Love Boat

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Television series
German title Love Boat
Original title The Love Boat
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1977-1986
Episodes 249 in 10 seasons
genre comedy
Theme music Jack Jones
idea Aaron Spelling
music Paul Williams ,
Charles Fox,
Duane Tatro
First broadcast September 24, 1977 on ABC (USA)
first broadcast
January 2, 1985 on Sat.1

Love Boat (Original title: The Love Boat ) is an American television series, which was first produced by Aaron Spelling Productions , then by the Douglas S. Cramer Company and finally by The Love Boat Company from 1977 to 1986.


The Pacific Princess 1984

The passenger ship Pacific Princess sails with its crew around Captain Stubing across the world's oceans and docks at various dream destinations, such as the Caribbean , Egypt , Scandinavia , Europe or Hong Kong . The passengers, mostly American guest stars from that time, as well as the crew experience both romantic, exciting and cheerful stories during the journey.

Cast and dubbing

Role name actor German dubbing voice
Captain Merrill Stubing Gavin MacLeod Joachim Kerzel
Dr. Adam "Doc" Bricker Bernie Kopell Friedrich G. Beckhaus
Reinhard Kuhnert
Paymaster Burl "Gopher" Smith Fred Grandy Wolfgang number
Bartender Isaac Washington Ted Lange Manfred Lehmann
Kurt Goldstein
Cruise Manager Julie McCoy Lauren Tewes (1977-1984) Karin Buchholz
Vicki Stubing , the captain's daughter Jill Whelan
(guest roles in 1977 and 1978, 1979–1986)
Melanie Pukass
Cruise Manager Judy McCoy Patricia Klous (1984–1986) Sabine Jaeger
Ashley "Ace" Covington Evans Ted McGinley (1984-1986) Udo Schenk

Guest stars

Well-known passengers on the Pacific Princess included a .:


The German television series Das Traumschiff , which has been filmed by ZDF since 1981 , is an adaptation of Love Boat . As in the original, the passengers are well-known (German-speaking) actors.


The television film Love Boat: A Valantine Voyage was produced for American television in 1990 . Between 1998 and 1999 the less successful follow-up series Love Boat - Off to New Shores with Robert Urich as Love Boat captain Jim Kennedy was created. Other leading roles are Phil Morris, Stacey Travis, Corey Parker, Randy Vasquez, Kyle Howard and Joan Severance. In the episode "The old crew" ( English "Reunion" ) Gavin McLeod, Bernie Kopell, Jill Whelan and Lauren Tewes come from the old team again on board the new Love Boats.

Background information

  • Between 1976 and 1977, before the series started shooting, three Love Boat television films were made. The first television film (The Love Boat) is about the journey around the captain Thomas Ford ( Ted Hamilton ) (the characters "Gopher", played by Sandy Helberg , and "Isaac", played by Teddy Wilson , already existed). In the second TV film (The Love Boat II) , the actors of "Gopher" Smith and bartender Isaac took over their roles, the ship was commanded by Captain Madison ( Quinn Redeker ). Bernie Kopell, who later became Dr. Bricker, played the role of Dr. O'Neill. It was not until the third TV film (The New Love Boat) that all the actors in the later series were included.
  • The series is based on a novel by Jeraldine Saunders . In The Love Boats she describes her experiences on a passenger ship as a ship hostess. Elements from the US series The Gale Storm Show , which was produced between 1956 and 1960, can also be found in Love Boat .
  • The consequences usually have three, or sometimes more, storylines written by different authors. There is a subtitle in the opening credits for each storyline.
  • Some of the Love Boat episodes have an original length of 90 minutes. For the German broadcast on Sat.1 , entire storylines were cut out of these episodes in order to be able to shorten them to 45 minutes. Some of the long episodes were also broadcast as a two-part series. It also happened that the cut out storylines were inserted into other episodes, for which others had to give way. In addition, more than 30 episodes have not been broadcast to date.
  • While all episodes of the German adaptation Das Traumschiff were filmed on passenger ships, the majority of the episodes of Love Boat were recorded in a studio setting. Only a few episodes and a few scenes were actually shot on the Pacific Princess . The extra-long episodes are an exception, they were filmed on various cruise ships.
  • Due to the frequent change of scenery, The Love Boat - unlike in many American comedy series (e.g. Golden Girls , Will & Grace or The Mary Tyler Moore Show ) - was not recorded in a theater atmosphere in front of a studio audience; here the laughing noises actually came exclusively from the tape. The background laughter contained in the original was left out in the German dubbing.
  • The theme song Love Boat was written by Paul Williams and Charles Fox. It was interpreted by Jack Jones, in the last season by Dionne Warwick.
  • For the episode Adventures in the Caribbean of the American series Charlie's Angels (also produced by Aaron Spelling ) the Love Boat was the setting.
  • The crux of the story about the Love Boat was the ship Pacific Princess , which was launched under the name Sea Venture in 1971 at Nordseewerke GmbH (then still part of Rheinstahl) in Emden (Lower Saxony). The series also used:
    • its sister ship Island Princess and the
    • Stella Solaris (in the Mediterranean),
    • Pearl of Scandinavia (in China),
    • Vistafjord (from 1981 also the first dream ship ),
    • Royal Viking Sky (in Europe) and
    • Royal Princess (in the Caribbean).
  • In February 2012, the former Pacific Princess was bought by a Turkish abandoner for 2.5 million euros and scrapped in Aliağa .


  • In the film The Incredible Journey in a Crazy Spaceship (1982), pilot Ted Striker ( Robert Hays ), after escaping from the mental hospital, walks past Jack Jones, who is singing the Love Boat theme song in the limelight .
  • In Ace Ventura - An Animal Detective (1994), the private detective Ventura greets the entrance of a party with “Hello Captain Stubing!” Because he looks very much like him in his uniform.
  • In the comedy series Saturday Night Live (1994), the Love Boat is parodied in addition to Spaceship Enterprise - The Next Century . Picard actor Patrick Stewart wears a captain's hat and stands at a steering wheel on the bridge of the Enterprise . On the model of the spaceship Enterprise , the Pacific Princess is merged with the saucer section. After the typical Star Trek introduction, which Stewart interprets a little differently (it starts with "Love, the final frontier ..."), the opening credits are underlaid with the Love Boat intro.
  • In an episode of the US comedy series MADtv , the opening credits of Love Boat were parodied. In the Love-Titanic sketch, the Love Boat and Titanic were mixed together.
  • In episode 8 of season 6 of South Park , Love Boat's opening credits are parodied as Catholic Boat .
  • In the comedy series Sketch History , Love Boat is parodied under the title War Boat , in which the plot is transferred to the battleship Bismarck and officers of the Navy appear as the main characters .
  • In the series "The L Word - When Women Love Women" reference is also made to Love Boat and Captain Stubing as well as Julie.
  • In the film Running Man , a poster with the words "Hate Boat" hangs in the moderator's office.

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