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Old archival science: Jacob von Rammingen, Von der Registratur (1571); Baldassare Bonifacio, De Archivis (1632)

The archive client (also archive science ) is the study of all the respective Registraturbildner resulting documents, such as documents and other media (written, visual, Tongut, plans and electronic media ) which are of historical, scientific or legal value and archives as Archive records are assessed, their content made accessible and permanently preserved.

Archival studies are counted among the historical auxiliary sciences and increasingly to the information sciences and , due to their breadth and depth, also makes use of important historical auxiliary sciences, such as palaeography , diplomatics , but also the latest information science approaches.

Whether one could speak of archival science instead of archival science is partly controversial in the specialist discussion. Due to the complexity of the matter and the extensive knowledge of an archivist , the term archivists no longer meets the current demands on the subject.

Due to the long history of organizing and listing the often very essential information permanently stored in the archives and the associated data carriers, efforts have been made to structure them and keep them accessible for a long time.

One can mention here the two earliest historically known archive manuals. These first forerunners of archival science were printed in 1571 and were probably composed in the first half of the sixteenth century. Its author, the German nobleman Jakob von Ramingen (1510–1582), should be regarded as the “father” of this subject. He established an archival tradition that lasted in Germany for at least a few centuries. The archive theory was formulated for the first time by him.

Since the 1930s, the Prussian Institute for Archival Studies established the long and continuing tradition of training archivists in Potsdam .

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