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David Wojnarowicz (born September 14, 1954 in Red Bank , New Jersey , † July 22, 1992 in New York City ) was an American artist , author , photographer and film producer .


Wojnarowicz was born in New Jersey in 1954 into a Catholic family. After finishing school, he attended the High School of Performing Arts in New York City. He broke off his studies and lived for some time as a freelance artist in New York City and as a farmer on the border with Canada. After returning to New York City, he became known as an artist in New York City's cultural scene in the 1970s and, in particular, 1980s. He made Super 8 films such as heroin and started a photography series about Arthur Rimbaud and was a member of the band 3 Teens Kill 4 . As an author, he wrote several books during those years. In the early 1980s Wojnarowicz met the photographer Peter Hujar , who encouraged him to devote more time to visual art. The two shared a deep friendship and re-inspired each other's creative process. Wojnarowicz exhibited his works of art in well-known galleries in the East Village in New York City. Wojnarowicz worked with other artists such as Nan Goldin , Luis Frangella , Kiki Smith , Richard Kern , James Romberger , Ben Neill , Bob Ostertag and Phil Zwickler . In 1985 he took part in the Whitney Biennial , a contemporary art exhibition. When Hujar died on November 26, 1987, Wojnarowicz documented Hujar lying in his deathbed in a series of works. In the exhibition by Nan Golden and Susan Wyatt "Witnesses: Against our vanishing" Wojnarowicz exhibited a triptych "Untitled (Dead Peter Hujar)" from 1989 with the motif of the deceased Hujar from two years earlier. Wojnarowicz died on July 22, 1992 of complications from AIDS . His last book, Memories That Smell Like Gasoline , was awarded the Lambda Literary Award posthumously in 1993 .

Works (selection)


  • Sounds In The Distance , 1982, Aloes Books
  • Tongues Of Flame , 1990, Illinois State University
  • Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration , 1991, Vintage Books
  • Memories That Smell Like Gasoline , 1992, Artspace Books
  • Seven Miles a Second , joint novel with the authors James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook , completed posthumously, 1996, Vertigo / DC Comics
  • The Waterfront Journals , 1997, Grove / Atlantic
  • Rimbaud In New York 1978–1979 , edited by Andrew Roth , 2004, Roth Horowitz, LLC / PPP Editions
  • In the Shadow of the American Dream: The Diaries of David Wojnarowicz , Amy Scholder, 2000 Grove / Atlantic
  • Willie World : Illustrator; written by Maggie J. Dubris , 1998, CUZ Editions



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