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South carolina
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Capital: Columbia
State motto: Dum Spiro Spero
(lat .: as long as I breathe, I hope )
Animis opibusque parati
(lat .: ready for mind and means )
Official language : English
Area: 82,932 km²
Residents: 5,084,127 (2018 estimated) (60.6 U / km²)
Member since: May 23, 1788
Time zone: Eastern UTC − 5 / −4
The highest point: 1,085 m (Sassafras Mountain)
Average Height: 105 m
Deepest point: 0 m Atlantic Ocean
Governor : Henry McMaster ( R )
Post  / Office /  ISO SC / SC / US-SC
Map of South Carolina
Map of South Carolina
South Carolina Geographic Map
South Carolina Geographic Map

South Carolina ( . English pronunciation  [ saʊθ ˌkæɹəlaɪ̯nə ] ; German South Carolina , outdated and South Carolina or Südkarolinien ) is a state of the United States of America and as North Carolina after the Latin name Carolus for the English King Charles I referred. The nickname of South Carolina is Palmetto State (" Palmetto Palm State "). In the extreme northwest, South Carolina is part of the Appalachian MountainsPlease click to listen!Play . South Carolina is 82,932 km² - only slightly smaller than Austria - and has a population of over 4.9 million, of which about 30% are African American . The capital is Columbia . The capital until 1788 was Charleston , located on the coast . South Carolina ratified the US Constitution on May 23, 1788 and is therefore the 8th  founding state of the USA.


South Carolina borders North Carolina to the north and Georgia to the south and west , with the Savannah River forming the border between the two states. Other large rivers are the Pee Dee (after the Indian people of the same name ) and the Wateree . There are extensive marshes in the estuary of these rivers . In the east the state is bounded by the Atlantic .

South Carolina is characterized by four geographic structures, the boundaries of which run parallel to the southeastern coastlines. The lowest part is the so-called Coastal Plain , the coastal plain, which runs very flat and is formed from layers of sediment such as sand, clay and silt . Areas with good drainage can become good arable land, even if some areas tend to form swamps . The coastal zone has many salt marshes and estuaries . The latter have led to the formation of some natural harbors such as in Georgetown or Charleston. An unusual expression for a coastline is the multitude of Carolina bays , for whose origin an explanation has not yet been found. Even meteorites are considered as the cause. These bays are oval and mostly lie in a north-west to south-east direction.

Directly afterwards in the west of the coastal plain runs the Sandhills region , which contains larger sand mountains , which originate from sand dunes from those geological epochs when the course of the sea was different.

The Piedmont is essentially formed by old eroded mountain layers. It is partly interspersed with hills, with small deposits of loam and clay, and contains a few areas where agriculture is worthwhile. Many areas of the Piedmont were once used for agriculture without much success. Today's fallow land is being renatured and reforested. The so-called Fall Line runs along the edge of the Piedmont. As the watershed of most rivers, it is of particular importance for the use of water power. Some cities were able to prosper economically by using mills, such as Georgetown. In addition, the larger rivers are navigable up to the fall line, so they were considered as transport routes.

The upper part of the Piedmont is known as the foothills . The Cherokee Parkway runs there, with good views, and Table Rock State Park is also to be found here.

The highest point is the Upstate, which contains a foothill of the Blue Ridge Mountains , which runs as far as Georgia and North Carolina as part of the Appalachian Belt. Here is also the Sassafras Mountain with 1085 m, the highest mountain in South Carolina.



Population development
Census Residents ± in%
1790 249,073 -
1800 345,591 38.8%
1810 415.115 20.1%
1820 502.741 21.1%
1830 581.185 15.6%
1840 594,398 2.3%
1850 668.507 12.5%
1860 703.708 5.3%
1870 705606 0.3%
1880 995.577 41.1%
1890 1,151,149 15.6%
1900 1,340,316 16.4%
1910 1,515,400 13.1%
1920 1,683,724 11.1%
1930 1,738,765 3.3%
1940 1,899,804 9.3%
1950 2,117,027 11.4%
1960 2,382,594 12.5%
1970 2,590,516 8.7%
1980 3,121,820 20.5%
1990 3,486,703 11.7%
2000 4,012,012 15.1%
2010 4,625,364 15.3%
Before 1900

1900-1990 2000

South Carolina had 4,625,364 inhabitants at the 2010 census , of which 68.4% are white, 28.1% African-American, 5.3% Hispanic, 1.4% Asian, 0.5% American Indian, 0.1% and Hawaiian from other Pacific Islands as of July 1, 2011.

Biggest cities

The biggest cities are:

Spartanburg Florence (South Carolina) Hilton Head Island Sumter Summerville (South Carolina) Greenville (South Carolina) Rock Hill (South Carolina) Mount Pleasant (South Carolina) North Charleston Charleston (South Carolina) Columbia (South Carolina)


The province of Carolina named by Charles II of England after his father was de facto separated into North Carolina and South Carolina in 1710/12 (officially only in 1729).

As the first North American colony, South Carolina declared its independence from Great Britain on March 15, 1776 and became the first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation , the first constitution of the United States , on February 5, 1778 . On May 23, 1788, South Carolina became the eighth state to become part of the United States of America.

With its secession from the Union on December 20, 1860, this state gave the impetus to found the confederation . This led directly to the American Civil War , which began on April 12, 1861 with the bombardment of Fort Sumter (on an island off Charleston ). The crucial role that South Carolina played in the outbreak of the Civil War was also reflected in the songs of the Confederate soldiers during the war. The Bonnie Blue Flag was the most famous and widely used song in the Southern Army after Dixie . In this song, South Carolina is described as "chivalrous", which the other secessionist states joined on its way (" First gallant South Carolina nobly made the stand, then came Alabama ... ").

South Carolina lost approximately one-third of its white male population of military age during the war.


Presidential election results
year Democrats republican
2020 43.5% 1,091,348 55.1% 1,384,852
2016 40.7% 855,373 54.9% 1,155,389
2012 44.1% 865,941 54.6% 1,071,645
2008 44.9% 862,449 53.9% 1,034,896
2004 40.9% 661,699 58.0% 0.937,974
2000 40.9% 566,039 56.8% 0.786,426
1996 43.9% 504,051 49.9% 0.573,458
1992 39.9% 479,514 48.0% 0.577,507
1988 37.6% 370,554 61.5% 0.606,443
1984 35.6% 344,470 63.6% 0.615,539
1980 48.0% 427,560 49.6% 0.441,207
1976 56.2% 450,825 43.1% 346,140
1972 27.9% 189,270 70.6% 0.478,427
1968 29.6% 197,486 48.1% 0.254,062
1964 41.1% 215,700 58.9% 0.309,048
1960 51.2% 198,129 48.8% 0.188,558

Like its neighbors North Carolina and Georgia, South Carolina is a southern state shaped by conservative republican ideas . Such was Strom Thurmond , the presidential candidate of the segregationist wing of the Democrats ( Dixiecrats ) in the election in 1948, Senator here. However, after the decline of agriculture, new metropolises like the IT districts of North Carolina or modern Atlanta have not emerged here. Therefore, the population is growing proportionally less than in the other states of the Sun Belt . Between 1960 and 2004, the Democrats only won the 1976 election. Since there are no larger cities apart from Charleston and Columbia, the Democrats here lack the electoral structure of the metropolitan areas that is so important to them in Virginia . The strong influence of the Bible Belt outweighs the advantage of the Democrats, the high percentage of African-Americans in the total population. From 1932 to 2008, South Carolina continuously provided eight electors to Electoral College ; In 2012 there were nine again for the first time.

The state is currently represented in the US Senate by Republicans Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott . The South Carolina delegation to the 116th Congress House of Representatives consists of five Republicans and two Democrats.

Nikki Haley was the first woman to step down in governorship from 2011 to 2017 after being appointed US Ambassador to the United Nations . Henry McMaster was her successor .

The state legislature, the South Carolina General Assembly , is a bicameral parliament . It consists of the Senate with 46 members and the House of Representatives with 124 seats. Republicans hold a majority in both chambers. The seat of the South Carolina General Assembly is the South Carolina State House , the state capitol of the state in the capital Columbia.




South Carolina has a partnership with Rhineland-Palatinate .


National park location view
Congaree National Park
Congaree National Park
United States map
Congaree swamp.jpg


The real gross domestic product per capita real GDP was USD 42,272 in 2016 (national average of the 50 US states: USD 57,118; national ranking: 45). The unemployment rate was 4.0% in November 2017 (national average: 4.1%).

Are of importance

  • Wood processing
  • Textile industry
  • Automotive and aerospace industries
  • Electronic industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Cultivation of cotton, tobacco, fruit
  • Livestock
  • Tourism on the Atlantic coast


The most important state universities are grouped together in the University of South Carolina system . Other well-known state colleges include Clemson University and Coastal Carolina University . Other universities are included in the list of universities in South Carolina .

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