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When reproducing a process is known in which something is duplicated, and often also the resulting copy of the result. In connection with social systems in particular, reproduction is understood to mean not only creating a new one but also maintaining a state.

If a system can produce more than one replica (copy, replica ) of itself, growth or reproduction is possible. Their speed is also measured as the reproduction rate . If growth or multiplication continues unhindered, exponential growth occurs .


In sociology, “reproduction” is understood in connection with social systems ( social reproduction ) in addition to the creation of new ones as well as the maintenance of a state ( reproduction of the status quo in, in principle, dynamic systems).


When it comes to living things , one speaks of reproduction , of vegetative reproduction or of generative reproduction , sexual reproduction and reproduction.

In agricultural and horticultural production, the term propagation is generally used for all cases of reproduction. A distinction is made between:

Technology and art

  • In technology, reproduction refers to all processes that are suitable for the multiple production of products that are in a prototype or model , in particular prototypes (casting, extrusion), contour milling and turning , as well as various modern rapid prototyping processes .
  • In the graphic industry, this includes the entire repro technology , the production of printing forms for reproduction and duplication, reprography as well as image reproduction , also in the sense of artistic printing.
  • In art, the term reproduction stands for the repetition of a work of art in the original technique, if the artistic technique provides for it ( printmaking , art casting ) or transferred technique ( art print , musical recordings , hand-painted and detailed copies of an oil painting , etc.). In the case of reproductions in which each piece is considered a work, one speaks of an edition of a reproduction . As part of modern commissioned painting , reproductions of old masterpieces are made. Another new trend is the reproduction of photographs as oil paintings, e.g. B. in photo-realistic design. Reproduction in this sense is also to be understood as reproduction true to the original .
  • Color matching can be a necessary method for reproducing colored objects .

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