kirkland 10.23 million
The blonde college student Jean Herzfeld is fished to death from the freshly poured concrete of a construction site. She was executed with Ryan's pistol , which the triple murderer Jerry Tyson took from him in Season 3, Episode 6. Ryan and Castle feel complicit in the young woman's death for failing to arrest the killer. Beckett tries in vain to comfort the two of them, and Gates is indignant. The ex-boyfriend of the victim Fin McQueen works at the construction site and comes from the drugs - environment . The victim was shot twice. She obviously knew her perpetrator and he let her say one last prayer before executing her. Besides her studies she worked as a tutor and believes in the good in people.

The cynical cop Seth Curver blackmailed the murdered Jane Herzfeld and forced her to work for him as an informant with dirty tricks (with drugs he had faked) , since one of the young people she taught belongs to the Tong family, the Asian drug mafia . In this family, however, she immediately betrays this assignment to Clifford Lee, the father of the family. She therefore trusts her, but Jane Herzfeld realizes only too well that the family is involved in the drug trade. On the advice of her ex-boyfriend, she taught a young Chinese man named Ben Lee as a tutor in the family. Over time, the two got closer and fell in love. Jane Herzfeld made it clear to the young Ben Lee that there could be a life outside of the mafia for him and that she wanted to leave town with him. Her ex-boyfriend finds out and tries to stop her. Not only is he afraid of losing her to Ben Lee for good, he also fears disadvantages for himself, as he carries out assignments for the Lee family as a criminal and has recommended them to the family. When he couldn't stop her from escaping together with Ben, he revealed everything to the Mafia family and the older brother of the Chinese, Phillip Lee, murdered the young woman.

When Ben Lee learns this truth from Ryan and Esposito, he delivers his brother, the murderer of his girlfriend, to the police and goes into the witness protection program.

The murderer Phillip Lee now wants a deal with the prosecutor. He is offering 10 years as a sentence and he would provide information about the triple murderer Jerry Tyson in return. He knew what name to use and where to go.

Castle rejects this now. He makes it clear to Beckett that Jerry Tyson planned it all. Phillip beat him to hospital while they were in prison together. Now Jerry Tyson is taking revenge on Phillip by selling him the hot gun that he took from Ryan. He knew Phillip would use these and that the police would do anything to get them back. The information he gave Phillip about himself is only part of the plan and is wrong. If Phillip got a deal and only got 10 years in prison instead of life it would be a victory for Jerry Tyson.

Alexis lets a not really friend give her an uncomfortable job, which is supposed to improve her chances for Stanford .

63 5 From his or her view Eye of the Beholder Oct 17, 2011 30th Mar 2012 John Terlesky Shalisha Francis 11.23 million
During a gala, the art object "The fist of capitalism", which is worth 50 million dollars, is stolen from a museum. At the same time, executive director Brian Hayes is impaled on another art object. It is initially suspected that he caught the thief in the act and was only murdered for that reason. The museum's security system did not sound the alarm during the theft. To Beckett's displeasure, insurance damage investigator Serena Kay interferes in the investigation. She is familiar with the subject and immediately draws the right conclusions. She is economically interested in the replacement of the work of art because she receives a 1% commission. Castle, however, is taken with her, which leads to tension between him and Kate. For the first time, it's Kate who doesn't even get jealous for no reason. She has to realize that Castle is not hers and that she can lose him as a partner and friend. She realizes how much she loves him now and admits this to her psychiatrist, but not Castle.

“The fist of capitalism” is a private loan. The owners, Anton and Joyce McQueen, a falling out couple, are suspected as well as employees of the museum. The investigation is stuck because the team has no idea how the thief got the artwork out of the museum.

Serena is now suspected of being the perpetrator. She has previously been suspected of stealing art several times and confesses to Castle that she is also very good as a thief. She is paid to retrieve stolen art objects. The insurance companies don't care how they do it. She also makes no secret of the fact that the suspicions of previous thefts were absolutely correct, but she has only ever stolen what others have illegally acquired, such as B. Nazi looted art or stolen goods. Therefore, she was never convicted, because those who had stolen from her knew that this art did not belong to them and therefore they did not file a complaint. Beckett persuades Castle to go out with Serena for an evening so she and her team can search her hotel room. In order to buy time for Beckett, he flirts violently with Serena, which Beckett misinterprets and makes more and more jealous. Beckett is angry and arrests Serena because she finds high-tech break-in tools in her hotel room. Serena now frankly admits to Beckett that she sometimes retrieves stolen works of art through theft. Beckett's jealousy is palpable and even at the expense of her objectivity.

The trail leads Serena to Falco, an internationally sought-after master thief for years. He claims to not be or know Falco and pretends to be just the harmless traveler William Hold, who likes to visit galleries. Beckett can't crack it, but Serena can. He admits that he should turn off the security system at the victim's request. He supposedly wanted to have his own security technology checked, but in truth he had money problems himself and wanted to solve them that way. Falco admits that he became weak while completing this assignment and coming back to steal the statue. He could not do this, however, because a woman had already done this, whom he only glimpsed and did not recognize.

Castle therefore concludes that the statue should still be in the museum and finds it hidden in another art object, which he damages in the process. Now their artist comes under suspicion, because only she could know that there would be enough space for the statue in her installation. However, she reports that she had sold the work of art shortly before and that it would be delivered to Joyce McQueen and not to her after the exhibition was over. Ultimately, she is found to be the perpetrator. She just wanted to make sure that the statue would not be awarded to her husband in the event of the divorce, but he did not want it at all, he only used it as leverage to get a certain winery in the divorce. The murder victim Brian Hayes just happened to get in her way.

Although Castle has solved the murder case and found "The Fists of Capitalism", he later receives a large bill from the museum for the destroyed other work of art.

Beckett is reconciled with him and ultimately with Serena. Beckett finally confesses about her relationship with Castle: "I don't steal things that belong to someone else."

64 6th Demons Demons Oct 24, 2011 Apr 13, 2012 Bill Roe Rob Hanning 10.80 million
Well-known TV ghost hunter Jack Sinclair is murdered in the mysterious McClaren house while he was about to shoot a documentary in the house. His last words are “Mercy, I can see it”, then the image transmission breaks down. First of all, the cameraman Burry, who was previously released, is suspected, but he ultimately has an alibi. Castle suspects ghosts and demons to be the perpetrators and gets on Beckett's nerves with the theory. However, the videos of Sinclair's assassination show how objects begin to move in the background. Doors slam and tripods slide across the room as if by magic. Castle finds through its own research that there have already been 8 murders in the house, which was built in 1898. The last murder was of a young woman 20 years ago. Her husband McBendon has since been on the run and is wanted. He last contacted his brother Piet McBendon from Vienna with a postcard 15 years ago.

Further investigations reveal that Jack Sinclair, who grew up nearby, was afraid of the house as a child and avoided it. Before he was murdered, he sought advice from the well-known ghost hunter and competitor Mercy la Grande (a stage name that explains his last words). This recognized that Jack must have been a witness to the last murder, but he has so far suppressed this and now his memories are coming back.

The now-retired then-chief investigator, Detective Edison Smith, is interviewed but has nothing to contribute.

Enthusiastic about the stories about the old house, Castle researched further and found out that the architect of the house, James McLaren, was a Scot and that he liked to incorporate secret rooms into his projects, which are not unusual in Scotland for eavesdropping on guests. Castle and Beckett find such a room and in it the murdered husband of the wife who was murdered 20 years ago as well as a huge electromagnet that was responsible for the power outages, but also for the moving objects. The husband died at the same time as his wife. So he cannot have been the culprit.

Now his brother Piet McBendon is suspected, then the caretaker. The perpetrator is Detective Edison Smith, who was called into the house because of domestic violence, fell in love with the woman and when she turned him down, murdered her. He also murdered her abusive husband, and now when Jack Sinclair walked into the house, he remembered the chance he saw the murder through the window as a child. That's why he had to die too. Detective Edison Smith also sent the cards from Europe as a distraction.

Castle's daughter, Alexis, struggles to maintain a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend. The time difference between the east and west coast keeps preventing the two of them from talking to each other.

65 7th Bank robbery Cops & Robbers Oct 31, 2011 Apr 20, 2012 Bryan Spicer Terence Paul Winter 12.58 million
Ironically, at the bank where Castle and his mother are doing business, there is a hold-up robbery. But the remarkably well-trained perpetrators are apparently not after the money. Since Castle happened to be on the phone with Beckett during the robbery, he reports live from the crime scene until he is stopped. Beckett triggers the alarm and special task forces take up position. Beckett's chief of operations has to get Beckett into the team because the boss of the bank robbers only wants to talk to the policewoman who called Castle beforehand until he was prevented from doing so.

Castle finds out that the robbers are in truth after a safe deposit box and can Morse code with the number of the broken lock box outside. Beckett does background research: The trail leads to an old lady and her missing daughter. Meanwhile, the situation in the bank is coming to a head, with the hostage-takers threatening to kill hostages. A hostage has an epileptic fit and is allowed to leave the bank. Beckett, disguised as a medic, brings the man out of the bank. Castle slips her a note to inform her that the hostage-takers are apparently planning a demolition with C4 . The hostage takers demand a bus to escape. The old lady is found murdered by Ryan and Esposito in a ransacked apartment.

Eventually the bank explodes. Body parts are found that are clearly assigned to the perpetrators. However, the hostages are all unharmed because they were housed in a different room. Beckett finds Castle and the other hostages. When she cuts Castle away, it can be felt that they both want to fall around their necks, but Martha Rodgers tactlessly intervenes. Castle and his mother then hug each other in front of the bench and include the rushed Alexis. It is more than obvious to Beckett that she missed something like that and would have liked to have been part of the group.

The perpetrators were after a safe deposit box that was used as a dead mailbox for secret communication. It turns out that the hostage who had the epileptic fit was in fact the main culprit and was able to escape this way. He also plans the death of his accomplices as a result of the explosion. He was the client and he had made the explosives that could have blown a hole in a disused subway line. But since he designed the explosives so that they would go off too early, he eliminated his accomplices, who as a result did not find time to take cover.

With the help of the information from the locker, the perpetrator can track down the whereabouts of his wife and son. They live separately from him in a secret place due to domestic violence.

Castle and Beckett's team find out and identify the family's old pastor as a courier to the dead mailbox. He had also helped the mother and her son, who was fleeing domestic violence, go into hiding. He also knows where they both live now. The perpetrator planned to visit his wife and son and take his son so that he could live with him. This can be prevented at the last second by the local police from Ithaca (a place about 350 km northwest of New York).

Alexis breaks up with her boyfriend Asley because he was once again unavailable for her when she urgently needed him. Castle invites Beckett to a sumptuous dinner with himself and his family in his apartment at the end of the day.

66 8th Heartbreak Hotel Heartbreak Hotel Nov 7, 2011 Apr 27, 2012 Bill Roe Elizabeth Davis 11.07 million
Castle, Ryan and Esposito drove to the Sapphire Casino in Atlantic City on a homicide investigation. They're also planning to take the opportunity to celebrate Ryan's bachelorette party. As it turns out, the casino was defrauded of several million dollars, which appears to be the motive for the murder. However, the money was borrowed from the mafia, otherwise the casino would have gone bankrupt and the bank no longer wanted to give out a loan. Blackmail also comes into play here. Since the investigation against him is going too far for the casino owner, he throws the three out of the casino. To get back inside, they dress up as Elvis impersonators.

Since Castle is out and Martha is not there either, Alexis plans a cozy evening with a couple of friends to get over her separation from Asley. The party gets completely out of hand, however, as more and more uninvited guests come who have found out about the party via Facebook or Twitter. Alexis struggles to get the apartment back halfway until the completely hungover Castle comes back.

67 9 the sniper Kill Shot Nov 21, 2011 May 4, 2012 David M. Barrett Alexi Hawley 10.85 million
A sniper apparently shoots people at random on the street. As with Beckett, the first victim is hit right in the heart. This is a problem for her and she continues to receive psychological treatment. The sniper leaves clues at the scene of where he will strike next. He is targeting people who have had a lot of luck in life recently, as he himself seems to be haunted by bad luck.
68 10 In handcuffs Cuffed Dec 5, 2011 May 11, 2012 John Terlesky Terri Miller & Andrew W. Marlowe 8.12 million
Castle and Beckett wake up handcuffed to each other in a dark, locked room. They try to remember what happened last. Looking back tells what happened before. Castle and Beckett were called to a murder in a hotel. The victim was poisoned with a syringe and the fingertips removed to make identification difficult. While Ryan and Esposito try to find out where Castle and Beckett are, they try to get out of their prison. Your situation comes to a head when a tiger enters your room. The tiger was locked in the next room and should be sold as part of the illegal trade in protected animal species, which is a million dollar business.
69 11 Until death do us part Till Death Do Us Part Jan. 9, 2012 May 18, 2012 Jeff Bleckner David Grae 9.76 million
Ryan and Jenny's wedding is imminent. Both want to enter the marriage “detoxified” and therefore no longer eat solid food 10 days before the wedding, but only drink a mixture of water and lemon juice. The murder case is about corporate espionage. The victim used his seduction skills with women to obtain important details about company insider knowledge from senior female executives.

Ryan's future wife is also on his success list with a photo, which causes Beckett, Castle and Esposito to have a hard time. But that of all people can enlighten Ryan.

Ryan gets violent against Esposito when he is eating a donut and ultimately weakens when the table in the district overflows with Asian fast food. He ends his "detox" with ravenous hunger.

Invited to the wedding as a guest, Beckett comes out as a single. Castle, however, promises that he will appear in the company of an extremely funny, intelligent and attractive young woman. When everyone in the station looks at him in disbelief, he confesses that he will come with his daughter. However, his daughter Alexis is invited to a private concert with Lady Gaga on the same evening by the son of the trader who sells her the evening dress for the occasion . Castle releases her and agrees with Beckett to accompany her, but only at the wedding party. Esposito is angry because Lanie Parish, the coroner and friend of Beckett, with whom he was only recently dating, has already found a new companion for the wedding. He turns out to be Captain America , is a recognized doctor, extremely handsome and very successful in cancer research. Esposito ultimately comes to the wedding with an attractive young woman. Esposito is reconciled to Lanie when he confesses that the woman is only his cousin and that Lanie's company is only outed as a dance partner. He's a great dancer and one of her former colleagues, but she had to borrow him from his partner. He's gay and no competition for Esposito, who is still suffering from their breakup.

70 12 B for mayor Dial M for Mayor Jan. 16, 2012 May 25, 2012 Kate Woods Christine Boylan 9.41 million
The mayor is suspected in a murder case. Castle fears for his privilege to continue working in Beckett's team, since the mayor is Castle's friend and allows him to work in homicide against the will of Captain Victoria Gates. Castle and Beckett can ultimately prove that everything is just an intrigue and convict the real culprit.
71 13 A bunch of yappers An Embarrassment of Bitches Jan. 23, 2012 21 Sep 2012 Tom Wright Rob Hanning 10.05 million
World famous dog trainer Francisco Pilar is murdered following a dog show where he was a juror. Initially, it is assumed that a dog owner, who may have felt disadvantaged by Francisco when evaluating his dog, could be the murderer. The well-known Kay Cappuccio, who earns her living as an IT girl with reality TV, is also involved in the investigation. In the course of the investigation, she turns out to be anything but superficial or stupid. She knows her role, but opens up to Esposito as thoroughly vulnerable and profound. The perpetrator is her friend, who works with Argentine drug cartels and who killed Francisco Pilar when he realized that the drug detection dogs were very successful in training drug detection dogs that repeatedly stole millions of dollars from his Argentine dealers. Kay Cappuccio had no idea about these contacts and categorically rejects drugs and drug trafficking.

Castle and Beckett share "custody" of Francisco's surviving dog for a short time. This leads to a scene in which Castle Beckett describes how the dog would like to be petted on the head. He demonstrates this to her by taking her hand and stroking it in the same way. Beckett visibly enjoys it, but then withdraws her hand from Castle, because she is still not ready to show him such tenderness towards her, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for her. Castle withdraws. The dog ultimately decides against both and in favor of the IT girl Kay Cappuccio, which is probably also due to the fact that she likes the dog herself and she also has a little bitch who interests the male.

72 14th The blue butterfly The Blue Butterfly Feb 6, 2012 28 Sep 2012 Chuck Bowman Terence Paul Winter 8.70 million
A recent murder case is related to an incident that took place in 1947 in New York City in the famous "Pennybaker Club". The story in the 1940s is told with the main characters of the series slipping into the roles of people from the 1940s. Castle is a private investigator, Beckett the wife of a mafia boss, Ryan and Esposito the henchmen of the mafia boss and Lanie a singer in the Pennybaker Club. Martha is Castle's secretary and Alexis hires Castle to find her sister. Then as now it is about the blue butterfly, a necklace with a butterfly-shaped pendant made entirely of blue diamonds. It is said to be worth $ 1 million.
73 15th Pandora Pandora Feb 13, 2012 Oct 19, 2012 Bryan Spicer David Amann 8.86 million
Castle and Beckett are forced to work with the CIA, but are not allowed to report it to anyone. In addition, they must always wear masks when they are brought into the underground CIA quarters to keep the location secret. They also meet Castle's former muse Sophia Turner, who inspired him to write his Derrick Storm novels. The CIA relies on the support of Castle and Beckett as it is not allowed to investigate domestic US citizens. A terrorist attack planned under the name “Pandora” is being investigated in connection with a murder. This is said to have immense effects on the economy in the USA and fundamentally change the country. Alexis is doing an internship with Lanie in forensic medicine and is therefore involved in the investigation. The episode ends with a cliffhanger when Castle and Beckett crash their car into the water at a harbor. The action continues in the following episode.
74 16 The trigger Linchpin Feb 20, 2012 Oct 26, 2012 Rob Bowman Andrew W. Marlowe 9.73 million
The storyline of the previous episode continues. The investigation into the "Pandora" project is making progress. It turns out that with the help of a "small" trigger, a series of subsequent events should be triggered, which should ultimately culminate in World War III and a new political world order ( butterfly effect ). The trigger is said to be the murder of the daughter of an influential Chinese businessman. The investigation leads to a mole within the CIA. In order to stop the “Pandora” project, it is imperative that the girl be protected.
75 17th Once upon a time there was a crime Once Upon a Crime Feb. 27, 2012 Oct 5, 2012 Jeff Bleckner Kate Sargeant 9.10 million
Ambitious lawyer Amy Morgan is murdered in Central Park. She is dressed like Little Red Riding Hood and has scratch marks on her face that look like they came from a wolf. Wolf hair is also found in the wound. The autopsy revealed that the cause of death was a drug overdose, which she was given with a syringe in the back. Shortly afterwards, another woman is murdered in the same way in Central Park, Christina Curtis, a gallery owner. She is wearing a Snow White costume and is holding an apple in her hand. Her killer also wrote “red as blood, white as snow, black as ebony” on your skin. At first, no connection can be found between the two victims.

The team finds out that the killer ordered three costumes. The third costume is a Sleeping Beauty costume. The first two victims had each withdrawn the odd sum of $ 50,605 from their bank accounts. This is how the potential third victim can be identified, Charlotte Boyd, a high-end realtor (played by Meghan Markle ), as she had also withdrawn the same amount of money from her account.

The team finds her unconscious, disguised as Sleeping Beauty and drugged in her bedroom. She is still alive and is being taken to the hospital. With a photo found on her, the connection between the three women can now be established. The three of them went to a party seven years ago with a friend, Owen Thomas, and they'd all been on drugs. Owen Thomas was hit by a car after the party and died of internal bleeding. The three women pretended that they initially drove home together, but that he became intrusive and was therefore thrown out by them. The date of his death was June 5th, 2005 (this is the reason for the unusual amount of money of $ 50,605).

It turns out that Owen Thomas' brother, Darren Thomas, is Amy's ("Little Red Riding Hood") sister's husband and blackmailed the three women. While clearing out his father's apartment, he found an exposed film and had it developed. Through these photos from the car he learned about the connection between the 3 women and his brother and blames them for his brother's death. He wanted to let the women “pay” for what they did and use the money to set up a scholarship fund.

The case seems clear: Darren had a motive, blackmailed the women, has the extorted money in his possession and has no alibi for the times of the crime. The case is being closed.

At home, however, it dawns on Castle that they may have arrested the wrong culprit for the murders. He was taken aback by the fact that the two dead were perfectly costumed, but the third victim was not. Castle and Beckett go to Charlotte ("Sleeping Beauty") in the hospital, where the real story is revealed.

7 years ago Charlotte had hit Owen Thomas and killed him (not someone else's car, as the women had previously claimed). The three women had vowed to keep this a secret. But because Charlotte could no longer be sure that the other two would not tell the truth at some point, also due to the blackmail, she poisoned the two of them and herself. However, she used a much smaller dose on herself, so it was unlikely to die from it. Since she had to put on the costume herself, it wasn't as perfectly made up as the two murder victims.

While Castle and Becket are investigating, Martha holds a reading in his home office, to Castle's displeasure.

76 18th Dance with death A dance with death 19 Mar 2012 Nov 2, 2012 Kevin Hooks Moira Kirkland 11.52 million
During a recording for the television show "Night of Dance", a dance competition, the wealthy semi-finalist Odette Morton is found shot. First Eddy Gordon is suspected, who was kicked out of the competition in the quarterfinals against Odette. This had indicated in a video that he would kill her. Since one participant is missing from the show, the last candidate who was eliminated is brought back, in this case Eddy Gordon. Eddy does have an alibi, however.

When Odette's apartment was examined, no fingerprints were found, only Barbra Landau's. Barbra looks astonishingly like Odette. It turns out that Barbra acted as her doppelganger in exchange for payment from Odette and u. a. went to unpleasant appointments from Odette. Odette was killed in a train wreck a year ago, but Barbra survived. She seized the chance for a better life and took on Odette's identity. It is now believed that the killer knew that Odette was really Barbra.

Barbra had realized that Odette's grandfather did not die of natural causes in old age, but was murdered. She suspects the butler to be guilty. When he is interrogated, however, another story emerges. Odette's grandfather disagreed with Odette's allied Mr. Lynchberg (the Morton family's financial advisor) and threatened to disinherit her. Odette distracted the butler while her friend smothered Odette's grandfather with a pillow. When Mr. Lynchberg approached Barbra, who he thought was Odette, and she did not know what he meant, he realized that the doppelganger Barbra had taken on the identity of Odette and was about to reveal the truth about Odette's murder Grandfather to find out. He could not blackmail his accomplice into silence, but had to kill Barbra in order not to be exposed.

Meanwhile, Castle's mother Martha tries to win the favor of the famous theater critic Una Makuni. This should report positively in a column about Martha's drama school.

77 19th 47 seconds 47 seconds 26th Mar 2012 Nov 9, 2012 Paul Holahan Shalisha Francis 11.87 million
A reporter was reporting live on television from a political demonstration when a bomb exploded there. 5 people die and 28 are injured. The explosion site is right next to a lamppost. A cell phone photo taken 47 seconds before the explosion shows that no bomb had been placed there at that time.

The FBI and NYPD are trying to reconstruct the last 47 seconds before the explosion to find out how the bomb got there. To do this, u. a. Hundreds of witnesses interviewed, GPS positions of cell phones and images evaluated. Different people are suspected.

The bomb, which was hidden in a backpack, was initially between two garbage containers. A pickpocket had discovered the apparently abandoned backpack and wanted to take it. However, since he was being followed by someone who claims it was their backpack, he set it down on the lamppost a short time later without looking inside. A few seconds later the bomb explodes. It turns out that the reporter and the leader of the demonstration movement were behind the attack. The leader wanted to gain more attention for his movement and the reporter wanted to promote her career through the live report.

However, nobody should be harmed, which is why the bomb was originally placed a little apart between the garbage containers and, completely untypical for a pipe bomb, was not provided with nails or similar pieces of metal, which would increase the effect as splinters. It was not planned that the bomb would be moved anywhere else a few seconds before the explosion. The reporter knew nothing about the new bomb location and detonated the bomb using a converted garage door remote control shortly after the start of her report.

Beckett had always claimed that she could not remember the attack on her (episode 58). In an interrogation, however, she casually mentions that she can remember all the details (and thus also of Castle's confession of love). Castle notices this from behind the glass in the interrogation room. He's very disappointed with Kate that she hasn't commented on it yet. Especially in connection with this case, when they all realize that one day they may no longer have the opportunity to say something to someone that they have wanted to say for a long time. Before he had tried again and again to make a new declaration of love to her, but was always prevented from doing so, he now thinks that Kate cannot return his love and is therefore silent. He does not realize that Kate wants to confess her love to him, but is also prevented from doing so again and again.

It is visibly unbearable for Castle and he is now making himself increasingly rare and keeps staying away from the investigation. When Kate invites him to have a drink with her in a bar after the case has been resolved, he refuses. Kate realizes with astonishment that Castle suddenly behaves differently, but she still has no idea the real reason, even if Castle hints at it, which Kate cannot yet put into the right context.

78 20th The Briton The Limey Apr 2, 2012 Nov 16, 2012 Bill Roe Elizabeth Davis 11.69 million
The English model Naomi Allen is found dead in a motel room. A man was seen who “fled” the crime scene. It turns out that it was the handsome British Detective Inspector Colin Hunt from Scotland Yard. After consultation with Captain Victoria Gates, he may participate in the investigation in return for information. He had known Naomi well and had left him a picture with an unreliable number. The investigation is difficult as a British embassy worker is suspected but is protected by his immunity. It is Castle who identifies the number as the embassy baggage number. A corresponding piece of luggage is currently on the airfield. Colin examines this diplomatic bag without permission and discovers three Stinger missiles. The investigation reveals that Deputy Consul Nigel Wyndham is regularly smuggling weapons into Uganda. He also commissioned the murder of Naomi by his henchman Darius Young, because Naomi Allen had caught his eye on him. Naomi's friend Aden Miller was killed by guerrillas in Uganda using these smuggled weapons.

Lanie Parish asks Kate Beckett as a friend how long she wants to keep Castle wriggling. She makes it very clear to her that Beckett Castle can also lose. When asked directly about it, Beckett first denies her love for Castle, but then admits it to Lanie for the first time. Beckett is now ready to confess her feelings to Castle. But she doesn't get to it, because Castle is noticeably at a distance from her (reason: see episode 77), which Beckett clearly feels, but cannot classify.

Lanie makes it clear to Beckett that Castle has changed a lot since he was around her and that he has only been interested in her for a long time. Beckett acknowledges this, but also notices that Castle has recently (to be more precise: since her admission to remembering Castle's confession of love, which she denied to Castle) at a distance from her and tries to fall back into old patterns. His current dates, however, seem more like acts of desperation, as it is obviously clear that the flight attendant would no longer be of interest to him.

Castle, who now assumes that Beckett cannot return his adored love, has four dates with a flight attendant in three days. The young flight attendant is not his type at all, but Castle says, approached by Beckett, that he now needs something uncomplicated and superficial (to cover up his pain, which of course he doesn't tell her). It is clear to everyone that this relationship will not last. Beckett realizes that she must have waited too long and finally begins to realize that it may already be too late for her love.

Castle stays away from the investigation more and more often and since he withdraws from the investigation due to the presence of Colin, Beckett continues to hesitate to open up to him. But she becomes painfully aware that she may have hesitated too long. She never gave Castle a chance, but he hadn't dated other women in a long time and everyone could see that he only wanted her. She tries several times to get into personal conversations with him, but now it is she who is prevented from doing so again and again.

79 21st Headhunters Headhunters April 16, 2012 Nov 23, 2012 John Terlesky Alexi Hawley 11.23 million
A bag with three severed heads is found next to a corpse named Glitch. Detective Slaughter is investigating the case. Castle is enthusiastic about him, as he offers a "contrast program" to Beckett's team, where everything is usually handled "strictly according to regulations". Castle seeks in him a new inspiration for his Nikki Heat books. However, Slaughter uses unconventional investigative methods (e.g. use of force and influencing witnesses). He also puts himself and Castle in unnecessary danger. He is known as "The Widowmaker" because his last three partners were killed on duty, two of them on the first day.

The three heads were excavated in a cemetery and were intended to serve as a deterrent in the war between three competing mafia gangs from different countries. The murder victim Glitch, a Mafia member, was killed by his own father for repeatedly screwing up. The father therefore had to "take care of the problem". Since Castle stays away from Beckett more and more often, she fears more and more that she has waited too long to enter into a relationship with him.

She does not realize that Castle stays away more and more often because he does not want to meet the woman, whom he confessed his love to and who never replied to it, more than necessary. The pain of the apparently unrequited love runs deep with him and Castle has no idea how wrong he is. He only throws himself into work with Slaughter to overcome his pain, but he fails. But he no longer dates other women, because deep down he knows that he only really wants to be with Beckett. Alexis finally gets the permission from several universities to study there.

80 22nd Zombies Undead again Apr 30, 2012 Nov 30, 2012 Bill Roe Christine Boylan 11.08 million
Forex trader David Lock is found dead in the parking garage of his workplace. He has human bite marks. First, Charlie, a colleague of David, is suspected of having received a promotion instead of David. He is found upset in his apartment and adamantly claims that he and David were attacked by a zombie in the parking garage . A surveillance photo also shows a man who looks like a zombie and is fleeing from the crime scene. While Castle is of course excited about the zombie story, none of the other team members believe in zombies.

Charlie is exonerated and is to be released. However, since he claims to have been bitten by the zombie and suspects that he will transform himself into a zombie, he wants to remain in custody to protect his fellow human beings. The investigation shows that there is a group of people in the area who regularly dress up as zombies and walk the streets. The perpetrator is convicted based on the bite marks. His name is Kail Jennings. However, he did not do the act of his own volition, but was drugged by Tom Williams. With the drug (scopolamine) he was able to "force" his will on Kail and thus forced him to act. Tom is the fiancé of Gretta Mastriani, who had an affair with David. It seems like the perfect murder as there is no evidence and Kail can't remember anything because of the drug. However, through a ruse, Tom succeeds in getting a confession.

Castle announces at the station that this will be the last case with Beckett. He can no longer bear the pain of the seemingly unrequited love for Beckett, which everyone else sees and understands. There are always conversations between Castle and Beckett in which they apparently talk about perpetrators or victims, but who in truth describe the relationship problem between Castle and Beckett. Beckett finally recognizes the connections and makes hints that she is slowly ready for a new relationship, since she has almost come to terms with the death of her mother and the murder attack on her. She also confesses to him that she is doing therapy and that it is about to be completed. Beckett is finally starting to open up a little to him and tells him that she really hopes that he will continue to participate in the investigation. She makes him very clearly aware that she does not want to lose him and the closeness to him. This is still not the answer Castle, who confessed his love to her, hoped for, but he draws new hope and therefore comes back to the NYPD the next day.

To Castle's delight, Alexis chooses a university nearby.

81 23 Forever Always May 7, 2012 Dec 7, 2012 Rob Bowman Terri Miller & Andrew W. Marlowe 12.36 million
Former thief Orlando Costas is found dead by a taxi driver with two gunshot wounds. The wounds are from various weapons. It turns out that the victim had previously broken into the home of Captain Montgomery's wife to steal files. She shot him in the shoulder. The fatal shot hit the victim in the middle in the forehead. A DNA test of skin marks under the victim's fingernails shows that his killer is the same person who shot Beckett.

Beckett was just about to get over the assassination attempt, when the connection with this case comes up again. Vincente del Gardo, a senior member of the Cazadores gang, is suspected after his son Diego Gutieres was arrested by Montgomery. Orlando was also a member of the Cazadores. The perpetrator can be identified using a surveillance photo. He goes under the false name of Cole Maddox.

Castle receives a repeated call from a person named Mr. Smith, who again suggests that he should get Beckett to leave the case, otherwise she is in danger. Mr. Smith, a good friend of Montgomery, has files exposing the murderer of Beckett's mother, Johanna. Montgomery had sent him the files before he died. However, Smith only received it after the attack on Beckett. He then made a deal with the killer that he would not publish the files until Beckett was harmed. Castle finally tells Beckett about it. She is angry that he kept this a secret for so long and decided over her head for her. Beckett doesn't want to give up the case. Castle tells her again that he loves her and also that he knows that she knows this and has never replied, but also that he doesn't want to watch her throw away her life by continuing to investigate this case. Castle assumes that this will cost her her life. Therefore, he ends his collaboration and all relationship with Beckett.

The position of Maddox can be determined using the GPS function in a rental car. Ryan wants to inform Gates, but Beckett and Esposito refuse, as it would certainly pull Beckett and her team away from the case. Beckett and Esposito find the files stolen from Montgomery in a hotel room. They find out that Maddox is looking for an acquaintance of Montgomery (Mr. Smith). They are surprised by Maddox. Maddox flees, Beckett pursues up to the roof of the building. It comes to a fight and Beckett almost falls from the building. She can just hold on until Ryan arrives with Gates and reinforcements and saves her again.

Captain Gates suspends Beckett and Esposito for withholding information about the state of the investigation. (Had Gates known about the connection to Beckett's assassin, she would have withdrawn Beckett from the case. In addition, Beckett doesn't trust anyone, since corrupt police officers were involved in her mother's case.) However, Ryan had subsequently informed Gates that it was too dangerous to go it alone held what finally saved Beckett's life with the arrival of reinforcements. On her subsequent compulsory leave of absence from Captain Gates, Beckett quits the service.

Esposito is deeply disappointed in his partner Ryan, because he informed Captain Gates. Their friendship breaks up and Esposito, when he is suspended from duty like Beckett, passes him without a word. Ryan is desperate because he didn't want this ending.

Castle is home alone. Beckett comes to him and tells him that she almost died thinking only of him. She doesn't care that she had to let Maddox escape. All she wants now is Castle and finally she tells him that too.

Alexis is writing the graduation speech from her school, which is very difficult for her.

Maddox finally tracks down Mr. Smith and shows up at his apartment. Maddox himself is not Beckett's mother's killer, just his sidekick. He wants to get the incriminating information from Mr. Smith and then render Beckett harmless once and for all.

Season 5

The first broadcast of the fifth season was from September 24, 2012 to May 13, 2013 on the US broadcaster ABC . The German free TV channel Kabel Eins broadcast the first 13 episodes in German, with the exception of the Christmas episode, from February 1 to April 26, 2013 First broadcast from July to September 16, 2013 on Sat.1 . The previously skipped Christmas episode and the other two skipped episodes were screened from December 20, 2013 to January 3, 2014.

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script Odds
82 1 After the storm After the storm Sep 24 2012 Feb. 1, 2013 Rob Bowman David Amann 10.45 million
Castle and Beckett spent their first night together, but initially want to keep the fresh relationship a secret from the others. Meanwhile, Beckett's mother's killer is still at large. Kate, who has just quit her job with the NYPD, is brought up on the case by Ryan. Meanwhile, Maddox tortures Mr. Smith to get the incriminating file from him. If Maddox gets the file, Beckett is in grave danger. So Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito investigate on their own and find out the identity of Mr. Smith (whose first name is Michael). Mr. Smith hid the file in a ruined building. The team arrives there shortly after Maddox. Maddox opens the compartment, causing a booby trap to explode. Maddox dies and the file is torn into a thousand pieces. Maddox's real name is Cedric Marcs. With the help of a few scraps of files, the team can understand the connections. Montgomery and other police officers kidnapped Mafiosi and extorted money with them. Since they did not testify in court, the police officers were always acquitted. William H. Bracken, then Assistant Attorney General of New York found this out and joined the business. His career progressed, however, and he is now a senator and possibly soon a presidential candidate. He decided to kill everyone who knew about the blackmail so as not to endanger his career. Beckett threatens him with a gun and confronts him. She wants him to admit the murders, especially her mother's. However, Bracken has such influence and power as a senator that he could have Beckett killed as well. Beckett is bluffing and claims that she is in possession of the file (which, however, no longer provides sufficient evidence due to the explosion). She negotiates the same deal with Bracken that Mr. Smith previously had with Bracken. Should something happen to Beckett or someone she cares about, the file will be published and Bracken's career would be destroyed. Beckett then wants to go back to work for the NYPD, but has to serve her suspension first.
83 2 Cloudy with a prospect of murder Cloudy with a Chance of Murder Oct. 1, 2012 Feb 8, 2013 Kate Woods Elizabeth Beall 10.35 million
Beckett is on her first day at work after being suspended. She and Castle want to keep their relationship a secret, as love affairs among colleagues are prohibited at the NYPD. Although Castle is not strictly an employee of the NYPD, it would be a welcome occasion for Captain Gates to show Castle outside. You must find that it is difficult for them to keep this secret. Esposito is still mad at Ryan. The well-known weather fairy Mandy Michaels is murdered in Uptown. First a competing weather fairy is suspected. The investigation reveals that Mandy discovered that a company was blowing styrene into the environment as a waste product of its production. This leads to asthma attacks in Mandy and some children playing near the company. However, she does have a partner, Miles Hackston, a newscaster at her television station, who works with her on the story. Due to the scope, he wants to secure himself legally in all matters, which would take several weeks. Mandy, on the other hand, wants to report the story to the environmental authorities immediately because children get sick. In order to prevent the early publication and in order not to lose the exclusive reveal story (which would further his career), an argument arises between him and Mandy. A gun comes into play and Mandy is shot. Ryan and Esposito are beaten up by a suspect's bodyguard. Ryan takes a blow for Esposito, which eventually reconciles the two.
84 3 Your secret is safe with me Secret's Safe with Me Oct 8, 2012 Feb 15, 2013 John Terlesky Terence Paul Winter 10.61 million
Wendy Dupree, 25, was shot in the chest and killed. With her last strength she can still write the letters "LIE" with her blood. At least that's what the investigators believe until they find out they read the message the wrong way round. It means “317” and denotes the number of a rental warehouse, the contents of which are to be auctioned. Castle buys the things and looks for evidence and the motive for the murder, a very valuable bracelet from a robbery. Among the items there is also a collector's doll that Captain Gates has been looking for for a long time. Castle gives her the doll, which he can use to ingratiate himself with Gates. Castle later suspects that the bracelet is hidden in the doll and destroys it and accidentally another Gates doll, which turns Gates back into Castle's "enemy". In this case, Castle can finally say the sentence “It was the butler!” Without a doubt. Since Castle has told his mother and daughter about the relationship with Kate, Kate fears that the whole station will soon know, which would endanger their cooperation. Alexis moves into a student apartment. She finds it difficult to move out of home.
85 4th Murder is his hobby Murder, He Wrote Oct 15, 2012 Feb 22, 2013 Rob Bowman David Grae 10.94 million
Beckett and Castle are spending a romantic weekend in Castle's luxurious vacation home in the Hamptons when suddenly a dying man stumbles into Castle's pool. Since the local police are overwhelmed with the murder, Castle and Beckett decide without further ado to support them in the investigation. Several laboratories for the production of the drug meth are discovered. During the arrest of the suspect, Castle notices another discrepancy, which leads directly to the real perpetrator, Deputy Jones. After the case is cleared up, Castle and Beckett can finally enjoy their weekend. Ryan and Esposito try to find out who Beckett's new boyfriend is. In the course of the investigation, Ryan learns of the relationship between Castle and Beckett, but keeps the information to himself and suggests that Esposito instead respect Kate's privacy and not investigate further.
86 5 Under suspicion Probable cause Oct 29, 2012 1st Mar 2013 John Terlesky Andrew W. Marlowe 10.84 million
The young woman Tessa Horton is cruelly murdered and attached to the ceiling of her apartment with barbed wire. All evidence points to Castle as the perpetrator, but he has never seen the young woman before. Nevertheless, his fingerprints are found on the scene and there are e-mails on his computer that clearly prove an affair between the two. In addition, a script about the perfect murder is found on his computer. Furthermore, a surveillance video appears where Castle apparently can be seen buying a ring for the murder victim. Beckett is therefore forced to arrest him. As Castle sits in the cell of the station, he receives a visit from an old friend: the triple murderer Jerry Tyson. He admits he orchestrated everything to get revenge on Castle, but there is no evidence that he was ever on the station. Jerry's plan is to have Castle killed the next day after being transferred to custody. With that he would also do considerable harm to Beckett, since, although she knows about Castle's innocence, she would not be able to save Castle. Beckett now also confesses to Ryan and Esposito that if they checked Castles they would discover their relationship with one another. But both explain to her that they have known this for a long time, which is only true for Ryan, who only informs Esposito of this fact in the course of the investigation. The team has little time to prove Castle's innocence, which you ultimately fail to do in time. However, through a fake police transfer unit, which Castle triggers through his connections to all sorts of people, he manages to escape. However, he gives Beckett enough hints to get in touch with her again afterwards. Then they can also find the evidence that exonerates Castle. Castle and Beckett are driving and have to wait at a drawbridge. Then suddenly Jerry appears again and there is an exchange of fire in which Jerry falls from the bridge into the river, supposedly hit. However, his body cannot be found. Castle therefore suspects that Jerry is still alive. Castle believes that Jerry can kill again undisturbed by his fictitious death, since nobody believes anymore that he is still alive.
87 6th Murder in space The Final Frontier Nov 5, 2012 March 8 2013 Jonathan Frakes Kate Sargeant 10.02 million
A woman is murdered at the Supernovacon comic fair, where Castle is currently holding a book signing. It was part of a so-called fan experience of Nebula 9 , a less successful science fiction television series, which was canceled after only 12 episodes. During the fan experience, Nebula 9 is re-enacted in a spaceship dummy. Some of the original actors from the former series also play. While Castle thinks the 12 broadcast episodes of the series are 12 too many, Beckett was a huge fan as a teenager and disguised himself as Lieutenant Chloe, a character on the series. The victim, the organizer of the fan experience, was killed using a laser beam that burned a hole in her upper body.
88 7th Swan song Swan Song Nov 12, 2012 15th Mar 2013 David M. Barrett Rob Hanning 10.07 million
James “Jimbo” Swan, the lead electric guitarist of the up-and-coming band “Holy Shemp”, is murdered in his tour motorhome. A film team is on site, which is currently shooting a documentary about the band. Because of the murder, the director senses a big story and wants to continue filming, which initially doesn't suit the investigative team at all. The town hall allows the film team to continue shooting, and hopes for good PR for the police station. Some of the investigative team doesn't really know how to deal with the constant presence of the film team and accordingly behaves in an unusual way. Investigations reveal that James wanted his former teacher, young Buck Cooper, to join the band as the new bassist, which led the current bassist to hit James with a guitar, resulting in his death. In the police station, the film crew accidentally takes on Castle Beckett's hair. In order not to publish inappropriate scenes that would lead to poor PR, Gates sifts through all of the footage. Castle and Beckett fear that she will learn of their relationship in the process. However, Gates overlooks the scene.
89 8th The dead priest After hours Nov 19, 2012 22 Mar 2013 David M. Barrett Shalisha Francis 10.36 million
Castle and Beckett have dinner with Castle's mother Martha and Beckett's father Jim. However, due to different interests of Martha and Jim, the conversation gets a little out of hand. A murder in an abandoned building in Downtown Castle and Beckett is just the right time to escape the embarrassing situation. The victim is the 52-year-old Father Joe McMurtrey, who was shot three times in the chest. In the course of the investigation, Castle and Beckett seek out a witness. Since the mafia is after him, they flee together. It turns out that circumstances are different from what they first appeared and Castle and Beckett are drawn into the business. The witness turns out to be a perpetrator and the mafia is only after him to talk to him, not to murder anyone. The mafia boss who is suspected of murdering the father is actually his childhood friend and he just wanted to talk to the witness to get clues about the apparently unknown perpetrator. The mafia boss can seize Castle, but Beckett overpowers his henchman, but the alleged witness is now threatening her. A phone call ensues in which Beckett hints at what makes Castle suspicious and he begins to guess the truth, which saves his and the mafia boss's life. For a while, the other team members don't know where they are because they had to hand over their cell phones. The situation can finally be defused by the arrival of reinforcements from the police. Martha and Jim now get along very well because they were worried about their children together. The mafia boss, on the other hand, shows remorse when Castle makes it clear to him that his friend the Father has always firmly believed that he will find his way back on the right path. He takes responsibility for his past actions.
90 9 Santa's secret Secret Santa Dec 3, 2012 Dec 20, 2013 Paul Holahan Christine Roum 8.50 million
It's Christmas and a man dressed as Santa is falling from the sky. While Castle assumes it was real Santa Claus who fell off his sleigh, the other team members suspect he was knocked off a plane. His name is Edmund Smith and there is a .38 bullet in his back. A Santa Claus actor teacher who owns an airplane is suspected. It turns out that Smith was hit by the bullet on the ground, then injured when a passenger got into a small helicopter, did not close the door and then fell from the helicopter. Investigators also find out that Edmund used to be a wicked real estate agent who was last trying to redeem his bad deeds. He also wanted to reveal the dark business of his former company. His ex-wife has been leading an upscale lifestyle since their divorce, which is mainly financed by the company's income. If the company went down, Edmund's ex-wife would have had to say goodbye to her lifestyle. So she killed Edmund to keep the secret.
91 10 Better halves Significant Others Jan. 7, 2013 Apr 5, 2013 Holly Dale Terence Paul Winter 8.66 million
Since Beckett's apartment needs to be disinfected, she is currently living with Castle. Alexis actually wanted to go on vacation in Paris with her mother Meredith (Castles ex-wife). However, Alexis has glandular fever. Therefore, Meredith decides to move in with Castle to take care of her well. Castle cannot refuse her wish. Beckett is understandably not very enthusiastic about this situation. Castle realizes that he shouldn't have let Meredith move in in the first place (instead, he should have sent her to a hotel), but doesn't have the heart to kick her out again because Alexis is sick. To make matters worse, Beckett and Meredith go out to eat together to chat about Castle. The murder victim is Michelle Twohey, who was stabbed in the neck with an ice pick. She is a divorce attorney who is quite successfully representing the wives in the first place. The initial suspicion against a wife for whom she apparently only worked poorly is not confirmed. Even a man, whose wife she represented, but who disappeared without a trace from the shared yacht at sea, can prove his innocence in the current case. However, he suffers badly from being branded as the murderer of his wife and thus losing his social environment and his income. It is Castle who accidentally notices that this supposedly dead wife is still alive. She happily lives on under other names. However, when she noticed that the lawyer also discovered that she was still alive, she killed her in order to keep her ex further marginalized and to be able to continue to live happily herself.
92 11 Bad influence Under the influence Jan. 14, 2013 Apr 12, 2013 John Terlesky Elizabeth Beall 9.14 million
The DJ Holly Rhodes is found shot dead. The night before, she had hung up at an album release party from pop star Regine Kayne, where she left early. The investigation shows that her assistant, the underage Joe "Monster" Melon, who sets up and dismantles her equipment, has stolen valuable jewelry at many parties. However, he is acting on behalf of Shane Winters. First, Joe covers him. Esposito takes him in so that Joe doesn't have to go to jail or a youth home during the investigation. He tries to steer the boy onto the right lane. At Regine's party, Joe (on Regine's behalf) stole a cell phone in order to get unreleased recordings of Regine's competitor Josi in a recording studio. A preliminary release of Josi's album on the Internet would reduce their success. Holly caught Regine as she was about to secretly put the cell phone back. Holly draws her gun for protection. However, Regine manages to shoot Holly with her own gun so that Regine does not betray. Esposito seeks out Shane Winters. He makes it clear to him that if he doesn't leave Joe alone, he'll shoot him in self-defense. Having previously kicked Shane's huge bodyguard out of the way, Shane realizes that he is very serious.
93 12 Deadly girls Death Gone Crazy Jan. 21, 2013 April 19, 2013 Bill Roe Jason Wilborn 8.82 million
College Girls Gone Crazy nightclub manager Beau Randolph is strangled and murdered. He had plenty of envious people and enemies, but everyone can prove their innocence. In the course of the investigation it also comes out that Beau Randolph has been acting strange and very atypical for him in recent weeks. He broke up with his superficial lover, avoided parties and announced that he would close his successful and profitable sex club. He also set up a trust fund for a person who cannot be found. It turns out that soon to be a dad due to a one-night stand, he decided to give up his extravagant lifestyle, close the sex club, and change his life completely. The child's mother is, of all things, the daughter of one of Randolph's harshest critics, which is why she avoids contact with Randolph. At the time of their one-night stand, neither of them knew who the other was. However, Beau Randolph woos her constantly and shows her that he is serious and wants to take responsibility for the child. The trust fund is for this unborn child. When the mother realizes this, she wants to give him a chance, but it shouldn't come to that. The closure of the club would have dried up the source of money for Randolph's employees and potential successors as managing director Troy. To avoid this, Troy murders Randolph and then takes over the business.

Alexis shares her life publicly in a video blog, which Castle doesn't like at all because he thinks she is revealing too much about herself.

94 13 Setback Recoil Feb 4, 2013 Apr 26, 2013 Tom Wright Acting: Rob Hanning
Plot: Rob Hanning & Cooper McMains
8.89 million
A young woman is murdered and burned in a barrel. The tracks lead to Senator Bracken. Beckett hopes that his arrest will take revenge on him for killing her mother. However, the suspect soon becomes a victim when a bag with a notebook containing plans to kill Bracken is found at the scene. And so Beckett has to work with him and protect him, which drives her into a psychological crisis. At the end of the episode, she saves his life by saving him from a car bomb. Bracken can use the incidents to his advantage, in order to collect “plus points” from the population with regard to his candidacy for president of the USA. Bracken offers Beckett to help her if she needs help. Castle tells him he didn't act like Beckett. He would have just watched and not risked his life for Bracken.
95 14th When reality strikes Reality Star Struck Feb 11, 2013 Aug 5, 2013 Larry Shaw David Grae 8.97 million
The NYPD is investigating the location of the reality show, "The Wives of Wall Street". One of the participants, Hannah Green, is found stabbed to death in a bus stop. It turns out that, unlike the rest of the team, Captain Gates is a huge fan of the series. She therefore orders that everyone should watch an episode of the series at home in the evening. Castle watches several episodes, which ultimately also helps with the murder investigation. It's Valentine's Day and Castle wants to give Beckett a pair of earrings. However, he accidentally hides it together with a short message in Gates blazer instead of Beckett's. Castle and Beckett fear that Gates will find out about their relationship. Gates, however, only believes that this is a failed attempt by Castle to win her favor. Beckett symbolically "gives" Castle an empty drawer in her dresser for Valentine's Day.
96 15th Kidnapped - Part 1 Target (1) Feb. 18, 2013 July 29, 2013 Bill Roe David Amann 9.85 million
Castles daughter Alexis and her friend Sara El-Masri are kidnapped. FBI Agent Harris is working with Beckett's NYPD team and Castle on this case. The kidnappers had learned of their planned activities based on Alexis' video blog and so tapped and kidnapped them. Sara is the daughter of a very wealthy Egyptian businessman. He had made great fortunes under the previous rulers and made many enemies. Castle is desperate and it can be seen that he would do absolutely anything to get his daughter back. Victoria Gates, however, allows Beckett to do whatever it takes to find Castle's daughter. She makes it very clear to Beckett that she has her full support and will support absolutely everything and, if necessary, also cover what Beckett and her team consider necessary to do. For the first time she is fully committed to Castle and he has her deepest sympathy. Kate Beckett speaks to Richard Castle for the first time in the office by his first name and no longer with the "Castle" that was customary up to that time, she keeps talking to him, and the two of them are repeatedly in each other's arms. If Victoria Gates previously suspected that Castle and Beckett were closer than mere friends, she will witness how close the two are obviously, but she does not say a word about it. When the injured getaway driver is tracked down, he refuses any information. Castle then asks Beckett to leave him alone with the driver, which Beckett grants him. It is Castle's desperation, but also his determination to do anything, including physical violence, to get more information. You can't see how Castle managed to get the driver to talk, but the driver gives him a new lead. When Beckett asked what he did to get the information, Castle replied that he appealed to the perpetrator's humanity. The trail leads to an abandoned farm, where the two girls are no longer being held.

The two are now able to break out of their prison, but are caught again shortly afterwards. Alexis was able to call Castle briefly. The police located the call in Paris.

97 16 Kidnapped - Part 2 Hunt (2) Feb 25, 2013 July 29, 2013 Rob Bowman Andrew W. Marlowe 10.77 million
Sara El-Masri is released on payment of a ransom. Alexis' whereabouts are still unknown. Castle flies to Paris to find his daughter on his own. Castle's secret service contacts turn out to be traitors for sale, but his father, unknown to him up to this point, thwarted his killing by killing the traitors. His father is an agent and so avoids contact with Castle in order to protect him. He operates outside of the secret services on the highest orders and he also kills when necessary. Initially assumed that the main target of the kidnapping was Sara, it turns out that it was actually about Alexis' kidnapping. Enemies of Castle's father try to get at him this way. Castle's father had once killed an opposing agent Anna, whose husband is now seeking revenge. Castle and his father manage to find the whereabouts of Alexis. Together they forge a plan to break into the building and free Alexis. The action fails and Castle is caught. But this is part of the plan to bring Castle close to his daughter. Castle was provided with some special equipment by his father, so he can blow open Alexis cage with an exploding wristwatch. The action succeeds and the mastermind behind the kidnapping is killed by Castle's father, but it is initially unclear whether Castle's father survived. Back home, Castle receives a book in the mail, which is an indication that his father is fine. However, for security reasons, he is still unable to maintain contact with Castle and his family. Beckett does not accuse Castle of leaving for Paris in a hurry, but she asks him not to leave her behind next time, as she is now part of the family.
98 17th Terrified to death Scared to Death 18 Mar 2013 Aug 12, 2013 Ron Underwood Shalisha Francis 11.26 million
A woman is found with a frightened face and no apparent cause of death. Castle finds a DVD with the victim, the contents of which are very reminiscent of the video from The Ring , including a death threat in three days at midnight. Since Castle has watched the video, he fears he will only live 3 days. The trail leads to a serial killer, who has been dead for some time. Mysteriously, his grave was opened and his body has disappeared. A man is murdered. The connection between the two victims is that they both testified in the trial against the serial killer. Castle annoys Beckett once again enormously with his theory that the serial killer as an undead zombie could be responsible for the murders. As a precaution, he carries a bottle of holy water and other zombie repellants with him during the further investigation. When Castle and Beckett can find a third witness, who is also awaiting death, they can solve the case. It turns out that the perpetrator does not come from the environment of the serial killer. It is Amanda, the daughter of a suspect wrongly detained in connection with the previous murders, who committed suicide after three days in custody when the three witnesses mistakenly identify him as a possible murderer under police pressure. Amanda kills the witnesses with a modified stun gun, which explains the faces of the victims. Castle knocks down the perpetrator with the bottle of holy water, which inadvertently still serves its purpose.
99 18th Fenton O'Connell The Wild Rover 25th Mar 2013 19 Aug 2013 Rob Hardy Terence Paul Winter 10.57 million
Kevin Ryan is smuggled into the Irish Mafia, where he was previously investigated undercover as Fenton O'Connell, to steal an important book and protect a key witness. The book serves as evidence to arrest and convict much of the mafia. At the end of the episode, Kevin's wife reveals to him that she is pregnant, which they had previously tried in vain for a long time.
100 19th The window to the courtyard The Lives of Others Apr 1, 2013 26 Aug 2013 Larry Shaw Terri Miller & Andrew W. Marlowe 11.79 million
In the hundredth episode, Castle is dependent on crutches and a wheelchair after a skiing accident in which he injured his knee. In his boredom, following Alfred Hitchcock's feature film Das Fenster zum Hof , he decides to observe the people in the apartments opposite with binoculars. When he thinks he has seen a murder, he reports it to Beckett in homicide. However, when questioning the man and searching his home, the team cannot find any evidence that he murdered his wife. The team then takes care of another murder case, which was recorded by surveillance cameras . Castle continues to observe and believes he is constantly seeing new evidence of the murder, including a. he thinks he sees the man taking away a carpet (with the corpse wrapped in it) in the middle of the night. His friends think he's paranoid or say the painkillers cloud Castle's senses. Since no one believes him, he sets off on his own with crutches and searches the man's apartment, but cannot secure any conclusive evidence. Annoyed by Castle's constant murder theories, Beckett decides to settle the matter once and for all. While Beckett goes to the neighbor to question him again, Castle observes the scene with his binoculars. It appears that the neighbor attacks Beckett with a knife. Castle then rushes with his crutches to help her. Once over there, however, he does not find an injured Beckett, but a surprise party for his birthday. It turns out the whole murder story was just faked to keep Castle bored. Everyone, except Castle himself, of course, was in on it, including Alexis, Captain Gates, and a few drama students from Castle's mother. Beckett organized this as a birthday present for Castle. Castle says this is the best birthday present he has ever received. At the same time, he wonders how he could top that for Beckett's birthday.
101 20th Bigfoot is the killer The Fast and the Furriest Apr 15, 2013 Sep 2 2013 Jonathan Frakes Christine Roum 10.18 million
A young woman is taken to the emergency room with terrible facial injuries . Bigfoot's footprints are found at the crime scene in the middle of New York. Was Bigfoot the culprit? Castle is thrilled. However, the Bigfoot researcher's traces lead to a normal perpetrator.
102 21st Quail or pigeon The Squab and the Quail Apr 22, 2013 Sep 9 2013 Paul Holahan Acting: Jason Wilborn
Plot: Jason Wilborn & Adam Frost
11.76 million
Murder in the luxury restaurant. Since the wrong person was apparently murdered with poison, Beckett has to play bodyguard for a young, attractive millionaire, which Castle doesn't like at all, of course ...
103 22nd Standstill Quiet Apr 29, 2013 Dec. 27, 2013 Bill Roe Rob Hanning 10.53 million
Beckett's life is suddenly in danger when she steps on a bomb with a push button and is no longer allowed to move. While the bomb squad is looking for a way to defuse the bomb, Castle Beckett tries to distract him with the question "Who fell in love with each other first?" Countless flashbacks show how Castle and Beckett met and fell in love. The bomb clearance squad cannot clear the bomb on which a time detonator has been found in the remaining time. Ryan and Esposito find the bomb maker, but he doesn't cooperate. When Esposito tries to use physical violence to make him talk, he finds him dead in the cell. The already terminally ill bomb maker has committed suicide and now there is no more chance of defusing the bomb Beckett is standing on by entering the correct password. Castle still does not leave Beckett's side and at the last moment he can guess the password. When Beckett wants to throw Castle around the neck after the rescue, her boss Gates appears and she shrugs back just in time. However, Gates now asks her to finally kiss Castle, because she had long since realized that the two are more than just friends.
104 23 The human factor The human factor May 6, 2013 16 Sep 2013 Bill Roe David Amann 10.84 million
What looked like a car bomb is developing into a rocket hit in the middle of New York, shot down by an unmanned drone .
105 24 Intended for higher things Watershed 13th of May 2013 Jan. 3, 2014 John Terlesky Andrew W. Marlowe 11.16 million
After an interview for a prestigious Washington DC job, Beckett has to make a choice: her career, or her friends and Castle. She is forced to look at her previous life in New York and especially her relationship with Rick. Meanwhile, the body of a young woman is found in a water tank. During the investigation, it turns out that this is not the only strange thing about the case and the victim.

Season 6

The first broadcast of the sixth season was from September 23, 2013 to May 12, 2014 on the US broadcaster ABC . The German free TV broadcaster Kabel Eins broadcast the first 15 episodes in German from January 3 to April 11, 2014. The remaining episodes were first broadcast on Sat.1 from September 14 to November 2, 2014 .

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script Odds
106 1 Valkyrie Valkyrie 23 Sep 2013 Jan. 3, 2014 John Terlesky Rob Hanning 11.46 million
Beckett begins her new job in Washington, which tears her and Castle apart as an investigative duo. However, it does not take long for Castle to sit as a suspect in the interrogation room in Washington. But that's not his only problem. It turns out that Castle was poisoned while interfering in Beckett's investigation and has only one day left to live.
107 2 Poisoned Dreamworld Sep 30 2013 Jan. 10, 2014 Tom Wright David Grae 10.88 million
Beckett and her colleagues are feverishly looking for the person who is trying to spread more amounts of the poison, since they also have the antidote, which is the only way to save Castle. In the course of the investigation, the defense minister and a secret military base ("dream world") are also targeted. Investigators find out that the Secretary of Defense deliberately accepted the death of a US secret agent (code name "Valkyrie") in order to be able to kill an important al Qaeda leader and some of his supporters. The agent's fiancé, a US reporter, is behind the unintentional attack on Castle and he now wants to use the poison to kill the defense minister's wife. It is the increasingly weaker Castle that ultimately sees through the plan and can save himself and the wife. Beckett is very dissatisfied with the outcome of the case, but she has to accept that the actually guilty Secretary of Defense will get away with it.
108 3 The murdered television star Need to know Oct 7, 2013 Jan. 17, 2014 Larry Shaw Elizabeth Beall 10.51 million
109 4th The biggest fan Number One fan Oct 14, 2013 Jan. 24, 2014 John Terlesky Terence Paul Winter 11.11 million
110 5 Visit from the future Time will tell Oct 21, 2013 Jan. 31, 2014 Rob Bowman Terri Edda Miller & Andrew W. Marlowe 10.59 million
In this episode, the subject of time travel is raised. There are always references to the films "Twelve Monkeys" and "Terminator". Towards the end of the episode, Beckett accidentally spills a mug of coffee on a letter and realizes that the stain is identical to the stain on the “evidence letter” she received from the time-traveling suspect.
111 6th The secret of the hidden treasure Get a clue Oct 28, 2013 Feb. 7, 2014 Holly Dale Christine Roum 10.69 million
Alexis and Pi have moved into their first apartment and Martha and Castle are invited to the housewarming dinner - Castle Pi behaves in an impossible way, which Alexis very disappoints. On the way to the crime scene, Castle Beckett pours out his heart and wishes a 'good murder' - just to forget his worries. The victim is Susanna Ritchland, who was found stabbed to death. Photos of Masonic signs and books on the Middle Ages are found in her apartment. First, a monk is suspected of having followed her on the night of the murder and leading Castle and Beckett to a monastery. It turns out that Susanna took part in a kind of scavenger hunt for the New York Historical Institute, which turns out to be an attempt, staged by director Nolan Burns, to find a treasure that, according to an old parchment by the stonemason Theodore Rose, he found somewhere in New York suspects. However, Susanna did not take part out of curiosity; she is a descendant of Theodore Rose, whose myth she knows as a family saga and of which she is now holding a copy of the parchment in her hands for the first time and is beginning to follow the clues about the hiding place in the monastery. Inspired by Martha, Castle can put the pieces of the hunt together and he and Beckett find a hidden crypt in the monastery, which was also the scene of the crime, as well as the treasure - a small barrel full of half-dimes from 1792. The cousin is convicted of the perpetrator who had bought himself into the scavenger hunt incognito and was thus able to monitor Susanna. He wanted to prevent the valuable coins from being donated to a museum because he was a little financially tight. After the crime has been resolved, Castle drives to Alexis and wants to apologize - but she cancels him and slams the door in front of him.
112 7th Race against time Like Father, Like Daughter Nov 4, 2013 Feb. 14, 2014 Paul Holahan Marc Dube 10.87 million
Alexis and her professor have initiated a retrial in the Kimberly Talbert murder case as a study project and want to prove Frank Hanson's innocence. He was sentenced to death 15 years ago for murder and is expected to be executed in three days. But they fail. In this hopeless situation, Alexis overcomes himself and asks her father for help. They had not spoken to each other for weeks because of Castle's improper behavior towards Pi at the apartment opening. Castle sees this as an opportunity to rehabilitate himself and pledges his help. Together they drive to Pennsylvania and open the case again and under time pressure. With the help of the team in New York, they gradually find out that Frank found his brother John covered in blood over the dead man and covering him with feelings of guilt. John must be the murderer and yet this theory also increasingly faltered when they discovered that the murder took place about 30 minutes earlier and they discovered a small trailer on the forensics videos that was under the body and that took them to Police Officer Lane leads. He'd gotten chemistry tuition from Kimberly back then and used that to cook meth. After a party at the meth kitchen house, he feared that Kimberly might have noticed and would report it to the police. That's why he killed her. With the new evidence, the resumption succeeds and Frank is acquitted. In the end, Alexis especially thanks Beckett, who was afraid of not getting the right contact with Alexis and who began to feel excluded from the Rodger / Castle / Beckett family.
113 8th Diamond murder A Murder Is Forever Nov 11, 2013 Feb 21, 2014 Bill Roe Chad Gomez Creasey & Dara Resnik Creasey 10.05 million
Alice Clark, a former primate researcher who now works as a relationship coach in New York, is expected to give a lecture but does not appear. Instead, her car, in which she is sitting dead in the driver's seat, is searched and the seats ripped open. It was not a robbery because the NYPD finds US $ 10,000 in cash and other valuables on her. The 'cleaner' Barrett Hawke is quickly identified on videos as he drives to the floor with her office. Not only did he search the car, but also her office. And when he is about to be arrested by Rayn and Esposito, he barely manages to delete and shred all compromising information. Alice's assistant confirms that the only file missing is that of Andrew and Monica Spencer's couple therapy, but who claims to have been given the file by Alice himself. In return, he was supposed to anonymously provide her with a room in a hotel belonging to his group. Castle and Beckett find a flawless, 100-carat diamond in the safe of the room and after a short research it is clear that it belongs to Steve and Janet Warner, who have not reported it as stolen. In fact, they were attacked, but they claim during interrogation that it is costume jewelry. However, during a consultation, the Warners had inadvertently told Alice that Steve could produce such (artificial) diamonds, as he had developed such a method for producing artificial diamonds while studying physics, but after setbacks had given the rights to the VonRone diamond cartel. However, he had improved this procedure for private purposes and produced a large diamond for his wife as proof of his love, but this was to remain a secret. Alice had told this to her friend and South African activist Leo Wyngaard, whom she had met during her primate research in Rwanda. Leo, who had seen the effects of the illegal diamond trade on site, sees a chance to bring the international (blood) diamond trade to a standstill with this procedure and attacks the Warners in order to put them under pressure to agree to the project with the diamond. But the Warners refuse and instead hire Hawke to get the diamond back so that the secret is kept. He informs the Warners that Alice was involved in the robbery, and Janet then meets with Alice, disagreeing and Janet murdering Alice.
114 9 Twins Disciple Nov 18, 2013 Feb 28, 2014 Rob Bowman David Amann 10.93 million
115 10 The good, the bad, and the baby The Good, the Bad and the Baby Nov 25, 2013 7th Mar 2014 John Terlesky Terri Miller 11.41 million
A man drags himself bleeding into a morning mass, and before collapsing dead, he presses a baby into the arms of the perplexed priest. The dead man's name is Cameron Ducan and he was employed by a chauffeur service. However, the baby's name and origin remain unclear. His car is still in front of the church and, according to the tracks, he was shot down from above. The owner of the chauffeur service draws Beckett and Castle's attention to someone who is said to have intimidated Cameron and who turns out to be Jimmy Wolfinsky. He sat for 7 years for bank robbery and is now free. During the interrogation he is shocked and admits that Cameron was his accomplice - but he had no account open to him, but states that Cameron waited in the getaway vehicle until the last second during the bank robbery 7 years ago and he was in the bank was late. So he's not the killer. According to Lanie's findings, the shots must have been fired within a few blocks because Cameron had no more than 5 minutes to live with the wounds. Ryan and Esposito find an apartment that has been shot from and confiscate blood and burned celluloid there. In a dumpster there are not only diapers for the baby, but also table tennis balls and a wine preservation tool, which leaves more questions than answers. According to the car's GPS recordings, Cameron has tried various escape routes to and from an Alphabet City office building. The surveillance cameras in front of the house show Cameron waiting in the car and two other men walking up to the house with a small briefcase and getting back into the car later. But the security chief of the building says that there was no break-in and that nothing is missing. When the lottery numbers are drawn, Castle falls like scales from his eyes and he can predict the numbers with the help of a lottery ticket found at Cameron - this makes it clear that the game balls were manipulated with the table tennis balls, argon gas and wax. And the drawing takes place in the building - the perpetrators must have exchanged the lottery balls and for that there must be an internal perpetrator, namely the security chief of the building. It quickly turns out that the lottery fair was blackmailed by the perpetrators - her husband, Paul, and the baby, whose name is Benny, had been kidnapped and she, who selects the lottery balls before the drawing, held the suitcase with the manipulated balls to choose if she wants to see her husband and baby again. Castle and Beckett discover that the head of the chauffeur service and the head of security are in cahoots. A little later Paul is freed in the garage. He testifies that Cameron had been recruited by the two of them for the job and that he overheard in a moment that the hostages were about to die in a fictitious accident. But he couldn't reconcile this with his conscience and fled with the baby.
116 11 In the hell of flames Under fire Jan. 6, 2014 14 Mar 2014 Paul Holahan Andrew W. Marlowe & David Amann 8.83 million
The body of a fire investigator who was on the trail of a serial arsonist is found in a burned-out building. In the course of the investigation, Castle and Beckett come across the building that he is likely to set on fire next, but it turns out that his workshop was there. This is mined and Ryan and Esposito are caught in the following inferno. To make matters worse, Ryan's wife Jenny also goes into labor.
117 12 In secret mission Deep cover Jan. 13, 2014 21 Mar 2014 Tom Wright Terence Paul Winter 9.03 million
Ted Rollins, a 20-year-old used vinyl record seller, is found dead under his shower when someone triggered the emergency call with his cell phone. But it cannot have been himself because he was killed hours before in another place. Everyone is wondering how the dead man can afford such a large apartment with his job. Castle accidentally finds a laptop under the floorboards, which the dead man out as a hacker. The specialists of the New York police have to admit defeat when they try in vain to crack the computer. It is only recognized that the dead person tried to hack into the server of an international financial service provider.

Castle and Beckett go to see him. The boss turns out to be Castle's father Jackson Hunt (who calls himself Anderson Cross, but ultimately both names are wrong), but the Castle instructed beforehand not to let this show. The real crime scene, the amusement park on Coney Island, is found on the basis of traces on the clothes and the stomach contents (Castle can narrow down the point of sale of the food based on its knowledge of the best fast food restaurants). At the same time, the imprint of an Iranian coin is found on the sole of the dead man's foot. The trail leads to the Iranian secret service. Jackson Hunt contacts his son Castle to get the results of the police investigation, but comes under increasing suspicion himself when he appears on a surveillance video from the crime scene. Beckett also recalls that it matches the phantom drawing that was made in connection with the kidnapping of Castle's daughter. Jackson Hunt goes into hiding, but comes to Castle's apartment shortly afterwards. There Castle has to operate a bullet from his stomach, which the real culprit gave him when he picked up his trail and was lured into a trap by him. When Beckett arrives, Castle reveals the secret. But Beckett remains suspicious. Jackson Hunt explains to her that a senior CIA employee stole a list of US foreign agents and, with the help of Ted Rollins, he realized that this list should be sold to Iran. The handover has not yet taken place. Castle and Beckett try to prevent the handover, but are tricked. The CIA traitor is able to seize Castles, but is killed by Jackson Hunt, who ultimately tricked everyone. When Castle Beckett brings Beckett to the dead man and his father, they are gone. It is now also clear that it was Jackson Hunt who brought the hacker Ted Rollins, who was killed by the CIA employee, to his apartment and activated the emergency call there. Jackson Hunt wanted to bring the deceased into Beckett's jurisdiction and abuse her and Castle to help him with his plan to unmask the perpetrator. Privately, Castle and Beckett are looking for a date for their wedding. But all appointments have obstacles, sometimes it's too hot (summer), sometimes too cold (winter), then one of the appointments, then Beckett's father. Ultimately, Castle cancels his appointments and they agree on September.

118 13 In the spotlight Limelight Jan. 20, 2014 28 Mar 2014 Bill Roe Rob Hanning 8.96 million
119 14th Dressed to kill Dressed to kill Feb 3, 2014 Apr 4, 2014 Jeannot Szwarc Elizabeth Beall 10.02 million
120 15th smells like Teen Spirit smells like Teen Spirit Feb. 17, 2014 Apr 11, 2014 Kevin Hooks Chad Gomez Creasey & Dana Resnik Creasey 7.75 million
121 16 Three confessions and one murder Room 147 Feb. 24, 2014 Sep 14 2014 Bill Roe Adam Frost 8.74 million
122 17th Beckett undercover In the Belly of the Beast 3rd Mar 2014 21 Sep 2014 Rob Bowman Andrew W. Marlowe & David Amann 8.39 million
123 18th The ninja's dagger The Way of the Ninja 17th Mar 2014 28 Sep 2014 Larry Shaw Synopsis: Christine Roum & Shawn Waugh
Acting: Christine Roum
9.99 million
124 19th The end justifies the means The Greater Good 24 Mar 2014 Oct 5, 2014 Holly Dale David Grae 9.78 million
125 20th Time travel to the seventies That '70s show Apr 21, 2014 Oct 12, 2014 Kevin Hooks David Amann 9.76 million
A body found turns out to be a Mafia gangster who was murdered in 1978. To get a witness to speak, Beckett and Castle first redesign the pathology, then the whole area. Castle becomes "Captain Castle".
126 21st Death comes on hot tires Law & Boarder Apr 28, 2014 Oct. 19, 2014 Tom Wright Jim Adler 10.39 million
127 22nd Veritas /
Vincit omnia veritas
Veritas May 5, 2014 Oct 26, 2014 Rob Bowman Rob Hanning & Terence Paul Winter 9.00 million
Beckett versus Bracken; Beckett continues to investigate on his own against Senator Bracken, who is now running for the office of President of the United States and gets a murder attached. Esposito and Ryan have to tell Captain Gates the story of the murder of Beckett's mother. Senator Bracken can outsmart Beckett and leaves her to his henchmen to murder her, but they do not succeed. Senator Bracken is looking for a tape cassette that presumably contains material that is incriminating for him. Due to the murder attached to her and the help of her team, the team and Castle are arrested, but Castle is able to solve a riddle of Beckett's mother at the last second. Through this solution, Beckett finds the stressful bond in a group of porcelain figures that belonged to her mother and that she has on her desk. It contains Bracken's statement, in which he boasts that if necessary he will have anyone eliminated like Beckett's mother. Beckett is rehabilitated and can finally arrest the Senator for the murder of her mother, which she does.

In this episode, the scriptwriters make one of the very few logic mistakes in the series. Beckett's mother hides the tape with Bracken's confession in a group of porcelain figures. But she couldn't do that, because she would have had to live for that, if she had been alive while hiding, Bracken would not have been able to confess her murder because it had not yet taken place.

128 23 In good times and bad /
youthful sin
For Better or Worse May 12, 2014 Nov 2, 2014 John Terlesky Terri Edda Miller & Andrew W. Marlowe 10.59 million
When Beckett and Castle apply for their marriage certificate, it is found that Beckett is already married. She drove drunk with a classmate in Las Vegas through a drive-in marriage band and is officially married. However, she left her boyfriend at the time a few weeks later because he was a liar, a cheat and a potentially petty criminal crook. That's exactly what he is now, except that he has since been arrested and imprisoned in various states for a number of minor crimes. He only agrees to the lightning divorce when Beckett helps him out of various slips and a rocker gang chasing him off the neck.

Season 7

The first broadcast of the seventh season was from September 29, 2014 to May 11, 2015 on the US broadcaster ABC . The German-language premiere broadcast of the German Free TV transmitters Sat.1 of 2 February 2015 to 8 February 2016th

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script Odds
129 1 amnesia Driven 29 Sep 2014 Feb. 2, 2015 Rob Bowman David Amann 10.49 million
Castle is on his way to his wedding in the Hamptons, on the phone with Beckett, when a black SUV catches up with him and eventually drives him off the road. When Beckett learns of the accident from the police, she rushes with her team and parts of the wedding party to the scene of the accident and finds Castle's car in flames in the ditch. But it turns out that he wasn't in the car. The first search for him remains unsuccessful, except for small clues that concern the surrounding area and suggest a kidnapping. The position of Castle's cell phone can be determined briefly - Beckett, Ryan and Esposito can just barely prevent the SUV from being pressed into a block of scrap metal in a junkyard. The questioning of the worker does not help, but they come to the client, the Mafioso Vincent 'Vini' Cardano, via a call control. He knows Castle and testifies that he and Castle buried the hatchet and that he was instructed by telephone to have the SUV disappear. Payment was made through a dumpster used as a dead mailbox in the Lower East Side. The surveillance videos show that it is Castle himself who deposited the sum there. Beckett now also has doubts. The FBI is brought in, which thinks it is possible that Castle may have orchestrated his disappearance. Beckett, however, is torn and constantly searches for Castle and the truth. Two months later, a Coast Guard patrol alerted by a fisherman found Castle floating in a rowboat 80 miles offshore. He is unconscious and dehydrated and the boat has 3 bullet holes. The Coast Guard skipper estimates that the boat could have drifted for about 6 days at sea and that it could have started off the coast of Rhode Island or Maine. That narrows the investigation and satellite imagery shows the boat on a dock in Gloucester, Massachusetts. In a nearby trailer they meet a man who introduces himself as Henry Jenkins and who claims that the boat belongs to him and that it may have been stolen. He also states that he is only there occasionally, but a man camped by the water that would match Castle's description. In fact, there is a tent with Castle's watch, wedding suit and other personal items. At Beckett's request, Lanie took a closer look at Castle and its clothing. Apart from a key sewn into his trousers with an engraved '38', she finds no usable traces. Both of them are suspicious of the anti-fever antibodies in his body and a gunshot wound that is several weeks old and has now healed. When Castle finally wakes up, the last thing he remembers is the SUV that pushed him off the road, and he believes he was even briefly passed out. When Beckett explains the facts to him, he is dismayed and wants to quickly participate in the investigation, but everyone in the team now thinks it is possible that Castle was only faking amnesia and organized his disappearance himself.
130 2 Doll murder Montreal Oct 6, 2014 Feb 9, 2015 Alrick Riley Andrew W. Marlowe 9.60 million
The toy manufacturer Wallace Willinger is floating dead and wrapped in packaging film in the Hudson River, and the corpse shows noticeable cleaning marks on the hands and head. His wife reports that he has changed a lot in the last few weeks since the death of his beloved dog and that he has worked longer and harder, which his employees in the company deny. In contrast, he often left earlier. With a bit of luck, Ryan and Esposito will find house keys hidden in his desk and a prepaid cell phone that leads them to a makeup artist. She states that he, whom she only knows as Joe Meyers, hired her to learn how to use theatrical masks and makeup because he wanted to transform himself into a 70-year-old for a research project. A receipt found in the corpse's clothes leads Ryan and Beckett to an apartment that fits the keys, and they find the props Wallace used to put on the mask. They also find a German shepherd in the apartment. Using a flyer from a delivery service, they feel their way to their destination - a warehouse belonging to the toy company, where the 70-year-old version of Wallace is identified as the night janitor who has been employed there for the past few weeks - incognito in his own company.

Castle, on the other hand, was in dire straits during a television interview when asked about his disappearance and spontaneously offered US $ 250,000 for clues about his whereabouts during the two months. In addition to many dead tracks, a wedding couple reports who identified him in one of their photos taken in Montreal in the background and where he is talking to a man. Beckett recognizes the man as the fake Henry Jenkins, who she found in the trailer and who pretended to be the owner of the rowboat in which Castle was ultimately found. Alexis discovers that the building is a bank and concludes that the bowl with the engraved '38' that was found sewn into Castle's clothes could fit a locker. They travel to Montreal and Castle opens another locker and uses a trick to trick the bank clerk into opening the '38' locker and not the new one. In the compartment you will find three letters written by Castle, addressed to Beckett, Alexis and his mother Martha. The content is a memory card each with a short video that Castle recorded during his disappearance and in which he tries to explain that he did not disappear of his own accord and asks for understanding. The computer forensic scientist Tory Ellis can determine that the video was recorded in an abandoned industrial building in Montreal - obviously, Castle goes there immediately. There he meets the fake Henry Jenkins again, who explains that Castle asked to forget. And he cites as evidence an incident from Castle's youth that Castle had never confided in anyone else, but to the man, so that Castle would know for sure that he had asked to be forgotten. The German Shepherd turns out to be a drug sniffer dog and Castle suddenly has the theory that Wallace snuck undercover into his own company to track down drugs. Beckett, Ryan and Esposito take the dog with them to the warehouse, where it also jumps directly on a box of dolls imported from China that are used to smuggle heroin into the country. Wallace had lost his own dog when he gave him one of the dolls to play with in that warehouse and he bit into it and was poisoned by the heroin. Wallace followed up and wanted to clear it up. But he was caught rummaging in his role as caretaker and aroused suspicion among the warehouse workers, who then notified his assistant Matt. Wallace had hired him to coordinate with the Asian market - but his assistant took advantage of his position to set up this lucrative smuggling and murdered him when he was about to be exposed. In the end, Beckett and Castle promise to clarify the reasons for the disappearance and to marry within a month.

131 3 Invisible danger Clear and Present Danger Oct 13, 2014 Feb 16, 2015 Kate Woods Chad Gomez Creasey & Dara Resnik Creasey 9.17 million
Beckett and Castle's private life is increasingly normalizing - but before they can really be together, a call from the station bothers them. William Fairwick, a 25-year-old claims adjuster with Greenblatt Insurance, is found dead in his apartment. The apartment was trashed and locked from the inside and nothing was stolen. Amazingly, videos of the entrance area show - nothing. Castle naturally senses supernatural powers at work. Will's neighbor, Henry Wright, introduces himself as a hacker and terraquest player and states that Will, as a gifted billiards player, ripped off rich bankers in a billiards club outside of his working hours. He once confided to the operator and his mentor that he had made a pact with the devil and that his time was now up. The $ 20,000 cash found in his apartment can be attributed to a crook. He claims that he lost them to Will in a dubious game - how bewitched the balls moved. However, Will would have wanted to return the 20 giants in exchange for information about a possible break-in into an apartment, but it was equipped with all security-related finesse and could not be taken. As it turns out, the apartment belongs to Tom Talmadge, an entrepreneur who got rich with a ride-sharing app. He is in the hospital after an attack, where Beckett and Castle visit him. He didn't want to make a statement after the incident and explains it by saying that you wouldn't believe it anyway. When Castle tells him what happened, he tells them that he has been overwhelmed by an invisible force. When he came to, Will leaned over him and screamed 'you're going to kill him'. But he had no idea who or what attacked him. Will's connection records bring Beckett and Castle to Donna Brooks, a biology professor at Hudson University. She reports that she studied with Will at MIT and also assumed that he had a breakdown in the first semester and left MIT. Beckett and Castle try to figure it out. Both find out that Will's KeyCard could be the key. When they want to look for it in Will's apartment, they are attacked by an invisible person who tries to grab the KeyCard. With the presence of mind, Castle manages to exchange this for his credit card, so that the two of them go to find Will's job with the right card. The KeyCard itself does not reveal anything, but you can use the customer list on the lanyard to get to the address of a high-rise office building and try to open some of the doors with the card on an anonymous floor, and succeed in one. You are standing in a reception area and the assistant lets you fidget for a moment and shortly afterwards you are surrounded by security forces. You have landed in a secret government agency dealing with quantum technology for camouflage purposes. And the director states that Will was recruited by MIT because of his excellent computer skills - the collapse was only faked. But they have not yet got a camouflage suit to work and they are also paralyzed because of a computer hack they attribute to the Chinese. Castle doubts the hack because he sees the Terraquest logo in the data. When they wanted to take a closer look at Henry, he gave up his apartment and went into hiding. They also find out that he was at CalTec with Talmadge and that he sued Tom for believing Talmadge stole his ridesharing app code. But Castle and Tory track him down in Terraquest and determine his whereabouts - when questioned, he states that he has solved the necessary equations with and for Will and that there is a working suit. This required information from the biologist Donna and her squids, which Will had procured. Henry had teamed up with Will because he wanted to go to Talmadge's apartment to find evidence of the fraud. They started the hack because no government should have that much power. When Beckett and Castle visit Donna, she slips into the suit and wants to get out of the affair. But Beckett and Castle arrest her after breaking invisibility with powder from fire extinguishers. The suit is collected by the secret government agency and finally Beckett and Castle get together ...
132 4th The only witness Child's Play Oct 20, 2014 23 Feb 2015 Rob Bowman Rob Hanning 8.82 million
An ice cream van slowly rolls under a bridge, hits a pillar and someone escapes through the rear door. What remains is the shot ice cream seller Anton Vetotchkin, an Abkhazian exile. But there must also have been a child in the car, at any rate shifted blood splatters on a built-in wardrobe indicate this and the declaration of consent for a school trip suggests a child from Ms. Ruiz's second grade and Castle offers to join the class as a confidante go when the official interviews show nothing. Anton studied graphics, but the seminar leader Nathalie finds that all of his work has been deleted from the computer. During the investigation, it turns out that Anton had contact with the ex-cop Clark Jeffey - they even share a dead mailbox. Through the contacts, the NYPD comes across Dimitri Kalenkov, a member of the Russian mafia. It turns out he was a friend of Anton, who, like Jeffey, is found shot dead. Castle is slowly making progress without being spared the little nastiness of the children. In the end, it turns out that little Jason is an indirect witness - Nathalie is his stepsister and she was in the ice cream van with her friend Anton. She had been watching Jason that day. Anton and Jeffy illegally produced passports that forced laborers should use to leave the United States. She knew their precarious situation and wanted to help. During this work Anton got a picture that shows the internationally wanted war criminal Prekovyew, who was known to him and who committed crimes against the population in Abkhazia. Since Anton was not 100% sure, he showed the picture to his friend Dimitri. Before that there was no picture of Prekovyew and that endangers him, so that he was already rummaging through Nathalie's apartment looking for the picture when Beckett and Castle appear in the apartment. He lies under the bed and follows them to school because Castle is sure that Jason has the picture in the photo bag on his desk. There is a showdown at school, which Beckett and Castle win and Prekovyew can be arrested. Afterwards Castle says goodbye to 'his' kids.
133 5 Internet stalker Meme is Murder Oct. 27, 2014 2nd Mar 2015 Bill Roe Jim Adler 8.75 million
134 6th Parallel world Time of Our Lives Nov 10, 2014 9 Mar 2015 Paul Holahan Terri Miller 9.52 million
135 7th Wild honeymoon Once Upon a Time in the West Nov 17, 2014 16. Mar. 2015 Alrick Riley Terence Winter 9.38 million
136 8th virus Kill switch Nov 24, 2014 23 Mar 2015 Jeannot Szwarc David Amann 9.55 million
137 9 Last Action Hero Last Action Hero Dec 1, 2014 30th Mar 2015 Paul Holahan Christine Roum 8.45 million
138 10 Blood oath Bad Santa Dec 8, 2014 Apr 13, 2015 Bill Roe Chad Gomez Creasey & Dara Resnik Creasey 7.32 million
139 11 Private investigator Richard Castle Castle, PI Jan. 12, 2015 April 20, 2015 Milan Cheylov Rob Hanning 6.77 million
Since Castle's permission to continue working with the NYPD is withdrawn at the end of the episode Blood Oath, he is bored. To get back to Beckett's cases, he is completing an online course to obtain a license as a private investigator. Although this does not allow him access to the resources of the NYPD (e.g. retrieving telecommunications data), it allows him to legally conduct his own investigations. Beckett's team and Castle investigate the current case independently of one another, but always come to the same result in different ways.
140 12 Desperate saints Private Eye Caramba! Jan. 19, 2015 Apr 27, 2015 Hanelle Culpepper Adam Frost 7.60 million
In order to better perceive his activities as a private detective, Castle set up an office for it.
141 13 Eyewitness I, witness Feb. 2, 2015 Jan. 11, 2016 Tom Wright Terence Paul Winter & Amanda Johns 7.41 million
Castle continues to work as a private detective and helps an old friend find out if her husband is cheating on her. He becomes an eyewitness to a murder. However, no traces of it can be found at the crime scene. Castle now believes everything was staged to deceive him and cover up another murder. Meanwhile, Ryan tries to pair Esposito.
142 14th The return of the triple murderer Resurrection Feb 9, 2015 Jan. 11, 2016 Bill Roe David Amann 7.43 million
The triple murderer believed dead is back. His accomplice is a cosmetic surgeon who transforms different people's faces to look exactly like a certain other person. Since Castle knows the triple killer better than anyone, he is allowed to work on this one case again with the NYPD. With the help of the doppelgangers, the triple murderer succeeds in luring the investigators on the wrong track and kidnapping Beckett.
143 15th With your own arms Reckoning Feb 16, 2015 Jan. 11, 2016 Rob Bowman Andrew W. Marlowe 8.47 million
The team is desperate to find out Beckett's whereabouts. Castle meanwhile tries to turn the game around to stay one step ahead of the triple murderer. The cosmetic surgeon, since she is already targeted by the police, plans to cover up her identity by transplanting Beckett's face. However, Beckett manages to break free and kill her before the team arrives. Because of Castle's outstanding performance in this case, he is officially allowed to work again as an advisor to the 12th district of the NYPD.
144 16 Murder on Mars The wrong stuff 23 Feb 2015 Jan. 18, 2016 Paul Holahan Terri Miller 7.61 million
Castle and Beckett want to have a quiet evening in Castle's apartment. But there can be no trace of this, as Alexis and Martha have each taken over the apartment with a friend. Alexis' boyfriend wears Castles laser tag equipment and Martha's boyfriend is wearing Castles pajamas, which he is not happy about. The situation clears when Castle and Beckett are called to a murder case. The dead is a participant in a Mars simulation. To make the simulation more realistic, there is a slightly toxic gas in the space that serves as the surface of Mars. The "spacemen" must therefore always wear a space suit when they leave their "Mars station". Beckett, Esposito and Castle also have to wear such a suit to get to the Mars station to question the space travelers. Castle is so excited about it that he calls it "the best case ever," and tries to move like gravity is less than Earth. The space station also has a learning, intelligent computer with voice input and output called Mira. Since all space travelers have an alibi and a photo of the Mars rover with the murder weapon can be seen, Mira is suspected of being a murderer. This seems to be confirmed when Mira apparently tries to poison the team with the surrounding atmosphere so that she herself is not exposed as a murderer. In the end, however, it turns out that all three space travelers planned the murder of their colleague together and carried out and covered up with the help of Mira. When Castle and Beckett come back to their apartment, Martha tells them that she would like to move into her own apartment soon. Since it is suddenly much too quiet for the two of them in their apartment, they go to a restaurant.
145 17th Hong Kong Supercop Hong Kong Hustle 16. Mar. 2015 Jan. 18, 2016 Jann Turner Chad Gomez Creasey 8.94 million
Henry Graham is murdered with a shot in the chest. Hong Kong PD Chief Inspector San interfered in the investigation because the murdered man was a friend of hers. Apparently she is the "perfect" cop because she does everything right in her job and still does not neglect her family. Beckett admires her and would like to be like her because she believes she has got stuck on her career ladder and in her personal life too. However, it turns out that living sans is not perfect either. Together they solve the murder case.
146 18th At close range At close range 23 Mar 2015 Jan. 25, 2016 Bill Roe Jim Adler 8.04 million
147 19th A corpse in court Habeas Corpse 30th Mar 2015 Jan. 25, 2016 Kate Woods Rob Hanning 8.16 million
148 20th sleeper Sleeper April 20, 2015 Feb. 1, 2016 Paul Holahan David Amann 8.34 million
149 21st Above the clouds In Plane Sight Apr 27, 2015 Feb. 1, 2016 Bill Roe Dara Resnik Creasey 8.31 million
150 22nd Death comes live Dead from New York May 4, 2015 Feb 8, 2016 Jeannot Szwarc Terence Paul Winter 8.26 million
151 23 The murderer's mask Hollander's Woods May 11, 2015 Feb 8, 2016 Paul Holahan Andrew W. Marlowe & Terri Edda Miller 8.44 million

Season 8

The first broadcast of the eighth season has been on the US broadcaster ABC since September 21, 2015 . The German-language first broadcast began on February 15, 2016 on the German free TV channel Sat.1 .

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script Odds
152 1 He XY 21 Sep 2015 Feb. 15, 2016 Rob Bowman Terence Paul Winter & Alexi Hawley 6.84 million
153 2 she XX 28 Sep 2015 Feb. 15, 2016 Paul Holahan Alexi Hawley & Terence Paul Winter 6.70 million
154 3 Campus killer PhDead Oct 5, 2015 Feb. 22, 2016 Rob Bowman Chad Creasey 6.76 million
155 4th Lies have short legs What Lies Beneath Oct 12, 2015 Feb. 22, 2016 Larry Shaw Barry O'Brien 6.78 million
156 5 The smell of death The nose Oct 19, 2015 Feb. 29, 2016 Steve Robin Nancy Kiu 6.67 million
157 6th Hard boys Cool boys Nov 9, 2015 Feb. 29, 2016 Paul Holahan Alexi Hawley 6.07 million
158 7th The final seduction The Last Seduction Nov 16, 2015 7th Mar 2016 John Terlesky Robert Hanning 6.66 million
159 8th Mr. & Mrs. Castle Mr. & Mrs. Castle 23 Nov 2015 14 Mar 2016 Jeff Bleckner Christine Roum 6.65 million
160 9 Deadly harmonies Tone Death Feb 8, 2016 21 Mar 2016 Hanelle M. Culpepper Robert Bella 5.72 million
161 10 Witness for the prosecution Witness for the Prosecution Feb 14, 2016 21 Mar 2016 Bill Roe Terence Paul Winter 4.19 million
162 11 Revenge in Russian Dead Red Feb. 15, 2016 July 11, 2016 Jeannot Szwarc Jim Adler 5.15 million
Grigory Mishkin was found in an empty house with her throat cut. He is the son of Sergey Mishkin, a Russian diplomat in New York, who also ensures that the Russian security officer Vassily Zhirov Beckett is assigned to accompany the investigation. Castle should occupy him with sightseeing and distract him, which does not work out at all. Eventually Vassily manages to get Beckett and Castle back together to investigate. Grigory had always hung out with the 'Diplobälger', the spoiled sons of the diplomats, and the first suspicion falls on the son of a Finnish diplomat, whose luxury sports car was heard by a surveillance system at the crime scene. Under pressure from Vassily, he tells Grigory that he drove there and in return he was hoping for an invitation to a reception at the consulate. He also states that Grigory wanted to buy a manual for hacking a Jeep Cherokee SUV there - he was looking for the murderers of his mother Anya, who recently died in this model in a car accident. Before her accident, Anya stayed at a bed and breakfast in the north and the owner shows Beckett and Castle a video still of the companion with whom she stayed there. Grigory had found out that too. Grigory exchanged mails with emily2929. She works for a data storage company and he had slept with her to get her login information on archived FBI files. It turns out that these are files from Directorate 'S', a unit that uncovered KGB sleepers in the US in the 1980s. One of them is Anya's companion and his name is Anatoly Arkadi, who now lives in the witness protection program under the code name Frank Thomas. Beckett then activates her contact with the FBI, and Rita lets her understand that Vassily is not as harmless as he pretends to be. He also proves this when he kidnaps Castle and snatches Anatoly / Frank and tries to torture him for information. But Castle steps in and asks for 60 seconds to try this without violence. On the basis of a receipt from his jacket pocket and the browser history in his cell phone, he concludes that they want to gain access to the reception at the consulate using forged ID and disguised as a caterer. He calls Beckett and she comes to reception with Ryan and Esposito and want to secure him, but cannot prevent a sniper from striking. The consul remains unharmed, but Sergey suffers a straight bullet through, but survives. Vassily then admits that they had a data breach in the embassy and that they activated Anya two months ago to find the traitor. Based on the rifle used, Vassily recognizes that it must be an old weapon from a depot that was already created during the Cold War. Looking through traffic cameras, they see Anya helping herself in one of the depots - she is still alive and is tracked down. She explains that Sergey is the leak and he is also the killer - Grigory was not his birth child, so he barely had a relationship with him and got rid of him when the one behind the betrayal came up. Beckett hopes that the consul will lift her immunity and arrest Sergey, but Sergey refuses. Vassily, however, makes it clear to Beckett and Castle that Sergey will be exiled in Russia to the coldest place in Russia, which could be a tougher sentence than jail in the USA.
163 12 Game of puzzles The Blame Game Feb. 22, 2016 July 11, 2016 Jessica Yu Michal Zebede 5.48 million
The TV presenter Emma Mathews is shot dead in her apartment. Castle is overjoyed because he has a date with Steven King and Beckett is scheduled for a forensics seminar - and they both find they were lured into a trap when they, separated by men and women, close with other kidnapped people in two school classrooms Awareness come. They try to orientate themselves and to free themselves from the predicament, but the kidnapper plays with them. Revolvers are hidden in the doors, loaded with exactly one less cartridge and with an accompanying text that the survivor would be released. One of the men aims at the other, but since the revolver is tampered with, he shoots himself. Haley is angry that Castle has missed an important meeting with a client and together with Alexis they discover that something is wrong here, as Steven King is in Australia according to one post. They get the recordings of a traffic camera in front of the alleged meeting point and come across a white van into which a person is being loaded. This is admitted to the psychologist couple Northcliff. Ryan and Esposito have now acquired the video footage Emma was working on before she died and they also come across the name Northcliff. With the help of the Northcliffs secretary, they learn that the material shows the children Fay and Brandon Northcliff, whose parents were conducting unethical studies of separation anxiety. The secretary goes on to state that Fay recently committed suicide and that the aftermath of the studies on Brandon had resulted in emigrating and becoming a hermit. She had met Emma, ​​who was walking the dogs at the Nothcliffs at the time in question, by chance a few days ago and shortly afterwards the Northcliffs, which have a property in town, had been broken into. She has not seen the Northcliffs since. In the meantime, both groups have broken out of their classrooms and are uniting. Together they come closer to the exit when it turns out to be another trap. The couples should choose who will sacrifice himself for the other. And then it dawns on Beckett and Castle, one of the kidnapped must be the organizer. It turns out that it's Barndon who now wants to take the situation to extremes. Ryan and Esposito have meanwhile located the Nothcliffs, they are tied up in their own house and forced to watch the show live as video surveillance. They advise that all of this is taking place in another building on their property. With the situation almost under control, Castle and Beckett pretend to vote and surprise Brandon at a propitious moment. When they have done this, the door is broken open from the outside and everyone is free. It turns out that the Norhcliffs went way too far with their psychological experiments on their own children and Brandon wanted revenge for it. But just hoping that Emma's revelations stir up enough dust is not enough for Brandon - he kills her beforehand in order to be able to carry out his perfidious game. He chose Beckett because he thinks that the 12th station had abandoned him years ago when he asked the police for help.
164 13 Foreign language murder And Justice For All Feb. 29, 2016 18th July 2016 Kate Woods Adam Frost 5.26 million
The zookeeper Eddie Ramirez is found slain in a terrarium full of snakes at the Manhattan Zoo. A linguistically incorrect text message with a threat leads the NYPD to a language school for immigrants. Ryan and Esposito are asked to interview the students, but fail because everyone refuses to cooperate with the authorities. Beckett and Castle have to pretend they are separate so as not to jeopardize the investigation and arrest of Loksat. Nevertheless, Beckett Castle asks with his linguistic talent to ask around there and to determine the author. Castle introduces himself as a French Canadian student and quickly finds the originator of the SMS. Ultimately, it turns out that Eddie had campaigned for a classmate and the US $ 10,000 found in his possession are her lost wages, which were withheld from her due to her status as an immigrant. And they determine that Eddie is a corrupt and ex-cop from El Salvador. During a culinary evening for the class community with various national dishes, Castle has a flashback - through the taste of a Korean dish, he remembers fragmentarily that he must have been to Korea and wants to leave shortly afterwards. But Beckett stops him. The NYPD uses a fingerprint to find Marco Sutter, a drug criminal. When they ask it, they find a locker key. When Ryan and Esposito open this, they are picked up by the FBI and it turns out after a while that this is shadowing Judge Cartwell, who must play a central role. In the end, it is the class teacher himself who takes advantage of the miserable situation of the students and who makes common cause with the judge and the operators of private deportation camps. He delivered the immigrants to the knife and if they didn't want to pay, the judge had them deported. He killed Eddie to cover this up. Castle has one more flashback and finds that he was in Korea Town in LA - that's where he has to go to fill his memory gap.
165 14th The master detectives club The GDS 7th Mar 2016 18th July 2016 John Terlesky Alexi Hawley 5.68 million
Castle has traveled to LA with Hayley and Alexis and they are settling into a suite of a 5 star hotel to fill Castle's memory gap with facts, when Castle receives a sealed envelope. It is the formal request from the GDS (Greatest Detectives Society) asking him to watch the murder of private detective Phillip Harris. He had also come from NY and was found in Hollywood Forever Cemetery the night before with his throat cut and his heart cut out in his hands. The investigating policeman is an old friend of Hayley's and he lets her go to the crime scene. In return, they offer that Ryan and Esposito could interview Harris' sister in NY. She says her brother was on the trail of a serial killer he called the Phantom. He murdered 7 people in a similar way in LA and NY. Castle is called in by the GDS and meets the private detective Kendal Frost, who also appeared at the crime scene. Harris was a member of the GDS and the place should go to the detective who solves the case. Nevertheless, they agree to work together. Castle and Hayley are now in Korea Town and find the restaurant Castle remembers in his flashbacks. The owner says, yes, he would have been there at the time but could not have paid and therefore left his watch, which Castle promptly buys back. It turns out that the watch is a GPS tracker and was able to transmit Castle's position. Harris discovered at the studio that Castle's film had messed up Heat Wave, and one of the suspects is director Austin Elektra. He was in NY at the time of the murders. Kendal and Hayley meet Austin at his house and smuggle Castle into it. They try to find the murder weapon, a knife that was identified as a film prop, and they succeed. However, there are several copies of this knife and two have disappeared and the knife found is not the murder weapon. When it turns out that two murders occurred almost at the same time in LA and NY, it is clear that it cannot be a lone perpetrator and Austin is also exonerated. Alexis investigates the GPS chip and finds a lead on an ex-soldier. When she tells Hayley about it, she persuades her to delete the information, which Alexis doesn't do. She visits the soldier's mother and discovers Hayley in one of the photos in an album. Hayley sits back in the car and tries to correct this. They reveal this to Castle and he learns that his father Jackson Hunt contacted Hayley to keep an eye on Castle after he returned from his CIA assignment in Thailand. She had given him the watch, and when he left it as payment, she could no longer locate him. When she found him he had already pulled the gunshot wound. The search for the murder weapons leads to Jordan Keegan, a screenwriter who, when questioned, takes a hostage and says that they cannot be held accountable. He is getting shot. When the script from his estate is shown to Castle, he immediately knows who the second perpetrator is. He had identical comments on his comments from the studio boss at the time, and when the boss is arrested, he has to admit complicity. The GDS recognizes Castle's achievement and offers him membership, which he refuses. However, he recommends taking Kendal in instead. Shortly before leaving LA, Hayley showed Castle a website and told him that he had made her promise to show him this if he ever asked. He can log in and sees a film that he recorded at the time and in which he states that he had information about Bracken and Loksat, but had this memory deleted. He realized that he was partly responsible for the murder of friends and superiors of Beckett.
166 15th One of us Fidelis Ad Mortem 21 Mar 2016 July 25, 2016 Rob Bowman Chad Gomez Creasey 6.50 million
167 16 In love, engaged, cracked Heartbreaker Apr 4, 2016 July 25, 2016 Thomas J. Wright Barry O'Brien 6.37 million
168 17th Castle and the magic lamp Death Wish Apr 11, 2016 Aug 1, 2016 Bill Roe Stephanie Hicks 6.44 million
Lars Cross is found beheaded and tortured before he died. He was in Turkey for a long time and it turns out that he and his partner Mike Harlin were tasked with finding Solomon's tomb and bringing the art treasures to safety from the spreading war in the region. He is an expert in this area and in the lectures of Dr. Marianne Backer, professor at Hudson University acquired the specialist knowledge. Castle is very fond of genes in a bottle and, as he sees it, the multiple appearances and disappearances of a blonde woman confirms that he is right. But she turns out to be the security advisor Sullon, who was hired by a Mr. X to push the safety device and monitor. The art treasures were smuggled into the country by importing carpets from Yuruk Sezen, who was also tortured and killed. In the end, Beckett's team convict the professor who couldn't bear that it wasn't her who discovered the grave. She had tortured Lars and Yuruck to get the treasure. At the end, a Jordanian prince turns up - everyone hopes he is Mr. X, but he denies it. But the latter is satisfied that the art treasures, even if they are stored as evidence, are safe in the USA. In the end, Ryan's wife, Jenny, gives birth to a healthy boy whom they want to name Nicholas Javier.
169 18th Code 44 Backstabber Apr 18, 2016 Aug 8, 2016 Jessica Yu Robert Bella 5.86 million
Hayley Shipton lets her former MI6 team leader Bryce Robberts persuade her to break into Manchester Energy at night. With her partner Marcus Janeck, who overcomes the security systems, she loads spyware onto the computer of the deputy director Paul Hodson in order to confirm an alleged affair.

While the installation is running, employee Ned Werner shows up with a blonde and Ned wants to impress by logging into his computer. But then he fails because of the blonde's eye-catching corset. Hayley leaves the office early, but Marcus wants to see how the lovemaking continues.

In Castle's office, Martha is practicing a new signature for the signature of her book when Castle 12 is informed about a male corpse at Manchester Energy. Hayley pricks up the ears and wants to go to the crime scene, which she manages with flimsy arguments and a lot of false praise. Once there, Marcus is lying in the office, stabbed to death with a knife in his back. To cover up her complicity, she spoils a piece of evidence and when she calls Bryce, he tells her that he set her up and that there is no investigation into an affair. In addition, by referring to the 'Code 44', he tells her to leave everything and everyone behind and to flee New York as quickly as possible.

While packing her escape bag in her apartment, Hayley is surprised by Alexis, who persuades her to stay. Meanwhile, Ryan and Esposito interrogate Ned at the station, who withholds the most important details from them. Hayley, who notices this through the window, intercepts Ned on the way to the exit, dips him into a toilet bowl so that Beckett releases him and he wants to change his statement. He had wanted to impress Clara, the blonde, and logged into the server so that the power went out for a second in Downing Street in London. After that, Clara was no longer interested in him and left. He himself was picked up by a taxi at 3:19 a.m. Since this was a security breach, he did not want to admit it. He can't be the killer with that. Beckett and Castle notice Hayley's behavior, and she admits that she was in the office too. They go to see Bryce, who was also stabbed to death. At that moment, Hayley discovers that Manchester Energy has transferred her US $ 10 million and they learn from TV that the nightly power outage in London was the result of a cyber attack by a worm. Meanwhile, MI6, in the form of agent Mallaroy, is also interested in Hayley and tells Caste that she left her former partner Wessley in the lurch and let her die. Through Carla's corset, Ryan and Esposito can identify Clara as Beth Wynnen, who they arrest in a motel. She says that the planning was done by an Edgar and that she had the job of baiting Ned, since two separate security keys must be active at the same time in a security portal in order to start the worm. She also says that Edgar met Marcus in a cigar bar. Beckett gets the photos from a surveillance camera from the bar and after a short time realizes that it is Edgar Wessly, who, according to MI6, was executed in Iran after an undercover operation that he carried out with Hayley went wrong. Hayley can take a look at the source code of the worm and realizes that she worked on the code 6 years ago and that it is a version of the Stuxnet worm and she realizes that Wessley is still alive and behind what was going on. She disappears from Castle's private detective agency and looks for the secret hideaway they use in New York during MI6. Here she meets Wessley, who tells her that only his affection for Hayley made him survive the torture of the Iranians and that he now wants to take revenge on MI6 and above all on Bryce. He also instructed the US $ 10 million that it was an old dream to travel around the world together. In the meantime, Castle and Beckett have learned from MI6 agent Mallaroy where the shelter is and find Hayley tied up as she is threatened by Wessley. She had wanted to extradite Wessley but was overwhelmed by him. At a favorable moment, Hayley can free himself and Wessley flees. Hayley pursues him and shoots him in self-defense. With her knowledge of the code, Hayley helps mitigate the effects of the worm and is offered the opportunity to return to MI6, which she refuses.

170 19th You only die three times Dead Again Apr 25, 2016 15 Aug 2016 Bill Roe Rob Hanning 6.19 million
Allen Masters, city security officer, is poisoned and dies while complaining about his cable connection on the phone. Lanie declares him dead and everyone wonders who tampered with the water filter in his kitchen, when he gets up again. He was tasked with security checks in various companies and had to part with an employee who had been a little too bribery and accommodating. But he has an alibi, but brings the NYPD on the trail of the Mafia, which secretly dumps garbage and relies on people discreetly looking the other way. But he doesn't look the other way, as in the case of a biopharmaceutical company, which he almost closed after an accident with the chemical LHA. Back home, a second attack is carried out on him - this time his bed had been manipulated and he succumbs to an electric shock, so that Castle and Lanie are safe, he is dead. But even here he gets up again. Castle is now convinced that he is a superhero and tries to find out what mechanism is behind it. But the Maifa is neither known for the type of killings nor can anyone figure it out - however, the TTX poison with which he was supposed to be killed was bought, among other things, from a herbal and medicinal store 'Lucky Dragon', which is known as Serves the guise of the triads. When checked, synthetic heroin is found, which requires LHA to be produced. This was where the Mafia and the Triads had fraternized. The biopharmaceutical company wants to make everyone aware of this and goes there alone. However, the company is deeper than expected. The marketing director Gwen, whom he admires, turns out to be the director of the drug operation and wanted to kill him so as not to endanger drug production. She kills him with a headshot from a small-caliber weapon. Ryan and Castle are sure this time that this is really his end, but he survives this too - and nobody knows how he does it. While this investigation was in progress, Vickram ran the LA airport part number through recognition and is certain it will lead to Caleb Brown. He also stands shortly after in Beckett's office and tries to intimidate her, but she turns the tables and gives him an ultimatum. This moves him to hand over a cell phone to Beckett and Castle that he uses to contact Loksat - it is automatically switched on via GPS if it is in the park on the 3rd Monday of the month. Loksat's orders then come with a distorted voice and he hopes Beckett will use it sensibly. You now have a lead to Loksat.
171 20th Shakespeare's murder Much Ado About Murder May 2, 2016 22 Aug 2016 Hanelle Culpepper Christine Roum 6.03 million
172 21st The end of days Hell to pay May 9, 2016 22 Aug 2016 John Terlesky Acting: Jim Adler
Plot: Adam Frost & Nancy Kiu
6.74 million
173 22nd For life and death Crossfire May 16, 2016 22 Aug 2016 Rob Bowman Alexi Hawley & Terence Paul Winter 7.65 million
While the rest of the team investigates a cremated corpse found in the trunk of a car, Loksat gives Castle, Beckett and Vikram instructions on how Caleb has to give a USB stick to Loksat's bookkeeper. The cremated body from the trunk is identified as Caleb, however, and the handover turns out to be a trap that leads to a shootout from which Castle and Beckett are rescued by Mason Wood, a member of the "LA Detectives Club". Castle is kidnapped by a straw man from Loksat. By injecting a truth serum, Castle threatens to reveal everyone he has told about Loksat. Meanwhile, Beckett is picked up by Mason, who turns out to be Loksat. Castle is freed by the police station and wants to bring Beckett to a safe place; there, however, he is shot by Caleb Brown, who is killed in an exchange of fire with Beckett.

At the end it is shown how Beckett and Castle are having breakfast seven years later while their three children play together.


  1. The episode Still was originally scheduled to air on April 22, 2013. After the attack on the Boston Marathon , however, ABC changed the broadcast order and preferred the episode The Squab and the Quail , because Still had a bomb as an object and that could have been perceived as inappropriate after the Boston bombing. Source: 'Castle' Bomb Episode Rescheduled On ABC Following Boston Bombing . In:, April 18, 2013.

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