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A return game is a ball sport in which two players or teams play a ball to each other in compliance with certain rules and try to force the opponent to make mistakes when accepting or returning it. Errors by one party lead to points from the other party and / or give the other party the right to serve.


Games that are not played in a competitive manner are listed below in italics .

Net ball games

Each party tries to get the ball into the opposing half of the field (by hitting, kicking, throwing or heads) in such a way that the opponent cannot properly get it back. Instead of a net, a string, a bench, a line or a neutral zone can also be used to subdivide the playing field. These include, for example:

Wall ball games

Here the game ball is not played in the opposing half of the field, but alternately against (at least) one wall, so that it rebounds into the jointly used field. Examples:


A combination of net and wall ball games is the four-way battle of table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis (in this order!):

Variants in disabled sports


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