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description Austrian news magazine
publishing company Kurier Zeitungsverlag und Druckerei GmbH (Austria)
Headquarters Vienna
First edition 7th September 1970
Frequency of publication weekly (monday)
Sold edition 47,731 copies
( ÖAK , year 2020)
Range 0.279 million readers
( Austrian Media Analysis  2020)
Editors-in-chief Christian Rainer
Sven Gächter
editor Christian Rainer
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profil is an Austrian news magazine . It was founded as a monthly magazine in 1970 by Oscar Bronner , who had previously created the business magazine trend and launched the daily newspaper Der Standard in 1988 . In 2008 the magazine was named the most important Austrian news magazine .


profil appeared for the first time on September 7, 1970; the title graphic was drawn by Erich Sokol , the lead was FPÖ between power and bankruptcy . The circulation was 25,000 copies, the issue price was 20 schillings. Initially published monthly, profil appeared every fortnight from October 1972 and has been published weekly since January 1974. In June 1979 the day of publication was brought forward from Tuesday to Monday.

In his "Letter from the Editor" for the first edition, Oscar Bronner formulated the founding idea of ​​profil as follows:

"We are of the opinion that there should finally be a magazine in Austria that informs intelligent people about the background of political, cultural and other events independently of all interest groups (...) Otherwise, however, we see our task less in ourselves Practicing criticism rather than using as much information material as possible to make the background of the event as transparent as possible so that the reader can make his own judgment. "

The editorial team moved into the premises of a former blouse factory on Marc-Aurel-Strasse in Vienna. In addition to Bronner, the founding generation also included Peter Michael Lingens , then court reporter for Kurier, Helmut Voska , Claus Gatterer and Jens Tschebull , who was also editor-in-chief of trend.

For the first time, profil caused a national sensation with its issue of February 2, 1971 (issue No. 6). The issue was confiscated twice, the second time at the instigation of the mayor of Vienna, Felix Sklavik . Profil had reported on his brother-in-law's real estate deals. The scandal made profil well known and increased subscriber numbers, the magazine became the first address for whistleblowers and insider informants. In order not to be financially ruined by confiscations, the “profile documents” were introduced, a booklet in the booklet in which particularly explosive articles appeared and which could easily be removed in the event of a complaint. One of the tipsters in the early years was the Viennese civil engineer Alfred Worm , who, among other things, uncovered the so-called construction ring scandal and hired profil as an investigative journalist.

In 1974 Bronner sold 51 percent of the shares in Trend- und Profil-Verlag for 18 million schillings to the courier group, and the majority of the rest he gave away to long-term employees.

In 1980 Alfred Worm exposed the AKH scandal in a series of articles : In the course of the construction of the Vienna General Hospital , a top official of the City of Vienna and his accomplices received bribes in the millions. The scandal also had political consequences because several of the people involved were in close contact with top politicians from the Social Democratic Party of Austria .

On March 3, 1986, Hubertus Czernin quoted in his profile from the Wehrmacht Act of the former UN Secretary General and then candidate for the Federal Presidency, Kurt Waldheim . Among other things, the documents revealed beyond any doubt that Waldheim had been a member of the National Socialist SA . In the further course of the Waldheim affair , the possible involvement of Waldheim in Nazi war crimes was discussed.

On March 25, 1995, profil triggered one of the biggest scandals in recent Austrian church history with a cover story about the "Groer Case". A former pupil of Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer , Archbishop of Vienna, reported to profile editor-in-chief Josef Votzi that Groer had sexually abused him as a schoolboy. Soon other alleged victims of the cardinal came forward. The affair led to Groer's resignation, who was succeeded by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn as Archbishop , as well as to the referendum of the Church .


In 1971 Jens Tschebull was editor-in-chief. 1972–1987 Peter Michael Lingens , who was also a columnist for the magazine until May 2017, was editor of the profile. The employees in the early years of profil included Sigrid Löffler , Trautl Brandstaller , Elizabeth T. Spira , Peter Pilz , Hans Rauscher and Ursula Pasterk . From 1988 to 1991 Peter Rabl was the publisher, who left office after a strike by the profil editorial team in October 1991 (it was about Rabl's planned double role as a member of the editorial team and management). He was followed as editor by the Waldheim discoverer Hubertus Czernin . In 1996 Czernin was dismissed in a conflict with the owners' representatives at the time; he was followed by long-time editor-in-chief Josef Votzi . Christian Rainer has been the publisher and editor-in-chief since 1998 . The editor-in-chief also consists of Sven Gächter . Herbert Lackner was editor-in-chief from 1992 until the end of February 2015. Current employees include Stefan Grissemann , Angelika Hager , Michael Nikbakhsh , Georg Hoffmann-Ostenhof , Marianne Enigl (with the Blatt since 1983, retired at the end of 2014, but still working as a freelancer), Alwin Schönberger , Martin Staudinger, Rainer Nikowitz and Eva Linsinger . Elfriede Hammerl works as a columnist . Another regular column is written by the head of the economically liberal think tank Agenda Austria, Franz Schellhorn .

Owner, edition

profil belonged to VGN (Publishing Group News) until October 31, 2019 and has been published by Kurier Zeitungsverlag ever since. In the first half of 2005, profil had a circulation of around 100,000 and a reach of 6.5%. In 2009 profil had an annual average print run of 90,487 copies (74,004 of which were sold). In the second half of 2013, the print run was 91,269 copies. In the second half of 2015, the print run was 89,920 copies (67,479 of which were sold), the range was 4.8%.

People of the year

Since 2008, the editorial staff of the news magazine has chosen a person for the year every year based on his or her specific influence on social and political life in the past year. Among the previous People of the Year were Arigona Zogaj (2009), Edward Snowden (2013), Angela Merkel (2015) and Greta Thunberg (2019).

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