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Stéphane Rideau (born July 25, 1976 in Agen ) is a French actor .

Stéphane Rideau, who was actually aiming for a sports career, was discovered playing rugby in his hometown of Agen at the age of 16 by the French director André Téchiné and promptly in 1995 as the best young actor in his highly acclaimed and award-winning film Les Roseaux Sauvages for César , the French Film award, nominated.

Since that success he has played under the direction of Gaël Morel , his play partner in Les Roseaux Sauvages , in À toute vitesse , Le Clan and Notre paradis, as well as in the sitcom by François Ozon and Presque rien by Sébastien Lifshitz .

After originally moving to Paris to be closer to the center of French cinema, Rideau finally returned to his home department of Lot-et-Garonne in 2000 to be more attentive to his child, who was born in the same year, and his partner Celia to be able to dedicate.


  • 1994: Wild Hearts (Les Roseaux sauvages) - Director: André Téchiné
  • 1994: The New One (Le chêne et le roseau) - Director: André Téchiné (TV version of Wilde Hearts )
  • 1996: Full Speed (À toute vitesse) - Director: Gaël Morel
  • 1998: Until the next stop (Les Passagers) - Directed by Jean-Claude Guiguet
  • 1998: Fresh snow (Premières neiges) - Director: Gaël Morel
  • 1998: Sitcom - Director: François Ozon
  • 1998: Ça ne se refuse pas - Director: Eric Woreth
  • 2000: Summer and Winter (Presque rien) - Director: Sébastien Lifshitz
  • 2001: Far Away (Loin) - Director: André Téchiné
  • 2001: Pygmies wanted for film (Les pygmées de Carlo) - Director: Radu Mihăileanu
  • 2002: Juliette and her stomach (Le ventre de Juliette) - directed by Martin Provost
  • 2004: Le Cadeau d'Elena - Director: Frédéric Graziani
  • 2004: Brotherly Love (Le Clan) - Director: Gaël Morel
  • 2008: Un barrage contre le Pacifique - Director: Rithy Panh
  • 2011: The Free People (Les Hommes libres) - Director: Ismaël Ferroukhi
  • 2011: Our Paradise (Notre paradis) - Director: Gael Morel
  • 2011: Brassens, la mauvaise réputation - Director: Gérard Marx
  • 2014: La Fille du patron - Director: Olivier Loustau
  • 2014: La vallée des mensonges - Director: Stanislas Graziani

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