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Subway to Sally
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Subway to Sally on their crossfire tour in Bielefeld, 2009
Subway to Sally on her Kreuzfeuer tour in Bielefeld , 2009
General information
origin Potsdam , Germany
Genre (s) Medieval rock , folk metal , folk rock , medieval metal
founding 1990
Founding members
" Bodenski " (Michael Boden)
Guitar, vocals
"Simon" (Simon Levko)
Ingo Hampf
"Frau Schmitt" (Silke Volland; until 2016)
Coni (until 1991)
"Sugar Ray" (Silvio Runge)
Guido Schade (until 1991)
Current occupation
" Eric Fish " (Erik-Uwe Hecht; since 1991)
Acoustic guitar, background vocals, hurdy-gurdy
" Bodenski " (Michael Boden)
Acoustic guitar , background vocals, E-Trumscheit
"Simon" (Simon Levko)
Ingo Hampf
"Sugar Ray" (Silvio Runge)
Drums, percussion
" Simon Michael " (Simon Michael Schmitt, since 2005)
Ally Storch (Almut Storch, since 2016)
former members
Jörg Bader (1991)
TW (Thomas Warnecke) (1991–1997)
David Pätsch (1997-2004)

Subway to Sally is a band from Potsdam and the surrounding area, founded in 1990 , first with folk influences , later with metal influences . On the first album there are still many English-language texts, later Latin and Gaelic were added. In the meantime the band uses almost exclusively German-language texts.

Band name

The name comes from one of the band's first songs, Down the Line , which is about a female person named Sally , who is a metaphor for the goal in life. Sally is described in the song as a bright light at the end of a long tunnel.


Subway to Sally at Sundstock Open Air 2005

Simon Levko ("Simon") and Michael Boden ("Bodenski") had known each other since 1980 from school. There they founded the Zweieck school band together with two other classmates . While Bodenski was doing military service with the NVA , the group was not complete. After his return, the other two members did not want to reactivate the band. Simon and Bodenski now met Ingo Hampf, Silvio Runge ("Sugar Ray") and Guido, who played Katzengold in a band. Simon, Bodenski, Silvio and Guido founded Bodenski Beat together. Ingo, who was with the NVA at the time, came back later.

One evening in 1990 the five decided to hire a folk musician or two. They called the project Subway to Sally . They recorded the violinist Silke Volland ("Frau Schmitt") and the trumpeter Coni. On September 15, 1990 they gave their first concert. Coni left the band after a short time because she was pregnant. Later, Erik-Uwe Hecht ( "Eric Fish") as bagpipers added, who is also the lead singer for the second album. He was previously the singer of the folk rock band Catriona , from whose song repertoire Subway to Sally u. a. the songs Cromdale and Horo took over.

The development from the first album in 1994 to Engelskrieger is considerable. Since MCMXCV there have been no more English lyrics besides an instrumental piece with an English title; an exception is the song Syrah from the album Bannkreis , in which the first two verses of the song Flow My Tears by John Dowland are used as an intermediate part . Electronic instruments have come to the fore since the Engelskrieger album . A certain change seems to have taken place on the album Nord Nord Ost . After switching from Universal to Nuclear Blast , Subway to Sally returned a bit to the roots. Nord Nord Ost was the band's greatest commercial success until 2011. The album debuted at number 5 on the official Media Control album charts in the first week after its release .

For their successful acoustic tour, they released a live CD or DVD, Nackt , in mid-November , which also contains a lot of bonus material. For the DVD the band was awarded the gold record in 2008 . She was supported on the nude tour by B. Deutung, a former member of the folk / punk rock band The Inchtabokatables , who strengthened her on the cello . The nude tour was continued in April 2007 due to its great success with the encore tour Naked - Part 2 , which included the same songs.

The studio album Bastard was released on October 19, 2007 by Nuclear Blast. The album was voted album of the month for November 2007 by the music magazine Metal Hammer . With Meine Seele brennt and Auf Kiel , the band played two pieces from the album at various festivals before it was released. A few days before the album was released, the lyrics and short music excerpts from all tracks on the CD were published on the official homepage. On September 28, 2007 they released the first single from the upcoming album, a double A-side single, which is titled with the names of the songs it contains: Umbra / Tanz auf dem Vulkan ; it is only available online. On December 28, 2007 a concert of the Bastard Tour was recorded in Dresden in the old slaughterhouse , which was released in September 2008 on DVD with the name Schlachthof .

The band took part in the Bundesvision Song Contest in Hanover for the state of Brandenburg on February 14, 2008 . They took 1st place with the song Auf Kiel , published on Bastard . Independently of the record label, the band released a compilation of the two successful albums Herzblut and Engelskrieger on March 4th .

At the end of January 2009, their record label Nuclear Blast decided because of the commercial success of the cover of their song Eisblumen by the band Eisblume to re-release the original as an independent online single. For this purpose, a video from the concert recording of the Schlachthof DVD was published on YouTube, which was accompanied by the sound of the original studio version.

The album Kreuzfeuer was released on March 27, 2009. The piece Besser Du Rennst was played from it on the traditional Christmas tour . This was released as a single on March 6, 2009. A few days before the album was released , short music excerpts from all tracks on the CD were published on the official homepage, as was the case with the Bastard album . The band consistently continues their musical development on this album and thus lets the traditional instruments move into the background. In a first review it says:

"The riffs and melodies all seem well thought-out and go straight to the listener's ear, but the band focuses heavily on the rock elements of their music - and neglects traditional instrumentation more than ever."

- Eike Frommeyer : in the review of Kreuzfeuer on

On April 24th, 2009 the band released a compilation of the live album Schrei! and the Subway To Sally Live DVD under the name Schrei! / Angel warriors in Berlin . On April 16, the band started their nationwide crossfire tour in the Bielefeld roundhouse, which ended on August 8 with a performance at the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim. Mono Inc. acted as the opening act for the entire tour . From October 20 to October 31, the band toured China and played in Beijing and Wuhan , among others .

With the founding of their own sub-label STS Entertainment under Universal Music in 2010, the collaboration with Nuclear Blast was ended and their own studio, the Great Hall Studio in Ebermannstadt, was founded, with Simon Michael now primarily responsible for all subsequent releases. In April and May 2010 Subway to Sally went on a second acoustic tour. The tour ran under the name Nackt II . On April 29th, the tour program was recorded at a concert in the Stuttgart Theaterhaus. The DVD was released on October 22nd and was previously shown in several cinemas, with the band being present at all performances. For this tour, the fans could vote which songs they wanted to see live on this tour, but no song from the first tour should be suggested. The band re-composed a few pieces for this tour and played the previously unreleased pieces, Spielmann und Bruder, composed especially for this tour . The band was once again accompanied on the tour by cellist B. Deutung, and percussionist Nora Thiele supported the band.

The band's next album, Schwarz in Schwarz , was released on September 23, 2011 and reached number 4 on the official Media Control album charts, making it the band's most successful album to date. According to Metal Hammer reviews , this album goes musically in the direction of earlier albums like Hochzeit and is very varied. At the Wacken Open Air 2011, the band played for the first time one of the tracks on the then unreleased album, The Black Sea , which, according to Bodenski, is supposed to represent "a declaration of love to the black scene".

In October 2012, the official band biography Immortal , compiled by Bodenski and Eric Fish, was published by Nicole Schmenk .

On March 14, 2014, the next album was released with the name Mitgift - Murder Stories . During the Ice Holy Nights 2013, Black Silk , a song from the upcoming album, premiered. A music video was finally released for this at the end of February. The band wanted to try something new stylistically and experimented with dubstep elements without wanting to neglect the typical sound of the band.

In March and April 2016 the band completed their third acoustic tour, this time under the name NEON-Ekustik Tour , where NEON stands for neo-nude and this time the band combined an acoustic performance with electronic elements. They were supported by Johannes Schlump (also known as 'Cop Dickie') as a so-called “sound performer” who was responsible for the electronic elements. Schlump had already worked on the album Mitgift - Murder Stories .

During the 2016 festival season, Ms. Schmitt initially took a break and was represented by Ally Storch . On November 1, 2016, Ms. Schmitt announced in the newsletter of her official website that she would no longer return to the ranks of Subway to Sally. The exact wording of Ms. Schmitt reads: “I cannot and will not comment in detail on the reasons, that remains internal”. On November 20th, the band made an official statement and announced that Ally Storch was a permanent member of the band instead of Ms. Schmitt.

In autumn 2018 the band announced that they would release their new album in March of the following year, entitled Hey! will wear. Already in December the first single was released with Queen of the Beetles and with Imperator Rex Graecorum a second song found its way onto the stage before it was released and was premiered at the Eisheiligen Nights.


Lyricist Bodenski, who studied German and attended the Celle School , has been relying on German, sometimes antiquated texts that are rich in metaphors since the album MCMXCV . Coupled with the content of earlier albums, which featured little witches after François Villon , mystical sisters, vagabonds and other daring figures, the stamp of medieval rock quickly emerged . But in interviews, the band resisted and pointed to the folk past. The typical market bagpipe for medieval rock is not used at Subway to Sally. Instead, folk instruments such as the violin , acoustic guitar and great highland bagpipe are often used. However, the band cannot be assigned to the genre of folk metal either, because it does not make any clear reference to the folklore of certain cultures. In general, the band is therefore attributed to medieval rock.

After the first years influenced by folk music , Subway to Sally struck much harder strings than before with wedding in 1999 . With the album Engelskrieger in 2003 the band penetrated completely into the present, Bodenski mostly addressed the grievances of today, and traditional instrumentation moved far into the background. Just one year later there was a return to the more traditional style with Nord Nord Ost .

Ice holy nights

Traditionally, the band gave a year-end concert in Potsdam's Lindenpark on December 30th . Over time, however, the hall there turned out to be too small. The concerts were regularly sold out months in advance. In 2009, the concert took place for the first time under the name Eisheilige Nacht in the Metropolis Hall in the Babelsberg Film Park . This turned into an annual festival with several, sometimes top-class supporting acts, which is held in several cities.

During the Christmas tour 2011 there was also a concert in Austria for the first time . The band performed this year with changing guests depending on the venue. In 2012 the festival tour consisted of concerts in German cities and one in Switzerland. Since Subway to Sally celebrated their 20th anniversary this year, they played twice at these concerts, once the current program and an older setlist that only contained songs from the first three albums.

year Guest bands
2009 Last instance , Omega Lithium , Zeraphine
2010 Dunkelschön , Last Instance , Mono Inc. , Saltatio Mortis
2011 Fire tail , Fiddler's Green , Last Instance , Megaherz , Tanzwut
2012 The Horsemen of the Apocalypse , Fejd , Russkaja
2013 Lordi , Lord of the Lost , Korpiklaani
2014 Hero machine , Saltatio Mortis , fornication
2015 Fiddler's Green , Last Instance , Versengold
2016 Lord of the Lost , Eluveitie , Vroudenspil
2017 Fire Tail , Mono Inc. , Mr. Hurley & The Powder Monkeys
2018 Paddy and the Rats , Russkaja , Versengold
2019 Fiddler's Green , Knasterbeard , Vogelfrey


Main article: Bannkreis (band)

In 2017, Eric Fish, Ingo Hampf, Bodenski and Simon Michael founded their new project Bannkreis together with the singer Johanna Krins, which was confirmed for the Wacken Open Air 2018. The first release of Bannkreis is the song Doch I know es , which was recorded together with the band Santiano and appeared on the Santiano album Im Auge des Sturms . The debut album Sakrament reached number 20 in the German charts.


Studio albums

year Title
Record Label
Producer (s)
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placementsTemplate: chart table / maintenance / without sources
(Year, title, music label / producer [s] , placements, weeks, awards, notes)
1993 Subway to Sally
self-distribution by
Jörg Kühn
- - -
First publication: 1993
EAN / catalog number: -
Publication format: MC
demo album with eight songs
1994 Album 1994 / Cromdale
Frank Babrikowski
- - -
First published: January 9, 1994
EAN: 0718751192829
Catalog number: CLCD-6305
Publication formats : CD, LP
Re-Release 2004 as LP
Stars In The Dark (Vielklang Musikverlag)
Sven Regener
- - -
First published: March 3rd, 1995
EAN: 0718750320728
Catalog number: EFA 03207-2
Publication formats : CD, CDR
1996 Fool the demon!
Red Rooster ( BMG Ariola )
Sven Regener
- - -
First published: April 15, 1996
EAN / Catalog number: 743213596525
Publication format : CD
1997 Bannkreis
BMG Ariola
Ekkehardt Strauhs, Ronald Prent
DE47 (2 weeks)
- -
First published: September 1, 1997
EAN / catalog number: 743214917121
Publication format : CD
1999 Wedding
BMG Ariola
Georg Kaleve, Ingo Hampf
DE29 (7 weeks)
- -
First published: March 1, 1999
EAN / Catalog number: 743216146826
Publication format : CD
2001 Lifeblood
Megalux (Iceland Records)
Georg Kaleve
DE15 (5 weeks)
AT71 (1 week)
First published: April 2nd, 2001
EAN: 724381063729
Catalog number: 548 545-2
Publication formats : CD, LP
Re-Release 2010 via Metal Blade Records
2003 Engelskrieger
Motor Music ( Universal Music )
Aino Laos , Ralph Quick
DE9 (5 weeks)
- -
First published: March 10, 2003
EAN: 039841445824
Catalog number: 077 103-2
Publication format : CD
2005 North North East
Nuclear Blast
Georg Kaleve, Ingo Hampf
DE5 (6 weeks)
AT37 (3 weeks)
First published: August 22, 2005
EAN: 727361134129
Catalog number: NB 1341-2, 27361 13412
Publication formats : CD, DD , DVD-V
2007 Bastard
Nuclear Blast
Georg Kaleve
DE7 (7 weeks)
AT38 (2 weeks)
First published: October 19, 2007
EAN: 727361193409
Catalog number: NB 1934-0, 27361 19340
Publication formats : CD, CDR, LP
2009 Crossfire
Nuclear Blast
Fabio Trentini
DE5 (7 weeks)
AT33 (3 weeks)
CH90 (1 week)
First published: March 27, 2009
EAN: 727361230029
Catalog number: NB 2300-2, 27361 23002
Publication formats : CD, CD + DVD, LP
2011 Schwarz in Schwarz
StS Entertainment (Universal Music)
Ingo Hampf, Simon Michael
DE4 (6 weeks)
AT31 (2 weeks)
First published: September 23, 2011
EAN: 060254739529
Catalog number: STS 1062
Publication formats : CD, 2xLP
LP release via Nuclear-Blast
2014 Dowry - Murder Stories
StS Entertainment (Universal Music)
Ingo Hampf, Simon Michael
DE5 (6 weeks)
AT17 (2 weeks)
CH52 (1 week)
First published: March 14, 2014
EAN: 4260219290388
Catalog number: STS 1090
Publication formats : CD, CD + DVD
2019 Hey
StS Entertainment (Universal Music)
Ingo Hampf, Simon Michael
DE5 (6 weeks)
AT31 (1 week)
CH49 (1 week)
First published: March 8, 2019
EAN: 4260219290616
Catalog number: STS 1111/2
Publication formats : CD, CD + DVD, CD + 12 "

Music videos

Official video clips

  • 1994: Where Is Lucky?
  • 1995: eulogy
  • 1996: Tell the devil
  • 2003: Immortal (Director: Rainer Remake)
  • 2005: Seven (Director: Irina Enders)
  • 2007: On Kiel
  • 2009: You better run
  • 2011: The Black Sea
  • 2014: Black silk (Director: "Angst im Wald")
  • 2018: Queen of the Beetles (Direction: Jennifer Diehl, Artem Selennov)
  • 2019: Imperator Rex Graecorum (Direction: Jennifer Diehl, Artem Selennov)
  • 2019: Messias (Directors: Valerian Takashi Seethaler, Melanie Werner)

Official lyric videos

  • 2009: ice flowers
  • 2009: Judas kiss
  • 2012: MMXII
  • 2014: Cruel Sister
  • 2015: dowry


In 2008 the comic book Storybook by Bodenski and Olivia Vieweg was published. Various comic artists illustrate texts by Bodenski and Eric Fish. In 2012, a second volume was published under the title Storybook 2 .

On October 23, 2012 the official band biography “ Immortal” was published, which was primarily written by the band members themselves.

In 2015 Sonic Seducer published the limited Subway to Sally Chronicle . This contains revised articles about the band that have been published in Sonic Seducer magazine during the existence of the band, as well as new photo material.

Web links

Commons : Subway to Sally  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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