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Waldemar "Waldi" Hartmann (born March 10, 1948 in Nuremberg ) is a German - Swiss journalist , television presenter and sports reporter .


Hartmann was born in Nuremberg in 1948 as the son of a caretaker and a cleaning lady. At the age of 18 he left his parents and three siblings to work as a disc jockey in Augsburg . This position was brought to him by the then unknown Roy Black , whom he knew through a joint appearance with his school band. In order to work in Augsburg, he broke off an apprenticeship as an insurance salesman. He began his journalistic career in 1970 with an internship at the weekly tabloid Schwäbische Neue Presse in Augsburg. He also wrote for the Augsburg general sports reports as a freelancer . In 1971 Hartmann opened the "Waldis Pub" and "Waldis Club" pubs in Augsburg, where soccer players were soon among his regulars. There he also met Kurt Hogl, the then head of the Bayern department at Bayerischer Rundfunk , who persuaded Hartmann to go to Munich as a freelancer and to moderate radio programs there. Hartmann then decided to take this step and sold the pub. In addition to his work, he was often to be found in the " Alter Simpl ", where many employees of the Bavarian Broadcasting Company also regularly stayed. After meeting H. Felix Heidenberger in 1976, he became a Rundschau presenter . Hartmann also worked as a sports presenter in the mid-1980s. During the Soccer World Cup in Italy in 1990 , he hosted the ARD's daily lunch program . At the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer (1994) and the Olympic Summer Games in Sydney (2000) he was employed as a presenter. He then headed the sports editorial team at Bayerischer Rundfunk, after which he returned to working as a freelancer.

During the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin , Hartmann and Harald Schmidt presented the late-night show Olympia with Waldi & Harry . This collaboration was re-launched with Waldi's World Cup Club during the 2006 World Cup and continued at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Until 2008, Hartmann occasionally moderated the Bayerischer Rundfunk program's Blickpunkt Sport and was frequently interviewed for ARD at international or soccer cup matches. So it was "tradition" that after the championship of FC Bayern Munich he was out and about as a reporter on the soccer field after a soccer match and there he received the " wheat beer shower " from players of FC Bayern Munich , with wheat beer - rarely with plain water - Was poured over from appropriately large wheat beer glasses. He was also a columnist for the newspaper SonntagsBlick and the Graubündner local newspaper Bündner Tagblatt and author of the golf magazine Golfsport , in addition to Günter Netzer co-editor of the book WM 1930-2002 .

In January 2009 he signed a one-year contract with MDR as a boxing moderator. On September 5, 2012, the contract with ARD was terminated by mutual agreement at the end of 2012.

From 2000 to 2015, Hartmann lived in Chur , Switzerland , where he also acquired Swiss citizenship, so that he is a dual German-Swiss citizen. Hartmann has lived in Berlin since November 2015. He is married for the third time and has two children from previous marriages.

Hartmann is close to the CDU and promotes it.


Hartmann is characterized by a jovial interview style and the renunciation of journalistic distance in his conversations with athletes. Because he often uses the you salutation, Hartmann described himself in 2008 as a “duz machine”; he has been cultivating this quirk for 20 years.

An interview in which Hartmann was the interviewee of the then team boss Rudi Völler on September 6, 2003 and was the target of his outburst as a result of the draw against Iceland in the qualification for the European Championship 2004 achieved a high level of awareness . Völler, who found the performance analysis of the commentators Günter Netzer and Gerhard Delling to be unjustified, also attacked Hartmann in the course of the interview with the accusation that he had " drank three wheat beers " and could thus "easily" report negatively about the German team. It is also worth mentioning that Hartmann Voeller first siezte to return in the course of the conversation for you. The Paulaner brewery picked up the much-noticed incident shortly afterwards in an advertisement for wheat beer and hired Hartmann as a long-term testimonial for television commercials. Hartmann later jokingly referred to this commitment as his "Rudi pension".

At the presentation of the Valuev World Championship fight on January 20, 2007 in Basel, Hartmann wrongly declared heavyweight boxer Jürgen Blin to be dead live in front of 7.43 million viewers.

In the celebrity edition of the RTL quiz show Wer wird Millionär? On November 21, 2013 , Hartmann was called in as a telephone joker when asked which of the football nations Brazil , Germany , Argentina , France had never won a World Cup in their own country and gave an incorrect answer. Although Germany was world champion in 1974 in its own country ("Brazil" would have been the correct answer), Hartmann claimed the opposite and referred to his book Third Half , in which one can read about this. For this he earned astonishment, but also criticism from the media and many fans. The term Waldigate was jokingly coined by the press .

On June 11, 2018, Hartmann was featured in the celebrity special Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? called in again as a telephone joker. Comedian Chris Tall nominated him for the 32,000 euro question: "Which is the most populous city in Germany that has never had a first division team in men's football?" Hartmann could not answer the question because, in his opinion, neither Bonn nor Fürth has ever been in the Bundesliga was. Since Chris Tall was able to eliminate the wrong answer (Fürth) through the subsequent use of the 50:50 joker, the playful consequences were relatively minor in contrast to 2013. Hartmann's ironic reaction to his renewed failure - quote: “As a Nuremberg resident, you don't have to know that”, which alludes to the traditional football rivalry between the two neighboring cities - was largely humorous in the press.


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