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One of Albrecht Dürer's three master engravings: Knight, Death and the Devil
Example of a natural self-print: Ordinary thistle from Ettingshausen & Pokorny

With image reproduction , the methods are called, which deal with the artistic or commercial reproduction of original documents for making a printing form. Today this is essentially done with the help of a digital camera or scanner . Prior to the invention of these devices, there were a large number of manual processes and photographic techniques used to reproduce images.

Reproductive techniques

Manual processes in letterpress printing include, for example, woodcuts , wood engravings and linocuts . Manual techniques in gravure are copper engraving , etching and aquatint , while in planographic printing there is lithography with its various techniques. In screen printing , several methods are possible, such as stencil printing , scrubbing method , Masking method and stencil printing method . In addition, there is natural self-printing , which is the use of leaves and plants as a form of printing.

The photographic processes include black and white and color photography using cameras on photographic plates and films. After the invention of the glass engraving grid in 1881, photographic recordings were increasingly used for image reproduction in all printing processes.

At the beginning of the 1960s, the drum scanner came onto the market, with which electronic color separations for offset printing were produced. In letterpress printing, clichés are created with the help of the Klischograph , while in rotogravure printing the Helioklischograph provides corresponding image reproductions. The further development of computer technology for desktop publishing and the development of the digital camera have largely displaced conventional processes. Especially the Apple technology affects the electronic image processing and page layout. Image design software such as Photoshop , Corel Draw , Illustrator and Freehand together with TIFF and Postscript data formats enable the data transfer . Today image reproduction is divided into data acquisition, data processing and printing form production.

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