Time of longing

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Television series
German title Time of longing
Original title Days of Our Lives
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) since 1965
length 30 minutes (1965–1975), then 60 minutes
Episodes 13,819+ in 56 seasons
genre Soap opera
idea Ted Corday , Irna Phillips , Allan Chase
music Ken Corday & D. Brent Nelson
First broadcast November 8, 1965 (USA) on NBC
first broadcast
September 6, 1993 on RTL

u. v. a.

Zeit der Sehnsucht (Original title: Days of Our Lives ) is an American soap opera . It is one of the longest television series that is currently in production.


The series started on November 8, 1965, it is still produced and broadcast on NBC . In Germany, the series ran under the title “Zeit der Sehnsucht” from September 1993 to February 1994, initially for six months in the afternoon program of RTL and from February 1994 for two years in the station’s morning program. The series is produced by Corday Productions Inc. in collaboration with Sony Pictures Television.

The series is now executive produced by Ken Corday with Gary Tomlin. Ken Corday's parents, Ted and Betty Corday, co-invented the series with Irna Phillips.

The series takes place in the fictional city of Salem. In the USA there are a large number of cities with this name, but the Salem of “Time of Longing” cannot be assigned to a specific one in reality. In the US version of the opening credits, Macdonald Carey, who died in 1994, utters the words “ Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. “(Like sand that runs through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.) Until his death, the addition, also spoken by Macdonald Carey,“ This is Macdonald Carey, and these are the days of our lives. “Used. After his death in 1994, this second sentence was removed from the opening credits out of respect for him and his family. Carey was the center of the series from 1965 until his death in the role of doctor Tom Horton.

In the German version of the opening credits, the sentence is reversed into the exact opposite: “Time that is immortal, time of longing.” The melody is also different from the US version.

Basically, it's all about the Horton and Brady families. While the Horton family was the focus at the beginning of the series, a whole new family was introduced to the series a few years later with the Bradys. While the Hortons are more of the upper middle class - head of the family Tom Horton was a respected doctor and one of his sons was a lawyer, the Bradys own an Irish pub and both sons Roman and Bo are with the police. The two families are connected to each other through Bo and Hope. Bo is one of the Bradys' two sons and Hope is Alice Horton's granddaughter. Frances Reid , who played Alice Horton, has been on the show since the series began in 1965. She died on February 3, 2010 at the age of 95 in Los Angeles, California. Frances Reid's last appearance as Alice Horton was in the series' Christmas episodes in 2007. For the episodes in which Frances Reid and her role Alice Horton are bid farewell, numerous former cast members, mostly characters from the Horton family, returned to the series for some Episodes back. Her husband in the series Tom Horton, played by Macdonald Carey , also starred from the beginning of the series in 1965 until his death in 1994. The actress Suzanne Rogers , who has played Maggie Horton since 1973 (with short breaks), has also been in the series for a very long time . NBC renewed the series in November 2008 and will air it in the United States until at least September 2010. In March 2010 the series was extended for a further year and will therefore be seen until at least September 2011. In early 2009, two of the show's most popular cast, Deidre Hall , who played Dr. Marlena Evans and Drake Hogestyn , who played John Black , left the series due to budget cuts. Since 1985 John Aniston , father of actress Jennifer Aniston, can be seen as Victor Kiriakis in the series.

In order to win former viewers back for the series, actors, some of whom left the series decades ago, are brought back at regular intervals. The actress Crystal Chappell, who played Carly Manning until 1993, has been back in this role since October 2009 after 16 years of abstinence.

In December it was announced that the contract of actor Bryan Dattilo, who has played Lucas Horton in the series since 1993, was not renewed.

Popular actress Melissa Reeves returns to the series as Jennifer Horton Deveraux in November. She played this role from 1985 to 1995 and from 2000 to 2006. From 1984 to 1985 she played the role of Jade Perkins in the California Clan (Eng. Santa Barbara ).

Probably the most important lovers in the series are Bo & Hope Brady. The story about the two began in the 80s and continues to this day, but since then both actors have left the series for a long time until they have returned.

After the end of the Springfield Story ( Guiding Light ), which will be canceled on September 18, 2009, Zeit der Sehnsucht is the third longest running soap opera in the USA.

After the end of young and passionate - How Funny People ( As the World Turns ), which is issued on 17 September 2010 is Days of Our Lives ongoing at second longest soap opera in the United States by General Hospital .

After the end of All My Children and Liebe, Lied, Passion ( One Life to Live ) on ABC, Zeit der Sehnsucht is one of the last of four soap operas next to Schatten der passion ( The Young and the Restless ), Reich und Schön ( The Bold and the Beautiful ) and General Hospital , which can be seen in the USA.

Since the television season 2008/2009 is Days of Our Lives again in third place in ratings ranking of all US daily soaps, behind the series The Young and the Restless (dt. Young and the Restless ) and The Bold and the Beautiful dt (. Rich and beautiful ).

In 2020, the series has been on the air for 55 years.

Well-known former actors

Susan Flannery , known as Stephanie Forrester from "The Rich and Beautiful," played the role of Dr. from 1966 to 1975. Laura Spencer Horton. Originally, the makers of "Rich and Beautiful" wanted Susan Seaforth Hayes (who plays Julie Williams) to play Stephanie Forrester. When she turned down the role, her former series colleague from "Time of Longing" Susan Flannery got the role.

Jensen Ackles , the actor from the series "Supernatural", became known for the role of Eric Brady, which he played for three years from 1997 to 2000.

Charles Shaughnessy , known as Maxwell Sheffield in the series The Nanny , played the role of Shane Donovan in Time of Longing from 1984. He played that role for eight years and returned to the series for a few episodes in 2002.

Joseph Mascolo is known to many fans of "Reich und Schön". There he played the role of Massimo Marone from 2001 to 2006.

Brandon Beemer also plays in "Reich und Schön". Since 2008 he has played the role of Owen Knight there. Before that, however, he played Shawn Brady, the son of Bo and Hope Brady, at Zeit der Sehnsucht. He took over this role from longtime Shawn actor Jason Cook (1999-2006). After just two years, Brandon Beemer and his series partner Martha Madison (played Belle Black) were released from their contract with the series. In his private life, Brandon Beemer is with Nadia Bjorlin, who has played Chloe Lane since 1999 at Zeit der Sehnsucht.

Kyle Lowder, who plays Rick Forrester on "The Bold and the Beautiful," starred from 2000 to 2005 in the role of Brady Black in Zeit der Sehnsucht.

Eileen Davidson , known as Ashley Abbot from "Rich and Beautiful" and "Shadows of Passion", played up to five different roles in "Zeit der Sehnsucht" from 1993 to 1998 and returned to the role of "Kristen DiMera" in 2012 back.


One of the most controversial characters in the series is Samy "Samantha" Brady (played by Alison Sweeney). She is the daughter of Marlena Evans and Roman Brady. Her twin brother is Eric Brady. Her half-siblings are Carrie, Cassie and Rex Brady on her father's side and Belle Black on her mother's side. She was already married to Austin Reed, Lucas Horton, Brandon Walker and EJ DiMera. She has children Will and Allie from Lucas Horton and Johnny and Sydney from EJ. She is currently dating Rafe Hernandez. Nevertheless, she also developed feelings for her ex-husband EJ again. Born in the series in 1984, she was a teenager by 1993 - a not uncommon occurrence in US daily soaps. Since then, the role has been played by Alison Sweeney, who left at the end of 2014.

Rafe Hernandez (played by Galen Gering) is an FBI agent and Sammy Brady's boyfriend. He is the older brother of Arianna and Gabi Hernandez.

Arianna Hernandez (played by Lindsay Hartley) is the younger sister of Rafe Hernandez and the older sister of Gabi Hernandez.

Gabi Hernandez (played by Gabriela Rodriguez) is the younger sister of Rafe and Arianna Hernandez.

Carrie Brady Reed (played by Christie Clark) is the daughter of Anna DiMera and Roman Brady. She is the half sister of Sami, Eric, Cassie and Rex Brady. Like her sister Sami Brady, she was married to Austin Reed and Lucas Horton, who are half-brothers. Her sister Sami, in particular, often made life difficult for her by manipulating Carrie and Austin's wedding. She is currently married to Austin for the second time. After years of absence, she returns to Salem in 2010.

Maggie Horton (played by Suzanne Rogers) is the owner of the Chez Rouge restaurant. She was married to Mickey Horton until his death in 2010. She is the mother of Melissa and Sarah Horton and the grandmother of Nathan Horton.

Nathan Horton (played by Mark Hapka) is the grandson of Maggie Horton and the son of Melissa Horton. He works at Salem University Hospital.

EJ "Elvis Junior" DiMera (played by James Scott) is the son of Stefano DiMera and Susan Banks. With Samy he has the children Johnny and Sydney. Besides Samy, he was also married to Nicole. His siblings are Tony DiMera and Lexie Carver.

Nicole Walker DiMera (played by Arianne Zucker) is the wife of EJ DiMera. She is the daughter of Fay Walker and the sister of Brandon Walker. In addition to EJ, she was also married to Victor Kiriakis.

Bo Brady (played by Peter Reckell) is the son of Caroline Brady and comes from an affair with Victor Kiriakis. However, until the moment he learned the truth from his mother, Caroline Brady, he grew up believing that Shawn Brady was his birth father. With Hope he has the children Shawn Douglas and Ciara. With Billie he has the daughter Chelsea. He was also on the show with Carly Manning. Philip Kiriakis is one of his half brothers.

Hope Williams Brady (played by Kristian Alfonso) is married to Bo Brady. She has children with him, Shawn Douglas and Ciara. She is the stepmother of Chelsea Brady.

Kate Roberts (played by Lauren Koslow) has been Samy Brady's mother-in-law several times, as both her son Lucas and her son Austin were married to Samy. When the character Kate was introduced to the series, she only had one son, Lucas. Later came Billie (played by Lisa Rinna) and Austin, two other adult children. With Victor Kiriakis she later had a son Philip. Not enough, it turned out a few years later that she has the children Cassie and Rex with Roman Brady, the father of Samy Brady. These two characters were introduced to the series with a bizarre UFO story.

Lucas Horton (played by Bryan Dattilo) is one of the sons of Kate Roberts and was already married to Samy Brady and her half-sister Carrie Brady. Sami, in turn, was already married to Lucas' half-brother Austin Reed. With Sami he has the children Will and Allie. When Will was born, Lucas's half-brother Austin was considered his father, but later it turned out that Will is Lucas's son, as Sami had lied about fatherhood. Lucas' half-siblings are Mike & Jennifer Horton, Austin & Billie Reed, Rex & Cassie Brady and Philip Kiriakis.

Caroline Brady (played by Peggy McCay) is the head of the Brady family. She is the mother of Roman, Kimberly, Kayla and Bo and by adoption of Frankie and Max. She was married to Shawn Brady (played by Frank Parker) which character on the series has already passed away. Sami Brady is one of her grandchildren.

Lexie Carver (played by Renée Jones) is the wife of Police Chief Abe Carver. With Abe she has the son Theo Carver. Lexie was having an affair with Abe's son, Brandon Walker. She didn't know if Abe or Brandon was Theo's father. However, it turns out that Abe is the birth father.

Chloe Lane (played by Nadia Bjorlin) is the daughter of Craig and Nancy Wesley and the sister of Joy Wesley. However, it wasn't until she was a teenager in 1999 that Chloe came to Salem and found out that Nancy and Craig were her birth parents. Her mother Nancy had given her up for adoption shortly after she was born, without her husband Craig knowing anything about it. Chloe was married to Philip Kiriakis and his half-brother Lucas Horton (the marriage was annulled in 2009). She was married to Brady Black from 2005 to 2008. She is currently with Daniel Jonas.

Philip Kiriakis (played by Jay Kenneth Johnson) is the son of Victor Kiriakis and Kate Roberts. His half-siblings are Lucas Horton, Billie and Austin Reed, as well as Bo, Cassie and Rex Brady. He was married to Belle Black and is currently married to Melanie Layton. He also had a relationship with Chloe Lane, with whom his half-brother Lucas later had a relationship. He was also in a relationship with Morgan Hollingsworth and Stephanie Johnson.

Victor Kiriakis (played by John Aniston) is one of the most influential residents of Salem. He is the head of the Titan Industries publishing house. He is the father of Philip Kiriakis, Isabella Toscano and Bo Brady. Victor only found out later that Bo is his son. Bo grew up believing that Shawn Brady was his birth father. Later, however, it turned out that Caroline Brady, Bo's mother, had an affair with Victor, during which he was conceived. Philip emerged from his marriage to Kate Roberts and Isabella from a relationship with Loretta Toscano. He was with both Dr. Carly Manning married, with whom his son Bo was also married, and Nicole Walker, with whom his grandson Brady Black, the son of Isabella Toscano and John Black was with. He is currently married to Vivian Alamain, with whom he was married from 1995 to 1997.

Vivian Alamain (played by Louise Sorel) is the wife of Victor Kiriakis. She was married to him from 1995 to 1997.

Stefano DiMera (played by Joseph Mascolo) is no less influential but much more unscrupulous. He is the father of Tony DiMera, Lexie Carver and EJ DiMera.

Recurring roles

Julie Williams (played by Susan Seaforth Hayes) is the half-sister and stepmother of Hope Brady. It comes from the relationship between Addie Horton and Ben Olson. After Ben Olson's death, Addie Horton married Doug Williams. Hope Brady comes from this marriage. Addie later had a car accident and Julie and Doug became a couple. She and Doug are now married for the third time.

Doug Williams (played by Bill Hayes) is the father of Hope Brady. After Hope's mother, Addie Horton, died, he married their first daughter, Julie, who was the result of Addie and Ben Olson's marriage.


  • Brady's Pub
  • Chez Rouge
  • Java Cafe
  • The Penthouse Grille
  • .COM
  • Salem University Hospital


Numerous books have been published, including a cookbook and CDs.


Susan Seaforth Hayes is married to Doug Williams in her role as Julie Williams on the series. In real life, she is married to Doug's cast member, Bill Hayes. In 2005, the two published a book in which their meeting and the experiences in the series were discussed.

Susan Seaforth Hayes, who plays the role of Julie Williams, was on the cover of the prestigious Time magazine in 1976 with the headline "SOAP OPERAS - Sex and Suffering in the Afternoon" with her husband Bill Hayes (plays Doug Williams). They were the first soap actors to appear on the cover of the magazine. In the early 1970s, up to 19 afternoon soap operas were shown on US television. She was scheduled for the role of Stephanie Forrester in "The Bold and the Beautiful," but when she turned down the role, her former series colleague from "The Times of Longing," Susan Flannery, got the role.

Other film and television productions also mention Zeit der Sehnsucht as the best-known long-lasting soap opera. So is z. B. Friends character Joey was employed several times as an actor at Zeit der Sehnsucht. Barney on How I Met Your Mother claims to have slept with one of the soap opera actresses in season 3 episode 3.

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