Rich and beautiful

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Television series
German title Fashion Affairs (1988)
Rich and Beautiful (since 1989)
Original title The Bold and the Beautiful
Rich and beautiful
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) since 1987
Bell-Phillip Television Productions
length 20 minutes
Episodes 8300+ in 34+ seasons
genre Soap opera
Theme music Jack Allocco and David Kurtz - High Upon This Love
idea William Joseph Bell
Lee Phillip Bell
First broadcast March 23, 1987 (USA) on CBS
first broadcast
April 4, 1988 on Tele 5

Rich and Beautiful (Original title: The Bold and the Beautiful ) is an American daily soap that has been broadcast on the US broadcaster CBS since March 23, 1987 and was developed by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell.

At the peak of its popularity in the 1990s, the series was one of the most-watched series in the world alongside Dallas and Baywatch with an estimated 450 million viewers and ran in over 100 countries. Even if these numbers have now fallen significantly, the series is still considered the most successful soap in the world, even after more than 8,000 episodes. At the television Oscars, the Daytime Emmy Awards , Reich und Schön was honored as Best Series in 2009, 2010 and 2011 .

Contents overview

At the center of the action is the internationally successful fashion company Forrester Creations , which was founded by Stephanie and Eric Forrester , as well as their adult children Ridge , Thorne , Kristen and Felicia . On the other hand, there is the Logan family - primarily represented by their eldest daughter Brooke  - who have worked their way up from a simple background through work and weddings.

Since the first episode, the love story of Brooke Logan Forrester ( Katherine Kelly Lang ) and Ridge Forrester (1st cast Ronn Moss , 2nd cast Thorsten Kaye) has been one of the main storylines of the soap. Although the two are made for each other, they are not happy together. Again and again, fate tears them apart. Initially, Ridge's feelings for Caroline Spencer Forrester ( Joanna Johnson ), the wife of his brother Thorne Forrester (1st cast: Clayton Norcross, 2nd cast: Jeff Trachta, 3rd cast: Winsor Harmon ), stood between them. But even after her tragic cancer death, the two did not get together. While Ridge is in Caroline's doctor, Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester ( Hunter Tylo ) fell in love, Brooke was now married to Ridge's father Eric Forrester ( John McCook ). Not least because of this, Brooke had a lifelong rivalry with matriarch Stephanie Douglas Forrester ( Susan Flannery ), with the women finally making their peace shortly before Stephanie's tragic serial death in 2012. The two Forrester daughters Felicia (1st cast: Colleen Dion, 2nd cast: Lesli Kay) and Kristen (1st cast: Terri Ann Linn, 2nd cast: Tracy Lindsey Melchior) and their love stories were also in the first few years Foreground until they both left the series in the early 1990s and mostly only returned to Los Angeles for special family occasions in the following years. In the new millennium, they both stayed in the city independently for a longer period of time.

Even after more than ten years there was no future for Brooke and Ridge: Brooke became engaged to the psychologist Dr. James Warwick ( Ian Buchanan ) married Forrester Creations ' new chief designer , Grant Chambers (Charles Grant), until she turned to Ridge's brother Thorne. In the United States, the Brooke and Ridge story was stopped after twelve years in 1999, but was resumed in 2001. Ridge and Brooke married several times over the years, and got divorced just as often, as Ridge kept returning to Taylor, who had already been declared dead twice. With Taylor, Ridge has twin daughters Phoebe (Mackenzie Mauzy) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Thomas (including Drew Tyler Bell, later Adam Gregory), who had their first acts from 2004.

But Brooke's son Rick (from 1997-1999 Jacob Young , from 1999 to 2006 Justin Torkildsen , from 2007 to March 2011 Kyle Lowder and again since 2012 Jacob Young) and her daughter Bridget ( Jennifer Finnigan and from 2004 to 2012 Ashley Jones ) stood since 1998 with her tragic love entanglements at the center of the soap. Important players here were Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz) and Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), who even switched to the "sister series" Shadow of Passion (The Young and the Restless) as far as Genoa City . It went the opposite way for Sheila Carter ( Kimberlin Brown ) and Lauren Fenmore ( Tracey E. Bregman ), who cultivated a legendary enmity in the 1990s.

In the first two years of Reich und Schön , the Logan family was the counterbalance to the rich Forresters, as they represented a typical American family of the middle class: Mother Beth (1st cast: Judith Baldwin, 2nd cast: Nancy Burnett, was temporarily replaced by Marla Adams) with the support of the lovable grandma Helen Logan (Lesley Woods) in addition to Brooke also her older brother Storm (1st cast: John Ethan Wayne, 2nd cast: Brian Patrick Clarke), her younger sister Donna ( Carrie Mitchum) and the baby Katie (Nancy Sloan) big. In 1988 Beth's husband Steven (1st cast: Robert Pine, 2nd cast: Patrick Duffy) returned home to his family after many years of abstinence. But since 1989 the Logans - except of course Brooke - were written out of the series, since from then on the Spectra clan was built up as a counterpart to the Forrester family. A little later, the Spencer family around publishing mogul Bill Spencer (Jim Storm) was written out of the series, in order to focus on the Spectra and Forrester families in the following years.

The fashion house boss Sally Spectra ( Darlene Conley ), initially conceived as a supporting role , who combines a professional and personal rivalry above all with Stephanie Forrester, was soon replaced by her daughter Macy Alexander Forrester ( Bobbie Eakes ), her assistant Darla Einstein Forrester (Schae Harrison) and hers right hand, the tailor Saul Feinberg (Michael Fox) who died in 1996. Sally's son CJ Garrison (including Mick Cain) from his marriage to designer Clarke Garrison (Daniel McVicar) soon completed the clan, which has been deeply interwoven with the Forresters over the years. With the introduction of the industrial mogul Massimo Marone (Joseph Mascolo), the family network changed radically. The industrial titans are complemented by his former lover Jackie Payne ( Lesley-Anne Down ) and their son Dominick Payne ( Jack Wagner ). Nick and Brooke also formed an extremely popular new pair of lovers, but Brooke eventually returned to Ridge. The chestnuts finally disappeared in 2012.

In 2006 the Logan family returned with a new (rejuvenated) cast - Patrick Duffy as Stephen, Robin Riker as Beth, Jennifer Gareis as Donna, William DeVry as Storm from 2007 to 2008 and Heather Tom as Katie - and has been central to the series ever since. In 2008, Bill Spencer Jr. ( Don Diamont ) appeared again, a new titan of the business world and revived the Spencer dynasty, which had long been believed to be forgotten. He is complemented by his illegitimate sons Liam (Scott Clifton) and Wyatt (Darrin Brooks) and his niece Caroline (Lynsey Godfrey). Brooke Logan is no longer the only one in the interests of LA men, her daughter Hope Logan (Kim Matula from 2010 to 2014 episode 5725 - 6974) is also constantly exposed to advances from the Spencer brothers.

In June 2017, Sheila Carter (formerly Warwick) returned to The Bold and the Beautiful in US episode 7605 after twelve years. She was last seen in the series in 2003. Back then, she and an accomplice named Sugar kidnapped Ridge. When Nick and Brooke were looking for him and found him in a goldsmith's shop, she also took them hostage. When Massimo found the three, there was a showdown between Ridge, Sheila, Brooke and Dominik, with Ridge falling into the goldsmith's oven. He was briefly believed dead, but reappeared alive. Sheila then fled and disappeared. In 2005 she reappeared in the series Shadows of Passion to undergo plastic surgery as Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) so that she could make life difficult for her enemies in Genoa City. In early 2007, she was shot and killed by her longtime archenemy Lauren Fenmore (Tracy Bergman). How she survived the shot back then has not yet emerged. Now she was believed to be the perpetrator when Eric Forrester's new wife Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) was shot. But it turned out that Quinn's ex-fiancé Deacon Sharpe fired the shots at her out of anger; on the one hand because she had deliberately pushed him into the sea when she kidnapped Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) so that Bill wouldn't find out about the kidnapping. Another reason was that she broke up with him (Deacon) and was getting married to Eric. Despite this, Sheila was arrested for her earlier actions (kidnapping Ridge, Dominick and Brooke, attempted murders of Stephanie Forrester, Taylor, Maggie Warwick), but was released with Eric's consent. Since then she has tried to become Eric's wife again. So she exposed an affair between Quinn and Ridge. Eric finally forgave Quinn. Now Sheila bribes a house technician to approach Quinn. She had a matriarch portrait painted of her to replace Quinns. Such a portrait has always been hanging over the fireplace in Eric's house since Stephanie's death.


Originally, creator William J. Bell, who u. a. wrote for Springfield Story and Zeit der Sehnsucht , creating an offshoot of his successful series Schatten der passion (runs since March 26, 1973 in the USA), because this has always been at the top of the audience's favor since the mid-80s. But over time, Bell and his wife, the journalist Lee Phillip Bell, finally developed an independent soap cosmos over two years, which, unlike all other American soap operas, was supposed to take place in a real city: the glamorous metropolis of Los Angeles. Over the years, several crossovers of characters from the rich and beautiful turned into a sister series to Shadow of Passion , although some actors have already played different roles in both series. On March 23, 1987, the series celebrated its premiere in the USA and replaced the Daily Soap Capitol (1982-1987), which was produced in the same studio and with partly the same crew as from then on Reich und Schön . Bradley Bell, son of the soap opera legend, wrote the scripts for the series with his father from the very beginning, until he took over the sole management of the writing staff as headwriter in May 1993 and finally became executive producer in December 1995. Thus Bell continues the dynasty and gave Reich und Schön its own personal touch. His wife Colleen Bell also works for the series u. a. as a producer and his sister-in-law Shannon Bradley has worked as a screenwriter since 2008.

Broadcast history

The local stations of the US network CBS have been broadcasting The Bold And The Beautiful since March 23, 1987, usually on weekdays at 1:30 p.m., directly after Shadow of Passion . In the first few years, the number of viewers was only mediocre and they only finished 8th in viewer favor on the Daily Soaps, which was the worst value of all CBS soaps. The following years began a slight upward trend, but only the series crossover with a shadow of passion around Sheila Carter ensured that in 1993 it moved up to 3rd place in the ratings. From the mid / late 1990s onwards, it was even the second most-watched soap opera, a title that Reich und Schön has only lost in a handful of days since 2000. From 2010 onwards, the series was able to stabilize its audience in the midst of the generally strong decline in audience numbers, so that it has leveled off again at 3.5 to just over 4 million daily viewers.

Shortly after the series premiere, the series rights were sold abroad for the first time: In December 1987, almost six months after the USA, the series began its international triumph in Greece . Most European countries followed in a very short time, including Germany , and the soap opera was a great success , especially in Italy , Switzerland and France . Other extremely successful markets for The Bold And The Beautiful were South Africa and Australia . In the course of the 1990s, up to 450 million viewers in over 100 countries on 6 continents tuned in every day to follow the events of the Forresters. Since then, the last curtain has fallen in some countries, but Reich und Schön still holds the title by far as the world's most-watched daily soap.

In Germany, the series was first broadcast on Tele 5 in April 1988 under the title Fashion Affairs . From May 2, 1989, the series ran under the title Reich und Schön on RTL plus. While Tele 5 took the program out of its program in October 1990, RTL broadcast the soap - apart from a seven-month break in 1991 - continuously until May 2000, until it was restructured alongside other soaps such as Springfield Story , Zeit der Sehnsucht and Sunset Beach was taken out of the program, despite average ratings of 0.70 million and market shares of up to 23.8% (overall average 1996). In January 2002, Reich und Schön surprisingly found a new home on ZDF , where the series was initially broadcast Monday to Friday at 10:50 a.m. in double episodes, starting with episode # 2450 from January 1997. Later it switched to the afternoon program (15: 3 p.m.), but due to lower ratings, Reich and Schön were placed again in the morning program (now from 11:15 a.m.). The only remaining US soap opera on German TV reached an audience of at times 1 million and became the market leader in morning programming. After a few breaks - most recently from December 30, 2008 to March 2, 2010 - the number of viewers on ZDF fell to 0.60 million, whereupon ZDF ended the broadcast on June 4, 2011 with episode # 5992 from January 2011. Repetitions of previously shown episodes on ZDF were broadcast on ZDFneo on Friday mornings in July 2010 and from October to December 2011 from 6 a.m.

From September 1, 2012, Reich und Schön ran again on Tele 5. However, it began with episode # 5000, which was first broadcast on ZDF a few years ago. Initially, five episodes were broadcast from 12:40 p.m. from the beginning of 2013 then in the early program from 6:25 a.m. The five episodes from Saturday were repeated individually in the following week from Monday to Friday from around 6:25 a.m. From January 9, 2014, the series was broadcast Monday to Friday in three episodes from 1:45 p.m. After episode # 5389 on January 20th, episode # 5000 started again on January 21st. On April 7, 2014, the broadcast was continued starting with episode # 4500 (from 2005) with even older episodes. Tele 5 announced at the time that it wanted to keep the series in the program until at least episode # 5992 (corresponds to the last one shown on ZDF) until 2017. On October 6, 2014, the station postponed the broadcast into the early hours of the morning. From this point on, the broadcast dates were irregular and comprised one to four episodes at a time between 4:15 a.m. and 6:50 a.m., Mondays to Saturdays and, from November 2014, sometimes also on Sundays. On Saturdays, five episodes were usually broadcast until 7:00 a.m. Episode # 5992 was already reached on March 9, 2016. On March 10th, episode # 5390 was continued until episode # 5746 ended on September 3rd, 2016.

In Austria , the channel ORF 2 (last Monday - Friday, 1:40 p.m. - 2:25 p.m.) broadcast the series for 10 years before the private broadcaster ATV took over the soap with episode # 4451 on May 31, 2007 , but in October Ended again in 2007 after moving to the previous evening with episode # 4650.

On January 4, 2019, the US 8,000. Episode broadcast.

The cast and crew of Rich and Beautiful at the Daytime Emmy Awards 2010


The German dubbing was done by Cinema Factory GmbH in Munich. Dialogue directing was carried out by Erik Schumann , Uschi Wolff , Manfred Mayr-Haug , Inez Günther , Cornelius Frommann based on dialogue books by Oliver Blank , Daniela Arden , Inez Günther , Stefan Sidak and others.


At the level of the German broadcast (selection)
Role name actor Leading role
year (s)
Supporting role
year (s)
German dubbing voice
Stephanie Forrester Susan Flannery 1987-2012 Eva Pflug
Heidi Treutler
Eric Forrester John McCook 1987– Fred Maire
Harald Dietl
Michael Gahr
Reinhard Brock
Brooke Logan Forrester Katherine Kelly Lang 1987– Marina Koehler
Ridge Forrester Ronn Moss 1987-2012 Walter von Hauff
Caroline Spencer Forrester Joanna Johnson 1987-1990 Bettina Kenter
Clarke Garrison Daniel McVicar 1987-1992, 1996-2005 2005-2007, 2009-2011 Hans-Georg Panczak
Michael Schwarzmaier
Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes Hunter Tylo 1990-2002, 2005-2013 2004, 2014 Gundula Liebisch
Marietta Meade
Elisabeth Günther
Thorne Forrester Winsor Harmon 1996-2013 2014 Stephan Rabow
Mike Carl
Amber Moore Adrienne Frantz 1997-2005, 2010-2012 Shandra Schadt
Dominick Marone Jack Wagner 2003-2012 Martin Umbach
Philipp Moog
Marcus Off
Dr. Bridget Forrester Ashley Jones 2004-2011 2012, 2013 Nina Kapust
Natascha Geisler
Angela Wiederhut
Jacqueline Marone Knight Lesley-Anne Down 2003-2012 Katharina Lopinski
Steffy Forrester Spencer (# 2) Jacqueline MacInnes Wood 2008–2013, 2015– 2015 Farina Brock
Rick Forrester Kyle Lowder 2007-2011 Marc sting
Katie Logan Spencer (# 2) Heather Tom 2007– Solveig Duda
Donna Logan Forrester Barber (# 2) Jennifer Gareis 2006– Simone Brahmann
Pamela Douglas Alley Mills 2008– Angelika Bender
Owen Knight Brandon Beemer 2008–2012 Johannes Raspe
Marcus Forrester Barber Texas Battle 2008–2012 Benedikt Weber
Justin Barber Aaron D. Spears 2009-2011 2012–2012, 2014 Matthias Klie
Bill Spencer Jr. Don Diamont 2009– Oliver Mink
Whip Jones Rick Hearst 2002, 2009–2012 Jacques Breuer
Claus-Peter Damitz
Agnes Jones Sarah Brown 2009-2011 Claudia Lössl
Thomas Hamilton Forrester (# 2) Adam Gregory 2010-2013 2014 Roman Wolko
Hope Logan Forrester Kimberly Matula 2010-2014 Gabrielle Pietermann
Liam Cooper Spencer Scott Clifton 2010– Patrick Roche
Oliver Jones Zack Conroy 2010–2012 2013 Benedikt Gutjan
Stephen Logan Patrick Duffy 2006, 2007-2008 2009-2011 Hans-Jürgen Dittberner
Ulrich Frank


The workload of the “Rich and Beautiful” crew includes around 250 episodes of 20 minutes each per year. The production location is the premises of CBS Television City in the center of Los Angeles not far from the famous Hollywood Boulevard, where the series occupies Soundstage 31. Here they usually work on the series' episodes for almost 50 weeks a year from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. When lavish scenes such as a wedding or a fashion show are pending, a day of shooting can also last well into the night. In the course of budget savings, the production process was optimized in 2005, after which a full week of series was recorded in four days. Now even two episodes are recorded a day. This makes the preparatory work for the big studio holidays easier, because between Christmas and New Years and the end of July to the beginning of August the studio gates close for several weeks. Each episode is recorded four to five weeks before they air on CBS. Then each episode is cut and accompanied by sound effects and music, which takes another seven to ten days. The staff of the series includes around 75 people including the technical staff and post-production. A mostly five-person directing team and half a dozen authors work behind the cameras, so that the almost 20 regular actors are always optimally included in the series action. The production company Bell-Phillip Television Productions Inc. is a family business and a large part of the crew has been working for over ten years, if not since the series premiere for Reich und Schön .

The theme music, High Upon This Love , was written by Jack Allocco and David Kurtz. In previous episodes of the soap, a version of the theme music sung by Dionne Warwick was played during the credits.

The series has been in production since September 7, 2011 (US broadcast) in 16: 9 aspect ratio and HDTV . It was one of the last US series produced in the 4: 3 standard format until then.

Opening credits

The series creators William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell commissioned the graphic designer Wayne Fitzgerald , whose repertoire includes the opening sequences of various Hollywood films such as Chinatown , Basic Instinct , the saga The Godfather . His best-known work was probably the significant opening credits for the primetime soap Dallas . Fitzgerald also created an identity-creating opening sequence for Reich und Schön : Introduced by a photographer, shots of models and the main actors of the series alternate in quick cuts like a photo shoot, until at the end a roll of fabric with the series logo fills the screen. The concept was so ingenious that the opening credits ushered in the beginning of rich and beautiful every day for over 17 years in more or less the same way. In 1988, the opening sequence was then honored with a Daytime Emmy . In the early years, the opening credits always lasted 30 seconds. In 1996 it was extended to 40 seconds, but at the end of the 1990s a short version of 20 seconds was also introduced in the USA. In Germany, however, only the standard version has always been broadcast. In Germany, the original US version with the title “The Bold And The Beautiful” was initially shown, until the first German version with the then title “Fashion Affairs” was released on Tele 5 during the first season. It was only in the course of season 2 and when the series switched to RTL that the words “Reich und Schön” found their way into the opening credits. In 1998, High Upon This Love was a setting of the title melody, sung by Dionne Warwick, which was also used in the series credits from 1998 to 1999 - but not in Germany. In July 2004, the first completely revised opening credits since the series premiere in 1987 premiered in the USA, but borrowed from the original and the theme music. The opening credits begin with the cover of a fashion magazine, after which the model is shown on the front page in front of the photographer's camera, before the new logo “B&B” - acronym for the US series title - can be seen in the camera lens, which introduces the images of the actors and ends with the zoom on the “B&B” logo, new model shots and finally the series logo begins. A special feature is that since then the role names have been displayed in the pictures and in January 2005 even the names of the actors were added. There are three versions in the USA: the long standard version of 40 seconds, a shortened version of 30 seconds and the 10-second version, which only consists of photos of the model and the photographer. In 2005 graphic designer Suzanne Kiley received the Daytime Emmy for her opening credits . In February 2011, the leader was finally changed again. The opening credits were produced by CBS Digital. The core element is now a fashion show in which all actors under contract (main and supporting roles) are shown in moving images. The actors are filmed in front of a blue screen, as the opening credits are completely digital. There is also a short 10-second version of this opening credits without actors and the regular version with 40 seconds. The title melody has also been set to music, but based on the original version. For the anniversary episode 7000, there was special music that sounded like the current title melody, but a bit more modern and rocky. Since episode 7.550, which was broadcast on CBS on March 23, 2017, the original version of the opening credits, which was shown from 1987 to spring 2004, can be seen again. As in the first 17 years, portrait photos of the actors are shown in various locations in the opening credits. In contrast to then, the music is set to music in a more modern way. In the 30th anniversary year, the anniversary number of the series (30) was added in gold to the font of “The BOLD and the Beautiful” in “BO”.

DVD publications

The label Fernsehjuwelen began on April 29, 2011 with the release on DVD starting with episode 1; 25 are always published in a box. In the meantime, 10 boxes and thus the first 250 episodes have appeared on DVD - more than in any other country in the world.

Book publications

So far, 3 books have been published for the series, 2 in the style of encyclopedias (and only available in the USA) and an illustrated book: In 1996, The Bold And The Beautiful: A Tenth Anniversary Celebration was published by HarperCollins . Robert Waldron , then an author for various soap opera magazines, sheds light on the genesis of the series and lists the biographies of authors, producers and actors. There is also a look behind the scenes and the various fashion shows in the series are illustrated. The core element of the book is a summary of the first 10 seasons.

In 2007, the production company self-distributed through its official website The Bold and The Beautiful - In Celebration of 20 Years on Television . In this coffee table book, publicist Eva Demirjan illustrates the various fashion shows, outdoor shoots and the people behind the series. The series events of the first 10 years are briefly summarized, whereupon the later series seasons are presented in detail, as was already done in the first book.

Becoming Bold and Beautiful - 25 Years of Making the Most Popular Daytime Soap Opera , published in 2013 by Sourcebooks, is an illustrated book with a few text sections. The authors / publicists David Gregg and Adrián Avilés have compiled over 200 large-format photos of the actors and important series moments, with the focus on the years 2010 to 2013. This was the first book that is also available in Germany and in German. It was published by the DVD sales company Fernsehjuwelen.


Daytime Emmy Awards

Best series

  • 2009 "Best Drama Series"
  • 2010 "Best Drama Series"
  • 2011 "Best Drama Series"


  • 2010 head writers Bradley Bell, Michael Minnis, Kay Alden


  • 2011, shared with Shadow of Passion
  • 2013


  • 1997 Supporting Actor: Ian Buchanan (Dr. James Warwick)
  • 2000 leading actress: Susan Flannery (Stephanie Douglas Forrester)
  • 2001 Young actor: Justin Torkildsen (Rick Forrester)
  • 2001 Young actress: Adrienne Frantz (Amber Moore Forrester)
  • 2002 Young Actress: Jennifer Finnigan (Bridget Forrester Sharpe)
  • 2002 Leading actress: Susan Flannery (Stephanie Douglas Forrester)
  • 2003 Young actress: Jennifer Finnigan (Bridget Forrester)
  • 2003 Leading actress: Susan Flannery (Stephanie Douglas Forrester)
  • 2004 Young actress: Jennifer Finnigan (Bridget Forrester)
  • 2010 Young Actors: Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas Forrester)
  • 2011 Supporting Actress: Heather Tom (Katie Logan)
  • 2011 Supporting Actor: Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer)
  • 2012 Leading Actress: Heather Tom (Katie Logan Spencer)
  • 2013 Leading actress: Heather Tom (Katie Logan Spencer)
  • 2013 Supporting Actor: Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer), shared with Billy Miller (Billy Abbott, Shadow of Passion )


Susan Flannery, who played Stephanie Forrester , can look back on a career in the daily soap business spanning over 30 years. Even before her role in Reich und Schön , which she played since 1987, she was from 1966 to 1975 as Dr. To see Laura Spencer Horton in Time of Longing .

Patrick Duffy, in the role of Stephen Logan , was best known as Bobby Ewing in the television series Dallas in the 1980s .

Brandon Beemer, Kyle Lowder and Hunter Tylo, who play the roles of Owen , Rick and Taylor , were also previously seen in Time of Longing . Lowder's wife, Arianne Zucker, has been an actress with Zeit der Sehnsucht since 1998 .

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