Wild nights

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German title Wild nights
Original title Les Nuits fauves
Country of production France , Italy
original language French
Publishing year 1992
length 126 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Cyril Collard
script Jacques Fieschi
production Nella Banfi ,
Jean-Frédéric Samie
Alessandro Verdecchi
music Cyril Collard
René-Marc Bini
camera Manuel Teran
cut Lise Beaulieu

Wilde Nights (Original title: Les Nuits fauves ) is the feature film debut of the French film director and actor Cyril Collard from 1992. The film drama is based on Collard's autobiographical novel Les Nuits fauves , which he published in 1989.


Paris in 1986: Young, promiscuous Jean is confronted with HIV infection as a result of his unprotected forays into the Parisian gay community. But the attractive Jean continues to live his life as before and neither thinks of curbing his sexual hunger nor of practicing safe sex . He drinks, laughs and hides the test result of his new love, the passionate 17-year-old Laura, from whom he experiences clarity about his bisexuality , as well as the gay Samy, whom he secretly desires. In the love triangle, Laura fights unconditionally for the terminally ill Jean, who through his girlfriend begins to understand the value of love beyond his sexual escapades.

History of origin

The actor and short film director Cyril Collard was open about his bisexuality and was one of the first artists in France to publicly declare that they were HIV positive. In the early 1990s, Collard began to adapt his second novel Les Nuits fauves together with Jacques Fieschi for the screen, but quickly realized that no French actor was ready to risk his career and take on the role of Jean. Collard not only directed and composed the music for the film adaptation of his novel, but also played the leading role of Jean.


Cyril Collard's feature film debut Wilde Nights , the sober, uncompromising approach to the taboo topic AIDS delighted and enraged the French film audience in 1992. The critics applauded the brave and unrelenting, almost careless study. He was the first filmmaker to be nominated by the French Césars for the three important categories of Best Film, Best Director and Best First Work .

In the USA the film was shown in cinemas under the title Savage Nights , but at the time it was overshadowed by Jonathan Demme's AIDS drama Philadelphia . While Collard's film grossed only $ 662,341 at the American box office, Philadelphia brought in box-office earnings of $ 77 million in the United States alone.


The film-dienst celebrated Collard's film as "A study determined by visual dynamics on forms of sexuality and the attitude to life of young people in the 80s, who experience the presence of death in love under the moral and ideological uncertainties caused by AIDS."


In 1993, Wilde Nights was awarded four Césars under the jury president Marcello Mastroianni , including the trophies for the best film, the best debut work and Romane Bohringer as the best young actress. For Bohringer, daughter of the French actor Richard Bohringer , the role of Laura was decisive for Claude Miller casting her in the lead role in his film L'accompagnatrice that same year . Tragically, Cyril Collard was unable to see the great success of his film. He died on March 5, 1993 in Paris at the age of thirty-five of the immunodeficiency disease AIDS, three days before the award ceremony.

César 1993
  • Best movie
  • Best first work
  • Romane Bohringer as the best young female actress
  • Best cut

Nominated in the categories

  • Best director
  • Best adapted script
  • Best film score

Torino International Festival of Young Cinema 1992

  • Audience award


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