Chama (Zambia)

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Coordinates: 11 ° 12 ′  S , 33 ° 9 ′  E

Map: Zambia
Chama (Zambia)

Chama is a rural town in the east of the Muchinga province in Zambia . It is 1245 meters above sea level and is the seat of the administration of the district of the same name with 96,000 inhabitants (2005). The place is 150 kilometers north of Lundazi and south of Isoka on the asphalt road between the two cities near the border with Malawi .


Chama is a rural and poor district. Agriculture is the main sector. The main crop is rice (400 t in 2004), followed by millet, corn, cassava and beans, chickpeas, peas, cotton and peanuts. Since the collapse of the state cooperatives, marketing has been a problem due to the lack of means of transport. The rainfall is good.


There is the Chipata- Isoka paved road on the Tanzam Highway , which is a long-distance connection. The most important section is that to Isoka. An asphalt road to Mpika is planned. The other paths in the district can only be used with all-wheel drive. There is a new hospital, since 2005 new elementary and secondary schools with boarding schools, 99 boreholes for the drinking water supply and more are planned. Electricity in the province has so far only reached Nyimba , but is planned to be connected to the Malawi network via Chama.


There are other places with the name Chama on the south west bank of the Bangweulusee , a little north of Samfya , as well as halfway between Bangweulusee and Mweru-Wantipa-See .

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