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As a dating or dating methods are referred to the period from the occurrence or use of archaeological , paleontological and geological discoveries or historical documents and art historical objects such as paintings or sculptures determined. The various dating methods are suitable for determining the age within a limited time range. In many cases, the points in time obtained from one dating method are used to calibrate or calibrate another.


Are dated:


Depending on the type and age of the find, different methods are used:

In addition, there is a wealth of other methods in the interdisciplinary cooperation of modern research, such as data compared with climate profiles from sediments , pollen analysis based on approaches to the distribution of recent - recently extinct (in the geological sense) plants, and others.

In archeology, especially classical archeology , and art history , historical sources and style-critical methods are also used. History studies also work for the dating of their sources, for example with methods of historical linguistics or palaeography .

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  • Akme , a method to estimate the age of historical persons in the absence of sources.


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