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Paleography ( ancient Greek παλαιός palaiós , German 'old' , and graphics ) is the study of ancient scripts . In terms of scientific organization, it is not located in linguistics , but as an auxiliary science of history (GHW) and as a sub-area of papyrology and Latin philology of the Middle Ages and modern times . Italic fonts of the early modern period and the more recent period fall into the field of archival science . Printed fonts fall into the field of paleotype or typography .

Tasks and methods

It is the task of palaeography to trace the lively development of writing in its details on the traditional written monuments. Paleographic knowledge helps to recognize the different fonts and letter forms in their development phases, in order to decipher historical scripts and to classify undated written and literary monuments spatially and temporally, possibly also to be able to identify writing schools or even individual scribes' hands. Documents that are assigned to well-known personalities in this way or on the basis of other information are called autographs .

The methods essentially consist in the analysis of the letter forms or the use of typical abbreviations . Both of these are often the only possible dating options, especially for inscriptions , since the writing material (unlike organic materials such as paper, parchment or leather) hardly provides any dating aids.

It differentiates between the various strings of script (the following examples are limited to the Near East and Europe): Egyptian palaeography with the typefaces of the Egyptian hieroglyphs , the hieratic , the demotic and the Coptic script , paleography of the ancient oriental cuneiform script , Phoenician palaeography , Aramaic and Syrian Paleography , Hebrew palaeography , Ethiopian paleography , Greek paleography , Cyrillic paleography , Latin paleography , Arabic paleography , paleography of the Germanic runes , etc. The teaching of historical forms of notation in music ( notation studies ) is also known as musical palaeography.

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