Beverly Hills Chihuahua

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German title Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Original title Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Beverly Hills Chihuahua Logo Blank.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2008
length 91 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Raja Gosnell
script Jeffrey Bushell
Analisa LaBianco
production David Hoberman
Todd Lieberman
John Jacobs
Ricardo Del Rio
music Heitor Pereira
camera Phil Meheux
cut Sabrina Plisco

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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3

Beverly Hills Chihuahua is an American , computer-animated family and adventure film . The comedy film by Raja Gosnell is a Walt Disney production and had its world premiere on September 25, 2008 in Australia .

It opened in US cinemas on October 3, 2008, in UK cinemas on January 16, 2009 and in German cinemas on April 30. It is the seventh finished film by Raja Gosnell after yours, mys and ours from 2005.


Vivian Ashe lives in Beverly Hills and is the owner of the spoiled Chihuahua lady Chloe. One day, Vivian Ashe leaves the doggie to her irresponsible niece Rachel, who is supposed to take care of the dog, because she has to travel on business. After Rachel decides to go on a weekend trip to Mexico with her friends , Chloe is lost. The luxury-spoiled dog lady is suddenly confronted with the harsh reality of life on the street. In her distress, she meets Delgado, a lonely German Shepherd who worked as a police dog for the local police force before his partner died and he lost his sense of smell. She builds up a friendly relationship with him, but then comes into danger when she meets the ruthless Doberman El Diablo and flees from him. Rachel, who fears her aunt's reaction when she comes home, decides to look for the Chihuahua lady in Mexico. In the meantime, Papi, a little hyperactive Chihuahua who has fallen in love with Chloe, and his master, who is also a gardener for Rachel's aunt, join the search. Meanwhile, with the help of the police dog Delgado, Chloe is able to escape the cunning rat Manuel and her friend, a moronic iguana named Chico. A short time later El Diablo tries to bring Chloe to his owner, an organizer of dog fights, because he wants to blackmail Chloe's mistress with it. However, the police, Rachel and the gardener, along with Papi and Delgado, come to the rescue. In the end everyone is safe and sound at home again; Chloe gets together with Papi, as do his owner and Rachel, and Delgado is used as a police dog again. Meanwhile, El Diablo is caught and briefly put in the shelter before he comes to a rich lady with a penchant for pink clothes. The rat Manuel and his iguana friend also get to know luxury and do without further crooked business.


The German dubbing was done by FFS Film- und Fernseh-Synchron GmbH in Berlin . The dialogue book is by Norman Matt , who was also responsible for the dubbing direction.

role actor German voice actor
Rachel Ashe Lynn Piper Perabo Anna Carlsson
Sam Cortez Manolo Cardona David Nathan
Aunt Viv Jamie Lee Curtis Karin Buchholz
Vasquez José María Yazpik Sebastian Christoph Jacob
Officer Ramirez Jesus Ochoa Abelardo Decamilli
Blair Marguerite Moreau Maria Koschny
Shelter Director Gina Gallego Iris Artajo
Angela Ali Hillis Luise Helm
role Animal species English speaker German voice actor
Chloe Chihuahua Drew Barrymore Nana Spier
Delgado German shepherd dog Andy García Martin Keßler
Papi Chihuahua George Lopez Joachim Tennstedt
Manuel rat Cheech Marin Simon Gosejohann
Chico iguana Paul Rodrigues Elton
Monte Chihuahua Plácido Domingo DJ BoBo
El Diablo Doberman Pinscher Edward James Olmos Oliver Stritzel
delta poodle Loretta Devine Marianne Gross
Sebastian pug Michael Urie Christian Gaul
Chucho Strays Luis Guzman Lutz Schnell
Rafa spotted stray Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo Rainer Fritzsche



The film received mostly negative reviews, earning a 41% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 96 reviews. At Metacritic , a Metascore of 41, based on 22 reviews, could be achieved.

"Children's stuff with a woof factor, but without wow."

“Admittedly, Beverly Hills Chihuahua is by no means as bumbling as its title suggests, yet it is exclusively dependent on or geared towards a very young target group who are attracted by moving, colorful images with talking animals. In direct comparison with related productions, however, the lack of visual and dramaturgical realization is often overly clear, more than partially solid craft is not offered - if you tolerate this fact, the film can even occasionally invite you to smile (provided the original version is available and one is politically incorrect Know how to handle representations). However, it is questionable whether it would be better to invest your money elsewhere. "

- Christoph Stachowetz :

Mark Olsen of the LA Times wrote that the whole thing should be viewed like a "Paris-Hilton complex" where children are treated like princes and princesses and get whatever they want. And what they want is a simple conversation with no frills.

Hubert Karl from gave a positive criticism of the director's work, who said that “Raja Gosnell has already proven in the two 'Scooby-Doo' films that he is well versed in handling computer-animated dogs”.

Horst-Günther Fiedler from tvmedia magazine gave a very positive review, saying that the film “overall is a well-intentioned, not always good dog fairy tale for rather small children and widows of the court council, who had their dogs long before Paris Hilton & Co smuggled the handbag into the coffeehouse ”.

Financial success

Despite mixed reviews, the film became a commercial success. Just one week after the official film release, the film grossed just under 29.3 million US dollars with 3,215 open theaters, which meant an average of 9,114 US dollars per cinema. For the first weekend, the Beverly Hills Chihuahua topped the list with the most revenue. The following weekend, the film was once again placed in first place with just under 17.5 million US dollars. By May 10, 2009, the film grossed around $ 94.5 million in the United States alone. If you include income from the remaining countries (approx. 51.3 million US dollars), you get a total income of almost 145.8 million US dollars worldwide.


On March 3, 2009, Beverly Hills Chihuahua was released on Disney DVD and Blu-ray Disc .

In 2011, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 was released as a sequel that was produced directly for the DVD market. The following year, a third part followed with Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 .

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