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Drew Blyth Barrymore (born February 22, 1975 in Culver City , California ) is an American actress . She is also a model and film producer .



Drew Blyth Barrymore was born the youngest member of an acting dynasty that spanned four generations. Her parents are the Hungarian Ildiko Jaid Makó (* 1946), who became known under the pseudonym Jaid Barrymore , and John Drew Barrymore (1932-2004). Both were also actors, but less successful than their daughter. The mother later took on the role of her manager. She received her two first names as a reminder of her great-grandparents. Drew was the maiden name of her great-grandmother Georgina (1854-1893) and Blyth was the original surname of her great-grandfather Maurice (1849-1905), which he changed to Barrymore .

The Barrymores were renowned film and stage actors in the first half of the 20th century. Drew's grandparents John Barrymore (1882–1942) and Dolores Costello (1903–1979) were among the big Hollywood stars at the end of the silent film era and at the beginning of the talkative era. Her great-uncle Lionel Barrymore (1878-1954) and her great-aunt Ethel Barrymore (1879-1959) were both Oscar winners .

Drew Barrymore has three half-siblings, her godparents are the actresses Sophia Loren and Anna Strasberg and the film director Steven Spielberg .

Child actress

9-year-old Drew Barrymore with US President Ronald Reagan at the start of the Young Astronauts program

The actress appeared in a Puppy Choice dog food commercial when she was eleven months old, and made her debut in a television movie two years later in Suddenly, Love , opposite Joan Bennett . She played her first film role in Ken Russell's science fiction thriller The Hell Trip in 1980 . Two years later, at the age of seven, she starred in the role of Gertie in Steven Spielberg's E.T. world famous.

At the age of seven, she was the youngest star to date on the renowned US comedy show Saturday Night Live , in which she performed a sketch. This was followed by other film and television productions such as the Stephen King films The Fire Devil and Cat's Eye or 1984 Triple Trouble , which earned her a nomination for a Golden Globe in 1985 . Nevertheless, with the rapid fame also came considerable problems, which brought them into the public eye with drug and alcohol excesses. The child star first got drunk at Rob Lowe's birthday party at the age of nine , smoked her first joint at the age of ten and sniffed cocaine for the first time at twelve . Drew Barrymore left high school early and published her autobiography , Little Girl Lost, in 1990 after a failed suicide attempt and a stay in a mental hospital, various rehab and therapy .

Comeback as a young adult

After she was released from the psychiatric clinic and overcame drug and alcohol problems, she was initially placed with various foster families, but because of her financial independence, she moved into her first apartment at the age of 15. After a career standstill, she achieved her first successes as a film actress again in the early 1990s. She made a complete image change away from the child star and from then on played self-confident young women, for example as the cold-blooded seductress in Poison Ivy - The Deadly Embrace or in Guncrazy . She also didn't shy away from portraying the villain, and quickly became a sex symbol of the 1990s. In 1995 she posed in the January issue of US men's magazine Playboy and in the same year surprised David Letterman with a revealing birthday dance on his Late Show . In response to their antics her Spielberg 20th birthday gave a quilt blanket of a card for a birthday, on the "Cover yourself up" ( dt. Deck Dich to) was written, and a retouched by his special-effects artists Edition of the Playboy, in which they painted Barrymore's bare skin with clothes.

That she can also convince as a serious actress, she finally showed as one of the four protagonists in the humor-filled, but otherwise quite serious western drama Bad Girls and at the latest with the women's road movie Coffee, Milk and Sugar (1995), in which she played alongside Whoopi Goldberg and was a very tragic figure. For her impersonation of Casey Roberts in Mad Love - Full Passion at the side of Chris O'Donnell she earned good movie reviews, which she saw as the only highlight of this Hollywood production. After a brief appearance as Sugar in Batman Forever (1995) as well as film roles in Woody Allen's film musical All Say: I Love You (1996) and the fairy tale film Forever and Forever (1998), she starred in Wes Craven's horror film Scream in 1996 , the benevolent of her It brought in reviews, but above all it meant the final breakthrough as an actress.

Her breakthrough

Barrymore at the premiere of Luck In Play (2007)

For the 1998 film A Wedding to Fall in Love with Adam Sandler , Barrymore was able to negotiate a fee in the millions for himself for the first time; a year later she also worked behind the scenes. As an executive producer , she was not only involved in the making of the comedy Ungeküsst (1999) with her company Flower Films , which she founded with Nancy Juvonen in 1995 , she also played the leading female role of journalist Josie Geller. Further film productions followed, in which she was partly successful as an actress.

She had great success with the action comedy Charlie's Angels from 2000, in which she played one of the leading roles alongside Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu . The film grossed approximately $ 264 million at box offices worldwide at a production cost of approximately US $ 92 million . For her role as Dylan Sanders, she received a $ 9 million fee and $ 14 million for the 2003 sequel, Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle . In 2007 she was ranked eighth of the highest paid Hollywood actresses with an estimated fee of 10 to 12 million US dollars per film. She received critical acclaim in 2009 with the television film Gray Gardens . For the role of the eccentric relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (played by Jeanne Tripplehorn ), Barrymore won her first Emmy nomination as an actress and her first Golden Globe Award .

Barrymore at the premiere of He Just Not That That Into You (2009)

Also in 2009 she presented her first directorial work with Roller Girl (Whip it) . It is a coming-of-age film about a 17-year-old girl in provincial Texas, played by Ellen Page ; Drew Barrymore himself can be seen in a supporting role. Although the film received mostly positive reviews from the critics, it was not released until 2011 in Germany, almost two years late.

Private life

Barrymore's love life made repeated headlines in the gossip press due to changing relationships. She was married three times. On March 20, 1994, she married the bar owner Jeremy Thomas, from whom they separated again after a month. In July 2001, she married the comedian and actor Tom Green , whom she left after almost six months; the marriage was divorced on October 15, 2002. From November 2007 to 2010 she was in a relationship with fellow actor Justin Long .

On June 2, 2012, she married art dealer Will Kopelman on their California estate after being engaged to him for five months. She became a mother for the first time in September 2012, and the second daughter was born in April 2014. In September 2015, she announced in the Times that she would not take on film roles for the time being because of her young children. She has been divorced from Kopelman since the beginning of August 2016.

She is the godmother of Courtney Loves and Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean, who was born in 1992.


Again and again she shows humanitarian commitment; In 2008 she donated B. One million US dollars for the United Nations World Food Program . She also acts as an ambassador for the program. 2012 Barrymore founded the cosmetics - Brand Flower Beauty that they have the US chain of stores by 2017. Wal-Mart was selling, since over the Internet.

Filmography (selection)

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Drew Barrymore has received multiple international awards for her acting skills. In 1983 she won a Young Artist Award for her participation in ET - The Extra Terrestrial , followed by two Golden Globe nominations for Triple Trouble (1984) and Guncrazy (1992). In 2010 she received the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Award for Gray Gardens .

She received nominations for the Golden Raspberry in 2001 as the worst supporting actress in Freddy Got Fingered and two years later as the worst actress in The Apartment Schreck .

On February 3, 2004, the actress was immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .

On April 27, 2007, Drew Barrymore made the cover of US magazine People after she was voted number 1 in the list of the most beautiful people in the world.

In 2010, Barrymore won her first Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie for Gray Gardens and a Screen Actors Guild Award .


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