Mole (agent)

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Mole , also called a submarine , is an agent , informant or agitator who penetrates an organization and (covertly) procures information for his clients or even influences, controls and manipulates the organization in the interests of his masterminds. The agent is referred to as a sleeper if it only takes action after a long inactive time or has not yet taken action.


In the context of covert operations or investigations , the function of the mole is to sneak into an organization, to consolidate its position in it camouflaged and to carry out intelligence or espionage activities there.

As a sleeper , for example, he lives abroad as a completely normal person and only begins his work after being activated by a supervisor.

A perspective agent is an agent who works towards a deployment in target objects of interest to the intelligence service. He is usually recruited at a young age and should pursue a career in a position to be researched. The best-known example of this is the chancellor's spy Günter Guillaume .

Political activities

In a figurative sense, one calls a mole or submarine a person in a political party who works in secret against party interests and / or party members, e.g. B. by either their often decisive victory or defeat of the party member vote contains or for the opposition agrees (see. D. Case Simonis at the election of the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein in 2005 ).


If sleepers are mentioned in connection with terrorists, then they are members or sympathizers of terrorist organizations. Such sleepers should study in the target country or do regular work until they are activated.

Individual evidence

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