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Eberhard Feik (around 1985)
Grave in the cemetery of Oberried-Hofsgrund

Eberhard Feik (born November 23, 1943 in Chemnitz ; † October 18, 1994 in Oberried , Breisgau ) was a German actor . He gained popularity in the role of Christian Thanner as a partner colleague of Commissioner Horst Schimanski in the crime scene series set in Duisburg .


Feik was the son of a miner and a postal worker and the youngest of five siblings. He grew up in the Bergisches Land near Cologne. The surname came from one of his ancestors, the Turkish equestrian officer Sulaiman Feik.

In his youth, Feik dreamed of being a truck driver. However, he began studying English and German in Cologne and, inspired by his experience at student theaters there, switched to drama school and studied theater studies on the side . The first stages of his acting career were the Theater am Dom in Cologne, the Stadttheater Krefeld and the Staatstheater in Stuttgart , where he was put up as a DKP candidate in the local elections for the city council in 1971, as well as Frankfurt am Main. In 1973 he moved to Berlin to the Schaubühne am Halleschen Ufer , where he was a member for six years. Feik acted in several children's films, e.g. B. in Die Vorstadtkrokodile , Happy Holidays and The Thistle .

He directed, worked in Konstanz, Pforzheim, Dortmund and Karlsruhe and staged plays by Bertolt Brecht , Henrik Ibsen , William Shakespeare , Friedrich Schiller , among others . Feik played the oboe , piano and guitar .

He became known to a wide audience through the role of Christian Thanner, whom he played alongside Götz George ( Schimanski ) in 27 episodes of crime scenes and two movies. From 1981 to 1991, the duo investigated in the Ruhr area using rather unconventional methods. According to a poll in May 2008, the character Thanner was together with Schimanski the most popular crime scene inspector.

In 1988, at the age of 44, the actor suffered a heart attack while filming the crime scene in solitary confinement , after which he had to undergo three bypass operations. His last major television role was in 1993, A Man on the Train . In 1994, around a month before his 51st birthday, he died of another heart attack while cycling in the Black Forest.

Feik was married to the actress Anneli Wagner , with whom he had two daughters. The actor's grave is in the Hofsgrund cemetery on Schauinsland .

December 2014, reported The time that Feik and his wife from 1977 to 1984 as an informal collaborators of the GDR - state security had taken place. Feik was then a member of the German Communist Party . A short time later, Feik's widow denied the job. Rather, her husband reported an attempt at recruitment to the Federal German Office for the Protection of the Constitution in 1984 while visiting relatives .



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