Penalty box

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Player in the roller derby is serving a time penalty on the bench

The penalty box is a term used in sports.

In ice hockey and floorball, this refers to the bench on which a player must sit if the referee gives him a time penalty in the game , i. d. Usually receives a two-minute penalty for irregular behavior on the field.

The penalty box is usually opposite the players 'bench so that the coach cannot give tactical instructions to the punished player - in older stadiums it can also be between the players' benches.
The penalty box is divided into two parts: one half is "reserved" for the players of the home team, the other half for the players of the visiting team .
In older stadiums, the penalty bench may still consist of a single wooden bench, whereas in most stadiums it now consists of two separate benches. The match court with the timekeeping and the stadium announcer is usually located between the two separate benches .

In wrestling , this term describes a position that one of the two fighters must take on the instruction of the referee if the rules are violated. The fighter goes on his knees, trunk level and the arms support the upper body in the mat. The opponent kneels behind the buttocks of the fighter in the penalty box and must place both hands on his back. When the referee whistles, he may use this advantageous situation to quickly reach under the hip or torso of the fighter who had to go to the penalty box and start a technique.