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Paille-Maille , known in England as Pall Mall [ ˌpælˈmæl ]; (other spellings: Baille-Maille , Palle-malle , Jeu de Mail ) was a ball game of the 16th and 17th centuries and a forerunner of both the croquet (German also known as croquet ), which was widespread in the 19th century, and of today's swing golf . It is one of the precision sports played on hard courts (as opposed to croquet, which is played on meadows ).

The name comes from the Italian pallamaglio or palla di maglio , which literally means “wooden hammer ball” (or ball game with a wooden hammer). It was played on a long paved track, at the end of which an iron hoop was hung over the ground. The goal was to hit a boxwood ball , about the size of a modern croquet ball with a circumference of about one foot (about 30 cm), with as few strokes of a heavy wooden mallet along the track and through the hoop beat.

Paille-Maille was popular in Italy , France and Scotland and also spread to England , Holland and Germany in the 17th century . The name Paille-Maille not only describes the game, but also the wooden bat and the track on which the game was played. Many cities and historical parks still have long straight streets or promenades that have developed from these fairways. Two of these streets in London are Pall Mall and The Mall , in Hamburg-Altona there is still the Palmaille today . There is a Baille-Maille-Lindenallee in Himmelkron . There is also a Maille train in Heidelberg in the Hortus Palatinus and in the Pillnitz Palace Park in Dresden. In Esslingen am Neckar , the name of the city park Maille refers to the earlier ball game at this location. In The Hague , the Malieveld is used as an event site. Another former Maille railway is located in Utrecht . Here, in 1637, between the Lepelenburg and the former hostel "t Gulde Vlies" (Maliesingle 28a), a railway was laid in what is now the Malie district (today: Maliebaan) and used until the 18th century.


  • The Pall Mall in London was named after the Pall Mall cigarette brand in 1899 .
  • In North America, shopping centers are known as shopping malls .
  • In the Swiss city of Geneva, the 7 hectare “Plaine de Plainpalais” and the Avenue du Mail that accompanies it go back to this game that has been played here since 1637.
  • Another game popular during the courtly baroque era was the Pall Mall-inspired passing game .
Malieveld in The Hague

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