TV total

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Television series
Original title TV total
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1999-2015
Raab TV ( Brainpool )
length approx. 30-45 minutes
Episodes 2303 in 17 seasons
2001–2015: Monday - Thursday
(not during production breaks)
1999–2000: weekly on Mondays
genre Comedy show
Late night show
Theme music Stefan Raab:
TV total Theme 2003
idea Stefan Raab
production Stefan Raab
Jobst Benthues
Martin Keß
Jörg Grabosch
music Heavytones
Moderation Stefan Raab
First broadcast March 8, 1999 on ProSieben
Moderator Stefan Raab

TV total was one of Stefan Raab hosted TV show on ProSieben . The first edition aired on March 8, 1999. For almost two years there was one issue a week. As of February 2001, the program ran four times a week as a rule. On December 16, 2015, the program was discontinued after 2303 issues due to Raab's withdrawal from television. With a running time of over 16 years, the show, which was last produced in Cologne-Mülheim , was the longest-running late-night show on German television. The repetitions of the episodes were broadcast on ProSieben Fun ; Most of the episodes are also available online at .

Origin and production

In 1997 Raab produced the show That can happen . With this show, which was shown in full length for the first time on the DVD Best of TV total Vol. 2 , he tried to convince the broadcasters of his concept. However, it took some time before ProSieben gave him his own show, which was then totally broadcast as TV . The television producer Marcus Wolter participated in the conception of the program. Many elements of the original version, at which Karl Dall , Verona Pooth and Rudolph Moshammer were guests, were also used later, such as the desk with the “nipples” and clips like Raab in danger . The quiz with the composed melodies was played in a similar form in the first editions of Schlag den Raab .

Raab came in handy for the Brainpool production company after Harald Schmidt left Brainpool. TV total was initially produced in the Theater am Rudolfplatz in Cologne city center, before the show moved to the former Capitol Theater am Ring in 2001 , which Harald Schmidt used as a studio until he left Brainpool. At the beginning there were similarities with Schmidt's late night show: “The Raab product is a professionally calculated spin-off of the Harald Schmidt show in terms of its effect : Already there was the desire to target the absurd in the sea of ​​media products, Finding out banal, weird ones, the engine of many gags. "

The show has since been produced by Brainpool and Raab TV . At the beginning of 2003 the show moved to Brainpool's own studio on Schanzenstrasse in Cologne-Mülheim for the second time .

Concept of broadcast

TV Total looked a lot like a late night show . Raab opened the show with a stand-up monologue in which he talked about strange scenes from other TV shows and current headlines. There was a desk that in later years stood on a mobile pedestal. In addition to talk guests, there were various clips (see below) as well as performances by comedians and musicians. The latter were often accompanied by the show band Heavytones , which also provided musical accompaniment for the entire program. After the bad experience with Gottschalk Late Night and to avoid competition with the Harald Schmidt Show , the concept was adapted and expanded to a younger audience.

The disrespectful confrontation with breakdowns and questionable developments on German television was a central component (as was previously the case with Kalkofe's television screen ), which is also expressed in the program's name and logo (television set with devil's horns). Over the years, however, this aspect has been pushed back somewhat in favor of one-off or recurring special categories.

Most of the daily broadcasts were produced live on tape . Productions such as the Wok World Cup, the Stock Car Crash Challenge, but also special editions such as the broadcasts from Oslo and New York were live broadcasts .


TV-related rubrics

The discussion about the current television landscape took place mainly through the playing of the funniest scenes at the beginning of the program. Some short excerpts, which were also or just outside the original context, were played in by Raab using special buttons (so-called "nipples") on his desk during the broadcast, if it suited the situation or if there was an unwanted pause. In the beginning there were some special TV-related categories. However, due to a lack of material or response, these were later removed from the broadcast.

Sketch Raab of the week
  • The Raab of the Week was given as an award . The audience chose the winner from several candidates who had drawn attention to an involuntarily comical scene. The trophy (a kneeling athlete shouldering a stylized television) could be seen on the screen behind the desk and as a statue next to the show stairs until the last episode, although the "Raab of the week" was no longer awarded until 2010. On September 6, 2010, however, Raab announced in his broadcast that he would reintroduce it for a special event. In Bundesliga games, one of the players would have to hit a live moderator from behind with the ball on the head while warming up, as had happened a few weeks earlier. This happened in 2014. Already on February 23, 2012 Raab announced that he would like to award the award to a waiter who accidentally spilled beer glasses behind Angela Merkel on Political Ash Wednesday of the CDU .
  • The shock of the week column featured a selection of shocking or disgusting scenes. The supposed climax was a harmless scene (e.g. from folk music).
  • With the “Pfui” and “Respekt” trowels built into Raab's table, the moderator signaled moral indignation and recognition. The ladles could be extended with the additions "Extra-Gold-2000" or "my dear - Mr. Choral Society".
  • When Ingo Dubinski accidentally exposed his penis while doing a report in the sauna , Raab invented the “puller alarm” on January 31, 2000 , which warned of such scenes with light signals and sirens. The US rapper LL Cool J was so amused by this action that he presented the puller alarm live at many of the following concerts in Germany.
  • With pictures from talk shows, Raab presented the love story of the week as a storyteller .
  • When a defendant did a clumsy show on a court broadcast , Raab reported on the case of the week .
  • In the Superbrain category , various excerpts from quiz programs such as Everyone versus Everyone or The weakest flies were shown, in which candidates gave funny or embarrassing answers to the questions.

Action-related rubrics

Rubrics in the studio

  • Every Tuesday Raab played the quiz embarrassing or cashing against a studio guest from the audience . Elton asked ten questions. A correct answer earned 100 points, a wrong answer was deducted 100 points and the opponent was allowed to answer. In the event of a tie, an estimation question decided the winner, who received the difference in points in euros. If it was the spectator, he had the opportunity to compete again as defending champion in the coming week. The most successful candidate was the student Stephan, who beat Raab seven times, was the first to answer all ten questions correctly and went home with a record profit of € 1,100 (score: 1000 to −100). Raab's biggest win was € 1,000. Theoretically, a maximum win of € 2,000 was possible. To do this, the loser first had to answer every question incorrectly and then the winner had to give the correct answer. With slightly different rules, this quiz was also played for Schlag den Raab , Schlag den Star and later for Schlag den Henssler and Schlag den beste . Currently it is still played at Schlag den Star and Schlag den Beste . Traditionally, Elton always wears a red jacket when he moderates disgrace or cashing .
  • Based on What am I? tried Raab at Who am I and what am I actually doing here? guessing an employee by asking yes-no questions , whose work was then presented in a small video clip. Raab was allowed to ask as many questions as he wanted, provided he received fewer than ten no answers. If it came to that, he had lost and the employee was introduced. The game was moderated by Elton, who mostly wore a brown corduroy suit combined with a light blue shirt for the occasion . For each no answer, a five- mark piece was sacrificed in a piggy bank , which the employee received at the end. In addition, depending on the outcome, the employee received a T-shirt with the label “My boss knows me” or “My boss doesn't know me”. Elton was sometimes noticed during the game, for example by eating or playing cards.
  • In mid-2007, pupils up to the tenth grade of all types of school had the opportunity to give an approximately seven-minute presentation on any topic.
  • In the slide or lollipop competition, a candidate was able to win at least DM 250,000 in each broadcast. Raab asked a question in his program that the television viewers had to answer correctly over the phone. An invited candidate was already guaranteed 10,000 DM. To hit the jackpot, he had to break Raab's record for sliding down the stairs quickly. If he did not manage to do this, the jackpot increased by 10,000 DM.
  • Under the title Bei Call Bohlen , Raab tried to have the longest possible telephone conversation with strangers, in which he only played excerpts from the audio book of Dieter Bohlen’s autobiography and thereby suggested to the interlocutor that he was speaking to Dieter Bohlen.
  • In the roaring competition, the announcement had to be made as loud as possible at the beginning of the broadcast.

Single player

  • In the TV total TV tips for the weekend (from November 21, 2002) the alleged highlights from the TV program of the upcoming weekend were presented mostly on Thursdays. While this section used to be used to process funny TV clips, later several people commented on the program. At first, older people (including the quarreling couple Ingrid & Klaus) played the main role. Later the TV tips were "on tour", i. That is, several people on the street or in a kiosk were asked about the TV program. Ingrid and Klaus got a new section ( Ingrids Week and Klaus , from October 24, 2007) in which they gave their opinion on the headlines of the current week.
  • In the TV total TV box , which was set up at different locations in the German-speaking area, visitors were able to present their special skills.
  • An important element of the program were the street surveys with unsuspecting passers-by who u. a. appeared in the What do you actually say (survey on a current topic) section. The serious interviewer, who was never seen in the picture, brought the interviewees into embarrassing situations due to their lack of quick wit or poor general knowledge. The former author Lutz van der Horst , known as "Günni" , also shot such actions on the street (see below).
  • Other categories were 3 good reasons (shortened form of the top 10 known from US shows) and The History of World Hits (fictional origin of a song).
  • During the first-time voter check , young people, who often stood out due to their poor general education, were confronted with political questions shortly before elections. In these contributions Raab discovered the high school graduate Lukas and Sonja Rieger, who later explained the world in their own contributions ( Lukas Dingsbums and you, Ms. Rieger? ). There were similar tests on other subjects, e.g. B. television ( TV check ), soccer World Cup ( World Cup check ) or integration ( integration check ).
  • In the Stefan section on the ticket hotline , Raab played tricks and jokes with some callers who wanted to buy tickets for the show.


In addition to moderating the guessing games disgrace or cash in and Who am I and what am I actually doing here? (see above) Raab's Sidekick Elton had several separate categories in the context of the show.

  • At Elton gambles Elton asked passers-by or celebrities to a duel on May 21, 2003. If the candidate won, they received a new, modern product or a certain amount of cash. In the event of a defeat, he had to hand in his own copy, which was usually destroyed by an "executor". On February 14, 2013, it was also announced that this section was included in its own live show, which was broadcast on ProSieben on Saturday evening. It was the presenter’s first own Saturday evening show, who previously worked with Simon Gosejohann in Elton vs. Simon could be seen. It was first broadcast on April 20, 2013.
  • In the category An Immoral Offer , the title of which was based on the film of the same name , Elton chose two candidates in public places, to whom he offered increasing amounts of money up to a secret limit. If a candidate said "stop" at a certain amount, he had to take an embarrassing action in front of passers-by in order to receive the money.
  • When playing Bimmelbingo , Elton had to ring the doorbell from October 2, 2001, citizens who received money for the use of certain swear words. This action caused trouble with the police several times as well as damages for a victim of the program who was "downright ridiculed".
  • Elton was remotely controlled by instructions from Raab, which he received through an earphone .
  • For how long? Elton annoyed passers-by with a certain activity until the passer-by stopped him. Elton stopped the time.
  • Two dog owners wanted in the park competed with their four-legged friends in three games at Elton's dog show and thus determined the winner.


Günni's real name is Lutz van der Horst and he was the author of the show until 2005. He made his debut on August 28, 2003.

  • In the Günni's last chance category , he tried to win the audience's favor by means of street surveys, skits (e.g. as a pop singer) and hidden camera shoots (e.g. in the kiosk). If the audience found the MAZ to be good, it was allowed to compete again the following week.
  • Previously, from December 4, 2001, he was the actor in "Blasehasen", a pink rabbit that suddenly stumbled into the show. After a call, various clips were shown in which viewers had rented the bubble bunny for their party. In addition, the "bubble hare" was smuggled in on the ARD broadcast again and again on Sundays .

Willi and Isabel

Willi Hess, who died on April 10, 2003, appeared as a bouncer ( Willi opens the door , from February 5, 2003) or confronted other older people with youth language in other clips ( Check it out Willi , from December 2, 2002).

The Thuringian nurse Isabel Kilian, who discovered Raab on the occasion of a blood donation campaign in November 2001, lured Isabel asks about passers-by from the reserve by repeatedly asking them the same question.



The consignment is accompanied musically by the band from 2001 Heavytones that composed by Raab theme song at the beginning and end of the program and the various jingles played to commercial break. The Heavytones often accompanied live performances by musical guests. From time to time the house band was replaced by prominent guest bands or interesting musical groups such as the Wildes Holz formation . In 2015 the Heavytones included the following musicians: Wolfgang Norman Dalheimer ( keyboard ), Herb Jösch ( drums ), Krischan Frehse ( electric bass ), Hanno Busch ( guitar ), Alfonso Garrido ( percussion ), Rüdiger Baldauf ( trumpet ), Thorsten Skringer ( Saxophone ) and Max von Eine ( trombone ).

Heavytones kids

In the week after Easter 2006, the Heavytones for three programs were replaced by the “Heavytones Kids”. One week in advance, the audience selected the young talents between the ages of six and 14. The band included Max (guitar), Constantin (electric bass), Marcel (keyboard), Dorothea (percussion), Adriano (drums), Felix (trumpet), Katharina (trombone) and Jenny (saxophone). The young musicians had another appearance on TV total's New Year's Eve show together with Tobias Regner . For the 2000th broadcast on February 20, 2014, the young people came together again for a song after almost eight years.


At the end of 2003 / beginning of 2004, Raab initiated the casting show SSDSGPS ("Stefan sucht den Super-Grand-Prix-Star"), which parodied the name of Deutschland sucht den Superstar (DSDS), but as serious and more musical A talented alternative to this understood. The show was produced in the newly decorated TV total studio. Moderators were Stefan Raab , Elton and Annette Frier . The Heavytones, who accompanied the show musically, played in their usual place known from TV.

With the competition, Raab was looking for a candidate for the German qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 . NDR head of entertainment Dr. Jürgen Meier-Beer had promised him a wildcard if his artist were to be successful in the charts. The jury consisted of Raab, Thomas Anders and Joy Fleming .

Victorious from SSDSGPS went Max Mutzke out that in the final against Bonita Jeanetta Louw , Vanessa Henning and Alexandra Schröder prevailed. In the German preliminary round, Mutzke competed against another nine German artists and, with 67% of the audience votes, received a good twice as many calls as the other nine artists together. In a further round of calls, only the best two artists were left to vote, Mutzke and Scooter . Mutzke prevailed here with 92% and thus won the German qualifying round. At the ESC final in Istanbul he reached eighth place with his No. 1 hit Can't Wait Until Tonight .

Raab received a Grimme Prize for SSDSGPS in 2005 .


SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD was created in 2007 as the successor to SSDSGPS . The abbreviation stands for "Stefan is looking for the superstar who should sing what he wants and can also appear on RTL!" The show came about when, in April 2007, when Germany is looking for the superstar, the candidate Max Buskohl left the casting show and RTL forbade him, with reference to existing contracts, from appearing on TV immediately afterwards. Raab started a campaign under the motto "Freedom for Max Buskohl", in which he caused a stir with the use of a modified RAF kidnapping photo. After what critics saw as a PR campaign failed, Raab started his new casting show.

The show was moderated by Elton and Johanna Klum . Twenty candidates were selected from the applicants who presented themselves in a casting box. The candidates were free to choose the songs, and their own productions were also allowed. They presented themselves to the audience and the jury, which consisted of Stefan Raab, Max Buskohl's father Carl Carlton and a guest juror (including Sarah Connor , Anke Engelke , Stefanie Kloß , Sasha , Joy Denalane and Barbara Schöneberger ) in two preliminary rounds . Ten candidates were elected to the next round via televoting, and they had to prove themselves in further live shows.

Country musician Mario Strohschänk, rock singer Steffi List from Schweinfurt, ballad writer Gregor Meyle and then 18-year-old Swiss Stefanie Heinzmann from Eyholz competed in the finals on January 10, 2008 . Strohschänk was the first to retire; all candidates presented their recently recorded singles live for the first time. Stefanie Heinzmann, who comes from the canton of Valais , finally won the competition and received a record deal.

Bundesvision Song Contest

Out of disappointment about the poor results at the Eurovision Song Contest , Stefan Raab invented a new musical competition. At the Bundesvision Song Contest ( BuViSoCo for short ) instead of musicians from European countries, participants from the 16 German federal states competed against each other. In the regular editions of TV total , one participant was introduced per broadcast. As with the European model, the competition always took place in the state of the previous year's winner.

output date Venue Winning country winner
2005 February 12th Oberhausen König-Pilsener-Arena Hesse July and hot time
2006 0February 9 Wetzlar Central Hesse Arena Berlin Seeed and thing
2007 0February 9 Berlin Tempodrom Lower Saxony Oomph! feat. Marta Jandová and are you dreaming?
2008 14th of February Hanoverian TUI Arena Brandenburg Subway to Sally and Auf Kiel
2009 13th February Potsdam Metropolis Hall Berlin Peter Fox and Black to Blue
2010 0October 1 Berlin Max Schmeling Hall North Rhine-Westphalia Unholy and under your flag
2011 September 29th Cologne Lanxess Arena Berlin Tim Bendzko and If words were my language
2012 September 28th Berlin Max Schmeling Hall Baden-Württemberg Xavas and don't look back anymore
2013 September 26th Mannheim SAP Arena Lower Saxony Bosses and either way
2014 September 20th Göttingen locomotive hall Bremen Gunslinger and Let's Go
2015 29th August Bremen ÖVB arena Rhineland-Palatinate Mark Forster and stomach and head

Special broadcasts for the Eurovision Song Contest

Istanbul 2004

In the week before the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest , Stefan Raab, Max Mutzke, Elton and other guests presented the host city of Istanbul . They introduced the culture and the people and appeared on Turkish TV shows.

Oslo 2010

Stefan Raab at a press conference of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 on May 28, 2010 in Oslo

In the week before the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, TV total broadcast from Tuesday to Friday from the twelfth floor of the building of the Norwegian Workers' Party in Oslo . In these programs was u. a. the category “Lena's Diary” was shown, in which Lena Meyer-Landrut , the winner of Our Star for Oslo and later winner of the 55th Eurovision Song Contest, was accompanied by a camera team during rehearsals and preparations as well as behind the scenes. Guests of the programs were u. a. the Norwegian-born Charlotte Engelhardt , Elton, Marit Larsen , Wencke Myhre and the 2009 ESC winner, Alexander Rybak . Even after the Eurovision Song Contest, there were several special editions of TV total on this topic.

Düsseldorf 2011

In the week before the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf , Matthias Opdenhövel took over the broadcast because Raab was not available to host the competition due to the live shows and numerous rehearsals. The special programs were broadcast live from Monday to Friday. There was another edition on the Sunday after the ESC final. The studio was in the Düsseldorf arena where the ESC took place; through the windows in the studio you could see the stage directly. This program also featured “Lena's Diary” and background material on the competition. Guests were Stefan Raab, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Elton, Anke Engelke and Judith Rakers , who moderated the ESC in addition to Raab, as well as participants and experts such as B. the Austrian singer Nadine Beiler , ESC commentator Peter Urban and author Jan Feddersen .

Jazz and Swing

In April 2005 Raab organized a jazz night all about swing . Together with Max Mutzke , Tom Gaebel , Helge Schneider , Bonita Jeanetta Louw and a dedicated big band , he presented new versions of well-known songs such as Hänschen Klein , Über den Wolken or My Way . On December 22, 2005, the Big Night of the Stars followed with Jeanette Biedermann , Wigald Boning , Tom Gaebel, Luise Koschinsky , Oli.P , Lucy Diakovska , Max Mutzke, Melanie C , Michael Bublé and Scooter .

Dance week

After taking part in the Foxtrot World Championships with a wildcard a few years earlier , Stefan Raab presented a dance week in October 2005. With a professional dancer he presented the dances Samba , Jive , Rumba and Cha-Cha-Cha .



Similar to how the American entertainer Andy Kaufman got into the wrestling ring for the title of Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World against women , Stefan Raab fought against Regina Halmich in two fights for the title of world champion of all classes .

The TV total boxing match

The first fight over five rounds of two minutes against the flyweight world champion lost Raab as "Killerplauze" on March 22, 2001 on points. The event took place in what was then the TV total studio. Stefan Raab broke his nose as it was discovered after the fight. The event was a complete success for ProSieben. Stefan Raab and Regina Halmich watched 7.64 million viewers. In the advertising-relevant target group of 14 to 49 year olds, the station achieved a market share of 50.6%.

The McFit Fight Night - Raab vs. Halmich

On March 30, 2007, after six years in the sold out Kölnarena , there was a “rematch” between Regina Halmich and Stefan Raab under the motto The Return of Killerplauze . The show duel, staged with a tank, a cage and loud music, was the central event of the McFit-Fight Night . a. also came to the world championship fight of Susianna Kentikian . Raab lost as expected, but was able to survive all six laps. The event was moderated by Oliver Welke , Dariusz Michalczewski , Matthias Preuss , Jan Stecker and Johanna Klum . Because Elton had not believed in Raab, the show intern had to complete the New York City Marathon in November 2007 . He ran it in five and a half hours and a second. Stefan paid tribute to Elton's performance by promoting him to a show intern .

Wok World Championship

SEAT Hackl 4-person wok team at the finish line. Wok World Cup 2006 in Innsbruck .

In the show Wetten, dass ..? Raab offered on February 22, 2003 as a sponsor to run down the Winterberg bobsleigh run in a wok . This resulted in the " Wok World Championship ", in which prominent participants from sport and show competed in the single and four-person discipline every year. The venues were the railways in Winterberg , Innsbruck ( Tyrol ), Altenberg (Ore Mountains) , Oberhof and Schönau am Königssee . The most successful participants were the Olympic winner Georg Hackl , the musician and extreme athlete Joey Kelly , the presenter Stefan Gödde and Raab himself. Because of the allegation of surreptitious advertising , ProSieben was forced for the first time in 2009 to mark the Wok World Cup as a long-term commercial . In response to this, the ironic reference to continuous television broadcast has since been shown in the daily TV-total broadcast .

Speed ​​skating

On April 4, 2002, Stefan Raab competed in speed skating against Olympic champion Claudia Pechstein . He just won the 3000 meter race. In doing so, however, he had obtained a lead of 900 meters.

Show jumping

On September 30, 2004, Stefan Raab organized a show jumping championship with many celebrities on the CHIO site in the Aachen Soers . The dressage rider Isabell Werth won the competition before Tobias Schlegl and Charlotte Karlinder , while Raab was eliminated after the second round.


Another sporting competition was Das Großes TV total high diving for the first time on December 16, 2004 in the Olympic swimming pool in Munich . It has been held almost annually since then, in 2005 in the swimming and diving hall in the Europa Sportpark in Berlin and then again in Munich. Around ten jumpers and pairs competed in individual and synchronized jumping.

Stock car

During a contribution broadcast on September 30, 2002 for the Raab in Danger category , the presenter got to know the stock car race and developed his own competition. Except in 2008, this took place annually in the Gelsenkirchen Veltins-Arena . In the TV total stock car crash challenge there were three competitions in the 1500, 1900 and 3000 cm³ classes as well as a "rodeo race" that lasted until only one team's cars were roadworthy. In 2011, a Caravan Crash Cup was held for the first time, in which four drivers with caravans drove the route. This spectacle was moderated from 2005 to 2008 by Oliver Welke and Sonya Kraus . In 2009 Welke was supported by Charlotte Engelhardt . In 2010 Matthias Opdenhövel moderated the show, Sonya Kraus interviewed the drivers for the teams, as well as in 2011 at the side of Steven Gätjen , who has since taken over the moderation of the show. From 2012 to 2014, Charlotte Engelhardt co-moderated, while in 2015 she was replaced by Sophia Thomalla .

Parallel slalom

After a shift due to weather conditions, Stefan Raab presented the big TV total parallel slalom on December 16, 2006 from St. Anton am Arlberg with 15 prominent participants. Christian Clerici won the final run on the World Cup course against judge Alexander Hold . Third place went to DJ BoBo in a duel with Raab.


Giovanni Zarrella after his victory at the 2012 Autoball European Championship

Autoball is a ball sport in which two teams compete against each other with the aim of using their vehicles to score more goals than their opponents and thus to win the game. The sport is considered a variant of motoball . Stefan Raab discovered the sport in 2007 in his show Schlag den Raab and for the first time staged an Autoball tournament for the European Football Championship in 2008 . Further tournaments followed at the soccer world championships 2010 and 2014 and the soccer championship 2012 .

German ice football cup

At Schlag den Raab there was the game " ice football " on January 17, 2009, in which the opponents in bowling shoes played football on the ice . Raab liked the game so much that after a few tests he developed a new competition.

Quiz boxes

On October 18, 2012 a new show started with Quizboxes as part of TV total. The show was a mix of sports ( boxing ) and a quiz show . Stefan Raab , who also led the quiz, was the moderator . Five judges sat at the boxing ring, and one referee led the boxing rounds. Frank Buschmann was the commentator .


A “Headis” special broadcast took place twice. The funsport Headis is a mixture of the conventional table tennis and the head of the football . Since the game is played on a conventional table tennis table, but the ball may only be touched with the head, Headis combines the headball game of football, the tactical elements of tennis and the footwork of table tennis. It was played in two groups with three participants each, with the two group winners qualifying for the final. One game went to eleven points.

The participants in the first tournament on October 16, 2014 were Elton , Luke Mockridge , Thorsten Legat , Thore Schölermann , Matze Knop and Stefan Raab .

Group A
Elton - Luke Mockridge 11: 7
Luke Mockridge - Thorsten Legate 7:11
Elton - Thorsten Legate 2:11
rank player relationship Points
1. Thorsten Legate 22: 9 6th
2. Elton 13:18 3
3. Luke Mockridge 14:22 0
Group B
Stefan Raab - Thore Schölermann 11: 7
Thore Schölermann - Matze button 11: 9
Stefan Raab - Matze button 11: 8
rank player relationship Points
1. Stefan Raab 22:15 6th
2. Thore Schölermann 18:20 3
3. Matze button 17:22 0
Thorsten Legate - Stefan Raab 13:11

At the second tournament on October 21, 2015 Elton , Tom Beck , David Odonkor , Célia Šašić , Axel Stein and Stefan Raab played .

Group A
Elton - David Odonkor 10:12
David Odonkor - Tom Beck 06:11
Elton - Tom Beck 07:11
rank player relationship Points
1. Tom Beck 22:13 6th
2. David Odonkor 18:21 3
3. Elton 17:23 0
Group B
Stefan Raab - Axel Stein 13:11
Axel Stein - Celia Šašić 11: 2
Stefan Raab - Celia Šašić 6:11
rank player relationship Points
1. Axel Stein 22:15 3
2. Stefan Raab 19:22 3
3. Celia Šašić 13:17 3
Tom Beck - Axel Stein 15: 6

Olympic games

The TV-total-Olympiad took place parallel to the 2004 Olympic Games . Stefan Raab, Elton and a prominent guest each competed in various athletics disciplines: high jump with Michael Herbig , time trial race with Oliver Pocher and 100 meter run with Alida Kurras . There was a new edition for the 2006 Winter Olympics .

high jump

On September 2nd, 2004 the TV total high jump meeting took place. Pierre Geisensetter won with 1.55 m against Elton, Joey Kelly , Matthias Opdenhövel , Simon Gosejohann and Oliver Pocher. Raab could not take part due to injury.

beach volleyball

The big TV total Beachvolleyball Cup took place on October 6, 2009 . In addition to Raab and Elton, the reigning world champions Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann took part.

More special programs

In addition to the regular program and the sports and music specials mentioned above, other specials were broadcast at irregular intervals.

TV total night

From July 6, 2006, Raab hosted a poker night several times a year . He played Texas Hold'em with Elton, three celebrities and a spectator candidate who qualified on the Internet . The winner received € 50,000, the previously eliminated players received € 20,000, € 15,000, € 10,000 and € 5,000, the last place was left empty. After Raab's career has ended, the program will continue without the TV total addition.

Bowling evening

After a bowling facility had been set up for an edition of Schlag den Raab , Stefan Raab organized a round of bowling on October 25, 2006 with guests Sonya Kraus , Oliver Welke and Elton. The latter won with 116 points ahead of Raab, Welke and Kraus. There was a second edition on Nikolaus evening, in which Raab prevailed with 106 points against Elton, Jeanette Biedermann and Ben .

New Year's special

From 2001 to 2008, ProSieben presented a TV total New Year's special every New Year's Eve . Until New Year's Eve 2007, Raab and his guests Christoph Maria Herbst , Rick Kavanian , Michael Herbig and Sonya Kraus looked back on the past year. On New Year's Eve 2008, Stefan Raab presented the best TV clips, the hits of the year and the highlights of the TV total programs of the year without guests on the couch.

Annual review

From 2009, instead of the New Year's Eve special, Raab organized an annual review with the TV total highlights of the year. The first edition aired on December 21, 2009.

Bundestag election

Election forecast 2005 TV total
Election forecast 2009 TV total
Election forecast 2013 TV total

On September 17, 2005, Stefan Raab hosted a special broadcast on the 2005 Bundestag election with politicians Christian Wulff ( CDU ), Franz Müntefering ( SPD ), Guido Westerwelle ( FDP ), Günther Beckstein ( CSU ) and Jürgen Trittin ( Greens ). Peter Limbourg from partner station N24 helped as co-host . Matthias Opdenhövel presented the results of a televoting in which everyone, including minors and people without German citizenship , was allowed to vote for a party as often as they wanted: SPD 36.5%, CDU / CSU 30.1%, FDP 13.7%, Greens 8.9%, Left Party , PDS 10.7%. The result primarily reflected the political spectrum of the younger target group. Raab and Limbourg received the Golden Prometheus in the “Coup of the Year” category for the show .

On the eve of the 2009 Bundestag elections there was another special broadcast with representatives from the CDU (Christian Wulff), CSU ( Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg ), SPD (Franz Müntefering), FDP (Guido Westerwelle), Bündnis90 / Greens (Jürgen Trittin) and Die Linke ( Gregor Gysi ) were invited. Again Raab moderated together with Peter Limbourg. The Left Party achieved very high results in this program (in some federal states even absolute majorities).

The third special broadcast took place for the 2013 federal election . Guests of this broadcast on the eve of the election were Ilse Aigner (CSU), Armin Laschet (CDU), Thomas Oppermann (SPD), Rainer Brüderle (FDP), Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Bündnis90 / Die Grünen) and Gregor Gysi (Die Linke). Viewers were able to vote for the party they would vote for by televoting.

Football World Cup and EM

At major tournaments, the program focused on football . At the 2002 World Cup , Raab presented his experiences in Japan , and at the 2004 European Championship , Elton traveled with Oliver Pocher in a caravan through the host country Portugal .

During the soccer World Cup 2006 the program was broadcast totally live under the title WM . Raab analyzed the events around the World Cup, typed the games and played the blind kick against the respective studio guest , an oversized variant of the Tipp-Kick , in which living characters, whose eyes were blindfolded, are controlled by commands from Raab and his opponent . In December 2005, Raab had already anticipated the group draw with great agreement.

For the European Football Championship in 2008 and 2012 as well as for the Football World Championship in 2010 and 2014 , Raab organized an Auto Ball EM and World Cup .

Mascot World Cup

On June 1, 2006, there was a race with the mascots of a total of 46 sports clubs, which the lion from TV Großwallstadt won ahead of the lion from Bayer 04 Leverkusen , the tiger from Walter Tigers Tübingen and the zebra Ennatz from MSV Duisburg .

TV total goes St. Moritz

From January 9th to 12th, 2006, Raab showed one player from his experiences in the Swiss ski resort St. Moritz . In the studio, which was designed like an alpine hut, he received a. a. the curling experts Max Reiser, the Jodel -Teacher Nadja Räss , the Freeski -Master Alois Bickel and former alpine skier Willy Bogner junior .


In this section Raab was looking for the most beautiful woman in Germany. The abbreviation stands for TV totals next beautiful woman who has something on the box and, if possible, can do a little more than carry clothes from A to B down the catwalk - with Stefan Raab . At the end of October 2010 the first of a total of four Raab castings began in Cologne . The recall began on March 14, 2011, in which three candidates stand for election to the studio audience every day. On March 23, 2011, the 26-year-old Korinna Kramer emerged as the winner. She then appeared on TV total , from April 2011 also on Schlag den Raab and later also on Schlag den Star , Schlag den Henssler and Schlag den Beste as an assistant and backstage reporter.

Originally, the casting TV should be called Total Next Supermodel - by Stefan Raab . This title was a direct allusion to Heidi Klum's show Germany's Next Top Model - by Heidi Klum , which has also been broadcast on ProSieben since 2006 . For this reason the format had to be renamed later.


A BallBall special broadcast took place on November 6, 2012 . The game BallBall was first played on September 22, 2012 at Schlag den Raab . Raab had already announced such a special at the time. The aim of the game is to use tennis balls to bring a basketball lying in the center of the field into the opponent's end zone. These are thrown from outside the playing field, which is not allowed to be entered. In Schlag den Raab , Raab lost to candidate Manuela 2: 3. In the TV total special broadcast with the title TV total Ballball Spezial , teams of two competed against each other. The participating teams were:

Team name Attendees
volleyball GermanGerman Ilka Semmler GermanGerman Katrin Holtwick
Moderators GermanGerman Daniel Aminati GermanGerman Peter Imhof
Sports cannons ItalianItalian Giovanni Zarrella GermanGerman Fabian Hambüchen
TV total GermanGerman Stefan Raab GermanGerman Elton
  Semifinals     final
   Zarrella / Hambüchen 3  
   Holtwick / Semmler 4th    
       Holtwick / Semmler 2
       Aminati / Imhof 12
   Aminati / Imhof 4th      
   Raab / Elton 1      
  3rd place match
   Zarrella / Hambüchen 1
   Raab / Elton 4th

Ceremonial meeting

On February 9, 2013, two days before Shrove Monday , the large TV total pomp session was broadcast. Participants included the dialect bands Höhner and Brings , known from the Cologne Carnival , Bastian Pastewka and Anke Engelke in their roles as Wolfgang & Anneliese , the comedians Markus Krebs, Carolin Kebekus , Dave Davis , Matze Knop and Mundstuhl , the singer Lena as Tanzmariechen , the actor Martin Klempnow as Robert Geiss and Helge Schneider .

TV totally live from New York

During the week from January 27 to February 1, 2014, Raab broadcast live from New York City . In addition to the usual dates on Monday through Thursday, there was an additional issue on Saturday evening. The reason for the trip was the Super Bowl on February 2nd. A small studio was set up right in Times Square for these programs . There Stefan Raab received some celebrities and athletes from the United States. He was supported by sports commentator Frank Buschmann and comedian Luke Mockridge .

Moderators of the program and the special programs

Moderator Years moderated programs
Stefan Raab 1999-2015
Elton since 2001
Annette Frier 2003-2005
Sonya Kraus 2003-2013
Kai plum 2003-2005
Oliver Pocher 2004-2005
  • The TV total championship (2004)
  • TV total Wok World Cup (2004-2005)
  • TV total EM special (2004)
  • Bundesvision Song Contest (2005)
  • TV total diving (2005)
Ingolf Lück 2004
  • TV total diving (2004)
Peter Limbourg 2005-2009
  • TV total federal election (2005, 2009)
Oliver Welke 2005-2010
  • TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge (2005-2009)
  • TV total Wok World Cup (2006-2009)
  • TV total Autoball European Championship (2008)
  • TV total diving (2007-2009)
  • German Ice Football Cup (2009)
  • TV total night (2006-2010)
Mirjam Weichselbraun 2005-2011
  • TV total Wok World Cup (2005, 2011)
Johanna Klum 2005-2011
  • Bundesvision Song Contest (2007-2011)
Michael Körner 2006-2015
  • TV total night (2006–2015)
Matthias Opdenhövel 2006-2011
  • Schlag den Raab (2006-2011)
  • TV total Wok World Cup (2006-2011)
  • TV total Autoball European Championship (2008)
  • German Ice Football Cup (2009)
  • TV total diving (2009-2010)
  • TV total Autoball World Championship (2010)
  • TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge (2010)
  • Our Star for Oslo (2010)
  • Hit the Star (2010)
  • Our song for Germany (2011)
Janin Reinhardt 2006
Charlotte Worthy 2009-2014
  • TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge (2009, 2012-2014)
Carolin Kebekus 2010
  • TV total Wok World Cup (2010)
Sabine Heinrich 2010-2011
  • Our Star for Oslo (2010)
  • Our song for Germany (2011)
Jessica Kastrop 2010-2013
  • The TV total night (2010-2013)
Steven Gätjen 2011-2015
  • Schlag den Raab (2011-2015)
  • Beat the Star (2011-2013)
  • TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge (2011-2015)
  • TV total diving (2011-2015)
  • Our star for Baku (2012)
  • TV total Wok World Cup (2012-2015)
  • TV total Autoball European Championship (2012)
  • TV total Autoball World Championship (2014)
  • German Ice Football Cup (2015)
Olaf Schubert 2011–2012
  • TV total diving (2011–2012)
Matze button 2012-2015
  • TV total Wok World Cup (2012-2015)
  • TV total diving (2013-2014)
  • German Ice Football Cup (2015)
Sandra Riess 2012-2013
  • Our star for Baku (2012)
  • Bundesvision Song Contest (2012-2013)
Natalie Hof 2013-2015
  • TV total night (2013–2015)
Rebecca Me 2013-2014
  • TV total diving (2013)
  • TV total Wok World Cup (2014)
Sophia Thomalla 2014-2015
  • TV total diving (2014-2015)
  • TV total Wok World Cup (2015)
  • TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge (2015)


TV total pursued the goal of devoting itself to media criticism in a satirical way with the help of TV excerpts from other TV stations. The parodic aim of the entire program did not give carte blanche for unfree withdrawals through individual contributions. Therefore, there were several legal disputes.

In one case, Raab had a 20 second cut of a spontaneous yodeling from the HR telecast Country Party in Hüttenberg shown relative without comment. Therefore, he could not rely on either the right to freely edit or the right to quote. In addition, it was not a current event of the day that TV could completely report on without paying license fees. This showed TV some of the limits of copyright law , because license-free ones are accordingly

  • commented TV excerpts ( i.e. freely edited according to § 24 para. 1 UrhG and leading to an independent work),
  • Quoted TV excerpts ( § 51 No. 2 UrhG) presuppose an internal connection between the quoted passage and one's own thoughts. A quotation is therefore generally only permissible if it appears as a reference or basis for discussion for independent statements by the citing person. or
  • Current events of the day ( § 50 UrhG) are any current events that are of interest to the public , whereby an event is current as long as a report about it is perceived by the public as current reporting.

An excerpt sent only for reasons of comedy does not meet these conditions. Thus, in the case of the "Landparty in Hüttenberg", the exclusive right of the film producer pursuant to Section 95 , Section 94 (1) Sentence 1 UrhG to reproduce the film carrier ( Section 16 UrhG), distribute it ( Section 17 UrhG) and publicly was interfered with To use the demonstration ( Section 19 (4) UrhG). With his contribution, the moderator neither made a media criticism nor created a work of art. Taking over the interview is therefore not covered by Section 24 (1) UrhG, even taking into account freedom of expression (Article 5 (1) GG) and freedom of art (Article 5 (3) GG). If license fees are due, public television broadcasters charge private broadcasters a license price of around € 1,300 per minute or part thereof.

Critics accused Raab from time to time that his humor was at the expense of third parties and those inexperienced in television and that they violated their personal rights. Raab has already been sued several times and, for example, in February 2004 in the Lisa Loch case for violation of personal rights to a compensation of 70,000 euros or in September 2005 for violating the art copyright law ( right to one's own image ) and insulting to a fine of 150,000 euros.

Audience ratings

Total TV audience figures from 1999 to 2015

The following ratings reflect the absolute annual average audience figures and were determined by Media Control .

  • 1999 : 2.36 million
  • 2000 : 3.21 million
  • 2001 : 2.09 million
  • 2002 : 1.76 million
  • 2003 : 1.57 million
  • 2004 : 1.29 million
  • 2005 : 1.24 million
  • 2006 : 1.11 million
  • 2007 : 0.85 million
  • 2008 : 0.76 million
  • 2009 : 0.74 million
  • 2010 : 0.83 million
  • 2011 : 0.85 million
  • 2012 : 0.72 million
  • 2013 : 0.68 million
  • 2014 : 0.76 million
  • 2015 : 0.76 million

The program with the highest percentage of viewers was broadcast on June 5, 2008, directly after the finale of Germany's Next Top Model , and reached over 23 percent of viewers between 14 and 49 years of age.



The program received criticism in its new direction, which was seen as the reason for the persistent decline in viewers for years. Was TV total initially a Skurrilitätenkabinett of German television, was the mission later mainly determined by talking to guests by promoting ProSieben produced films and events such as the poker night and marketing of pop musicians. In 2007, the show only had an average viewership of 910,000 and, with an audience rate of 6.5%, was below the average for broadcasters. However, the show very often only started at 11:15 pm. ProSieben extended its contract with Raab in 2009 for "several years". In 2015, the culture editor Jonas Leppin judged that TV total had "become a carelessly produced piece of television junk". Other authors such as Oliver Rasche from Die Welt praised Raab and emphasized that Raab still clearly stands out from the competition and "has not yet passed its zenith".

Awards and nominations

Tabular overview of awards and nominations
year Award For category result
1999 German Comedy Award Stefan Raab Best moderation Won
German television award Stefan Raab , Martin Keß and Jobst Benthues Best entertainment show
2000 OnlineStar VIPS and celebrities
Adolf Grimme Prize Best entertainment Nominated
Austrian TV Prize Romy Best program idea Won
Golden record The TV total album
2001 Rose d'Or Best of TV total Bronze rose for versatility
Radio Rainbow Award Comedy 2000
International Eyes & Ears Awards TV total Best program promotion spot
2002 OnlineStar VIPS and celebrities
2002 Golden record TV total initial voter check , Best of TV total 2001 and Best of TV total Vol. 2
2003 German Comedy Award Stefan Raab Best comedy show Nominated
2004 Adolf Grimme Prize Discovery and promotion of musical talent through SSDSGPS - A Song for Istanbul Special Won
German television award SSDSGPS - A song for Istanbul and the 1st official Wok World Cup Best entertainment show Nominated
2005 ECHO Bundesvision Song Contest Media partner of the year Won
German television award The big TV total diving Best entertainment show Nominated
2006 Golden Prometheus Coup of the year Won
Rose d'Or The big TV total diving Variety Nominated
2008 Bambi Stefan Raab entertainment Won
2009 German Comedy Award Best late night show Nominated
2010 German television award Best entertainment and special performance entertainment Won
2011 German Comedy Award Best late night show Nominated
2013 German Comedy Award The big TV total show session Best comedy event Won


  • The magazine TV total , which appeared at the beginning of 2001 and was published by Raab TV, Brainpool and Axel Springer Verlag , was discontinued in May - four months after the first issue - due to low sales figures.
  • The identity of Manfred Winkens, the voiceover for most of the clips, was always kept secret by the production company. In the 12th episode of the 3rd season, Winkens can be seen briefly in a film. In the last broadcast, Winkens announced Stefan Raab with the introduction that is totally typical for TV. His eyes were covered with glasses that were held in the style of a censor bar . Those two appearances were the only ones he was totally actually seen on TV.

Embarrassing or cashing in

  • In the broadcast of September 30, 2014 Elton asked the question: “Microsoft today officially presented the latest version of its Windows operating system. What's her name? ”Asked. "Windows 9" was given as the correct answer. In fact, however, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 . However, since TV total was recorded in the afternoon (4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. was the officially announced time frame on that day), the editors were not yet aware of this at the time. So it happened that the answer was already out of date at the time it was broadcast. After the wrong resolution, Raab even joked: "But that's pretty creative, they come up with something."
  • In the broadcast on August 25, 2015, Elton asked about the author of Pumuckl , referring to the fact that Pumuckl's belly should no longer be present in the new version of the cartoon. On the same day, however, the daughter of Ellis Kaut , the inventor of Pumuckl , announced that the fans' wishes were being followed and that the stomach would also be present in the new edition of the show.


  • Jörg-Uwe Nieland: “Entertaining, not representative” - the 2009 Bundestag election as a political show on Pro7 . In: Christina Holtz-Bacha (Hrsg.): The mass media in the election campaign. The election year 2009 . VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, Wiesbaden 2010, ISBN 978-3-531-17414-3 , pp. 258-282.

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  1. Some episodes, such as the annual review , the New Year's Eve special or the last episode, have a different length of several hours of broadcast.
  2. After switching from weekly to daily broadcasting, counting was restarted: 60 weekly (1999–2000) and 2,243 daily shows (2001–2015) were broadcast.


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