Eastern Boys - Paris terminus

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German title Eastern Boys - Paris terminus
Original title Eastern boys
Country of production France
original language French
Publishing year 2013
length 128 minutes
Director Robin Campillo
script Robin Campillo
production Hugues Charbonneau
Marie-Ange Luciani
music Arnaud Rebotini
camera Jeanne Lapoirie
cut Robin Campillo

Eastern Boys is a 2013 French drama directed by Robin Campillo .


1: Sa majesté - La rue [Her Majesty - The street]: At the Gare du Nord in Paris , gangs of young men from Eastern Europe hang around, always on the lookout for the police. Marek belongs to such a gang, whose Russian leader is only called "Boss". One day he is approached by the French Daniel. Both arrange to meet for sex for a fee in Daniel's apartment the next evening.

2: Cette fête dont je suis l'otage [This celebration at which I am the hostage]: The next day, a boy stands in front of Daniel's door, introduces himself as Marek and accuses Daniel of targeting him as a child. After a short time, more and more young men from Boss's gang appear, occupy the apartment, dance to the music and steal valuable furnishings from the speechless Daniel. The real Marek also appears after a while, but keeps his distance from Daniel.

3: Ce qu'on fabrique ensemble [What we do together]: Daniel wakes up the next morning in a devastated apartment, which he has the cleaning lady put in order. Little by little he replaces the missing furniture in his apartment. Marek is unexpectedly at his door, offers himself to him at the price agreed at the time at the train station and both sleep together. They now meet regularly twice a week. Marek tells him that he is from Ukraine , but lived with his parents in Chechnya , where he witnessed the war . His parents were killed in the process. His name is not Marek, but actually Rouslan. When Daniel seems skeptical, he accuses him of not believing him or that he just doesn't care. Daniel admits it takes time to get used to Marek's new identity. He increasingly eludes him, but offers him a fixed monthly payment so that he can come to him as often as he wants. Daniel gives Rouslan a room of his own. More and more often he stays overnight, even if he comes into conflict with the gang around Boss. Daniel makes him want to break away from the group. To do this, he needs his papers, which Boss keeps hidden in a locker in a hotel.

4: Halt Hotel - Donjons et Dragons [Hotel Halt - Dungeons & Dragons]: Rouslan sneaks into the hotel, steals the key to the locker from Boss and is overwhelmed, abused and tied up in a storage room by Boss and his men. Daniel is worried and takes a room in the hotel. He hears Rouslan groan in the next room and gets the hotel owner to open the storage room. He brings Rouslan to safety in his room. When Boss notices Rouslan's disappearance, the situation threatens to escalate. Daniel calls the police who arrest the gang. Boss can escape. Daniel and Rouslan flee in Daniel's car. Some time later, the court hears: Daniel has applied for the adoption of Rouslan.


Eastern Boys - Paris End Station was the second feature film directed by Robin Campillo , after Les revenants from 2004. He also edited the film and wrote the script. Campillo wrote a first draft of the script shortly after Les Revenants was published, and worked on it for a year. While working on the script, he expanded the plot to include the attempted blackmail in the second part of the film.

Much of the film was shot in Campillo's own Parisian apartment. Campillo had already worked with part of the crew on his directorial debut. Isabelle Pannetier created the costumes and Dorian Maloine designed the film .

Eastern Boys - Paris terminus premiered on September 3, 2013 during the 2013 Venice International Film Festival , where it was screened as part of the Orizzonti series . Numerous festival screenings followed, including the Toronto International Film Festival , the London Film Festival , the Stockholm International Film Festival and the San Francisco International Film Festival . On April 2, 2014 it was shown in French cinemas, where it was seen by around 47,000 visitors. In Germany, the film was shown for the first time on September 10, 2014 as part of the Ware Lust film series on 3sat . The film was released on DVD on August 26, 2014.


3sat wrote that the film is carried “by convincing actors, surprising twists and turns and a steadily increasing tension curve”; it is a "gripping and intense drama about dependence and power". "Intense, developing a strong pull," said Cinema . For The Guardian , the film was a “strange drama” that is partly a love story, but also a “neo- thick immigrant thriller”.


Eastern Boys - Paris terminus won the Orizzonti award for best film in Venice in 2013 . At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2014 he received the award for best international feature film. Also in 2014 he was nominated for a Louis Delluc Award in the Best Film category.

At the 2015 César , the film received three nominations: in the categories of Best Film , Best Director and Best Young Actor (Kirill Jemeljanow).

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