Je t'aime

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German title Je t'aime
Original title Je t'aime moi non plus
Country of production France
original language French
Publishing year 1976
length 89 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Serge Gainsbourg
script Serge Gainsbourg
production Jacques-Eric Strauss
music Serge Gainsbourg
camera Willy Kurant
cut Kenout Peltier

Je t'aime is a French romance drama by Serge Gainsbourg from 1976. Gainsbourg also wrote the script and composed the score for the film .


The Pole Krassky and his friend Padovan from Italy work as garbage collectors. Both have been a couple for a long time and Padovan in particular reacts aggressively to homophobic society, so he throws out a group of men who have taken them with them after a breakdown and who shortly afterwards abuse gays. Krassky and Padovan stop at Boris's remote motel rest stop, where they meet the androgynous waitress Johnny. Krassky finds them interesting and takes them on tour. Padovan reacts jealous and Boris advises her to stay away from both men who are gay. When Krassky shows up for the dance on the weekend, she asks him if he's homosexual. Krassky reacts angrily to Boris' statement, but does not deny it. He dances with Johnny until Padovan calls him for help. He was beaten up by the group of homophobes he left on the street some time ago. Krassky takes him to the car and, much to Johnny's annoyance, drives off with him.

However, Krassky and Johnny spend a lot of time together in the episode, go to the roller skate race and end up in one of Boris' motel rooms. She undresses, but he is not aroused. She insults him as a "gay pig", which makes him angry. In the end she turns her back on him and says she is a boy. Johnny's loud and violent screams during the anal intercourse now used alert the motel guests and Boris, who throws them both out.

Shortly afterwards, Krassky makes it clear to the jealous Padovan that he is bored of him. Krassky and Johnny drive around, sleep together in hotel rooms, where they are always expelled after a short time for Johnny's screams. Padovan, in turn, finally seeks out Johnny. He makes it clear to her that Krassky doesn't love her because he's gay. In addition, both would only work in the area for a short time and then move on. Johnny is now testing Krassky, putting on a dress and seducing him. They sleep together several times, including undisturbed on Krassky's truck.

Back at Boris' motel, Johnny takes a bath. Suddenly Padovan stands in front of her and tries to suffocate her with a plastic bag. Their fight leads them into the guest room. Krassky appears and Padovan lets Johnny go. She expects Krassky to stand up for her and beat up Padovan, but Krassky says that this would not change anything either. Johnny is outraged and insults Krassky as "gay". He and Padovan then go and drive away. Johnny says in vain that she didn't mean it. She follows them outside naked and finally collapses in front of the motel.


Je t'aime was Serge Gainsbourg's directorial debut. The film was inspired by the song Je t'aime… moi non plus , in which Gainsbourg sings in a duet with Jane Birkin , and which was first released in 1969. As an instrumental version with slightly different arrangements , the song runs like a red thread in different situations, such as dancing, bathing in the lake and the intercourse scene on the truck, through the entire film.

At the time of the shooting, which took place in Lussan and Uzès , among others , Gainsbourg and leading actress Jane Birkin were a couple. The costumes were created by Jeannette Descamps , the films were made by Théo Meurisse .

The film opened in French cinemas on March 10, 1976, was panned as scandalous and immoral, but defended by François Truffaut as a radically modern work. The film was banned from showing in the UK. In Germany, the film was first shown on August 26, 1976, where it was initially released as FSK 18. Arthaus released the film on DVD in 2009.


Je t'aime was nominated for two Césars in 1977 : Serge Gainsbourg received a nomination in the category Best Film Music and Antoine Bonfanti in the category Best Sound .

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