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NDR culture
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Radio station ( public service )
Program type Culture
reception analog terrestrial , DVB-C , DVB-S , DAB + , internet stream
Reception area HamburgHamburg Hamburg Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Lower Saxony Schleswig-Holstein
Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniaMecklenburg-Western Pomerania 
Lower SaxonyLower Saxony 
Start of transmission January 1, 2003
Broadcaster Northern German Radio
Intendant Lutz marble
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NDR Kultur is a radio program produced by the North German Broadcasting Corporation , which is broadcast across the German federal states of Hamburg , Schleswig-Holstein , Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony via VHF . The radio house is located in Hamburg on Rothenbaumchaussee. The program consists largely of classical music as well as other cultural elements. Radio plays, but also literary and religious topics are also included.


On December 1, 1956, the third NDR radio program began broadcasting daily from 8:15 pm to 10:30 pm or midnight via VHF. On January 1, 1994, NDR3 was reformed, and overlaps with NDR4 should be avoided. Large-scale e-music programs were broadcast during the day and cultural word-of-mouth programs in the evening.

The broadcaster Free Berlin and the Ostdeutsche Rundfunk Brandenburg took over the program from NDR 3 on October 8, 1997 and added regional windows in their broadcasting area. The new name of the joint cultural radio was Radio 3 . After the SFB left, NDR and ORB Radio 3 continued alone from January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2002. Today's culture and music program began broadcasting under the name “NDR Kultur” on January 1, 2003. Since November 22, 2011, the station has been receivable via DAB + .

General program scheme

Time Broadcast days broadcast Content / remarks
00: 05-06: 00 Mon-Sun ARD night concert -
06: 03-08: 30 Mon-Fri Classic for the day Music and current reports from culture and society
08: 30-09: 00 Mon-Fri Read aloud in the morning literary works read in sections as a continuation story
09: 03-13: 00 Mon-Fri matinee Music and current reports from culture and society
13: 00-14: 00 Mon-Fri Classic à la carte Interview with a studio guest, interspersed with his music wishes
14: 03-19: 00 Mon-Fri Classic on the go Music and current reports from culture and society
19: 00-19: 30 Mon-Fri journal Culture magazine
19: 30-20: 00 Mon-Fri Musica classical music with changing focuses
20: 00-22: 00 Mon-Fri Various programs, concerts by the NDR ensemble, opera, feature, radio play, new music
22: 05-22: 35 Mon-Fri Read aloud in the evening literary works read in sections as a continuation story
22: 35-24: 00 Mon-Fri NDR Culture Neo Classical, electronica, jazz, world music
08: 40-09: 00 Sundays and holidays Faith matters Essays and short stories on religious topics
19: 05-19: 20 Sunday Thoughts at the time Essays on current topics

The programs Classic in the day , Matinee and Classic on the go are the same in structure and character.

Every hour between 6 a.m. and midnight there is a three-minute short news broadcast on the hour, a short verbatim contribution at quarter and three quarters of an hour and a slightly longer verbal contribution from the subject of culture at half an hour . According to the 8, 12 and 17 o'clock news there is in each case under the heading Culture currently a seven-minute short program with an average of three Einspielern .

The program on Saturday and Sunday differs from that on working days . At the weekend, more requested concerts and programs with columnist, cultural and spiritual topics as well as sacred music (the latter mainly in the morning hours) are broadcast.


After a change in the program scheme, with which, among other things, only individual movements of classical works were usually broadcast in the daily program, public criticism was loud. She opposes a "flattening" of the program and is of the opinion that it is still necessary to broadcast entire works of classical pieces in the daily program.


The station can be received via FM , DVB-S ( Astra ), Internet livestream and DAB + . The strongest FM transmitter in Germany is used in Rostock .

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