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Video clips are videos up to a few minutes long . The term clip here indicates an excerpt from a larger film ; today, however, they are often independent works. Essentially, the term is used broadly to describe short videos. For a long time, music videos were the most common form of video clips, and in many cultures the terms are used synonymously.

Internet and video culture

With the global spread of the Internet and the emergence of collaborative platforms (see also Web 2.0 ) for the non-commercial exchange of videos, video clips became very popular online. Tens of millions of video clips were already available online in mid-2006. Not least because of this, the spread of amateur videos has increased significantly. Companies and the media are also increasingly using video clips on their websites . The fact that nowadays almost every smartphone can record videos in at least Full HD resolution and video editing software such as B. Windows Movie Maker, which is available for free, allows any amateur to create and upload video material. As early as 2015, 400 hours of video content were uploaded per minute, with 70% of the uploaded material being created using mobile devices.

Clip culture

The huge popularity of video clips and their widespread diffusion led to a new kind of video clip culture. Many video portals offer interfaces for non-commercial uploading and “sharing” of videos.

The large number of users creates “phenomena” like the “sudden” success of a participant in the British competition Britain's Got Talent , Susan Boyle . Her post on YouTube established her worldwide fame, she received an interview on CNN , although she did not win the competition in the end.

Amateurs are increasingly using video on public platforms as a medium for criticizing products and companies. In one case, a customer first pointed out on a bicycle forum that the Kryptonite bicycle lock he had bought could be easily opened with a pen. The manufacturer did not respond, which is why the customer posted a video about the problem on YouTube, which reached 6.7 million users in ten days. The damage to the image and the economic damage (rumored US $ 10 million) for the manufacturer Kryptonite were enormous.

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