The rules of the game

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German title The rules of the game
Original title The Rules of Attraction
Country of production USA , Germany
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 110 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Roger Avary
script Roger Avary
production Greg Shapiro
music Tomandandy
camera Robert Brinkmann
cut Sharon Rutter

The rules of the game is an American film drama from the year 2002 . The literary film adaptation is based on the 1987 novel Simply Irresistible by Bret Easton Ellis . The film had a budget of $ 4 million and grossed nearly $ 12 million.


Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll determine the life of the kids at the renowned Camden College in New England. Lauren, Sean and Paul study at this college, where extravagant parties ("Wet Wednesday", "Dress-up-so-you-get-banged-party") rule the day.

The drug dealer on campus, Sean, regularly receives love letters from an anonymous admirer whom he suspects after a chance encounter with Lauren. However, Lauren is in love with Victor, who is on a trip to Europe. Gay Paul falls in love with Sean, who is straight and doesn't even seem to notice Paul. Finally, after a party, Sean has sex with Lauren's roommate Lara, whereupon he receives one last love letter as a farewell letter. However, he did not get the letters from Lauren, as he had suspected, but from an unknown girl who, because of lovesickness, cuts her wrists in the bathtub. After Sean slept with Lara, Lauren doesn't want to hear from him, and Victor doesn't even remember Lauren when he returns from his trip to Europe. Paul is ignored by Sean.

The film ends with the party that began the film's plot. Sean drives his motorcycle into the dark; the film ends abruptly at a crossroads in the middle of a monologue by Sean.


“Three students at an American university stagger from one party to the next. At the end of various sex and drug excesses, they find that they have carelessly demolished their own emotional life. Precise youth drama that, beyond any moral indignation, outlines the consequences of a lifestyle that recognizes no values ​​other than one's own pleasure. "

“What sounds like an interesting inventory of the affluent young society turns out to be tired gamble despite its unusual narrative structure (the film runs backwards to add another plot line at certain points). Roger Avary - co-writer of Quentin Tarantino's' Pulp Fiction 'and director of' Killing Zoe '- reportedly spent ten years working on this adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' (' American Psycho ') novel, published in 1987. But despite the good craftsmanship, the material lacks speed and cynicism. "



  • Sean Bateman - played by James Van Der Beek - is the younger brother of Patrick Bateman, who is the main character in Ellis' novel American Psycho . American Psycho was made into a film before The Rules of the Game, starring Christian Bale . Patrick Bateman is mentioned in The Rules of the Game but does not appear. Christian Bale had declined an offer to this effect, and previously filmed scenes with Casper van Dien as Patrick Bateman were cut out of the film.
  • Compared to the book, there are changes in the film, where, for example, Lauren is not impregnated by Sean and Sean is often even more drugged than in the film.
  • The credits of the film run, as some scenes at the beginning of the film, backwards from.
  • Several references to Killing Zoe , Rogar Avary's first film, and Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis can be found in the film.
  • Most of the songs used in the film are sung in English, with the exception of Be your own hero by German rapper Der Wolf .

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