Forrest Gump

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German title Forrest Gump
Original title Forrest Gump
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1994
length 136 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Robert Zemeckis
script Eric Roth
production Wendy Finerman ,
Steve Starkey ,
Steve Tisch
music Alan Silvestri
camera Don Burgess
cut Arthur Schmidt
Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is an American literary film adaptation by Robert Zemeckis from 1994. It is based - with considerable deviations - on the novel of the same name by Winston Groom and was awarded a total of six Oscars and three Golden Globes . Tom Hanks received the Oscar for best actor for portraying the main character .


The frame story begins with Forrest Gump sitting on a bench at a bus stop in Savannah , Georgia . There he tells several people about his life so far in episodes:

Shortly before starting school, Gump had an IQ of only 75. He also has to wear greaves because of a spinal problem . This makes him an easy victim for teasing his peers. When he is mocked and attacked again, he loses his greaves while running away and discovers that he is a very fast runner. He is encouraged by his mother, who is not impressed by the mockery of her surroundings and is determined to give him a good education, as well as his friendship with Jenny Curran, who is of the same age, who always stands by him.

The single mother rents rooms from her farmhouse in Greenbow, Alabama to guests. Among them is an unknown young musician who, inspired by Gump's dance moves, invents the typical hip swing with which he later becomes known as Elvis the Pelvis . Over the years, Gump met many other famous people, including John F. Kennedy , Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon . He observes the break-in at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC that started the Watergate affair , and appears frequently where history is being made, such as the booth in the Schoolhouse Door in Tuscaloosa and the major civil rights demonstrations . The inexperienced Gump was the godfather of the invention of jogging , the saying “ Shit happens !” And the smiley face.

His biography consists of a series of surprising coincidences. The fact that he is an excellent runner benefits him several times in his life. He became a famous football player in demand and was given the opportunity to study at the University of Alabama despite his limited intellectual abilities . He then volunteered for the army , where he met the African-American Bubba, who became his “best good friend”. Gump becomes a war hero in Vietnam and receives the Medal of Honor because he - again using his running talent - saves the lives of several wounded comrades, including his superior Lieutenant Dan Taylor. His friend Bubba dies in his arms after Forrest rescues him. Taylor lost both legs and would have preferred to die at the front instead of living with this disability. He takes his frustration out on Gump.

In the hospital, Gump's talent in table tennis is discovered and he becomes a member of the American ping-pong team, whose games become part of the ping-pong diplomacy as part of the new US policy towards China . Following a promise he made to his friend Bubba, who died in Vietnam, he becomes a shrimp fisherman and, together with Dan Taylor, builds the "Bubba Gump Shrimp Company". Taylor invests the profits in shares of the then young computer company Apple , which eventually makes Gump a millionaire. After his mother dies of cancer, he lives alone in his parents' house in Greenbow.

The story of his relationship with Jenny runs as a red thread through his life and his narrative, whose life is marked by the mistreatment and sexual abuse by her father. She leads a life as a table dance dancer, with the Black Panthers , in hippie circles and as a drug addict. Gump dreams of marrying her. It appears again and again unexpectedly in his life, only to disappear again just as suddenly. The last time he met at the bus stop, she visits him at home in Greenbow, lives with him for a while, and they both spend a night together. When she disappears the next day, Forrest Gump begins a three-year endurance run across North America , which is also reported in the media.

Having noticed this, Jenny invites him to visit her in Savannah. Following this invitation, he is now waiting at the bus stop for the bus that is supposed to take him to Jenny. Meanwhile, he tells his life up to now until his last listener explains to him that he does not have to wait for the bus to Jenny's address from this stop, because his destination is only a few blocks away. He then covers this distance continuously. Here he learns that he has a son who is also called Forrest but, unlike the father, is very intelligent. Gump and Jenny marry after she tells him she has an incurable disease ("some kind of virus, doctors don't know what it is"). She dies shortly after the wedding. According to her last wish, Gump has her parents' house, to which she never wanted to return, torn down with a bulldozer and now takes care of their son alone.


  • The filming of the film lasted from August 27, 1993 to December 9, 1993. The film was shot in several US states such as California , Montana , Utah , Maine , Georgia , Arizona , North Carolina , South Carolina and in the US capital Washington , DC The film premiered in Los Angeles on July 6, 1994 ; in Germany it started on October 13, 1994, in Austria one day later.
  • The film scenes in which Tom Hanks was cut into original recordings of historical events with the help of modern computer graphic methods , including blue screen technology , warping and morphing , caused a particular sensation .
  • In some scenes, family members of the main actor and the director appear. For the scenes that show Forrest Gump during his endurance run, Jim Hanks , Tom Hanks' younger brother, was used as his double . Elizabeth Hanks, his daughter, born in 1982, plays a girl on the school bus. Alexander Zemeckis, Robert Zemeckis' son, plays a boy on the school bus.
Chippewa Square / W Hull Street in Savannah, Georgia: filming location of the park bench scene where Forrest tells his life
  • Some movie props can still be seen today. The boat used as shrimp cutter Jenny during the filming is now in the moat of the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Orlando , Florida , and one of the table tennis bats used in the film hangs on the wall of the restaurant. The park bench in Savannah , Georgia at Chippewa Square , where Forrest tells his life and waits for the bus, has been in the city's historical museum for some time to protect it from souvenir hunters and the weather.
  • The curve up to Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina , where Forrest gets company for the first time while running, has meanwhile been christened "Forrest Gump Curve" and given a corresponding sign . The place on a desert road near Monument Valley in Utah , where Forrest finally breaks off his course, was named "Forrest Gump Hill" .

Relation to the novel

  • Winston Groom , the author of the novel, was dissatisfied with the film. He complained about the missing storylines and clarified language.
  • The novel itself only became known through the film. The storylines in the book are far more complex than shown in the film.
  • Some episodes are missing in the film: These include Forrest's appointments as an astronaut and chess player as well as further encounters with Jenny and his appearance as a harmonica player in Jenny's band. On the other hand, some movie scenes do not appear in the book; For example, Forrest does not jog across America in the novel, nor does he expose the Watergate scandal .

Gross profit

The film was in the cinema in 1994 with more than 329 million US dollars in the US, the film with the highest grossing, which had a budget of about 55 million from $. In 1994 it had 7.6 million viewers in Germany, making it the most successful film of the year. In North America alone, another 156 million US dollars were generated through video stores. The gross profit is currently 677.9 million US dollars.

Awards for music sales

Country / Region Award Sales
Awards for music sales
(country / region, Award, Sales)
Australia (ARIA) Australia (ARIA) Platinum record icon.svg 8 × platinum 560,000
Belgium (BEA) Belgium (BEA) Gold record icon.svg gold 25,000
France (SNEP) France (SNEP) Gold record icon.svg gold 100,000
Canada (MC) Canada (MC) Diamond record icon.svg diamond 1,000,000
New Zealand (RMNZ) New Zealand (RMNZ) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 15,000
Austria (IFPI) Austria (IFPI) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 50,000
Switzerland (IFPI) Switzerland (IFPI) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 50,000
Spain (Promusicae) Spain (Promusicae) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 100,000
United States (RIAA) United States (RIAA) Diamond record icon.svgPlatinum record icon.svg 12 × platinum 12,000,000
United Kingdom (BPI) United Kingdom (BPI) Platinum record icon.svg platinum 300,000
All in all Gold record icon.svg2 × gold
Platinum record icon.svg15 × platinum
Diamond record icon.svg2 × diamond


source rating
Rotten tomatoes
Critic (%)
Audience (%)
Critic (Ø)
Audience (Ø)

The film critic Hellmuth Karasek wrote in the Spiegel : "... this wonderful film with the wonderful Tom Hanks (if he got an Oscar as an AIDS victim in ' Philadelphia ', he would have earned at least three or four here)."

The media educator Rolf-Rüdiger Hamacher judges in the lexicon of international film : “A fairy tale tailored to the not always convincing leading actor about the pure gate, who undeterred in his search for happiness wanders through contemporary American history. The naive book and the uninspired direction do not keep pace with the technical effort, so that there is only a rudimentary reflection and ironic breakdown of current events. "

In the opinion of Jonas Keller from, Forrest Gump is “a fantastic, fascinating film that you have to see, full of heart and humor, a modern fairy tale that moves, because the world is no longer the same when you see it with the eyes of Forrest Gump ”.

The film ranks 12th in the IMDb Top 250 (January 2019).


Oscars 1995


Golden Globes 1995

  • Best drama
  • Best Actor: Tom Hanks
  • Best director: Robert Zemeckis


  • Best Supporting Actor: Gary Sinise
  • Best Supporting Actress: Robin Wright
  • Best script: Eric Roth
  • Best music: Alan Silvestri

Library of Congress

The German Film and Media Assessment FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film the rating particularly valuable.


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