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Knee, ear, nose (engl. "Kneesy, Earsy, Nosy") is a small game of skill , which can be performed alone, without any aids.


This game was invented in the Laurel and Hardy film Hands up - or not (1933, original title The Devil's Brother ). Here Stan Laurel shows his film partner Oliver Hardy the game of skill. The game was copied by children and young people in particular and achieved great popularity in the following decades. Today it is often used as a game of skill or concentration.


In a sitting position, you hit your knees with both palms, then you grab your nose with one hand and your other ear with the other hand, the forearms automatically cross. Then hit the knees again with both hands and then again the grip on the nose and ear, but this time the wrong way round. Then the action starts all over again. Although the course of action appears very simple when watching, it is almost impossible for an inexperienced person to perform. It takes some practice to make an error-free attempt. This is also in hands up - or not clear, where Stan Laurel brings his film partner Oliver Hardy and later the innkeeper ( Henry Armetta ) to despair.

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