João Ricardo Cordeiro

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João Ricardo Cordeiro (March 5, 1836February 12, 1881 ) was a Portuguese theater poet .

After completing his studies, Cordeiro became a professor at the Royal Military School, then was appointed Secretary General of the Civil Administration of Villa Real , Secretary of the Charitable Authority in 1863 and a Councilor in the Ministry of the Interior in 1877, when he died.

In addition to his professional field, he was also a popular columnist as a writer; however, he was best known for his plays. You work through a brilliant and pure language, which also made him one of the best Portuguese translators. As such, he worked on Eugène Scribe , Victor Hugo , Alfred de Musset , Octave Feuillet and Gabriel-Marie Legouvé for the stage in his home country.

João Ricardo Cordeiro died on February 12, 1881.


  • Fernando . Drama (1857)
  • Amor e arte . (1860)
  • A sociedade elegant . (1862)
  • A familia . (1869)
  • To cura d'almas . (1870)
  • Os paraizos conjugaes . (1874)