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Lorenzo Lamas (* 20th January 1958 in Santa Monica , California as Lorenzo Lamas y de Santos ) is an American actor . His oeuvre includes more than 110 film and television productions, including many B-films .


Lamas is the son of the actor couple Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl . Lamas had his breakthrough after several smaller roles in the late 1970s from 1981 in the soap opera Falcon Crest . He owed his role above all to the leading actress Jane Wyman , who had been friends with his parents for years and had known him as a small child. Lamas appeared in all nine seasons of the television series. His popularity was so great that from 1984 he tried his hand at three singles as a singer. You Better Hang on , Fingerprints and Fools Like Me , his only little hit in the US singles charts (# 85). The song was taken from the soundtrack for the movie Body Rock , in which Lamas played the lead role.

From 2004, Lamas played the role of Hector Ramirez in the US soap opera Reich und Schön . As the stories for his role dwindled towards the end of 2006, Lamas only appeared occasionally until he was last seen in December 2006. His contract with the series ended two months later. He gained further fame beyond the soap audience in Germany through the lead role in the action series Renegade - Merciless Hunt .

In 1993/1994 he made his directorial debut with the action film codenamed Viper . He then directed several episodes of the Renegade series .

His four marriages had six children, and his son AJ Lamas is also an actor. His daughter Shayne took part in the twelfth edition of The Bachelor in 2008 and had minor roles and supporting roles in series and television films.


Lamas was an amateur racing driver for several years in the 1980s and had its own racing team.

Filmography (selection)

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Fools Like Me
  US 85 12/22/1984 (5 weeks)
  • 1978: Grease
  • 1981–1990: Falcon Crest (TV series)
  • 1984: Body Rock
  • 1987: Snake Eater
  • 1988–1994: Vicki! (TV series)
  • 1989: Snake Eater II - Snake Eater's Revenge (Snake Eater's Revenge)
  • 1990: Kickboxer USA - The night of the fighter
  • 1990: Desert Force - Decision in the desert ( Killing Streets )
  • 1992: Swordsman (The Swordsman)
  • 1992: Final Impact
  • 1992: Snake Eater III
  • 1992: CIA Code Name: Alexa
  • 1992–1997: Renegade - Merciless Hunt ( Renegade , TV series)
  • 1994: Head Hunter
  • 1994: Codenamed Viper (CIA II: Target Alexa)
  • 1994: Viper - An ex-cop cleans up (Viper)
  • 1995: Cybertech PD
  • 1995: Man Hunt (Midnight Man)
  • 1996: Mask of Death
  • 1997: Black Dawn
  • 1998–1999: Air America (TV series)
  • 1999: The Muse (The Muse)
  • 2000–2001: Immortal - The Immortal ( The Immortal , TV series, 22 episodes)
  • 2002: Circuit II - The Final Punch (The Circuit 2)
  • 2003: The Paradise Virus
  • 2004–2006: Reich und Schön ( The Bold And The Beautiful , TV series)
  • 2004: Sci-Fighter
  • 2005: The Nowhere Man
  • 2006: Body of Work
  • 2007: 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea (30,000 Leagues Under the Sea)
  • 2009: Mega Shark vs. Giant octopus
  • 2010, 2013: Big Time Rush (TV series)
  • 2015: American Beach House
  • 2016–2017: Lucha Underground (TV series)

Motorsport statistics

Sebring results

year team vehicle Teammate Teammate Teammate Teammate placement Failure reason
1988 United StatesUnited States Lamas Motor Racing Fabcar CL United StatesUnited States Howard Cherry CanadaCanada Charles Monk United StatesUnited States Jack Newsum United StatesUnited States Tim McAdam Rank 31st
1989 United StatesUnited States John Higgins Fabcar CL United StatesUnited States John Higgins CanadaCanada Charles Monk United StatesUnited States Chip Mead Rank 20

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