US News & World Report

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The US News & World Report is an American news magazine that has been published monthly since January 2009 (instead of weekly as before).

The paper was founded in 1933 as United States News , and since its merger with World Report magazine in 1948 has been published under its current title. David Lawrence (1888-1973), the founder of the magazine, sold this to his employees, who in 1984 in turn sold their shares to Mortimer Zuckermann , the co-editor of the New York Daily News .

The US News & World Report competes with Time and Newsweek magazines . In terms of circulation, the magazine ranks third behind these two. It is best known for its annual ranking of US universities.

Despite its high sales figures, US News & World Report has only appeared monthly since January 2009 due to the losses caused by the financial crisis. In addition, updates are published on the Internet.


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