No Longer Polymers List

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The No Longer Polymers List ( NLP list for short , translated: "No longer polymer" list ) is a list of substances in European chemicals law . It was established following a change in the directive 67/548 / EEC (substances directive ).

In the seventh amendment to the Substance Directive, the term polymer was defined more narrowly. Stricter criteria have been set as to whether a substance can be classified as a polymer. Since polymers do not have to be registered under chemical law in the European Union , this change had some significance. Like the new substances, the no-longer polymers should have been registered or registered. Polymers on the No-Longer-Polymers List are formally no longer to be regarded as polymers (hence: No-Longer-Polymers ). However, an agreement was reached to dispense with registration of the no-longer polymers.

A third list has been set up for these substances in addition to the previous lists, the EINECS and ELINCS lists . Corresponding numbers, the no-longer polymer numbers , were also assigned. These numbers are seven-digit of the type XXX-XXX-X. The list starts with 500-001-0.

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