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Bully with an orange inline skater hockey ball

Inline skater hockey is a sport related to ice hockey and roller hockey , which first became popular in the USA and has been practiced in Germany since the 1980s . It was first played with roller skates and known as street hockey and skater hockey , the first inline players appeared in the mid-1990s, whereupon the name was supplemented by the inline hockey .


Break situation

This sport is played in equipment similar to ice hockey, on inline skates or z. Sometimes traditional roller skates , played with ice hockey sticks and a special orange hard plastic ball. There is also a softer ball that allows you to play in simple free spaces (parking lots, little-frequented streets, courtyards). The ball represents a significant advantage over inline hockey, which is played with a puck, which is prohibited in gyms. Official venues for inline skater hockey are triple gymnastics halls with normal surface vibrating floors, defrosted ice hockey rinks and systems with plastic, concrete or fine asphalt surfaces.

A team consists of at least one goalkeeper and four field players; up to 18 players (including 2 goalkeepers) may be used in unlimited alternation. A normal game lasts 3 × 20 minutes, whereby the time is not stopped with every short interruption, unlike in ice hockey. A normal league game is presided over by two referees, two timekeepers look after the clock and penalty benches. There are two, five and ten minute penalties and dismissal.

Similar to ice hockey, proper physical activity is considered "normal hardness", in contrast to inline hockey (which is therefore also apostrophized as "better suited for beginners"). This is detailed in the ISHD rule book:

Inline skater hockey is a physical activity and each player participating in a game does so at their own risk. All clubs and teams must expressly inform their players of this before the start of the game.

National and international championships (under the umbrella of the IISHF ) are held in inline skater hockey .

Differences to ice hockey

Goal situation

The men's, women's and junior areas play 3 × 20 minutes, in the youth and school areas 3 × 15 minutes and in the Bambini 3 × 12 minutes. With the Bambini - similar to ice hockey - a block change must also take place every 90 seconds. With the exception of the 1st and 2nd men's leagues, national championships - in contrast to ice hockey - are played with running time ; in the event of game interruptions, the time is only stopped in the last two minutes of the last third as well as during a power play (outnumbered situation) or if the referee instructs it, e.g. B. with a longer injury break. In international championships and competitions title is with the running time played (pt. 28.8 of the Competition Rules).

The number of field players in inline skater hockey is with four field players the same as in inline hockey, but less than in ice hockey with five field players. In the Bambiniland game class (in this officially micro pupil called) the minimum team size is 8 fielder (2 blocks) and a keeper (8 + 1 rule).

Further differences to ice hockey are that there is no offside or icing regulation . There is a free kick for this , which is played, among other things, when the stick is high and when the goalkeeper holds the ball without the opposing threat. Both the ban on holding the ball and the lack of offside and icing rules accelerate the flow of the game.

Furthermore, there is a yellow and a red card for inline skater hockey. A yellow card imposes a ten-minute misconduct penalty on the player. As in soccer , a player receives his second yellow card plus the red card and is expelled from the field. If a player receives a red card for a serious offense, the player will be banned from playing several games. The ISHD gaming committee decides on the amount of the sentence.

Internationally, there is also a black card, which - compared to the red card - not only serves as a field reference for a game, but also in a tournament (the usual form of international matches) to a ban on all further games until the specific penalty is determined by the IISHF leads.


The German Roller Sport and Inline Association (DRIV) is organized under the umbrella of the International Inline Skater Hockey Federation (IISHF ) through its sports commission for inline skater hockey, the ISHD .

Unlike inline hockey, inline skater hockey is traditionally strongly oriented towards North Rhine-Westphalia. The Assenheim Patriots switched from the IHD Bundesliga to the ISHD game operation in 2008/09 .

Inline skater hockey is more common in Germany than inline hockey, as the latter is not allowed to be practiced in most gyms due to the puck.


Swiss-German clubs make no difference in the term and also call the sport inline skater hockey inline hockey. The association organized in the IISHF is the SIHV ( Swiss Inline Hockey Association ).


Until about 2008:

The league of the Austrian Roller Sports and Inline Skate Association is divided into several conferences, with the Eastern Conference again being divided into 3 divisions.

From 2009 on:

Division into Bundesliga (men / women separately), national league and regional leagues (LL Vienna / Lower Austria; LL Burgenland / Styria; LL Upper Austria); League operation now by the newly founded Inline-Skaterhockey Austria (ISHA).

Seat of the ISHA in Stegersbach , Burgenland .

In 2011 five teams contest the Austrian Bundesliga:

Vienna 95ers - WAT XX , Admiral Sportwetten Red Dragons Altenberg , ISV Tigers Stegersbach , IHC Irish Moose Linz and HC Mad Dogs Wiener Neustadt .

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