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The Powerplay ( English power game ) refers to a constellation game in sports.

ice Hockey

In ice hockey and related sports, power play is used to describe an excess situation. The excess is caused by an illegal act by the opposing team, which leads to a time penalty of at least two minutes, which the guilty player must serve in the penalty box . The rules of the game change only minimally during the power play, so the icing rule no longer applies to the outnumbered team . The team playing in a majority can outperform the other team by a maximum of two players on the ice.

If a team in the majority scores a goal, this is referred to as the majority goal. The first minor or bank penalty pronounced is canceled and the player may participate in the game again.


In football , power play refers to the rush of a team with the involvement of midfield and attacking defenders in the opposing half of the game. A prerequisite for the power play is a good physical condition, as it is a strenuous game. In addition, the power play is risky, as counterattacks can easily be "caught". The power play is a term adopted from ice hockey.

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