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Deutsches Panorama was a news magazine that was published monthly (at times fortnightly) from January 1966 to June 1967 in Hamburg by P & E Information Verlag GmbH & Co. and printed in offset printing at Druckhaus Deutz in Cologne until mid-March 1966 and for around 2 DM was sold. Then it was produced in the cheaper letterpress printing process in the Hamburg book printing and publishing house Auerdruck and sold for around 1.50 DM. There were only 26 issues with a first year 1966 with 15 copies, the first issue was a double issue and a second year 1967 with 11 copies (1–11 / 67). The circulation sank to 74,013 copies at the end of 1966 and finally to around 50,000 copies.

Editor-in-chief was Gert von Paczensky . Other editors included Bernt Engelmann , Sebastian Haffner , Eugen Kogon , Frank Arnau , Dieter Hildebrandt , Horst Peets , Manfred Delling . Editors were Paczensky and Engelmann. Some of the employees had previously worked for the NDR magazine program Panorama .

The magazine became known through research into the HS-30 scandal and a preprint on proposals by the Federal Minister for Internal German Relations , Herbert Wehner (SPD), on politics in Germany and on issues of sexual education.

Individual evidence

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