The weekly show

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Television series
Original title The weekly show
Country of production Germany
Year (s) 1996-2002, 2011
length 60 minutes
Episodes 228
genre Sketch show
production Josef Ballerstaller
Rainer Bender
Ralf Guenther
Moderation Ingolf Lück
First broadcast April 20, 1996 on Sat.1

The weekly show was a sketch show on Sat.1 , which was originally broadcast from April 20, 1996 to May 25, 2002 with a total of 228 episodes. Since then there have been various repetitions of selected episodes. In addition to current day-to-day events, the main focus was on missteps by celebrities, and the comedians presented skits and parodies of various television and advertising programs. From May to July 2011, Sat.1 broadcast eight new episodes, mostly with a new cast around anchorman Ingolf Lück .

History of the show

In 2001 the show was restructured. The studio now had a globe as an entrance (as it once did with Rudi Carrell ) and a show staircase. The slogan "The funniest news in the world" was also no longer mentioned. With the exception of Ingolf Lück and Annette Frier , new actors, some of whom are still unknown, have been hired. As a result, many popular components such as the explanation or sex TV have been deleted. As the desired success did not materialize and the number of viewers fell noticeably, the program was last broadcast regularly on May 25, 2002.

On April 12, 2004, on the occasion of Sat.1's 20th birthday, the show made a one-off comeback with the original line-up. Between June 2008 and January 2010, Sat.1 repeated selected episodes of the show on Saturday or Sunday, always shortly before midnight.

2007 came a comeback of the rubric “The explainer” in the comedy show Mensch Markus . Everything is unchanged, only the friend's name was no longer Jürgen, but Nele.

Sat.1 announced in January 2011 that a revival of the weekly show with the former production company Brainpool was planned and had already progressed. The premiere of the new edition was on May 20, 2011 at 10:15 p.m. Ingolf Lück took on the role of "anchorman" again, the new actors included Axel Stein , Matze Knop , Carolin Kebekus , Dave Davis , Friederike Kempter and Matthias Matschke . However, due to mostly bad reviews and little audience interest, only eight episodes were broadcast.


The weekly show was recorded in various recording studios in Cologne. It began in April 1996 in an assembly hall in the industrial area of Cologne-Ossendorf , before moving to the Capitol at Hohenzollernring 79-81 on August 15, 1998 , where it achieved its highest ratings . She stayed here until December 2000 and then moved to Schanzenstrasse ( Studio 449 ; Cologne-Mülheim ), where the show shot until the last episode on May 25, 2002. A one-time revival of the show took place in May 2011 in the Residenz Theater at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 32.

Well-known skits or series


actor vintage roll
Ingolf Lück 1996-2002
Anchorman, Herbert Görgens, Efan Steffenberg, Rolf u. a.
Karen Friesicke 1996 News anchor
Marco Rima 1996-1999 Mücke, Grandpa Adolf Frey, Horst Lemminger, and others. a.
Anke Engelke 1996-2000 News anchor, Ricky, u. a.
Christiane Brammer 1996 News anchor
Bastian Pastewka 1996-2001 Brisko Schneider, Ottmar Zittlau, u. a.
Markus Maria Profitable 1999-2001 The explainer, Peter Wuttke, u. a.
Annette Frier 2000-2002 Dana Rama, et al. a.
Citizen Lars Dietrich 2001-2002
Michael Kessler 2001-2002 Günther Jauch and others
Nadja Maleh 2001-2002
Gerhard Gschwind 2001-2002
Dave Davis 2011
Friederike Kempter 2011 Top model Jana and much more
Axel Stein 2011 Pietro Lombardi and much more
Matthias Matschke 2011
Carolin Kebekus 2011
Matze button 2011 Lothar Matthäus and much more

Herbert Feuerstein was also seen as a supporting actor until 1997 . After his surprising departure from the show in 1999, Marco Rima was replaced for several weeks by Uwe Lyko , who played his stage character Herbert Knebel , until Markus Maria Profitlich joined. Johann König had been active as an "outside reporter" for the weekly show since May 2011.


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