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Beachminton (name originated from badminton and beach , English for beach, also called beach badminton ) describes a current trend sport that can be described as an offshoot of badminton , but in contrast to it is played on sand.

The sport was invented in 1997 by Mathias Renz and Stephan and Thomas Heinle in Geretsried . Beachminton was introduced as a new trend sport in the current sports studio at the ISPO in Munich as early as 1998 by the inventors.

In contrast to playing badminton, the sequence of movements in beachminton is healthier for the joints, as the players jump off and land softly thanks to the approximately 30 centimeter deep sand. As is known from beach volleyball , the effort required through the sand is much higher than on a firm hall floor. For this reason, the beachminton field is 3.80 × 12.30 meters significantly smaller than the badminton field.

The field is usually marked out with cloth or rubber bands in the sand. Beachminton can be played indoors or - in contrast to badminton - outdoors. The latter is possible because the game ball is much less susceptible to wind than the shuttlecock in badminton.

Similar to beach volleyball, beach minton is all about having fun.

Although beachminton is still a relatively young sport, numerous tournaments and events are regularly held in Germany.


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