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Focus Online
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operator Focus Online Group GmbH
On-line January 18, 1996

Focus Online is a German-language website for news from Focus magazine . The internet platform, which has been accessible since 1996, belongs indirectly to the media group Hubert Burda Media .


Focus Online was launched on January 18, 1996, exactly three years after the magazine of the same name . The offer received attention mainly because of the success-based prices for placing Internet advertising . The first relaunch took place one year after its publication, and since then Focus Online has been repeatedly changed optically, technically and editorially. In 1997, Focus Online was the editorial online offering with the greatest reach in the German-speaking World Wide Web for the first time . In particular, it competes with the websites of other news media , such as or Spiegel Online .


The website is published by the Focus Online Group GmbH. This company belongs to BurdaForward GmbH and is included in the subgroup financial statements of Burda GmbH, which belongs to the media group Hubert Burda Media .


On the occasion of a collective bargaining dispute between Deutsche Bahn and the unions in November 2014, Focus Online described union chairman Claus Weselsky ( GDL ) as the “most hated” German at the moment. The article gave precise details about Weselsky's private apartment, so that the address could be identified by those familiar with the area. This investigation and making available the private address of the union chairman was criticized as a violation of the journalistic rules of the game.

In autumn 2014 it was confirmed that Helmut Markwort had written several articles on Focus Online about FC Bayern under the pseudonym Moritz Rodach , although he was a member of the club's administrative board. Observers spoke of a conflict of interest, although the articles concerned were "essentially succinct".

In February 2019, Focus Online fell for a satire by Titanic . Focus Online reported on alleged manipulation of exhaust gas measuring stations by left-wing radicals. The article is corrected a little later. Focus Online regrets the incident.

Stefan Niggemeier threw the portal before several times, using controversial issues such as the refugee crisis or Islam " xenophobes to address specifically".

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