Boulevard Bio

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Television broadcast
Original title Boulevard Bio
Country of production GermanyGermany Germany
Year (s) 1991-2003
Pro GmbH
West German Broadcasting
Episodes 485
genre Talk show
Moderation Alfred Biolek
First broadcast August 7, 1991 on Das Erste

Boulevard Bio was a talk show hosted by Alfred Biolek on public television ( ARD ) , in which guests were invited on specific topics. The program ran from August 7, 1991 for twelve years. In total, it was broadcast 485 times.

The conception of the set - set up in a former ballet rehearsal room - came from the set designer Dieter Flimm . It initially consisted of wicker chairs and a leather sofa. Biolek later received his guests with wooden chairs and side tables. The studio decoration also included a bouquet of flowers that changed every week and an isolated piano (which was used by some guests). After the summer break of 1994, the prop included a picture of Keith Haring (on the wall next to the piano on the left).

One after the other, the guests spoke very freely about themselves. Since Biolek had been known for his interested and empathetic way of listening since the 1970s, many guests found it easy to open up to the live broadcast. For example, Biolek managed to have the actor Michael Lesch, who had recovered from cancer, report on the disease. The show saw up to two and a half million viewers per episode.

In September 1996 Helmut Kohl was a guest. It was the first time Kohl had appeared on a television entertainment show.

Biolek's empathetic, never-exposing conversations also enabled international celebrities from show business, politics and sport to join the show. However, the program also offered space for unknown people who had an interesting story to tell.

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