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A news magazine is a regular (mostly weekly) news format that makes current, predominantly political, but also economic, cultural and other news accessible to a broader public. A distinction must be made between print magazines (e.g. Der Spiegel ), television news programs (e.g. Tagesthemen , heute-journal ), magazine programs - including political magazines (e.g. Monitor , Panorama , Report ), business magazines, cultural magazines and regional magazines - and online magazines (e.g. Spiegel Online ).

Criteria for print magazines

  • weekly publication frequency (to distinguish between monthly and quarterly publications)
  • Mainly political, general and other news (to distinguish business magazines )
  • textual (to differentiate from current magazines )
  • Form of a magazine (to differentiate between weekly newspapers )
  • Public press (to distinguish more specialized newsletters)

German news magazines

In Germany, Der Spiegel (since 1946) is regarded as the prototype of the classic news magazine. The Stern (since 1948) is classified as a political magazine, some also as a political news magazine, the Focus from Burda Verlag in Munich (since 1993) as an illustrated news magazine. The mirror and the star consider each other to be the most important competitors.

Former news magazines in Germany included:

  • Quick (magazine) April 25, 1948 through August 27, 1992
  • The headlight (discontinued in October 1950).
  • Criticism (Frankfurt)
  • Information (Wiesbaden)
  • Mix (discontinued January 1955)
  • Plus (Munich, November 20, 1959 to January 1960)
  • Moment (sample number only)
  • Continent (1961)
  • current (1961)
  • Newspaper (Stuttgart, 1964–1965)
  • German Panorama (1966–1967)
  • Dialogue (Bonn, 1970 to June 1973)
  • Spontaneous (1968–1984)
  • pulse (only zero number on April 1st, 1988)
  • Ergo (project of the Bauer publishing group , was abandoned after a two-year test run, which in the mid-1990s was carried out exclusively with sample numbers)

Austrian news magazines

In Austria there is a news magazine called profil , which has a sold circulation of over 100,000 copies. NEWS has been a second news magazine since 1992 . In 1998 the first issue of the weekly Format appeared .

Swiss news magazines

The best-known news magazine in Switzerland is Weltwoche with a circulation of 52,543 copies (2017).

The titles Facts (2007) and L'Hebdo (2017) have been discontinued for reasons of profitability.

Major international news magazines


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