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A ball sport is any sport that is played with a ball . Any other equally suitable object can be considered a ball. Its shape does not play a role in the definition, but only depends on the suitability for the respective game: It can be spherical or oval, disc or ring-shaped, equipped with handles or flight stabilizers (feathers), braided, perforated, with movable filling, be hollow or solid.

As a ball sport refers to sports that with (at least) a ball to be played. Here, balls can also be replaced by suitable other objects; However, one then no longer speaks of ball game or ball sport. These games are listed below because of their analogy to ball games.


Ball sports are usually played between two parties (singles, doubles, teams) with a ball that is only replaced as soon as it is unusable or lost. The ball is moved by hand, foot or a stick. However, there are also games in which several spherical objects are used, albeit not at the same time.

Many ball and ball games are organized in a league, and there are international tournaments. Some of them are an Olympic discipline . The most popular and most popular ball game in the world is volleyball.

One can distinguish the following families, each of which is subdivided into two to four genera. For more information, features and special variants in disabled sports, see the individual keywords: Click on the heading.

(Games that are not played in a competitive manner are listed in italics .)

Goal games

Goal games without a bat

Goal games with bat

Return games

Netball games

Wall ball games

Combination of both

Batball games

Batball games with a square field

Batball games with an elongated field

Play with multiple balls or spheres

The following games and sports are also known as precision sports and / or games of skill .

Ball games in the narrower sense

Ball sports in the narrower sense are the sports organized in the Confédération Mondiale des Sports de Boules (CMSB). "The CMSB was recognized by the IOC (Comité International Olympique) on October 15, 1986 in Lausanne as a representative of all ball sports."

The German ball sports associations are organized in the German Boccia, Boule and Pétanque Association (DBBPV).

There is also ironing. The German clubs are affiliated to the Dutch Beugelbond (NBB).

Related games in which other objects act as the ball

One-hole games (hole or obstacle games)


  • Bowling (ten pin bowling)
    • Canadian five-pin bowling
    • Duckpin bowling
  • Bowling
    • Asphalt / Classic
    • Bohle
    • Three lanes (asphalt, screed, scissors)
    • scissors

Pool games

Carom variants:

Pool variants:

Other variants:

Distance competitions

There are no tactical variants here: only the distance achieved counts. If necessary, the results of a team are added up.

Other games

The following games do not fit into any of the above families. Collective terms such as movement games, small games, gymnastics games , folk games or the like are sometimes used for some of them .


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