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Under skill games is meant games that the player a good perception and a strong fine motor skills demand and responsiveness.

Children throwing rings
Can throwing skill


There are games of skill that are spread all over the world, regardless of the different cultures. Mainly in games of skill, the ability to balance , the sense of rhythm (as with rubber twist ), the tactile sensitivity and the estimation of distance are required. This includes, for example, the game that is known in our culture as Hickelkasten or under the name Heaven and Hell (not the foldable figure of the same name). But also the so-called thread game or lifting game and the so-called English football , where distance and speed of movement play a major role, belong in this category. Games of skill are mostly used to entertain or to promote the abovementioned properties. This also includes games like mikado and darts .

Some games of skill can also be found among the precision sports . Individual games of skill were or can still be found today or again in commercial form at fairs and folk festivals . Such dexterity activities by showmen include throwing cans ("throwing booth") and nail bars ("funny nail egg").

Legal use of the term

In legal terms, the term game of skill is defined more broadly and describes a game that, unlike gambling, is determined more by the skill of the players than by elements of chance .

Skill games (selection)

The ball maze requires good fine motor skills

Skill games on special devices / machines (selection)

With the increasing spread of computer games , a lot of software in this genre was created. Originally, these were primarily so-called jump 'n' run games. However, the range has long since expanded and now also includes games with a larger strategic component, for example the various Tetris variants. In contrast to the non-virtual game of skill, which mostly involves the entire body, eye-hand coordination is mainly required. The promotion of responsiveness and imagination of the players is controversial. Nevertheless, various online games of skill and platforming adventures also find a place in child psychotherapeutic work.

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