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Stray dogs in Moscow
Street dog sunning itself
The sculpture of “ Maltschik ” in Moscow - memorial for a street dog

As stray dogs (or strays, derogatory street dog ) are ownerless dogs called who live in cities. Street dogs are rarely found in Central Europe. In many poorer and southern as well as Eastern European countries, however, they are part of the street scene. Phenotypically they are very different and mostly adapted to their respective habitat. An example of this are the metro dogs in Moscow , which have adapted to life on and in the metro.

Street dogs cause problems in several areas, which is why great efforts are made in many places to regulate the population :

Combating the problem of stray dogs is complex and problematic. In accordance with the recommendations of the World Organization for Animal Health, it must be adapted to the respective local conditions in order to have any chance of success.


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