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description Italian weekly magazine
language Italian
First edition 1955
Frequency of publication weekly
Widespread edition 395,000 copies in 2006
( gruppoespresso.it )
Editor-in-chief Tommaso Cerno
editor Gruppo editoriale L'Espresso
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L'Espresso is an Italian weekly magazine that belongs to the Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso and describes itself as a political, cultural and economic magazine. In addition to the Panorama , it is one of the most important magazines in the country.


In 1955 the "Società editrice L'Espresso" was founded and the first publications of the magazine were made under the direction of Arrigo Benedetti . The first edition was published on October 2, 1955, 16 pages in large format. In 1963 Eugenio Scalfari was appointed as the new director. After the magazine had become more colorful from 1965 due to colored pictures and colored advertising, the circulation rose rapidly and in 1967 the limit of 100,000 sold magazines per edition was exceeded for the first time.

In 1975 the company was renamed " Editoriale L'Espresso " and in the autumn of 1986 the business & finance section ( Affari & Finanza ) was spun off and distributed together with the daily La Repubblica .

In the early 1990s, the magazine came under fire in the mass media because the title page was systematically covered with permissive women and, according to many opponents, only served the purpose of increasing the attention of readers and thus increasing circulation. As it turned out, these images had only a marginal effect and nothing to do with the actual content, but from 2002 onwards, (half) naked women were no longer shown on the front page.

Subsequent to Eugenio Scalfari is the post as director to Gianni Corbi (1968–1970), Livio Zanetti (1970–1984), Giovanni Valentini (1984–1991), Claudio Rinaldi (1991–1999), Giulio Anselmi (1999–2002) and passed to Daniela Hamaui (2002-2010). Bruno Manfellotto held this post from 2010 to 2016 and Tommaso Cerno since July 29, 2016 .

The magazine has been published weekly on Sunday since August 7, 2016 (previously: on Friday) and has center-left tendencies, like La Repubblica , and also does not skimp on criticism of the various political camps. She is a member of the European Investigative Collaboration (EIC).

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