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Basketball in the sand

Beach basketball is the casual form of basketball . Initially conceived in the USA as a training variant for club players, the game has also developed into a popular fun sport in other countries. The German Beach Basketball Championships have been held in Cuxhaven since 2004 .


In Germany, beach basketball is usually played as part of tournaments lasting one or more days . Several teams compete against each other in different game modes in order to play the beach basketball games specified in the schedule . It is played in the categories women, men, mixed and kids. If the German championship is held at a tournament, the aforementioned categories will be held in the modes “Fun” and “DM (German championship)”.

Rules of the game

A beach basketball team consists of three players plus a maximum of two substitute players who play without shoes . The playing field consists of a sandy surface about 12-15 m in size and two opposing basketball hoops with a board that are set up on the short sides of the playing field. Basically there is no outline. A game lasts ten minutes, which are divided into two halves of five minutes. The sides are switched at half time. In a tournament, the first-named team is in possession of the ball at the beginning of the first half. The second-named team is in possession of the ball after half-time. If the ball falls in the sand, the team whose player touches the ball first is in possession. This player may pick up the ball and continue playing without hindrance. If the outcome of the game is undecided, there is a "shoot-out". Each player has a free throw. If the number is different, the first to throw (throw) again. If there is still no winner after this round, 1: 1 is thrown until a winner is determined.

In deviation from the rules in indoor basketball, each basket counts one point - regardless of whether a player has scored it or from what distance it was scored; The team with the most points wins. The game ends prematurely if the maximum number of points that can be achieved has been achieved by a team.

In the event of a tie at the end of the season, each team member throws a free throw alternately with the other team. If there is a different number of players in the teams, the first one (s) throws again. If there is still no winner after this round, one to one is thrown until a winner is determined. If a first player has already thrown a second time because of the different number of players in the teams, it is not his turn to throw one on one until the last player has thrown from his team. The winner of the free throw after a tie receives one point more than the result after regular time.

Fair play is the top priority in beach basketball. Unsportsmanlike or reckless behavior in the course of a tournament can lead to exclusion. In the game, such behavior is punished with at least a free throw. There is no referee , just a "court watcher". Its main task is to enter the points and fouls on the score sheet. He has to intervene if the game is unfair. If the teams do not agree on disagreements, the court watcher has the last word. A supervisor can be used as an additional observer. Court watchers and supervisors decide together. If a team does not comply with its court watch obligation, it subsequently loses the game that it actually won. Time play violates the principle of fairness. Game delays are punished with loss of the ball. After five team fouls by one team, the fouled player of the other team receives a free throw for each subsequent foul. The following applies to all free throws: If the free-thrower hits, the other team receives the ball. If the free-thrower does not hit, the free-thrower's team receives the ball.

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