The Pyramid (TV show)

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Television broadcast
Original title The pyramid
Country of production Federal Republic of Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1979-1994
length 45 minutes
Episodes 165
genre Quiz show
music Gershon Kingsley
Moderation Dieter Thomas Heck
First broadcast March 16, 1979 on ZDF
Television broadcast
Original title The pyramid
Country of production Germany
original language German
year 2012
length 45 minutes
Episodes 20 in 1 season
Mondays - Fridays
genre Quiz show
music Gershon Kingsley
Moderation Micky Beisenherz and Joachim Llambi
First broadcast August 6, 2012 on ZDFneo

The Pyramid is a quiz show that was broadcast on ZDF from March 16, 1979 to October 1994 . The moderator was Dieter Thomas Heck , and the theme music (Die Pyramid) of the German show comes from Gershon Kingsley . In 2012, a new edition of the program was broadcast on ZDF.


The German version is based on the US game show The $ 10,000 Pyramid , which was developed by Bob Stewart, who also developed the concept of The price is hot and Tell the truth . The show was first broadcast by CBS in 1973 , but only on ABC to a rating success. The quiz show, which has enjoyed success over the years as The $ 25,000 Pyramid , The $ 50,000 Pyramid and The $ 100,000 Pyramid , continues to air on various channels in the United States to this day.

From 1996 to 1999 the German private broadcaster Sat.1 ran the game show Do You Have Words based on the same game principle. The program was initially moderated by Jörg Pilawa and later by Thomas Koschwitz .

The new edition of Die Pyramid started in August 2012 , initially in the evening program of ZDFneo, later also in the afternoon program of ZDF.

The pyramid (ZDF, 1979–1994)

Recording and broadcast

Each season was usually recorded a few months before the broadcast in the television studio in Munich (FSM) in Unterföhring. So was z. B. with the prominent candidates Heidi Brühl and Reinhard Mey (also music appearance) produced a 45-minute pilot episode, which was first broadcast on April 3, 2012 on ZDFkultur . The program was broadcast at irregular intervals, but sometimes also in a weekly rhythm, on different days of the week.


The aim of the game, which runs over several rounds, is that two candidates have to explain seven terms to each other in thirty seconds in different ways ( pantomime , term descriptions) without using parts of the term itself.

In the ZDF edition, two teams were formed, each made up of a celebrity and a viewer candidate. A total of three pyramid rounds were played per broadcast. First, three preliminary rounds were played alternately between the two pairs of candidates, in which the hands could be used for gestures. However, there were only 30 seconds available to guess seven terms. If the rule not to reveal any components of the solution word was violated for one of the terms, the term was ruled out; However, the round continued until the end of the time, if there were still terms to be guessed. If the pair of candidates managed to correctly guess all seven terms of a preliminary round, they received an extra 200 DM .

The pair of candidates who guessed the most terms in the three preliminary rounds could finally play for the corresponding pyramid. In the event of a tie, a key question was asked. Finally the half of the game of the winning candidates of the preliminary round was pushed into the middle of the field, a pyramid animation appeared and within 60 seconds six terms had to be guessed.

The pyramids that were played around were endowed differently: the first pyramid with 500 DM, the second with 1000 DM and the third with 1500 DM. The terms to be guessed were not always the same, but with increasing DM amounts evaluated: 50 DM for the first three, 100 DM for the next two, 150 DM for the last term (a total of 500 DM) in the first pyramid; analogously three times 100 DM, twice 200 DM, once 300 DM (total 1000 DM) in the second pyramid; and ditto three times 150 DM, twice 300 DM, once 450 DM (a total of 1500 DM) in the third pyramid.

In the pyramid round, however, gestures were almost impossible because the whistleblower had to put his hands in two loops. Fatal in this round: if the aforementioned rule was violated, the round was over immediately and not after 60 seconds.

In controversial situations (usually once per broadcast) the referee and Munich lawyer Josef Heindl intervened over the phone. In the "half-time" came a music track that was mainly roughly classified into the Schlager category and was mostly sung in German.


The winnings of the celebrities were collected for three broadcasts and then donated to a good cause (the respective case was briefly described by Heck, but the person concerned was not mentioned by name). The viewer candidates were allowed to keep their money.


The game was also played once by children in 1987 within the edition of the super hit parade, also moderated by Dieter Thomas Heck, to mark the 10th anniversary of "A Heart for Children" and in the one-time edition of Guten Abend, Deutschland , a joint production by ZDF and DFF on May 6, 1990 from the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, the quiz even ran live. However, only celebrities participated; one team consisted of two representatives from DFF and the other from ZDF. Since the game was played for a good cause and the aim was to reach the highest possible sum, the candidates already seemed to know the answers:

Description of the ZDF celebrities: "We didn't have that, but it existed in the GDR and is no longer there ..." - (correct) answer: " State Security ".

Here again Mr. Heindl was apparently brought into play, in contrast to other editions of the "Pyramid", his voice could not be heard. Dieter Thomas Heck greeted him this time with the words "Mr. Heindl, how did you manage to get through here?" - as an allusion to the GDR telephone network, which was ailing at the time.

The constant word duel between the two alleged brawlers became an integral part of the show. However, since no one could see Mr. Heindl, since he was sitting in an office in the studio and could only be heard over the red phone, a competition was held for charity, in which children should try to paint Mr. Heindl as they do imagine him. There were thousands of entries.

In the following show, Mr. Heindl came on stage and announced the winner himself.

Board game

Today there are some parlor games (board and card games) that follow this model, for example Activity .

List of ZDF broadcasts

Episode no. weekday date Candidate candidate Music guest
000 (pilot) Fr. Nov. 17, 1978
Heidi Brühl Reinhard Mey Reinhard Mey ( There are days when I wish I were my dog )
Heidi Brühl (What I Did for Love)
001 Fr. 16. Mar. 1979 Hanni Vanhaiden Reinhard Mey Hanni Vanhaiden (I'm the kitty from the 1st channel)
Reinhard Mey ( The first gray hair from the LP Menschenjunges )
002 Fr. 0Apr 6, 1979 Helga Feddersen Chris Roberts Helga Feddersen (In Bauermanns Bierkeller)
Chris Roberts (I love this country)
Ralph Siegel (seated as a guest in the audience)
003 Fr. 04th May 1979 Katja Ebstein Roy Black Roy Black ( Lucky (German original recording) )
Katja Ebstein (It doesn't have to be roses)
004th Fr. 0June 1, 1979 Caterina Valente Jürgen Drews Jürgen Drews ( Du schaffst mich (You Thrill Me) )
Caterina Valente (Flamenco Espanol)
005 Fr. 0July 6, 1979 Heidi Brühl Ralf Wolter Heidi Brühl (What I Did for Love)
Ralf Wolter ( The Meaning of Life / Eine Mark )
006th Fr. 0Sep 7 1979 Monika Peitsch Walter Giller Walter Giller (How is it possible that something like this is possible)
Monika Peitsch (Always be a clown in life)
007th Fr. 0Oct 5, 1979 Elke Sommer Volker Lechtenbrink Volker Lechtenbrink (The Player)
Elke Sommer (Las Vegas)
008th Fr. 0Nov 2, 1979 Mary Roos Klaus Havenstein Mary Roos (The First Meeting)
Klaus Havenstein (Throw Away)
009 Mon Jan. 28, 1980 Elisabeth Volkmann Sepp Maier Dschinghis Khan (Hajji Halef Omar)
010 Mon 03rd Mar 1980 Heide Rosendahl Mike Kruger Mike Krüger (The Nipple)
Boney M. (Bahama Mama)
011 Mon 31 Mar 1980 Margot Werner Rainer Holbe Saragossa Band (Medley: Big Bamboo; Rasta Man; Zabadak)
012 Mon May 12, 1980 Victoria Voncampe Joachim Fuchsberger Martin Mann (Memories)
013 Mon 0June 9, 1980 Antje-Katrin Kühnemann Jupp Derwall Truck Stop (Medley: I'd really like to hear Dave Dudley ;
Take it easy old house ; The wild wild west )
014th Mon 0July 7, 1980 Petra Schürmann Elmar Gunsch Rex Gildo (Medley: Fiesta Mexicana ; Marie, the last dance is just for you ; The last Sirtaki ; Being free, as only children are otherwise )
015th Mon Jan. 26, 1981 Mildred Scheel Thomas Gottschalk Dschinghis Khan ( Pistolero - TV Premiere)
016 Mon 23 Feb 1981 Helga Guitton Heinz Eckner Goombay Dance Band (Rain)
017th Mon Apr 27, 1981 Alice Kessler Ellen Kessler The Hornettes ( Jukebox / Mannequin )
018th Mon June 29, 1981 Ulrike von Möllendorff Walther Leisler Kiep Alice and Ellen Kessler (New York)
019th Mon July 27, 1981 Barbara Valentin Hans Joachim Stuck Gitte Hænning (something has happened)
020th Mon Aug 24, 1981 Désirée Nosbusch Thomas Ohrner Saragossa Band (Agadou)
021st Mon 0Oct. 5, 1981 Lotti Krekel Ernst H. Hilbich Orlando Riva Sound (Who Built the Pyramids)
022nd Mon 0Nov 2, 1981 Ingrid Peters Gotthilf Fischer Trix (C'est la vie / Alfonsina y el Mar)
023 Mon Nov 23, 1981 Johanna von Koczian Günter Verheugen Michael Holm (love needs closeness)
024 Mon Dec. 19, 1981 Cleo Kretschmer Michael Holm Marvelli Jr. (Wizard)
025th Mon Jan 25, 1982 Heinz Schenk Alfred Biolek Roland Kaiser (Because I believe)
026th Mon 15th Mar 1982 Annette von Aretin Guido Baumann Toni Hochegger and his horse 'Jacket' (animal training)
027 Mon July 19, 1982 Dieter Kürten Lotti without worries Tony Marshall ( Jim and Andy (German original recording) )
028 Mon 23 Aug 1982 Elke Kast Michael Schanze Robert Abt (I don't want to lie anymore)
029 Mon Sep 20 1982 Christiane Rücker Frank Zander Mister Cox (magician)
030th Mon Nov 15, 1982 Jutta Speidel Peter Hofmann Peter Hofmann ( The House of the Rising Sun )
031 Mon Dec. 27, 1982 Evelyn Künneke Jürgen Scheller Fred Roby (ventriloquist)
032 Fr. Feb. 18, 1983 Lisa Fitz Hellmut Lange Stefan Waggershausen (Cote d'Azur)
033 Fr. 11th Mar 1983 Ingeborg Schöner Robert Lembke Dieter Hallervorden & Rotraud Schindler (sketches made from celery salad )
034 Fr. Apr 15, 1983 Monika Lundi René Kollo René Kollo (Home - Land of Songs)
035 Fr. May 13, 1983 Michaela May Klaus Dahlen Al Bano & Romina Power (Che Angelo Sei)
036 Fr. June 10, 1983 Sigi Harreis Hans-Jürgen Bäumler Costa Cordalis (I like you)
037 Fr. Sep 30 1983 Karin Eickelbaum Harald Juhnke Bernhard Brink (That's what I live for)
038 Fr. Oct 21, 1983 Louise Martini Peer Schmidt Veronika Fischer (The evening before the storm)
039 Mon Oct. 31, 1983 Frank Elstner Claus Hinrich Casdorff Hiroko Murata (Let Me Down Easy)
040 Fr. 0Dec 2, 1983 Liselotte powder Hans Clarin Francis Lai (Dream Ship Medley)
041 Sat 0Jan. 7, 1984 Sissy de Mas Paul Breitner Vicky Leandros (love me tonight)
042 Sat Jan. 28, 1984 Katerina Jacob Gunther Philipp Relax (Marie)
043 Sat July 28, 1984 Tina Riegel Gerhart Baum Heino & Hannelore (keep fit, hike with me)
044 Sat 0Sep 1 1984 Iris Berben Carlo von Tiedemann Ady Zehnpfennig with the music clown Tessi (Medley)
045 Sat Nov 24, 1984 Ulrike Meyfarth Roland Kaiser Ulrich Eicke (Hey, we're all okay)
046 Sat Dec 22, 1984 Bibi Johns Gerhard Wendland Peter Hofmann & Deborah Sasson (Things I Never Said)
047 Sat 0Jan 5, 1985 Karin Tietze-Ludwig Werner Kreindl Volker Lechtenbrink (What can we do about it?)
048 Sat Jan. 19, 1985 Ursela Monn Rolf Schimpf Roberto Blanco y sus amigos latinoamerianos (Medley)
049 Sat Feb 16, 1985 Anja Kruse Peter Illmann
050 Sat 30th Mar 1985 Heath cellar Ignaz Kiechle Didian & Monika Fräcks
051 Sat 0June 8, 1985 Sabine Sauer Claus Wilcke Stephan Sulke (And I'll just do it again)
052 Sat June 29, 1985 Juliane Werding Ernst Dieter Lueg
053 Sat July 13, 1985 Marion Kracht Viktor Worms Goombay Dance Band (Marlena)
054 Sat July 27, 1985 Simone Rethel Horst Janson The Hornettes (hit medley)
055 Sat Aug 10, 1985 Ilse Werner Norbert Schramm Dschinghis Khan (Mexico)
056 Sat Aug 24, 1985 Barbara Dickmann Ernst Huberty Chris Roberts (Lalala Song)
057 Sat 0Sep 7 1985 Rosi Mittermaier Christian Neureuther Leinemann (My Tuut Tuut)
058 Sat 15th Mar 1986 Margot Hielscher Thomas Fritsch Peter Parsch (do you know what love is)
059 Sat 29 Mar 1986 Beate Wedekind Michael Graeter Vicky Leandros (melodies from Greece)
060 Sat Apr. 27, 1986 Anja Schuess Eduard Zimmermann GG Anderson (medley of his compositions: love me one last time,
Mama Lorraine , Manuel Goodbye, yes, yes, Katja, she has ..., chess Matt )
061 Sat May 24, 1986 Dagmar Berghoff Claus Seibel Jürgen Marcus (I saw you)
062 Sat July 12, 1986 Hanne Haller Bernie Paul Bundeswehr Showband (Medley: Live Is Life , You're My Heart, You're My Soul ...)
063 Sat Aug 30, 1986 Cornelia Hanisch Max Schautzer Cindy & Bert (Rock'n Roll Medley)
064 Sat 13 Sep 1986 Julia Biedermann Hans Bierbrauer Mireille Mathieu (you know I love you)
065 Wed 0Oct. 1, 1986 Ute Christensen Peer Augustinski Maxi & Chris Garden (My City)
066 Do. May 21, 1987 Christa Gierke and Frank Schröder Jürgen von der Lippe Volker Lechtenbrink (at some point)
067 Sat May 30, 1987 Ramona Leiß Pit Weyrich Roland Kaiser (Veronica)
068 Sat June 13, 1987 Margarethe Schreinemakers Manfred Krug Drafi Deutscher (Medley)
069 Sat June 27, 1987 Vera Russwurm Diether cancer Nicole (Song for the World)
070 Sat July 11, 1987 Irene Epple Felix Magath Andy Borg (do you know how that is)
071 Sat July 25, 1987 Marie-Theres Relin Jan Hofer The Flippers (Medley)
072 Sat 0Aug 8, 1987 Birgit Lechtermann Wilfried Baasner Leonard (look me in the eye)
073 Sat 22 Aug 1987 Anneliese Rothenberger Gerhard Klarner Caterina Valente (Medley)
074 Sat June 18, 1988 Vera Chekhova Toni Mang Bernd Clüver & The Four Kings (Medley)
075 Sat June 25, 1988 Eva Pflug Dieter Bohlen CC Catch (House of Mystic Lights)
076 Sat 0July 2nd, 1988 Nicole Amadeus August Karel Gott (Country Roads, Together Again)
077 Sat 0July 9, 1988 Christa Kinshofer-Güthlein Peter Rapp Peter Cornelius (Irren is male)
078 Sat July 16, 1988 Susanne Uhlen Karl Dall Ireen Sheer ( Amazing Grace ; I'm Here )
079 Sat July 23, 1988 Claudia Kohde-Kilsch Manfred Seipold Headline vocal group (swing medley)
080 Sat July 30, 1988 Marie-Luise Marjan Peter Kraus Leinemann (There's a case of beer in Spain)
081 Sat 0Aug 6, 1988 Diana grains Horst Frank Salvatore Adamo ( Que sera )
082 Sat Aug 13, 1988 Evelyn Hamann Dietmar Schönherr Nicole (just like you)
083 Sat Aug 20, 1988 Carolin Reiber Mike Kruger Mike Krüger (everyone talks about it)
084 Sat Aug 27, 1988 Angelika Milster Volker Brandt The Hollies (Shine Silently)
085 Sat 03rd Sep 1988 Cindy Berger Pit Kruger Dieter Dornig (Nobody knows where the wind is blowing us)
086 Sat June 10, 1989 Barbara Wussow Tommi Piper Hanne Haller (My dear husband)
087 Sat June 17, 1989 Sandra Jörg Wontorra Sandra ( Around My Heart )
088 Sat June 24, 1989 Ilona Christians René Weller Ludwig Baumann (The Last Rose)
089 Sat 0July 1, 1989 Margot Eskens Camillo rims Rolf Zuckowski (breakfast for mom)
090 Sat 0July 8, 1989 Klaus Baumgart Klaus Büchner Klaus and Klaus (I'm not a beautiful man)
091 Sat July 15, 1989 Paola Felix Kurt Felix Paola ( Blue Bayou , Rose of the Night)
092 Sat July 22, 1989 Michaela Gerg Reinhold Roth Gunter Gabriel (Dankwart and Leila)
093 Sat July 29, 1989 Christine Reinhart Christian Wolff Spider Murphy Gang (FFB)
094 Sat 0Aug 5, 1989 Birgit Schrowange Hans Klein Catherine (La Direttissima)
095 Sat Aug 12, 1989 Cornelia Scheel Gert Rosenthal Freddy Breck (Medley)
096 Sat Aug 19, 1989 Karin Feddersen Michael Carl Heat free (medley)
097 Sat 23 Aug 1989 Viktoria Brams Michael Hinz Costa Cordalis (ash or embers)
098 Sat 0Sep 2 1989 Ingrid Peters Wolfgang Völz GG Anderson
099 Sat 0June 2, 1990 Bianca Christian Quadflieg Hanne Haller (fried potatoes with fried egg)
100 Sat 0June 9, 1990 Eleonore Weisgerber Klaus Wildbolz Marion Maerz (Medley)
101 Sat June 16, 1990 Monika Hohlmeier Jochen Schroeder
102 Sat June 22, 1990 Claus Theo Gärtner Rainer Hunold Al Bano & Romina Power (Bussa Ancora)
103 Fr. June 29, 1990 Brigitte Grothum Wolfgang Lippert
104 Fr. 0July 6, 1990 Ingrid Steeger Hans-Joachim Stuck
105 Fr. July 13, 1990 Grit Boettcher Bernd Clüver no show part as only 30 minutes of broadcast time
106 Fr. July 20, 1990 Claudia Weins Jürgen Hingsen
107 Fr. July 27, 1990 Erika Berger Günther Jauch The Flippers (Medley)
108 Fr. 0Aug 3, 1990 Isabel Varell Drafi German
109 Fr. Aug 10, 1990 Carmen Nebel Klausjürgen Wussow Relax
110 Fr. Aug 17, 1990 Heino Hannelore Auer
111 Fr. Aug 24, 1990 Maria Schell Reinhold Timm Pit & the Poppies
112 Sat 0Sep 1 1990 Gabriele Seyfert Jörg Knör
113 Sat 08 Sep 1990 Nena Heiner Lauterbach Nena
114 Sat Sep 15 1990 Jule Neigel Heinz Rennhack
115 Sat May 25, 1991 Mareike Carrière Ezard Haussmann Hanne Haller
116 Sat 0June 1, 1991 Corinna Drews Ulli Potofski
117 Sat 0June 8, 1991 Monika Sundermann Harald Schmidt New Mixed Emotions (Lonely Lover)
118 Sat June 15, 1991 Ursula Karven Ruprecht Eser
119 Sat June 22, 1991 Maria Furtwängler Manfred Lehmann
120 Sat June 29, 1991 Dagmar Koller Helmut Bradl
121 Sat 0July 6, 1991 Maria von Welser Erhard Keller
122 Sat July 13, 1991 Stephan Orlac Juliane Rautenberg Nino de Angelo
123 Sat July 20, 1991 Irene Clarin GG Anderson
124 Sat July 27, 1991 Nicole Uphoff Georg Hackl
125 Sat 0Aug 3, 1991 Claudia Rieschel Dieter Zimmer
126 Sat Aug 10, 1991 Ute Verhoolen Andreas Grasmüller
127 Sat Aug 17, 1991 Hella out of her mind Edgar Bessen
128 Do. 0Jan. 9, 1992 Monika Peitsch Jürgen Roland
129 Do. 0Feb 6, 1992 Christiane Kruger Gerhard Berger
130 Do. 05th Mar 1992 Senta Berger Max Merkel Stefan Waggershausen
131 Do. 0Apr 2, 1992 Eva Herman Rolf Zacher
132 Do. Apr 23, 1992 Andrea L'Arronge Werner Veigel Franz Lambert & Peter Beil
133 Do. 0May 7, 1992 Tina Ruland Uwe Huebner
134 Do. June 11, 1992 Kristina Bach Elmar Hörig Howard Carpendale (With a lot, a lot of heart)
135 Do. June 18, 1992 Brigitte Bastgen Horst Jüssen Lena Valaitis
136 Do. 02nd July 1992 Nicki Jochen Busse Nicki (this will pass)
137 Do. 0July 9, 1992 Maybrit Illner Dieter Eppler
138 Do. 0Aug 6, 1992 Katharina Köhntopp Bernhard Brink Ireen Sheer & Bernhard Brink (You are leaving)
139 Do. Sep 10 1992 Susanna Wellenbrink Wolfgang Lippert
140 Do. 0Oct 8, 1992 Franziska Bronnen Henry mask
141 Do. Oct 29, 1992 Babette Einstmann Jens Weißflog
142 Do. Nov 19, 1992 Monika Baumgartner Ottfried Fischer
143 Tuesday 0Jan 5, 1993 Anita Kupsch Alfons Schuhbeck
144 Tuesday Jan. 12, 1993 Julia Biedermann Patrick Lindner
145 Tuesday Jan. 19, 1993 Maria Sebaldt Robert Giggenbach Claudia Jung (The Darkness of the Night)
146 Tuesday Jan. 26, 1993 Sissy Höfferer Volkert Kraft Joy Fleming
147 Sat 04th Sep 1993 Sabrina Fox Uwe Friedrichsen
148 Sat Sep 11 1993 Christina Plate Alexander Niemetz
149 Sat Sep 18 1993 Jutta Speidel Jimmy Hartwig Brunner & Brunner
150 Sat 25 Sep 1993 Diana grains Rolf Töpperwien
151 Sat 0Oct 9, 1993 Petra Gerster Siegfried Rauch
152 Sat Oct 16, 1993 Sabine von Maydell Frank Schröder Peggy March
153 Sat Oct 23, 1993 Liane Hielscher Dietz-Werner Steck
154 Sat Oct. 30, 1993 Dagmar Frederic Bernd Stephan
155 Sat 0Nov 6, 1993 Daniela Ziegler Waldemar Hartmann
156 Sat Nov 13, 1993 Jutta Bayer-Schuhn Heinz Baumann
157 Sat Nov 20, 1993 Ilona Grübel Eberhard Feik
158 Sat Nov. 27, 1993 Myriam Stark Hans-Jürgen Schatz
159 Sat Dec 11, 1993 Claudia Wenzel Michael Lesch
160 Sat Dec 18, 1993 Michelle Stefan Behrens
161 Sat 0Jan. 8, 1994 Karina Thayenthal Marek Erhardt
162 Sat Jan 15, 1994 Nadeshda Brennicke Uwe Fellensiek
163 Sat Jan. 22, 1994 Veronika Fischer Gedeon Burkhard Freddy Breck
164 Sat Jan. 29, 1994 Jutta Kammann Peter Hahne Smokie (Medley)

Source: u. a. Archive of the Hamburger Abendblatt, online archive of the Wiener Arbeiter-Zeitung, ZDF program service

New edition: The Pyramid (ZDF / ZDFneo, 2012)

A new edition of the show, which has been in production since 2012, was hosted by Micky Beisenherz . Joachim Llambi held the position of referee who, unlike the original, was publicly seen in the new edition. Only two preliminary rounds and two pyramids were played, the first being endowed with 5,000 euros and the second with 10,000 euros. For the purpose of a response and quota test, the program has been running on weekdays at 6:45 p.m. on weekdays since August 6, 2012 on the digital special- interest channel zdf neo . Since August 27, 2012, it has been broadcast regularly at 4:15 p.m. on ZDF, where it was interrupted once by a short commercial and program information. Because the ratings were too low, the program was moved to night programming on September 17, 2012 and has since been discontinued.

List of episodes

Episode no. Transmission date ZDFneo Broadcast date ZDF Candidate Candidate
01 0Aug 6, 2012 27 Aug 2012 Christine Neubauer Oliver Pocher
02 0Aug 7, 2012 28 Aug 2012 Esther Schweins Marcel Reif
03 0Aug 8, 2012 29 Aug 2012 Dunja Hayali Gülcan Kamps
04th 0Aug 9, 2012 Aug 30, 2012 Jana Ina Zarrella Giovanni Zarrella
05 Aug 10, 2012 31 Aug 2012 Jens Riewa Bernd Stelter
06th Aug 13, 2012 03rd Sep 2012 Patrick Bach Marc Bator
07th Aug 14, 2012 04th Sep 2012 Jan Hofer Birgit Schrowange
08th Aug 15, 2012 05th Sep 2012 Charlotte Engelhardt Sandra Maria Meier
09 16 Aug 2012 06 Sep 2012 Jaecki Schwarz Isabel Varell
10 17th Aug 2012 0Sep 7 2012 Hellmuth Karasek Simon Gosejohann
11 Aug 20, 2012 Sep 10 2012 Stefanie Hertel Palina Rojinski
12 Aug 21, 2012 Sep 11 2012 Kai Ebel Judith Hildebrandt
13 22 Aug 2012 Sep 12 2012 Mareile Höppner Katja Burkard
14th 23 Aug 2012 13 Sep 2012 Jochen Schropp Paul Janke
15th Aug 24, 2012 Sep 14 2012 Anja Kruse Wolfgang Bosbach
16 27 Aug 2012 17 Sep 2012 Motsi Mabuse Peter Hahne
17th 28 Aug 2012 Sep 18 2012 Andrea Kaiser Norbert König
18th 29 Aug 2012 19 Sep 2012 Oliver Petszokat Jeanette Biedermann
19th Aug 30, 2012 Sep 20 2012 Ralph Morgenstern Alexa Maria Surholt
20th 31 Aug 2012 21 Sep 2012 Pascal Hens Michaela Schaffrath


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